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So a bunch of people who don't live in the "tiny houses" are drama grandstanding instead of working with LIHI to address possible complains, which appear partly fabricated anyway? How does this help with housing the homeless? What a shit show.


you'd think the Stranger would have mentioned by now that Joy Hollingsworth is running for city council.


The upcoming Kshama livestream description states it's a "press conference announcing an exciting new initiative for organizing workers and youth" and lists some demands. It doesn't sound like some shocking announcement.


If Sawant doesn't run again, who are people living in the burbs going to blame for all of their problems?


I'm kind of baffled why the Clallam County sheriff has to crowdfund a DNA test. If the extra-fancy DNA test is too expensive, why not run a more run-of-the-mill one? Doesn't that office have some sort of budget for investigations of unexplained deaths?


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"Council Member Tammy Morales wants HSD to record the reasons people do not accept shelter..."

Drugs. It's drugs 99% of the time. There, saved you the millions of dollars they'd spend on some bullshit study. People don't want to live by the rules put in place by these shelters (you know... like the rest of society has) and want free rein to continue doing drugs, living off the grid and out from under the thumb of "the man." I saw a comment from a foster parent that had taken in two little girls whose dad was living on the streets, and he straight up told the social workers he liked living on the street because it made him harder to trace and easier to get away with shoplifting/robbery.

The other 1% is not having an adequate shelter that lets families/couples live together or lets those with pets keep them (which I totally get - I'd rather stay homeless than give up my dog). Why we keep pussyfooting around this is mind boggling.


'Po-po crowdfunding'?
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begging for handouts.


@5 @7 What exactly do you expect the Stranger to say about crime that hasn't been said elsewhere repeatedly ad nauseam? "Alternative" media outlets like this one exist to fill informational and analytical gaps, not to further amplify mainstream perspectives.

Still unclear on the concept? Here's a helpful summary of what the Stranger (apparently mistakenly) assumes its readers already know:

Crime is a bad thing. Really bad. Sometimes people die as a result of it. Most days it's part of the background noise of our lives that we don't think about much, unless it happens to us or someone we know, or we witness it in person. Then it truly, truly sucks. The crime rate rises and falls over time, has done so for centuries, and likely will continue to do so. Currently it's higher than five years ago but is still lower than in the '80s and '90s and is trending downward.

OK, I think that about covers the information gap between the Stranger and the Seattle Times, KOMO, et al. You're welcome. Let's move on.


So, the cops can’t or won’t enforce the laws against shooting into a business, so the solution to Ms. Krieg is more laws? Got it.


Weren't disembodied feet washing up on shore up in Vancouver a couple of years ago? I mean, like, one a week for a while? Interesting explanation, Anthro. Sounds like it comes from a very forensic mind.

I'm the last person in the world to suggest that a socialist message needs to come from Scarlett O'Hara carrying a basket full of bouganvillea, but Ms. Sawant would do well to soften her message, a message in which I'm almost in total accord. Her message sounds not unlike a young Fidel - and almost no one wants a Fidel. But best of luck to her. I respect her enthusiasm and energy.


Honestly Sawant’s new initiative sounds like a much better fit for her. She was always more interested in grandstanding and wanting to take a flamethrower to everything than she was in the nitty gritty, occasionally mundane work of being on city council.


I'll be interested to hear if there's any substance to LIHI complaints. The telltale presence of activist-speak like "dismantle" sure makes it sound like more social-justice non-profit infighting, perhaps a turf war for funding among interested parties.

Or else the natural outcome of trying to provide services to a population containing a large subset of people who bristle against any outside authority, no matter how benign.



Please provide an example of a Stranger writer stating that crimes committed against Starbucks aren't criminal.



Not one commenter is as concerned as I am that the U.S. has reached its debt ceiling? U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that failure by Congress to act will result in devastating financial harm to millions of U.S. citizens. If this isn't resolved soon, we're really going to get fucked economically. And the House of RepubliKKKans is all too happy to sit on their asses until Civil War II breaks out.


Let's ignore the culture that's responsible for the Teriyaki restaurant killing and the drive-by shooting at the Comet. Let's ignore who they are because.....oppression.


The epidemic of drug related deaths continues to soar and many die on the streets. One answer to this could be the availability and ease to enter rehab facilities such as in the past when Van pick up was frequent and numerous humanitarian facilities did exist to some extent.

Instead the ignorance about addiction is quite common and jail and prison is the answer by many officials such as our current city government. Who just want it out of sight. No matter who pays the price and how many.

Many families and friends today have lost loved ones to drug related deaths. Despair and the corporate profit related to pain killers are often the cause of these deaths. Many are grieving over the loss of their loved ones here and now. People need respect.

Why are you on this thread Toby 11? Don’t you have a life other than insulting folks who are trying to work out what this system of abuses and neglects - mostly the poor and working class people. We have massive inequality. Half the population are poor and many are working. Obviously something is terribly wrong. Insane wealth and extreme poverty exist in the richest country in the world. Not everyone is motivated by greed many want justice.

No. Mayor Harrell. The problem is not more police.


There are activists on the streets that are motivated by humanitarian concern that provide hot meals, water, etc. regularly, without any payment, to the homeless of our city.

These are the people complaining about LIHI practices that the villagers feel safe reporting to.

They risk their safety by working with people recover from police sweeps which only further damage folks attempts to survive. Corporate landlords and police sweeps kill the poor. That is real.

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