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Congress: watch the Shenanigans here:


To clarify, your Xmas tree TRUNK can be no thicker than 4”, not the whole tree, as Jas implies.


"No comment" about Dori?

Okay. Better to bite your tongue I guess. The best talk show hosts have been controversial at times. That's why they're popular. Dori apologized for his flubs. He had a great career and leaves behind a wife and three daughters. RIP Dori.


@4: "Dori apologized for his flubs."



I stopped listening to Dori Monson when he laughed at the death of Rachel Corrie. From what I hear, he's gotten worse since then. It's a stain on the Seahawks that it took them so long to fire him. Dead at 61. Same as Mike Leach. Apparently right wing assholes born in 1962 better watch out this year.


@6 - Your comment starts with being offended by laughing over the dead and ends with a threat to be dead.
@5 - wut < dig deeper, lol



Millions and millions of people, myself included, can support labor unions despite not belonging to one for any number of reasons, far too numerous to envision. Also, you're a fucking idiot.


I hope Garland is going to offer to extradite Santos to Brazil.


first vote:
no such Luck for
MKkKarthy's hope for
Speakership. excellent.

let's hope the Fascists
take two Years to
sort this one


@13 so Dori Monson is the equivalent of Putin and Trump? That's laughable even for The Slog. It's been amusing yet depressing over the weekend seeing the "compassionate" progressives in our area go out of their way to paint Monson as some purveyor of hate and a downright awful person who shouldn't be mourned or missed because he dared to criticize the politics of Seattle and our state. There was and still is a lot there to criticize and Dori was one of the loudest voices. He was a flawed person like any of us and you can disagree with his opinions without casting him into the brimfire of hell. It really does highlight the progressive penchant to personally attack anyone who doesn't adhere to their idealogical dogma. It really is cult like at times.


Please provide a single example of a writer saying unionization was "necessary" in order to achieve a "just and equitable workplace." You can't and won't because it's an idiotic statement and shitloads of jobs and employers provide a nice working experience/enviornment despite lacking unionization.

Also, you're a fucking idiot.


On a practical level, my guess is that the Stranger is too small to unionize. A major benefit of a union is collective bargaining. It takes a minimum number of employees banding together to make collective bargaining useful to anyone. If you have a very small number of employees, it just isn't practical to have a union.

I don't know what the full staff numbers of the Stranger is. But it looks like they have less than 10 writers. Plus an unknown number of staff behind the scenes. It has always been a pretty small operation. Smaller now that they don't have a print edition. With that small of a number, I'm not sure there would be much benefit in forming a union.


@9: So, when blip departed, he bequeathed to you his endless, pointless, hopeless, and thoroughly bitter opposition to the very idea of a joke? (You poor bastard.) is there any way ever to return it? Because constantly working yourself into a name-calling frenzy at the mere sight of one will make for a long, painful, and miserable existence for you here at Slog.

@17: The Stranger’s writers constantly go on about “Worker Conquests,” and always advocate in favor of OTHER workers forming unions. We commenters sometimes show some nuance. For each situation, we ask if a union will provide benefits greater than the costs. If writers at the Stranger have performed such cost-benefit inquiries, and decided a union would not be worth it, that’s great, and I support their decision. There’s no evidence they ever have done so, leaving them open to the idea, touched upon here, that they’re not inclined to practice what they preach. There’s nothing wrong with poking a little fun at someone who indeed does not perform the very action they constantly advocate for others to do.


Kiro is doing a day long tribute to DM if you weirdos are that hard up to hear some heartfelt sentiments about a mediocre person.

And don't worry there are still plenty of cis white male bloviators on the airwaves offering insipid, unoriginal opinions.


@10 dvs99: YESSSSSSSSssss!!! I also hope Merrick Garland arrests and incarcerates the Orange Turd for life imprisonment, and that the Dark Age of Trumpism is finally over. The criminal evidence is so glaringly obvious that this should bring the Fall of the GOP.

@13 PrincessAngeline#2: I'm all for a nationwide blue wave washing RepubliKKKan neofascism away clean after the Err of the Orange Turd.

@11 kristofarian: Agreed re McKKKarthy. This is encouraging news. I hope the GOP, down to its last stubbornly loyal of bootlicking MAGAts finally dies before 2024.


@20 Brent Gumbo: Thank you for the excellent reminder to avoid tuning in to KIRO. It's no surprise that there's no shortage of Dori Monson wannabes polluting the airwaves. I'm obviously not missing anything good.


@14 Seventiesrockhead: Please put down the bong and seek medical attention now.


@16 District13Refuse: Are you and @14 sharing the same bong? Stop dumpster diving and get serious help, the both of you.


I wanted to hate Dori & then
I did and then one day
on a call-in show he
was Gracious & not
mocking too High
guy & yeah most
of Opinions suck-
ed but he didn't
suck Totally.
rip Dude.



The writers and employees at the Stranger have self-evidently performed their own such analysis with regard to their own situation, either individually or collectively, and determined that the costs of a unionization effort outweigh the potential benefits, and so have collectively decided not to unionize. Why on earth would you think they're under any obligation to share their own individual calculus leading to such a decision with you or anyone else? That's incredibly private and personal information and I can't fathom how or why you think you're entitled to it. I'm a vocal and outspoken union advocate, but won't be sharing personal details of my employment contract with you, the fucking idiot fax2sporthizpointz, or anyone else anytime soon. And if a unionization effort emerges at the Stranger, then I'll support it, though they're under no obligation to undertake one to satisfy you or anyone else.

I've no issues with poking with some fun at Stranger writers who walk a moral high ground on plenty of occasion (say, Matt Baume) but this isn't issue isn't hypocritical or interesting, and it's indicative of intellectual idiocy on the part of an outspoken dumbass critic of the blog.

Speaking of that dumbass, for anyone new to the slog, here's his magnum opus. Fun read from back in the day. God, he's a fucking idiot.


Monson was poison in the minds of suburbanites who barely step foot in the city. He seemed so nice on the Seahawks pregame, but he was Seattle's Limbaugh on his midday show. His politics won't be missed. KIRO-FM could disappear tomorrow for all I care.


@27: That's nice, and you would have a point if you weren't, in fact, an idiot. Truth is it's own defense and we have plenty of evidence to support this conclusion.


I knew Monson and one time. I had cocktails conversations or event dinners with him perhaps seven or eight times over the years. Casually interacted perhaps a dozen or so more times.

And the best I can say is: Dori Monson was a demented throwback and a dripping obese sack of paranoid bigoted puss. And people I know who were very much closer to him hated him even more.

Look. He hated Seattle. He hated everything about it. He rarely opened his mouth and said a decent thing about the city he lived. In his mind Seattle should eternally be a white only Boeing backwater in 1985. His brain entirely broke on 9/11 which became some unearned trauma for him as if he himself tumbled down the Twin Towers in flame and marched into Iraq to exact revenge. 9/11 became excuse to vent every millimeter of hate his body could eject from any of his overactive orifices. And that eventually devolved into hate for anything not part of his masculine revenge fantasies; whether that be a gay person, a trans person, or somebody with hair died any color not in his high school annual.

His entire being was suffused with hatred for the city he lived, it's people, it's art, it's music, and it's culture. He made his hatred a cottage industry.

His only demonstration of his anemic civic pride was half hearted performative "sports ball" masculinity that only manifested in whatever Seattle team logo was on a sweatshirt somebody gave him. And even then he spent half the time shitting on whatever team it was. Particualry if the team had too many black people or women on it.

He was stupid as a brick and didn't have a honest or curious bone in his body.

And perhaps if he didn't stuff his porcine jowls with whatever melted cheese covered bag of shit he could get his stubby paws on and chase it with gallons of booze and cocaine he'd be alive now.


It's a sure bet that Monson's cardiovascular condition wasn't improved by days on end of apocalyptic smoke brought about by the same global warming that he spent so much airtime ridiculing.


@30 is packed with lies.
@34 is correct.


@26: You have presented absolutely no evidence of any kind whatsoever to suggest workers at the Stranger ever considered the pros and cons of forming or joining a union. When the Stranger reports on possible union-forming actions in other workplaces, they never ask if the workers there have done it, either. No story ever quotes a dissident worker saying anything like, “I looked at the question, and forming a union just doesn’t make sense for my situation.” The Stranger is always totally gung-ho pro-union for everyone ELSE, no questions asked. That’s why it’s fair to ask if they’ve ever considered it for themselves. (It’s not as if having a union at a Seattle newspaper would be any kind of innovation, like it would be at coffee or sandwich shops.) As I wrote, if they did the work you assumed they did, then great, and I support them. (And please, save your poor straw man from another bashing: I never asked for the details of their decision, if ever it did happen.)

Right now, in our total absence of any evidence the Stranger’s employees have ever considered forming or joining a union, they’re definitely giving off a “labor militancy for thee, but not for me” message, and you’re the only one here raging at anyone for so much as making a small joke at the expense of such apparent hypocrisy.


@28 Max Solomon: Thank you for reaffirming my suspicions. Dori Monson sounds just as obnoxious as San Diego's Rush Limbaugh, Ted Leitner, a bloated, overglorified pig from the Bronx.

@34 Herr Boob: Put down the bong and seek medical assistance before what's left of your MAGAt stupefied brain tissue leaves a puddle of sludge in the hall.

@35: raindrop, dear, are you and @34 roomies? Get help, both of you.


@34 Herr Boob: So Dori Monson considered Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a successful advocate of the Better Business Bureau helping countless millions of Washington State residents, "the most dangerous politician he's ever seen"? Did Dori Monson worship Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Ron De Santis, Greg Abbott, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence and Ginny Thomas, and the late Rush Limbaugh and Doug Ericksen, too? If Dori bungee jumped off the Tacoma Narrows Bridges butt naked every New Year's Eve, would you do it, too?
Seriously, put down the bong and get serious help.


@33 Park Place: I have a feeling that commenters @28 Max Solomon, @30 RogertheShrubber, and @32 Jexpat would refute your statements. Human or not, the late Dori Monson didn't sound like the kind of person many would say nice things about in a eulogy at a memorial service.


From @30, it seems we can safely conclude our very own dear oft-banned Prof’ once had a mirror he’d named ‘Dori Monson’. ;-)

@13: “Laughing at the death of a humanist like Rachel Corrie is deeply scum behavior.”

Corrie died almost twenty years ago, and Monson’s comments about her death, if he ever indeed made any, come via a personal recollection from some guy on the internet. That’s pretty thin gruel on which to criticize a long-time citizen of Seattle who recently died.


All of Monson’s supporters and detractors here have so far combined to quote exactly zero of his words. From this, I conclude there was far less to the man’s statements than met the ear. R.I.P.


@44: Ok, less than ten of his words, which doesn’t really invalidate my point. You haven’t quoted Monson telling us why he described AG Ferguson so hyperbolically.

What comments here describe was basically an outrageous entertainer who sold ad space, not a thinker or critic whose words should be taken seriously.


@46: You have neither given any examples of “how AG Ferguson applies different rules to people,” nor quoted Dori Monson giving any such examples, so I know of no “heaping dose of bias” to defend.

(The act of yelling “fallacy” to distract from your own lack of evidence has a few choice terms to describe it, too…)

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