Dr. Fauci is begging you to get boosted: The New York Times reports that federal health officials predict a "reduced threat" from COVID this winter, largely due to the significant increase in immunity from boosters and prior infections. If you're about to gather with a bunch of elderly relatives and spray droplets all over them, then you can still snag a booster shot to reduce your risk of infecting them.

Reminders for a safe Thanksgiving: If this is the first time you're gathering with a big crowd in a few years, you'll likely want to consult this handy guide from the Seattle Times on how to avoid common non-COVID ways to get sick from your feast. The main highlights: cook your turkey thoroughly, don't let your leftovers sit out for too long, and, for the love of all that is holy, please be careful if you choose to deep fry your turkey. Our fire department has better things to do than spend its holiday putting out extremely dangerous grease fires.

Think of the health care workers and skip your Thanksgiving gathering if you're feeling sick. That might sound like obvious advice, but, as KUOW reports, a host of other respiratory viruses kept at bay for the last two years by pandemic precautions are having a field day now that people are back to sneezing all over each other without masks. Don't strain our emergency room capacity even further. Children's hospitals already say they're in "crisis mode" due to the recent surge in RSV cases.

Final Thanksgiving blurb: If you don't feel like cooking this holiday, our friends at Everout have you covered with a comprehensive guide to eating out or ordering in on Thursday.

ICYMI: You should really read Hannah's story from yesterday on how City Council conservatives blocked a move to fix our budget shortfall by taxing big business. 

Another day, another mass shooting: This time, it was a Walmart employee in Virginia who brought a gun to his workplace. He killed six of his coworkers and injured four more. The shooter reportedly did not say anything before opening the break room door and unloading into a crowd of employees gathered ahead of their shift. He was dead when police arrived on the scene. Just another day in America, the only industrialized nation where this happens regularly.

I'm sorry, what the fuck did you just say? Reactions from right-wing commentators to the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs have generally been abhorrent, but this clip from Tucker Carlson's nightly propaganda hour takes the cake.

Relatable mistake, Herschel: Who among us hasn't unintentionally made a dick joke in the middle of a hotly contested runoff election?

Congress finally getting those Trump tax returns: The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Democrats in the House of Representatives will finally get access to six years of Trump's tax returns, clearing the way for the worst holiday season any staffer on the Ways and Means Committee has ever had. In response, Trump accused the Court of becoming “nothing more than a political body, with our country paying the price." Gotta say, in the abstract I agree with him there.

Another L for Trump's legal team: After oral argument before an appeals court yesterday, it looks like the court isn't buying Trump's extremely flimsy justifications for trying to withhold certain documents the FBI recovered from his beach house. If the appeals court rules the way their grilling of Trump's lawyer indicates they will, it will likely spell the end of this special master charade and finally let the Department of Justice's prosecutors do their jobs.

Chief Twit continues having a normal one: At this point, it doesn't seem like Twitter will collapse overnight despite Elon Musk's chaotic mismanagement of the company's engineering staff. Hard to imagine advertisers would be excited about association with this nonsense, though.

Zuckerberg found a new way to harvest your data: Several major online tax preparers, including H&R Block, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer, included a pixel from Meta on their websites that scooped up sensitive personal information about their customers and shipped it to Facebook's parent company. The pixel captured data on people's income, refund amounts, and even dependents' college scholarship amounts. We could avoid this needless invasion of our privacy if the IRS just did most people's taxes automatically, like most other civilized countries.

Georgia GOP suing to stop people from voting: As the fate of the country's final Senate seat hangs in the balance, Georgia Republicans are suing to prevent voters from having the ability to cast their runoff ballots this Saturday during early voting. They've already lost in the trial court and on one appeal in Georgia state court. Now they're asking the state's Supreme Court to reverse those rulings. Always a great sign of confidence in your candidate when you try to make it harder for people to vote. 

Let's end AM with this chill instrumental from one of my favorite albums.