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"Another day, another mass shooting:"

Calling BS on that one. The Stranger and its commenters have clearly stated that mass murder would become rare to non-existent if we banned AR type rifles, which suggests that mass murder requires, or is driven by, such a weapons. The alleged perpetrator used a handgun, so this doesn't meet the de facto definition created by The Stranger and its commenters for such events.

BTW, Walmart bans employees from bringing firearms to work, so the workplace had been rendered threat free by the employer.

What say you RTheShrubber?


ICYMI: Boeing was able to evade their Washington State, and local tax bills by moving a whole assembly line to South Carolina, at a cost of hundreds of millions to build a new manufacturing plant.

So how much easier will it be for Amazon, Meta, Google, et. al. to move their office leases (and/or HQ) to Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Bothell, et. al. to avoid an increased Jump Start Tax?

A higher tax rate, if the point at which the worker connects their laptop to the internet, just goes somewhere outside of Seattle, doesn't lead to more revenue.


Another day, another creepy comment from SeventiesRocked complicit with the current state of gun violence in America. Seems very hung up on definitions,


Lol, ok, any particular reason for linking Han-Han’s twitter for her story rather than, you know, just referencing the actual article in this here stranger?


"Calling BS on that one.

The Stranger
and its commenters
have clearly stated that mass murder
would become rare to non-existent
if we banned AR type rifles"

but I seldom hear that Plus
it's a Start. or do you prefer

there's Nothing that can be Done?


@5 -- the Price we must pay
for Amusement these Daze
the question they Ask is
can you Afford it?


@2, you got my vote. ban handguns.


"how City Council conservatives blocked a move to fix our budget shortfall by taxing big business"

The term "conservatives" as used above describes every single member of the Seattle City Council except Sawant. This is why people don't take the Stranger seriously. Characterizing one of the most liberal city councils in the country as "conservative" is absurd.


in Europe
Bernie Sanders
the Commie! is a Centrist

the Goalposts're
being Repostiioned
by Billionaires as we speak


Life is absolutely worthless here. Everything this country does (and every fucking human bag of shit who doubles down on everything this country does - like mass shootings being acceptable, everyone and everything for sale, billionaires and psychopaths in charge of everything, and the lack of any concept of any regard for anything or anyone other money) is outrageously grotesque.


@7 The problem isn't when cops shoot someone for attacking them. The problem is when cops shoot someone for __ing while Black.


@2: It was, in fact, another day with another mass shooting. One of hundreds to follow for the remainder of our lives.

Your straw men on Slog can call for it all they want, but MSSAs will never be banned (or seized), and nothing will stop "This American Carnage."

And you know it.


@12: Your desperately needed emergency kit: Marx Brothers movie, music, wine.


@7 It's not fiction. Police shoot at unarmed protesters all the time. In the U.S. the ordnance is usually rubber bullets, tear gas and the like, but it's shooting nonetheless. ("Los Angeles police released body-worn camera footage Friday that shows a protester with his hands up as he is shot in the head with a less-than-lethal round when officers tried to contain demonstrations against police brutality in May.") ("As police in riot gear approached the demonstrators, Soren Stevenson raised his hands like scores of others and called out, 'Hands up, don’t shoot.' Suddenly, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets rained down.")

This is par for the course for Elon Musk, who has repeatedly proven himself to be as big a liar as Trump.


Elon so out of it he doesn't grok that the former CEO wore those shirts, not just the crew, and it was a PROFIT CENTER for Twitter.

Unlike all of his stuff, which just bleeds red red red GQP ink everywhere.


Your man probably used his Walmart employee discount to purchase the gun and ammo. And he was so ashamed of violating the company's "don't bring your piece to work" rule that he topped himself when it was all over.


Another thing that is never addressed with regard to guns and mass shootings and overall deaths (murders and suicides) with firearms is that this is a problem with MEN. Women outnumber men in this country. Women have just as much access to guns as men do. And yet it is nearly always (because there are exceptions to the rule) men who pick up guns and decide to murder people because they can't deal with whatever they can't deal with at any given time. And it's also almost always WHITE MEN (again there are exceptions to the rule). Why are white men so violent and only able to resolve their problems by gunning other people down? And why do so many people not give a fuck? Given the amount of bullshit that women in this country and all non-white people in this country have to put up with every single day, why aren't these groups engaging in mass murder on a daily basis like white men?


a Most Provocative query
xina why are White men Terrified
of the "Lesser" 'races'? long-overdue
Comeuppance fears? what make them
so Fuckinig Terrified? now they're Terrorists, too.

in their Proper Place

and the FOX's tuckster
a Multi-Millionaire btw
with His stochastic ter-
roarism Elitist crappola

goading the Malleable
to do their Bidding
Look, Ma -- NO
Blood on MY


@4, Better than being complicit in misdiagnosing the problem, so that the "cure" doesn't address or positively change the issue for the better.


@12, Mass murders are NOT ACCEPTABLE. The problem is that addressing the means used, does not stop or reduce them. The mass, grievance killer, just switches to another mode. The reason they use guns, is that it gets far more angst and attention among folks like the readers of The Stranger, than the mass murder of four with a knife, in Moscow, ID. It gets the grievance killer more attention by picking an AR, than a knife, with an equivalent body count.

Compare our non-firearm homicides and assaults to Europe, and depending on the country of comparison, our rates are 2x to 8x higher. That shows the problem is us, not the availability of one instrument, and not another.

The real question for you, and RogerTheShrubber, is why are we more assaultive and murderous to each other, than other economically advanced democracies?

@19, Now you are on the right track. What is it that is different about our society that young, white, above-average intelligence, mentally sane, men engage in grievance killing? That is the question, not whether he used a firearm, knife, or just through a Molotov Cocktail into the break room.


@2 seventiesrockhead: AR-15s, AK-47s, Colt .45s, .38 snubnoses or otherwise, it doesn't matter. Thanks largely to the GOP and NRA, access to guns, whether they're legally registered or not, is out of control. Why then can a toddler so easily reach into his mother's handbag in a shopping cart at Wal*Mart, go "bang-bang!" and she's dead?
Oh listen---crickets!

@15: The truth hurts, doesn't it?

@19: xina for the WIN!! Keep on rocking the house and telling it like it is, xina. Spot on and so well said.
Too many men (thankfully not all of them, however) are insanely out of control while hellbent on being entirely IN control.
Agreed: however many amongst us women out there are violently batshit crazy gun nuts, they don't seem to make the news. I wonder why that is? Would it signify women having power? Awww, geez, the Trump & Musk controlled media couldn't handle that!


@19 and @23, What follows is an even more common denominator with white, male grievance killers, than the implement they use for the task:

Reporting on the Colorado Springs, alleged killer:

"Aldrich’s request for a name change came months after Aldrich was apparently targeted by online bullying. A website posting from June 2015 that attacked a teen named Nick Brink suggests they may have been bullied in high school. The post included photos similar to ones of the shooting suspect and ridiculed Brink over their weight, lack of money and what it said was an interest in Chinese cartoons."


@23, Kids also access medication, chemicals, crawl behind the family car in the driveway, etc. and die. They don't commit mass murder. The problem is not firearms, but human behavior. The behavior of humans isn't driven by inanimate objects.

There are European countries with high levels of access to private guns. They don't have proportionate gun-homicide and gun-assault rates to the U.S. There is no correlation between accessibility to private firearms and those rates. If guns were causative, there would be. If guns were causative, we wouldn't have higher rates of murder and assault, without the use of firearms, compared to European rates of non-gun violence. If guns were causative, we wouldn't have seen violent crime in the U.S. drop to near record lows over the last four decades, while guns in private hands increased by a factor of six.


Thank you and bless you, Dr. Anthony Fauci. I got my third Pfizer booster against the Omicron variant and annual flu shot this September. After attending an international conference in Los Angeles earlier this month, I tested negative--again--for COVID after returning home, and with no illness or symptoms. My first experience flying to and from in a commercial jet in 19 years proved successful. I had a good time, and accommodations were very nice.
Get your boosters, folks--especially if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving and / or Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, etc. at grandma's or go to Disneyland (oh the holiday wonders of 50 years ago!).
Travel light, wear a mask when and where needed, and show up at least 2 hours ahead of your flight.
You're welcome, and happy holidays!


@19: "And why do so many people not give a f"?

It's only your assumption that they don't.


@24 seventiesrockhead: Read my comment @23 again. I didn't say kids were mass murderers. I said that access to guns, legal or not, is out of control. This refers to anyone who can pick up, point, and fire a gun. Unfortunately, this statistic includes some (did you notice I didn't say all?) toddlers---YES!--TODDLERS--just in the preschool level. Here is one of many examples only increasing in number: [Marysville cop charged with manslaughter in daughter's death, May 22, 2012, Christine Clarridge, The Seattle Times, staff reporter, The Seattle Times].
Derek Carlisle has to live with the senseless loss of his daughter, Jenna, who would be 17 now. How sad that people like Jenna Carlisle are part of an exponentially growing statistic.
Perhaps you need a remedial English course? Maybe a little Phonics, too, to help with pronunciations?


@15: I meant, that xina speaks the truth, raindrop. Did that hit you where it hurts?


@24 seventiesrockhead: You didn't say why guns in private hands increased by a factor of six. I get it. This is the usual superspreading of Trumpist misinformation, smoke-and-mirrors propaganda brought to you by the GOP and NRA. They want everybody out fahtin' fer their FREE DUMBS. Or didn't you read the memo? Oh, that's right----you can't. And by controlling the media they're out to make sure you don't.
What medical condition do you suffer from besides being functionally illiterate?


@28: Xina's pessimistic rage has its basis in fact; nevertheless, I'm obviously not the one that's hurting.


Dang, people: it’s been around three years now; can we get the science right before hitting ‘publish’?

Getting a booster does NOT immediately give you immunity or protect those around you!! It takes TWO WEEKS TO KICK IN, according to the nurse who gave me my latest booster on Halloween. That reaction some get a day or two later is just the beginning of the immune response.

So saying “get boosted” for a holiday that is the next day, is pointless. It gives a false sense of security that could be tragic.


12 spouting long discreditied gun nut spin. Color me surprised.

Fact of the matter is that nations with responsible fireams regulation don't have endless mass shootings (or mass murders by other means).

Australia is the usual one usually cited because we have the best before and after data, but this observation applies to every other nation in the developed world.


@19 making vast generalizations based on sex and race. Hmmmmm I think there’s a word or two for that, something ism?


@27, Toddlers far more frequently pick up legal and illegal drugs, cleaning chemicals, etc. and get injured or die. Nobody blows a gasket over that. An object or substance that will harm a child, will do so if the parent, or another permits easy access. Yet you only get your undies in a bunch when the child is maimed, brain damaged, or killed if the tool that the child has access to is of one, and only one type.


@32, Maybe because those same nations have much higher social cohesion, and readiness by citizens to observe laws. You have a problem of the firearms regulations actually being a proxy for the true cause of fewer mass shootings, non-mass murders, and non-mass assaults. Multiple variables and causes that, from a research perspective, are impossible to separate.

What is key is not the regulation, but how ready the society is to observe the regulation with high rates of compliance. In Europe, or Japan, there is high value on conformity to cultural and legal norms. In the U.S., not so much.


@31, The Stranger has only given lip service to follow the science. It's follow the science they agree with, not the science. If the science changes, or they didn't agree with it in the first place, disregard it, even if it's the head of the FDA or CDC saying it.

I'm not talking about "science" from say the top health official of the State of Florida. I'm talking about mainstream science by the FDA, CDC, the British NIH, etc.


@30 raindrop: If you can't feel anything then you're more out of it than I suspected.

@34, @35, and @36 seventiesrockhead: Dude. Your IQ must equal your shoe size. You're all heated debate and no point! You're like John Kricfalusi's hyper Chihuahua, here only for the sake of making annoyingly senseless noise. Get a nap, already, Ren, before Stimpy pushes the Big, Shiny, Candy-like History Eraser Button.

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