We all should have seen his pivot to grifting attention from the far-right coming a mile away. Pascal Le Segretain | Getty



I'm not enthralled with cutesy animal videos too Matt, but that sledding dog is the best exception I've seen.
Love snowy mornings!


"The Washington Future Fund would invest $4,000 "baby bonds" on behalf of children born while on Apple Health, the state's Medicaid plan."

We should adopt it nationally. Senator Corey Booker has such a plan.


It's race neutral, so Booker's plan gets no love from progressives, who seem more concerned with rhetoric, framing, and assigning guilt, rather than results that unwind structural discrimination.

Even though it's race neutral, it closes the gap between black and white households? Why? The lower the income of the household, the more is invested in a particular child's bond. Which households are poorest in America? Black households. So they get larger bonds that a kid born into a higher income household, which is going to tend to be white.

Good job Will.


@1 - Oops, Will!


«law firm is now threatening a massive deluge of arbitration claims against Twitter if Musk doesn't pay out severance packages...»

Part of the Musk genius: invite legal investigations into your questionable business proceedings.


"He just
loves snow
and we should
be more like him."

God spelled
backward is
a black dog
on a Sled.


"The Washington Future Fund would invest $4,000 "baby bonds" on behalf of children born while on Apple Health, the state's Medicaid plan."

Not a bad idea, but it has the same old problem as all the other income-based programs built along an eligibility cliff. Meaning, if your household make a dollar beyond the income eligibility limit, then you're out of luck. That system incentivizes those making just under the cut-off to stay there, or else lose out on extremely valuable benefits. (Like when my child care provider was promoted to lead teacher, she had to go down to half-time or else lose Apple Care, SNAP, and her own child-care subsidies.) It would be much fairer to structure eligibility for income-based programs along a sliding scale while raising the cut-off limit, which can be done with no impact on net spending. Otherwise, the poor-but-not-quite-poor-enough get nothing.


You are deeply broken. Pet videos are one of the only good things about the internet.

And fuck Uncle Ye.


And that letter to Musk is dee-lish


I'm through even processing Ye, or Kanye, or Jeebus, or Used Toilet Paper (or whatever name this week) stories. He's a member of the Kardashian School of Publicity which holds this canon: Controversy is everything. If you think my hips are sprawling and my ass is huge today, just wait until my bank account numbers dip or my popularity starts to wane. You ain't seen nothing yet!

Lovely weekend, all.


Eva Braun, Kim Kardashian, and Melania Trump walk into a bar ...


@5, To be that, the sled would have to go backwards up the hill with it occupant as well.

@1, As usual SLOG has gone to the dogs.

@6, The national Booker proposal is highly graduated, so no sharp cliff's where a dollar over puts you the edge. The parents of the child never get any benefit from the program, so they don't gain anything by gaming it.

More importantly, its the child who receives the benefit, after they are 18, so their parents don't get the benefit from whatever income choices they make.

They are much more likely to be guided by their lifestyle needs, and those of their household, in the here and now, rather than some future benefit their child will receive in the future, for limited uses (education, buying a home, starting a business), that the parents will never legally control without the consent of the child.

If the household has the means to game the program as you suggest, then they have enough income to not need the program for their child. They also have a sense of deferred gratification, the desire to deny themselves for the future benefit of their child, and means to not spend a dollar today, so it can multiply with interest, etc. The child of such a household will likely exceed their parents wealth and income in adulthood anyway.


If Kanye West and Herschell Walker didn't have money and fame, they would be dead or incarcerated because this society doesn't tolerate mental illness, particularly in minority communities.

Instead, the conservatives and GOP keep propping them up, because they think they will appeal to minorities.

Republicans are horrible people.


I can't be the only US based "fan" for whom "only tun[ing] into futbol every four years when the World Cup happens" means I won't care until 2023, AU/NZ.



@10- I think they walked into a Cabaret.


@6 periwinkle: Agreed.

@12 Catalina Vel-DuRay and @14 dvs99 for the WIN!!

Snow is pretty but....I prefer not to have to walk, much less drive in it once it has half melted into slush by mid-day and then becomes refrozen overnight, thanks to outdoor temperatures dropping to the teens(!!!). Good luck getting around. Refrozen snow and ice for this weekend? Yuckers! I'm glad I went shopping and stocked up yesterday while there was sun and dry pavement. Stay warm and safe, everybody.

PLEASE----no more about the pathetic train wrecks that are the Orange Turd, Kanye West, and Herschel Walker!
The Orange Turd and its fellow white supremacist male neofascists are laughing their corrupt asses off at West and Walker, pawns hired to do Stupid Pet Tricks on command.
The DOJ has enough evidence to convict the Orange Turd. Its two circus clowns, Kanye West and Herschel Walker should be committed to the nearest mental health facility in their area for blindly worshipping Der Gropenfuhrer. That's glaring proof right there that they are not of sound mind.


@9 Bauhaus I: I nominate you for the WIN, joining Catalina Vel-DuRay and dvs99. Bravo, agreed 100%, and well said!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But DVDs are so delightful!
If you want to avoid all the slick,
Watch a flick, watch a flick, watch a flick!

Glad I ventured out yesterday
When there was a weather window.
My beloved and I will stay
Inside as long as there's to be more snow!

If the forecast is below sub-zero,
Griz won't try to be a hero.
Movies, eats, & drinks will do the trick.
Watch a flick, watch a flick, watch a flick!


Randy Rainbow, meet auntie grizelda.


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