So far, MAGA election denier Joe Kent is still trailing Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez. Anthony Keo



Some judge granting an injunction against Biden's student debt relief was so predictable that calls from The Stranger to just do it already back when this legal wrangling would have impacted the election was shoddy activism bordering on malfeasance.


Some fantastic news: A record number of LGBTQ candidates claim victory in another 'rainbow wave'

"At least 400 LGBTQ candidates won their midterm races, breaking 2020’s record of 334, according to the LGBTQ Victory Fund."


is Big Media* tiring
of the big Movement
that Was the trumpfster
Fire and if it Is Will tfg djt go
Quietly into that Dark Knight?

stay fucking Tuned.



Re: Shitbird

They're gonna be teaching this case study in business schools for years on how to instantly destroy a brand with a loyal following.

Mush'll show 'em: he'll dox every last one of those cucks and sluts that refuse to pay him $8 and ad munnie.

He may end up destroying his own reputation and other businesses as well, if his personality cult wises up. The emperor has no clothes, dumfux.


Hey Will, I'll share with you a problem that was solved when we went more hardcore ... It was called WWII.


Not that I'm a Musk deciple ... Far from it. However, he does have some legitimate points every now and then. I can ALMOST see where he's coming from.

Most young boomers and gen x'rs who went through some of the earlier days of tech, worked their asses off and did not get paid a fraction of what folks are making now. Sure they partied and lost their asses in the bubble, but it was part of the process and you were LUCKY to get a severance. Most of the Twitter and Tesla staff are probably living at a ski resort full time, making a shit ton of money, and working 30-40 hour weeks thanks to the Agile Sprint mania gripping the nation! Tech employees are living PHAT, and he's ready to drop the hammer.


@2 Original Andrew: Hail to the victors of the Rainbow Wave! That is very good and encouraging news.

Hooray, too, about Dr. Kim Schrier's re-election in the 8th District, as well as Senator Patty Murray's SIXTH TERM in D.C.! Suck it and choke, MAGAts.

What needs to be done to permanently silence MAGA dickwad, Joe Kent, and anyone dumb enough in the 3rd District to buy his bullshit? Go, Maria Gluesenkamp Perez, GO!!

Oh, I see. More Froriduh Police Acadummy training about how to fire a......cane.
What to expect from a Southern U.S. State that's shaped like an assault rifle?
I'm surprised it's not the NRA's trademark logo.

Thank you and bless you, veterans and active military for serving our country. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Veterans Day. Griz is going with a friend to the local Red Robin today for killer eats and drinks, followed by her Veterans Day DVD lineup this evening.


@9: see last night's Slog PM. Sir Toby covered the particulars in the comments.


@12: Good grief, Charlie Brown! Another typo, and Griz hasn't had a drop of alcohol yet (that's for later today)!
Make that: "Oh, I see. More Floriduh Police Acadummy training about how to fire a......cane. What to expect from a Southern state that's shaped like an assault rifle? I'm surprised it's not the NRA's trademark logo."


Will, in your hurry to insult the half of the human race of which you are a member, you referred to the police officers as "men", when, in fact, one of the porkchops was a woman. She instigated the indecent assault upon the blind man, but both of them were suspended without pay. Further, one of them, I assume the male supervisor, was demoted, no doubt resulting in a lesser pay scale. Please try to get the facts right in the future.


@15, oh, fuck off with that "people like me".

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