You're telling me these students are paying $1,600 in rent??? GREGOBAGEL/GETTY IMAGES



Soooo a "bunch" means "less than 12" and you're so committed to snark that you can't be bothered to even figure out why this is different? Just punting and saying that "Axios argues" that this Biden document sich is different than then Trump one.

Gurl. Axios doesn't just argue. It IS different.

Stick to local stories if you can't be bothered.


So Biden and Trump are equally horrible as far as classified documents go. No choice but for Joe to give pardon Donald on this.


Only Trump can declassify documents with his mind!


I take back the second sentence in @2, but not the first.


@2, 4: DOJ wasn't going to prosecute President Asshole for it, anyway.

& no takesy-backsies. It's equivalent in the mind of most "real" Americans because nuance is dead in this nation. Binary oppositions only.


5 Then you would be dead wrong. Sadly, classified docs get screwed up from time to time by human error. People accidentally leave it in a binder, mispack it, etc... And since everyone knows that there is a process to address it, which is what the Biden folks are doing, self-report and call in the appropriate security group to review the incident, class of docs, and the chain of possession trail to see where the error was. Honestly, nothing to see here, and they are being publicly transparent which is NOT a requirement of the process.

You'd have to be an ideologue to equate the two cases. And yes, far back in my employment history I had reason to know this firsthand. It wasn't exciting, but I did deal with this stuff.


Sorry, that was meant for #4, not #5.


@2 No, they're not equally horrible. Unlike with Trump, there's no evidence of any criminal intent on Biden's part. And Biden, again unlike Trump, is fully cooperating with the DOJ without whining, insulting or threatening anyone.

That said, if Biden is somehow still on the fence about running for a second term, I hope this nano-scandal nudges him gently to the side of retirement.


@7: Then let's release everyone in prison who are in incarcerated for mishandling classified material because of human error.

When the first batch of Biden's transgressions was discovered in an office closet - that fits your scenario of "screwed up from time to time". But in Biden's garage in Delaware? No, that's blatant malfeasance.

Anyone who's worked in the public or private sector know should know how to be diligent about handling proprietary, NDA, and classified material. No excuses, right?


@2 To amplify on what @9 said, consider the two following timelines:

The Archives asked Trump to return classified documents
Trump refused
The FBI went to Trump and said that it was illegal to retain classified documents
Trump gave some back and said he searched and there weren't any more
The FBI searched Trump's home and found more classified documents

Biden found classified documents and returned them to the federal government
After looking in other locations, Biden found some more classified documents and returned them to the federal government.

These two timelines are not the same. At minimum, Trump is subject to a charge of lying to federal investigators, plus the charge of not giving documents back when asked. (Yes, I know that it was Trump and Biden's teams, for the most part in both timelines. The buck stops at the top.)


C’mon Drop. You know damn well there is a difference

Scenario 1: The National Archives requests a former President to return classified documents they know are in his possession. The former president refuses. The National Archives turns the case over to DOJ that has to get a search warrant to retrieve the documents.

Scenario 2: The attorneys for a former vice-president find classified documents stored at the private offices of the former VP. The attorneys, acting on behalf of their client, self report the incident to the Justice Department and return the documents.

Don’t be obtuse Drop you know damn well there’s a difference.


@12: I didn't say there weren't differences, I said they're both equally horrible in this regard. Yes Biden is being good at fessing up and following protocol. And that's a big difference I concur.

The rich and powerful can get away with just slaps on the wrist if they're cooperative no matter their political dispositions. That's the takeaway here.

More popcorn needed.


@13 "There's a big difference but they're equally horrible."

Oooookay then. That clears that up.

@14 You do know that the number of "partial birth abortions" is vanishingly small and nearly exclusively because the fetus has already died and is endangering the mother's health, right? And that there's a procedure for declassifying documents and Trump has never shown any evidence that he followed any of it?

Oh, never mind. Facts and stuff would get in the way of a good story.


Christ the usual dipshits and their usual dipshit takes.

1) Trump ignored a subpoena claiming there were no documents at Mar-a-lago after the National Archives and the FBI requested he return them.

2) The much larger cash of Trumps documents were "do-not-remove" from secure facilities. These were illegally remove from he Whitehouse.

3) Trump LIED about having the documents for two years.

4) Once Trump ignored the subpoena the FBI raided his home.

5) Trump then claimed the documents were PLANTED by the FBI.

6) Trump then hired lawyers to stall the investigation that a) HE personally took against the advice of his own archivist, and b) who then contacted Federal Judge Aileen Cannon, who Trump appointed, to specifically BLOCK releasing the list of documents and to prevent the JD and congressional committees from knowing what was in them. The Judge was eventually overturned and is not being investigated herself

7) Trump wrongly claimed claimed he could de-classify any document post-hoc. This was also a lie.

Biden did NONE of that. Biden's lawyers came forward VOLUNTARILY after finding the documents. They were a few dozen pages at most so far. None are classified as "do-not-remove" or need reviewing in secure facilities - so far. There has been no effort to block their return to the NA or stop any investigation.

But some fucking typical SLOG moron can make false equivalencies because of course they do.



I’m going to withhold my outrage until it’s determined Biden had “Eyes Only “ or “Signal” intelligence in his closet.

Considering the vast amount of crap that’s needlessly given a “classified” rating you can bet that both Clinton’s, W Bush, Obama, Gore, and Cheney are having their attorneys go through their paperwork right now too.



Okay. Great. Was there a subpoena ignored? Did Biden say they were planted? Has Biden ordered judges to block their release? Did Biden staff not release these themselves?

And a double standard would be to say that it doesn't matter at all like you MAGA dumb shits were doing when Trump was literally stealing classified information.

I'm all for prosecuting Biden if he "stole" secret documents! He didn't. But sure. Why not. But only if Trump goes to jail for the same fucking thing, dumbfuck.


And PS
SCIF designation does not necessarily mean "Top Secret" as in the case of Trump. SCIF is merely the designation for the storage and review requirements.


From WaPo

"Is that different from Trump?

In the Trump case, the Archives initially contacted the former president in May 2021 about missing documents. Trump resisted returning them. Then, when some boxes were returned a year ago, Archives officials discovered documents clearly marked classified, some at the SAP level. The classified documents were intermingled with printouts of news articles, mementos and other items. That triggered an investigation into possible mishandling of classified information.

The FBI, in seeking a warrant to search Mar-a-Lago for more documents, says the boxes contained 184 documents with classification markings: 67 marked confidential, 92 marked secret and 25 documents marked top secret.

In August, when the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago, they seized more than 100 additional documents marked classified, from the confidential to the top secret level. While most were found in a storage room, some were found in desk drawers in Trump’s office, mixed with post-presidential communications with a religious leader, a book author and a pollster, among others.

Zaid said that if Trump had returned all the missing documents when the Archives first requested them, that would have been the end of the matter. It became a criminal matter “only because Trump and his lawyers delayed at first and then obstructed,” he said."


10, Dear lord you are an ideologue. First, with a caveat there is always an exception somewhere, no one is sitting in jail for an accident. Doesn't happen. That's exactly one of the reasons why there is a process that is presently being followed. To #17's point, there is a lot of stuff on the lower levels that can easily get past the gatekeepers. If It isn't TS/SCI, CovOp, wouldn't be uncommon for it to slip in a mass document dump like exiting from a gig (the Biden case). Again, it's one of the reasons there is a process...that process also reviews chain of custody records to confirm it was a mistake and the risk of exposure. That's a lot of the stuff Il Douche had down in Mar-a-Lago, and the process he refused to do and took to court.

Nor is it the "rich and powerful". I almost got into an investigation incident for telling security I had portable storage when asked. Yes, I was almost in trouble for telling the security people I had something when requested because "they didn't need to know". My boss actually had one for clicking a link. Really.

Everyone who handles classified eventually makes a mistake has a review and gets a wrist slap. Is what it is.


Came to the SLOG because I knew ate least one of the #PedoBoys would be equating Trump's willful and active retention of highly classified documents for nefarious purposes, remember that he demanded they be returned, and Biden's team voluntarily returning documents that had accidentally been mixed with Biden's Vice-Presidential documents. Was not disappointed.


@22: Nevertheless, the attorney general is troubled enough to appoint a special council to investigate Biden's handing of classified documents. My outrage is vindicated.

@23: "accidentally being mixed" - sounds familiar doesn't it?


24 No. My bet is Biden asked Garland to do it as CYA. If they didn't, clowns like you would be shouting "deep state". This way, same as the self-report, process complaint, and public transparency no one can claim it wasn't a full review.


If they get rid of cash, I'll stop tipping.

Fair is Fair.


@25: Well, if you win your bet I hope you get a cookie.


if it's a cashless Society*
then there's No such
thing as 'shoplifting'

*got Your Chip, yet, Bro?

not to worry
Alexa* now comes
with Her own needle
(& Special numbing agents).

*SIRI whaterverthefuck


@27 -- this shit runs off you like water off a duck's ass.


Of course. The Dipshit is “outraged.”

You stupendous dumbfuck they literally ASKED Garland to look into it.

I don’t know how it is you have dribbled along in life this far. How it is you show your metaphorical ass here twenty -thirty times a day as if this was your only refuge and community, so totally unaware that nearly every person who reads your mindless Alzheimer’s prattle fucking hates you.

Like. The combination of loneliness, anosognosia and masochism lends one to believe this has to be some form of fetish humiliation performance art.

And just responding to you fulfills some pathetic erotic obsession you have for negative attention.

It makes me feel like scrubbing myself with hand sanitizer and simultaneously saddened and relieved my life is not as barren as yours.

But at least this slap of reality is the reminder I needed to never read your stupid shit again.


@26: Agreed!


@14: Yeah, riiiight, lil MAGAt. Keep parroting the Orange Turd's same old criminally damning bullshit and shooting yourself in the foot. How old are you, 40 going on 14? 14 and bored on a rainy day, and all you've got is mom's username and password? It will be interesting to see where all that time fahtin' fer yer Free Dumbs gets you in the next 20 years. Maybe if you're lucky your kids can still see you on visiting day.

@2, @4, @10, @13, @24 and @27: You really should give it a rest, raindrop dear. Maybe take a soothing soak in a hot tub, have some herbal tea. You obviously have been scarfing too many of the wrong cookies. What did I warn you about excessive sugar? Quit while you're a horse's behind.

@9 CKathes, @11 boatgeek, @16, @19, @20, and @21 RogertheShrubber and @28 & @29 kristofarian for the WIN!! Spot on and well said. Thank you all for beating me to it.


"...and Preston Anderson, who appears to be a social worker who follows me on Twitter."

More great research and analysis from Hannah the Banana.


side down is

dewey are your really
Uranus the perp with
a butthole for an icon


dystopian levity from tom tomorrow

if you can still Laff.


@32: Glad that you at least agree that Biden should not seek a second term.


14 Are you for real? You are on the wrong thread.

Women have the right to decide about their own bodies and health wether you like it or not.
No going back to back door abortions and dead or maimed women.

Shove off hater.

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