You won't be able to get one of these on Broadway and Denny anymore starting next month. Joe Raedle/Getty



"the crash was likely due to "the right wing separating midair," reports KOMO. "

More blood on the right wings hands


So no store can ever be closed if its workers are unionized? Yeah, that's not how it works, baby.

Workers have the right to unionize. The company has a right to run its business elsewhere.

Y'all hate Starbucks so much I thought you'd be happy with one less "corporate" coffee shop? No?


«Alexa virtual assistant team is being told to pack up belongings, download emails and chats to personal devices, and sashay away»

In all fairness, Alexa is the most worthless product Amazon ever invented.


@2: Ah, I see it’s safe to say that corporate boot is what’s for dinner this Thanksgiving at your house. I hear cranberry sauce makes it go down easier.


@1 well played sir


If Kroegen and Alberson's merge, won't that mean that about half the grocery stores in town will close, because it seems like where there's a Safeway there's a QFC in the near vicinity? Not to mention the Fred Meyers.


that's a pretty underwhelming RSD release list.


I hate Starbucks and never drink their coffee but so they need permission to close (or open) shops?


@1, More proof you can't get anywhere on just a wing and a prayer.


@2, 8: You might check in on unfair labor practices. It can be union-busting to preferentially close unionized stores depending on the reasons given for closing those stores. It's not necessarily a simple determination though. On the other hand, if Starbucks only closes unionized stores citing crime and other issues, but the closed stores have better crime/safety stats than nearby non-union stores, they may have a rough time in court.


One of the guys who tackled the alleged shooter was held in the back of a police car for an hour. Sounds reasonable in the facts and circumstances.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against UNREASONABLE searches and seizures, ..." (4th Amendment, emphasis of all caps not in original)

That means, only "unreasonable" searches and seizures, without a warrant, are prohibited, per a long line of cases, originating in the liberal Warren Court of the 1960's. "Reasonable" search and seizure is permitted.

So the cops show up in chaos. People are bleeding. All they know, with a low level of certainty, in the fog of violence and pandemonium, is there are two firearms, two guys are detaining another, claiming he was the unjustified shooter, and there may be other perpetrators present. Until they can interview witnesses and corroborate testimony, look for and view video, etc. that is all they know. It's reasonable to suspect that a crime was committed. It's reasonable that the guy being held, or the people holding him, committed the crime.

But before police can investigate, they have to secure the scene to insure that there is no additional threat to anyone present, or the EMT's, who, per fire department policy, are hiding in their staging area around the corner, can come in and start triage. The cops need to assist with that. Then they need to secure the scene so evidence isn't lost. Witnesses need to be identified and separated from one another.

So yeah, the guy in the back of the car in cuffs is going to have to wait. He's a low priority. He is uninjured and not going anywhere. He is probably the hero, but he might be the perpetrator. The shooter may have been lawfully shooting in defense against the other two. But until the scene is secure for the EMT's, victims are stabilized and transported, and the risk to life and safety ends, they can't interview enough witnesses to figure out for certain he's the hero.

So yeah, he is going to wait. He is being reasonably detained to facilitate saving lives and an initial investigation to determine what happened, if it was criminal, and if there is probable cause that they guy in the car is the perp, not the hero. Lacking probable cause of him being the perp, he was released. The reasonable suspicion of him was resolved.

The lack of civics literacy by journalists and readers is breathtaking.


Welcome back, Jas!
Hope you don't mind the rain-
the real weather has returned!


@2 Starbucks is lying about its reasons for closure. That’s the point you trolling dipshits. Not the closure itself.

But of course you support the lies of billionaires. They are the air you breathe they fuel your every idiotic comment.

Not only do other Seattle neighborhoods with a nearby Starbucks have higher violent crime rates (Belltown, Highpoint, Rainier Valley, White Center, etc) than that stretch of the Hill, an already gentrified area with some of the highest statistical income tranches and property values in the city core, but there other cities with much much higher violent crime rates — oh, say Red State Cities like Dallas (37 per 100k) and Houston (50.4 per 100k) — that just coincidentally have non-union Starbucks in areas plagued by higher violent crime. And golly gee; Starbucks doesn’t seem to care very much.

But yes. A corporation has ever right to vindictively close a retail location and lie about it to punish uppity workers whose only desire is a fair wage and better treatment. Because in America that’s just how things work.

Enjoy the boot on your face, you craven lickspittle.


Coffee is so pre-2023.

Everyone knows Boba is where it's at.

Two new places on Cap Hill.

Remember, plywood means you're losing.


@13: That's some gall to say "vindictively close" when there's such a palpable vindictive, and often violent, hate going on Starbucks these days.

In other matters, I'm looking forward to Jas's guide to microdosing.

Also, today is the 59th anniversary of the JFK assassination.


A Letter from a desert that used to have a rainy season:

Don’t ever go to the window, look out and say, “Oh, fuck. Rain,” unless there has been too much already. There will come a time when not only will you not curse the rain, you’ll strip naked and dance in the street praising the clouds for their gift.

They’re already growing oranges in Georgia, and losing some of their peach farms because, as I’ve been told, peach trees need a few dependable autumn frosts and a winter hard freeze to set fruit – and that isn’t happening so much anymore in Georgia. No frosts in October. No hard freezes in January. Seattle still has its rain. So, cry for joy. Plus it makes the city glisten.

I’m not fully-versed on the Simon and Schuster deal, but my feelings about it are the same as the Albertsons/Kroger deal. Doesn’t sound like a good idea. Both have stated that mergers are to help survivability. I’ve heard that one before. Instead of the choice of 12 grocers, you now have Walmart, Albertsons, or Kroger – all “surviving” like nobody’s business. To have one or two huge publishers? Well, a few people will get very, very rich from the deal. The rest of us will be paying $50 for a book.

That star being formed has hundreds of thousands of years left before it’s finished. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

I’m off on holiday - remembering past Thanksgivings with family who have passed on, enjoying (yes, enjoying) being with my remaining family now, and being so grateful for the good things I’ve experienced in this life. It’s a weekend to reflect. Have a great Thanksgiving Day and weekend, all.


Krogers was flat out price gouging during the early days of COVID shutdowns. Taking craven advantage of people dying and losing jobs.
When people are still dying (100/day) they ended pandemic hazard pay long ago.
Then they had the gall to do several $2 BILLION stock buybacks. This is the blood money they want to spend on Safeway.
Even the Feds smelled the rats back then,
1/7 of Kroger employees are homeless.,past%20few%20years%2C%20while%20executive%20profits%20have%20increased.

They hire desperate people, then fire them just before three months are up and they can join the union. Nobody taking a seasonal job now will be working in February.


Touching and thoughtful comment by Bauhaus I @16. In this increasingly dystopian world, there are still things to be thankful for and grateful for. Gratitude and grace, y'all.


@7 Should it be VSD? I mean if "the kids" are gonna continue to call them "vinyls" against the wishes of the grumpy old guard, why not just go all fuckin' in?


"In all fairness,
Alexa is the most worthless
product Amazon ever invented."

au Contraire
just Think! of all
those Confessions*
surely make a J Edgar Hoover
Wish he'd had a Few in EVERY Home

*and Arguments!
for Sale Soon:
You, On Tape

sorry about any Residuals
you Did READ the
Contract did
you not?

it's gonna be a
Movie & it will
Not be Pretty.

perhaps you might
wish to Purchase
the Rights?
[they'll be


@3/20: Alexa and similar devices help customers who have disabilities and the elderly live more independent and safer lives.

So no, not worthless. You can't harp on its problems without acknowledging its benefits.


you do
the Dick sucking
& I'll do the Bitching.


The irony just burns in #11's "civics illiteracy' accusation.

Then again, maybe it's more akin to the projection that we so often see from right wing ideologues and their apologists.


@23, So what is your factual refutation of @11. Use Supreme Court case law when possible.

Or have you got nothin'.




@2 Scottie Soft 'n' Brown: Filet of Jack Boot and a side of crow after the midterm elections--it's what's for your dinner!

@4 Lissa for the WIN! Keep on rocking the house. :)

@13 RogertheShrubber (re @2): Scottie's tighty whities are in a wad because his poisonous Party of Trump couldn't piss out a red wave with a smog-spewing Ford F-450 pallet load of firehoses and 100 million cans of crimson spray paint. Ever the typical RepubliKKKan troll, he's a sore loser.

@16 Bauhaus I: Amen, and Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm ready to do a little rain dance, too. Has everyone noticed that another benefit of rain is that the outdoor temperatures are warmer, too? Sunshine is nice, but 30 degrees Fahrenheit for lows and icy street surfaces is not.

Welcome back, Jas!

Coffee, whether it's from Starbucks or anywhere else has become to acidic for me. Black or herbal tea works just fine.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


@21: My beloved and I are doing just fine without either Alexa, Siri, or a GPS system.


@22, @27 - Always strange when people complain about peoples' OPTIONAL choices.


even Stranger?
some peep's Compulsion to
accept insidiously intrusive corporate
Tentacles seizing their gray matter Rendering
mass Profits whilst making Complicity palatable

unfettered Capitalism is
Key to good Fascism
& your Support is
Greatly appre-


@28: Who's complaining? I'm simply stating facts. Why should I (or anyone else, for that matter) blow money on what I don't need and never have had a use for? Why should I contribute to Jeff Bezos', Elon Musk's, Laxman Narasimhan's (Starbucks' new CEO post Howard Schultz), or Mark Zuckerberg's already criminally insane wealth? I think you need a nap, raindrop. Too much binge-trolling is hazardous to your health. Save room for turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and pie instead. You'll sleep longer.

@29 kristofarian: Don't feed the troll--he's already stuffed.


@26: Gaaahh!! Another misspelling! Make that: "Coffee, whether it's from Starbucks or elsewhere, has become too acidic for me. Black or herbal tea works just fine."
Griz needs more red wine. For some reason it helps eliminate typos.


the wine relaxes your fingers
and takes the Brain away
to wander as it wants

and sometimes auntie
Gee one must troll
the Trolls give 'em
a Dose and see if
they Enjoy the
Taste. dewey's
Insatiable obv.


@32 kristofarian: I do admittedly enjoy it when the usual trolls get a dose of their own foul, self-induced medicine.

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