I typed "cold" into Getty images and it showed me this picture that they describe as "Black woman suffering cold at home because of home heating problem." Love this narrative! Tommaso79 / Getty



"[mass Jew killer ass't] Furchner received a two-year suspended sentence and told the court she regretted being at [Death Camp] Stutthof at the time."

yeah, everyone knows
Auschwitz was the
place to BE.

oh & thank GOD!
we beat them
Fascists, eh?


Elon's lousy week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqKp656tZ34



so the Nazis were
the Victims? did
One coming.


Musk is getting serious blow-back from the suckers who invested in / are losing money with Musk's car business. Otherwise it would be more and more Twitter for Musk.


@3: Are you being satirical to make some contorted point (I hope)?


@70s. You are so fucking morally corrupt and insane even Dewey is questioning your morals. (Slow clap).

@Dewey this is what your side basically believes. This is what you sound like most of the time. You guys are fucking looney.


Seventiesrocked dear, did your nurse forget to give you your medications this morning?

As for Governor Inslee's proposed gun legislation, I can't wait to see how badly Eastern Washington will over react to that.


@7 You seem to see the world in very black and white terms. Often that is a Progressive characteristic. Maybe it's just a common trait of extremists. There are colors. And in this example, both things are true. We have personal responsibility for the obvious consequences of our own behavior. And we are significantly affected by the trends and systemic failures of our society.


@7. What the actual fuck? You rave like a pedantic circus clown on peyote. I think now would be a good time to get offline and maybe go outside. You might meet somebody who gives a shit about your verbose sealioning drivel. Who knows, you might even get laid! Life's too short.


@3, @4, @7, and @12: Seriously. WTF, dude? Did you slip on the ice, fall, and hit your head on a rock? If so, please seek medical attention immediately.

@8 raindrop: Wow. For even you to impugn Seventiesrocked's batshit rants has to be a first.

@9 shoobop, @10 Catalina Vel-DuRay, and Garb Garblar @13: Thank you all for beating me to it.


You're a fucking idiot.


@14 that is, of course.


@14: Down, boy, down. Please reassure me you won't wander into heavy traffic on Aurora Avenue North or near I-5. Medic!


@7: I think that "wokeism" is still a far too nebulous and malleable concept for you to mold into sarcastic zinger that you hoped for, especially when juxtaposed against Nazis and the holocaust. I suggest not going there as profoundly well established hard-core jew-hating antisemitism could never be diluted by comparisons that point to irony, political correctness, or wokeism -- even if you're being sarcastic.


No, actually the Papiermark should be put on trial, because, inflation in post WWI Germany. And inflation is what it’s all about!


Perhaps God or Allah or Buddha or Zoroaster or one of a hundred others can tell you what is good or bad. Problem is that they all come from the mind of man. Inconsistent place that.


yeah I'm gonna need the Warning:
Satire! spoiler-Alert BEFORE com-
mitting to more than the 1st
three or four syllables of
your typical TL:DR
missives future-
wise not Six

not even Then.


One of my pet peeves is DJs who feel compelled to mention the more-famous parent EVERY TIME they play a song by that star's progeny. Once in a while is ok, but consistently referring to someone as the son or daughter of someone else, rather than a person with their own identity and artistic vision, strikes me as disrespectful. I hear this most often on noncommercial stations (such as KEXP) where the hosts are encouraged to be chatty.


@3, 4, 7, 12, 14

Seriously dude put down the bong.

Stick to the "whatabout knives!?!?" schtick it's tedious but at least predictable.

Expanding your whataboutism into the holocaust is probably not your wisest move.



Dude put down the bong.


@26 No, of course there are no absolutes with respect to moral issues. They change from time to time and culture to culture. I'm not sure why that bothers you so much.

There's 13.8 billion years of space time out there, maybe more, and we're just looking up and trying to figure it out. I think that it's a miracle that we have that opportunity but, in the end, stardust to stardust. Enjoy it while you can.


@29 To address your second point first, of course I'm not doing that. All sacred texts are written from their historical context and have historical value. The supernatural elements are fiction.

Yes, the natural world is orderly and that is an interesting mystery in an of itself. There are a variety of hypotheses that try to explain this - I suspect that you would favor the strong anthropic cosmological principal (I favor the weak) - but the honest answer is that we simply don't know.


Merely because certain people existed in a certain time and place certainly doesn't mean that what they said and believed is accurate. In our own world people make up stuff all of the time. Or they see things that they don't understand like UFOs and conclude that aliens are among us. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. And explaining how all 13.8 billion years of spacetime came to exist is certainly an extraordinary claim. Like you, I need more than Mohammed heard a voice in his head. Or that bronze age shepherds saw something that they didn't understand.

The multiverse hypothesis is just that, a hypothesis. It is mathematically possible but I know of no experimental evidence that additional universes exist. The correct answer to most of the "big questions" is that we simply don't know. If humanity sticks around long enough, maybe we can answer some of those questions.


@25 and @27 STII: Evidently some batshit crazy trolling MAGAts can't be saved, especially QAnon goons drafting their first word-salad novels. We can only hope he doesn't wander off into heavy traffic with or without his Dumb phone.


Whooooooo-EEEEEE!! It's icy out there! Be careful, folks--happy holidays and stay warm, dry, and safe.

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