Can Sen. Raphael Warnock win again? Win McNamee / Getty



re the Preacher vs the Running Back
"Dems have got to get a better strategy."

yep. allowing "Republicans" to make
Democracy nearly Impossible's a
Tough row to hoe when you've
got an incompetent nincom-
poop backed by Ten$ of
Million$ of Dollar$ and
an Opposition doing
Everything it CAN
to suppress the
Votes of those
deemed un-
Loyal to the

*of WHITE Rule

the 'Civil' War is Far from Over
irregardlessly of what McMitch
KkKonnell's formerly-Supreme
illegitimate Court decides.


@1 -- roaches
AND toe jam?
mmmmm. I'm
headed to Tra-
itor Joes NOW.


@ skiddy
dunno what they're called
but psilocybin mushrooms
grow Wild in our cowpastures
on the Wet Side of the mountains.


Sometimes Trader Joe's whisk(e)y can be decent, and a good bargain. Their Scotch is often quality.

I don't understand how a hoax like "goblin mode" can be Word of the Year. It's not real; no one actually says or writes it except as an in-joke they mistakenly believe they're a part of. The original appearance is fake.


Cubensis aren't native to this region, cyanescens and some other varieties are.


@3 is really out of it. they grow in BC WA OR CA maybe you should stop listening to FauxNews, MetaFB and your other Russian news sources?


I clearly don't get out enough; I had never heard of "goblin mode."


@9 Also some amanitas are psychoactive. Not recommended since they'll kill you if you get the dosage off by a hair.

PSA Do not eat wild mushrooms unless they have been identified as edible by three different sources, one of whom should be a mushroom forager with local experience. There are way too many people getting poisoned by mushrooms "identified" on a phone app.


@15 nothing new, e.g. Stalin vs. Hitler. The marginally lesser of two evils is still (marginally) less evil.


"The good people of the Peach State are lining up to vote for Democratic incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock or Republican challenger Herschel Walker, a scandal-ridden candidate who couldn't define "pronoun.""

No, the good people are voting for Warnock. An unfortunately high number will vote for Walker, showing themselves to be the pieces of shit that they are.


I always take the Sight and Sound poll with a grain of cellulose.

First, everybody brings a different frame-of-reference with them to the cinema. Maybe we can all agree that we love “The Third Man,” but we will not agree on why it’s a masterpiece. So there are supposed to be some abiding, agreed-upon principles in film theory that level the field. But there’s no general agreement there either. I remember trying to read a textbook on film theory and narrative from UCSB. It was, in a word, incomprehensible.

So whether the critics decide to bestow #1 to Hitchcock’s poetic and lyrical ode to obsession, or to Orson Welles landmark of innovative brilliance, or to a quiet reality film looking at three days of a widowed mother who turns tricks in her apartment while the kid is at school, it’s all, finally, a matter of taste. Godard, whose films were so chic in the 60s, and waiting in line at the art house for his newest was the thing, and who is still wildly admired, is, although historically significant to film, ultimately overrated. I think his later stuff became irrelevant. Such is the fate of the privileged Communist, no? I realize there are people who want me dead for saying that.

As long as I don’t have to sit through “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” ever again. Or “Last Year at Marienbad.” Once or twice is plenty.

But who am I? I still think “Munich” and “Minority Report” are Spielberg at his best.


Go, Rev. Raphael Warnock, GO!!!!

A mysterious 80 ft. object made of wood and metal is protruding up out of the sand at Daytona Beach in the neofascist blood-red state of confusion that is Flori-dumb? Well, well. I hope this object is aptly the Orange Turd's coffin. Let the long overdue hammering of the nails begin, and may this truly be the End of a Gross Error.

I don't shop at Trader Joe's, anymore. My city's one store location is at the north end of town. It's a bit far and out of my way when I can get what I need and want close by. What available parking there is at our Trader Joe's (no city planning whatsoever) is a disaster, and their idea of gluten-free bread tastes like foam rubber. For dietary reasons I also can't consume hard liquor, so it's strictly red wine for Griz. But cheers and bottoms up to those among us who enjoy mixed cocktails.

I can't say I'm much of a mushroom enthusiast, particularly the phallus impudicus variety.

@11 Morty: "Goblin mode" is new to me, too.

@19 dvs99: For the WIN!!! I believe we can credit fellow Slogger Urgutha Forka with being among the good Georgia voters.


@16/17 yet anothor thing the Simpsons got right

“What are you going to do about it? It’s a two party system?”


@21 - auntie Gee
Warnodk Heard you:
Warnock Beats Walker
Giving Democrats 51st Senate Seat

In the last battle of the 2022 midterms, Senator Raphael Warnock dealt another blow to former President Donald J. Trump, whose handpicked candidate, Herschel Walker, was outspent and outmatched.

El trumpfo Cost them the Election
final straw? yeah not Likely

but: Cheers!


trumpfster also cost "republicans"
the fucking Senate.

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