Less than 12 hours after all the horrible smoke cleared out a few weeks ago, several houses in my neighborhood had their fireplaces going. The urge to jam their flues with obstructions was palpable.


The national news is gonna continue to understate Gluesenkamp Perez’s victory, however this is a total political earthquake! She and her voters saved us from Joe Kent, another abusive, sadistic, Tr666p psychopath. I said a desperate prayer to the FSM when I contributed to her campaign this summer.

Additionally, with the Democratic majorities in the state house and senate, we've nearly eradicated the Republinazi menace in Washington.

Now if only all the lying mass media political reporters could be electrocuted through their keyboards for all of their red wave lies, with an extra special fuck you to the New York Slimes and 538.

They’re gleeful accomplices in the ongoing Republinazi terrorist attack against decent Americans.


What no mention of Dems maintaining the Senate?! Come on people let’s balance out the scare report with legit good news. If it bleeds it leads I guess.


The Paul Allen estate has been uninterested in doing anything according to the wishes of Paul Allen. Unless it makes money, of course.


c‘mon greenies!
consider turning on your electric heaters
(or getting a heat pump if you’ve got the $)
during these dry spells
so everyone can enjoy some fresh air around here for a (cough cough)


@5 there is ample data on how many gun deaths there are a year in the US and it trails behind much of the world. Yes you have won the battle of semantics with your definition of a mass shooting there but the havoc it wreaks on public safety and feeling secure is a squishy data point that should get more play. Families say they are pulling kids out of Ingraham because of the shooting, students are walking out today in protest. It’s a problem you can’t define your way out of.


God forbid let's not use power of the government to save only a few thousand lives!

As we are told by our resident Shitforbrains gun nut ad infinitum: Americans are uniquely violent and exist in magical force filed where no solutions to gun violence that work everywhere else on earth can possibly work here.

Therefor the only solution to our gun violence problem is to not regulate those weapons to save a mere scant few thousand lives, but rather to distribute MORE guns to these uniquely violent Americans. And something... something... something... problem solved! The solution is always more guns!

Duh. It's "social science," smooth brains!


If you want to see some right-wing crazy, head over to any of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's social media sites and read the comments about any burn ban.


Amazon loses $4 BILLION a year in loss of employees (those who quit and those they fire), while raking in tens of billions (close to $100 BILLION in 2020 alone). We're supposed to believe Amazon needs to fire people? PLEASE.


@1, yeah, because when the smoke cleared it was because the rain came, and it got cold. A lot of folks (myself included) burn wood for heat in the colder months.


Raindrop dear, that comment was nit-witted, even for you.

From their website: "The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is a special purpose, regional government agency chartered by state law in 1967 under the Washington Clean Air Act". 1967 was the era of the Cuyahoga River catching fire, and Metro being formed because Lake Washington was basically an open sewer.

They are governed by an advisory council which is comprised of "representatives of large and small businesses, suburban cities, area sources, education, transportation, health, tribal nations, fire chiefs, environmental justice, local ports, the environmental community, and the Public-at-Large." Hardly a bunch of crazed left-wing loons. At least not to a reasonable person.

As for the outrage about the garbage cleanup: I have for many years engaged in a neighborhood cleanup on North Beacon Hill. The city provides us with bags, gloves and little pick-up sticks. We pick up all manner of trash from the right-of-way, and the city hauls it away. We COULD have several hundred city employees devoted to this kind of work, but the costs would be considerable.


@5: Baume wrote "Mass Shooting", not "Mass Murder". "People like you" don't want to see the difference.

Ingraham kids are going to be disappointed by the impacts of their walkout.


@19 I understand what happened. It was annoying timing. And people here are weak. Put on some layers.


let it burn
let it burn
let it burn!


got asthma? too bad!
got COPD? too bad!
ad nauseam.


@23, I keep my thermostat at 64, and have a fire in the evening. That warms up the house until the next morning when the heat kicks on. FYI I have a “certified” wood stove insert. Very efficient when you know how to use it.


“So long, single-family zoning? […] Inslee is signaling that we may finally have the votes next year to end exclusionary zoning, which keeps housing supply artificially low.”

As @2 noted, Inslee neither said nor implied anything like this; the focus was on increasing density outside of areas zoned for single-family housing. Seattle has been doing this for many years.

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