Brazil's Piratini Palace. Nice place, wouldn't want to be arrested for committing an insurrection there. diegograndi/getty images



I'm surprised that you're promoting snowmobiling Matt. They're super noisy obnoxious transgressions on the the tranquility of our silver white winters that melt into spring.


J/6, and now Brazil

the MAGAts and Bannon
working Overtime to
Derail Democracy &
let the Rich Reich
Rein over the

just another day
in Paradise.


Fentanyl apparently hurts or kills cops just by being in the vicinity of it. Which is strange since drug dealers, EMS and Healthcare workers don't seem to have any problems with it.


Less moderation and more words on Twitter. Let's quadruple the amount of white supremacy and narcissism and insecure rich people arguing and disinformation. That's a winner!


If Twitter is replacing journalists, maybe they should stop linking to them? Everybody addicted to this garbage platform.


'they' say if you run
refrigerant* thru your
catalytic converter you
make Mustard Gas which
most peeps find Offensive
tho not as Deadly (initially)
[apparently] as tossing $1000's
of dollars worth of Fentanyl* out of
your car's windows at pursuing Po-pos

yet another good reason
to Stay 2 Whole Seconds
behind the garbage truck
e.g. you're now Tailgating



Next Elon will let you have a paid subscription to your favorite long form Twitterer, of which he'll take a slice.


@3: I taken you've been lucky enough never have to endured a whiff of it. I did in Northgate. It's really a menace and a public health problem for anyone who's near its consumption. You're more than just snarky saying otherwise.


@ It's really a menace and a public health problem for anyone who's near its consumption.

I never said it's not. But the media and police are blowing out of proportion the actual danger it poses to people who have to deal with it from a public safety/emergency response perspective. And, of course. Police lie. And exaggerate. And cry. And cry. And cry.


@9: Cops are taxpayer funded municipal employees whose socioeconomic status and education among the ranks that are not always conducive to produce the paragons of virtue you expect.


@10 " not always conducive to produce the paragons of virtue you expect."

then maybe we should stop and think before we turn them loose with guns and a lack of accountability


@Brent -- Briliant. hell's Bells they
don't even gotta be 'Virtuous'
I'd settle for Non-Homicidal.


of course they
might gotta cut back
a wee Bit on the Steroids


@5: Agreed. Let’s stop linking to this toxic platform. (Pointing and laughing at Musk’s ongoing Twainweck remains ok.)

I had always known Twitter was worthless because it was limited to 140 characters. That made it the equivalent of passing notes in junior high school, but for putative adults. Now that everyone has become used to the usual content on the platform, increasing length won’t raise quality one iota.


@14: There are a lot of love/hate things in life, Twitter is one of them. It has never been as entertaining or eye opening as Elon has made it. Where else can I follow the villains and heroes with equal delight? I'd much rather have a "toxic" platform than what woke gatekeepers (e.g. Biden admin) would determine for public consumption.


tra la la, 6 year olds shootin' off semi-automatic firearms. that's a FIRST GRADER.

pew pew, america. protect that freedom!


@9, Police aren't the only ones being overcome by Fentanyl.


"Another example of technology trying to replace the role of journalists."

The Stranger's writers don't have to worry about technology reducing their role then.


@16 -- too True!
they oughtta be
into Shotguns
and hand gre-
nades by that
age. LOVIN'
that Extry
in the

and how
Bout them


@15: FYI, "woke" folks don't consider the Biden administration particularly woke. fuck right off with that "gatekeeper" BS.

if you want a "woke" target, try the cowardly administration at Hamline University.

who? exactly.


@20: An example is the now defunct “Disinformation Governance Board” the White House set up in DHS. I think they've learned their lesson, or at least this administration has.


@15: I never said or implied government censorship of Twitter would make anything better, was in any way desirable, or even an option. Want to entertain yourself with that nonsense? Go right ahead. Some people enjoyed passing notes in junior high school, too. (I doubt any of those notes ever made it into any canon of great literature, either.) The sooner Twitter gets relegated to the status it deserves — the disposable entertainment value you mentioned — the better. Everyone else can abandon it to that, and get on with our lives.


@20 Maxie......You intrigued me to look up the Hamline U reference. Now that is some fucked up woke shit. It gives normal wokies a bad name. Thanks for the laugh.


Meanwhile, speaking of police non ethics, corporate mayors throw massive amounts of our tax dollars at them.

While, half the population is poor and many are homeless these mayors use cruelty and abuse by the police to attack poor people thinking they will just disappear because poverty looks bad to the tourists and to the well off.

This practice is doomed and history shows that.

Thanks Brent for your brilliant comments. Speaking of revolutions.


reading, 'riting, 'rithmatic and
rapid fire!


@3, Other public employees are be disabled by exposure to fentanyl. You just choose to ignore it.

When your Metro bus doesn't show, its often because the driver is being transported to Harborview by a Supervisor.


@1 actually, they make all-electric snowmobiles in Canada, you know, a First World nation ....


Wow--like I really need an additional reason to avoid subscribing to Twitter.

@16 Max Solomon, @19 kristofarian, and @25 pat L: I can't BELIEVE a 6 year old can open fire in a grade school classroom, almost kills his teacher, and the fucking GUN has more rights?? Is this where a historical number of teachers---very much like morally decent police officers---throw their hands up, nationwide, and say "That's it----I quit!" ?
Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia should be renamed Redneck Elementary School.


@11 Brent for the WIN!!


@16 Max Solomon: It's more like purtectin' their Free Dumbs. But I think that was your point.

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