The most I read about tRump is in this rag. So it seems mainstream publications are doing their part.


$hitler favored to win 2024 election, arbeit macht frei

--New York Times


@5 you need some hobbies, or a job, or to get laid


@5 or write your own paper with topics of your choosing. Shouting from the comment section “write about this other thing” is weak.


Shitler Uber Alles!


"Trump is growing visibly ~what~ with his speech?

I think Haberman inadvertently left out an adjective there (my guess is she meant to say "animated" -- he seemed downright sedate for the first 10-20 minutes before getting his old obnoxious groove back).


The other major reason that Ann Davison won is she ran against a terrible candidate. Her opponent condoned arson -- in writing! She then tried to walk it back by saying she wasn't running for office then (as if that makes it better). Faced with the choice of a tough-on-crime nut or an anarchist nut, the voters chose the former.

The big problem is the political process in the primaries, which favors the extremes (both left and right). Nothing is being done about that. We could have addressed it with voting reform, but that just got voted down.


For a “rag” with “no credibility” the trolling loser shitbags sure do spend a lot of time in here every day all day.


I call this the "Trainwreck Phenomenon". You know you have better things to do than read TS and comment threads yet you can't look away. Given how angry you get at others here I have to wonder what the attraction is for you.


@5 Statistically, there is a bias towards guns when it comes to how often different tools kill people. Guns account for 76% of all homicides in the US (over 15,000 so far this year), vs less than 20% for blades. Countries where knives account for the majority of killings are places with better gun control and tend to have much lower homicide numbers overall relative to population. So by the factual numbers, guns are worth the outsized attention.


@16, you’ve got my vote. Ban Glocks.


Just ignore Comrade Trump and Comrade Haberman, they both work for Putin.

Focus on stuff that matters, like most of the US nuclear weapons being based in this state, and that you live at ground zero for one of the Florida "men" to start a nuclear war because they have hurt feelings that nobody likes them.


Also in today's news: (from the Willamette Week)

AMAZON SETTLES OREGON WAGE THEFT LAWSUIT: Even as it prepares to lay off 10,000 corporate employees, Amazon is spending $18 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by its Oregon employees, which alleges the e-commerce giant stiffed warehouse workers on their paychecks. It’s the “largest wage-and-hour class settlement in Oregon history,” according to a Monday press release from the plaintiffs’ attorney, Jon Egan. Workers were subjected to “corrective action” if they clocked in late—but received no additional pay if they clocked in less than five minutes early. As a result of the rounding, workers were deprived of pay for more than seven years at four Oregon warehouses, amounting to more than 40,000 hours of unpaid labor, according to legal documents filed in the suit. The complaint also alleges the company failed to fully pay employees at all of its Oregon warehouses when they took breaks shorter than the required 30 minutes. A U.S. District Court judge approved the settlement of the 2019 lawsuit in September, but notices to affected employees weren’t sent until this weekend, Egan tells WW. Over 10,000 employees will receive nearly $100 each in back pay, and those who file claims can receive an additional $1,200 in penalties. An attorney for Amazon did not respond to a request for comment.


@16: yes, it's so amusing that pro-AWB Libs don't understand that most every gun sold is a Semi-Automatic, and that MSSAs specifically aren't the problem. Rather, it's the sheer uncontrollable abundance of firearms in America, where a "lost" gun can fall into the hands of an adolescent boy 2 weeks later. So funny!

Which Dems are calling for gun crimes to go unprosecuted?


@20, you’ve got my vote. Ban Arizona.


@10 You may be right. This rag is totally losing credibility with their audience. Look, for example, at how few of the candidates that The Stranger endorsed who won their primary or general elections. Let's see how bad it is...

[Madly punches buttons] A grand total of one of the candidates that TS endorsed lost in the general. Massive loss of credibility!


"saying the so-called 'heartbeat' law violates a Georgian's right to privacy": Wait, the judge is saying women have rights, including a right to privacy? THAT'S UNAMURCAN!!!


Why can't the Orange Turd just fucking DIE already? Or will the GOP and their rubes just keep the criminally insane pigfucker on life support and dress it up like Darth Vader?

@19 Will in Seattle, @21 xina, and @22 Max Solomon: Thank you.

@22 Max Solomon re @16: Err Boob, as usual, has his undies up his crack. He's frothing batshit crazy because the midterm election results weren't in his favor. The GOP couldn't piss out a red wave if they were armed with 100 billion cans of crimson spray paint, and a carcinogen-spewing Ford F450 pallet load of firehoses. RepubliKKKans are shameful excuses for people as well as sore losers.

@18 and @23 Middleman: Here's an idea: Let's all ban the GOP-period.


@24 Is that really saying anything this cycle though? Would it surprise you to know that the Seattle Times and The Stranger only differed on 7 candidates among their endorsements for the general election? The Strangers track record here probably has more to do with the overall lack of progressive candidates in the races to begin with then their alignment with Seattle voters. If I remember correctly there were several editorials begging for a progressive to join the prosecutor's race before they begrudgingly endorsed Manion. TS does have the ability to get a candidate through the primary as they did with NTK last year but I don't think if Nikkita Oliver or NTK has been on the ballot this cycle they would have performed any better. If you doubt that, look no further than Portland where their version of Sawant got handily voted out of office. Voters are tired of the extremes whether they are MAGA election deniers or progressive public safety gaslighters.


Actually, you don't need 60 votes.

That's a Senate Rule.

Each new Senate, the Senate votes on the Rules.

They could decide it was 50 votes.

(listens as Trumpistas heads explode)


just here to lol at the pathetic pro-gun ppl in the comments


Large & Marge 2024! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!


Seriously, why hasn't Chump been arrested yet?


Maybe if we stopped having city elections in goddamned odd-numbered years, there would be a better turnout. Not to mention the $$ we'd save.


@34 As pathetic as he is, he's an Oligarch, so he is above the law. The corporatist Dems who backed Neo-Liberalism ensured that the wealthy were above the law.


@34 valvashon1: My question exactly. Anyone else among us would be cornholed in federal prison by now, with no hope of parole for committing 1/10th of the Orange Turd's heinous crimes against Nature, Humanity, and Democracy.

@36 Greenwood Bob: What does oligarchy have to do with it? NOBODY is above the law! While I sort of see your point on corporatists (i.e., Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin, for two), there MUST be a way to permanently take down the Orange Turd! It is a sick, psychopathically narcissistic war criminal unfit to govern and should not be given a second chance. Or otherwise, may the GOP solidly go down in flames forever and all RepubliKKKans face mass extinction if the Orange Turd gets the RNC ticket for 2024. They're that self serving and stupid.


@21 xina: Here's hoping Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg and their profiteering corporate ilk all go down in flames. What goes around comes around and they deserve it.


@9 CKathes: For everyone and everything on this dying planet to survive the RepubliKKKan Holocaust, the Orange Turd needs to die, and soon. If the Orange Turd dies, its fetid army of insurrectionist bootlickers will, too. The MAGAts have nothing else. Many voters thankfully, at least here in Washington State, have become enlightened since the disastrous election results of November 8, 2016 (extra shout outs to the voters in the 3rd, 8th, and 42nd Districts for seeing the light this time!).

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