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I'd very very interested to know on what religious grounds those people are objecting to vaccines. They should be required to provide specifics from their religion's governing documents and explain in a coherent way how vaccines are a contradiction to their faith.

Pretty much every major denomination of every modern religion allows for vaccines. Even the Christian scientists don't support a complete ban.


«... Republicans... recently held a little party to honor one of the cops who participated in the raid where Breonna Taylor was killed»

This is the kind of above-board racism that happens all over the US South, just in case you had any illusions about the "noble savages" living in hillbilly lands.


1 - They can cite no religious text that supports their contentions. They also seem to be very eager to use modern medicine in all other health cases.

They MAGAs have simply learned that claiming "religion" is a trump card to get what they want in White Christian America.


That it is taking so long to come to action on closing PPM to private autos is actually evidence that this is an actual Big City, and that Bothell is a sub-urban TOWN.

I don't mind the cars most days. They're going about 5 mph. Makes sense to close it to private vehicles on the weekends and summer holidays.


Forever and always my favorite old Tony clip


Move (over?)

yes please sir


"Google plans to release more than twenty new products and demonstrate a version of its search engine with chatbot features later this year."

Somehow they will do this with 12,000 less people. I'm sure the people remaining are thrilled at the new workload. But hey, free massages on Tuesdays.


Republican Congressman George Santos: a surprisingly solid drag performer.


@7: "But hey, free massages on Tuesdays."

You know what they say. There's no such thing as a free massage.


A good guy with a knife.


Matt, I don’t know if your profile pic is still accurate, but that beard, depending on length, is likely limiting the effectiveness of your mask. You might not have had a cold in the years, but that might be more about luck and/or other precautions you’ve taken.

Just something to consider.


@1 I'm not a fan of vaccine denialism (I'm fully vaccinated), but I'm also not a fan of reinforcing hierarchical structures within religion (or outside of it). People can believe what they want, and if some pompous figurehead disagrees then that person can fuck off.


Haven't figured out that it is too much Tylenol while pregnant causes autism and not vaccines?


When I was a kid in school, the rule was pretty simple. Every child attending school had to be vaccinated against all the communicable diseases for which there were vaccines else parents had to keep their child’s little ass at home – which I don’t think was a situation tolerated for very long, and those parents would eventually face some kind of truancy or negligence action. Of course, now there’s the home school option which, from what I gather, varies wildly with regard to educational quality – like learning that the Earth was created 6000 years ago is a legitimate theory, or when showing the home school graduate a picture of FDR, the response is a befuddled shrug. Why would one be surprised? Parents already have soooo much time to devote to their children’s upbringing.

It's 2023 and there are people out there who believe or are encouraged to believe that vaccines are somehow nefarious. After smallpox. After typhoid. After polio. I can only close my eyes and take a deep breath in response to such idiocy. Sorry, but yeah, it’s idiocy. And the people who hold those beliefs won't listen to a word I have to say about it.


You should have linked to the Times article about the fact the the threat of a "tripledemic" never materialized and is fading. But that's not a good scare headline, is it, Matt?


@16 How about asking some young would be socialists what the "Four Freedoms" are?


"the latest update on car-free Pike Place Market is that it will probably take several more years to launch a pilot program to limit vehicular access."

Several years????.....for a Pilot???? This ain't that hard kids. Block Pike from 1st to Virginia. Stewart and Pine to Pike. Only entry to delivery vans and rescue vehicles and you can limit the hours for delivery. For that we need years to figure out? Probably a couple of trips for some political moron to Europe to see how they do it? Geez....the only people that drive through the market now are stupid locals and tourists that want to say they have been to the market without getting their fat ass out of their car. Just do it! We can have a process for any exceptions but there shouldn't be many if any.


I feel bad about the way @12 ended. To clarify, "leaders" are entitled to express their opinion & debate. Also, I strongly disagree with allowing exemptions on the base of religion, but I disagree equally with using entrenched dogma as a mechanism to override it. To be fair, I also disagree with the government mandating medical procedures. Bodily autonomy is important. The proper way to address problems with vaccination is for experts and communities to build earned trust between each other, so that reliable and properly qualified information can flow between them, and people can make informed decisions.


Freedom from Speech
Freedom from Worship
Freedom to Want
Freedom to Fear


@20 How old are you and did you know that or just look it up?


@19: Good points.
@20: If you're restricted from being able to fear, why not enjoy it?


@16 Salk's IPV was also untested and unproven until it had been given to millions of children.


@16 - Jamie, you aren't going to get an argument from me on the current state of the public school system in many parts of our great nation. It's can be less than deplorable. We are graduating high school students with a 6th or 7th grade reading comprehension. Traditional, now becoming obsolete, college entrance exam scores are in freefall in poor and lower middle-class neighborhoods. In some inner cities, home schooling might be preferable to sending your child into a mindfield every day. For some reason, school boards have lost their original intent, and no one wants 20-year-old people still in high school.

But that is a different issue.

There is a measles outbreak at school. In-fucking-comprehensible. Measles can be deadly or leave someone blind, deaf, and if body temp goes up high enough, long enough, brain damage. You cannot send unvaccinated children into a place that houses hundreds and hundreds of other children, Monday through Friday, for hours and hours at a time - not if there's preventive medicine. I think doing so is child abuse - or pretty close to it.




@22. Ask MLK.


@13 There is no causal link between Tylenol autism. Tylenol is the over the counter pain reliever considered safe for pregnant women. That women who had children born with autism were more likely to have taken Tylenol is because they were told to avoid the others. But that's more than enough of a link for ambulance chasers.



It is a lie to claim the mRNA vaccines were untested and unproven.

The mRNA process had been studied for years the novel virus gave the opportunity to quickly sequence it and mimic its spikes.

Not using live or dead viruses is safer since you don’t need to expose anyone (including those who make the virus) to the virus.

Also the massive spread of COVID at the height of the pandemic shortened the amount of time needed to get an effective sample size.

The mRNAs are safe, effective, and well tested. To say anything else is a lie.


@1 Brent Gumbo, @2 and @3 Yeshua, @14 and @24 Bauhaus I, @20 & @26 Garb Garblar, and @27 Greenwood Bob for the WIN!!!

@14 Bauhaus I: I remember my public grade school years, back in the day. Everyone got lined up, alphabetically, by grade order in the hallway outside the principal's office to get our annual vaccines and boosters from the school nurse. EVERYBODY. No exceptions. The small rural town where I grew up and went K-12 has A Catholic Church, a Methodist Church, a Baptist Church, and a Presbyterian Church. However religiously devout town locals were then, nobody refused to get shots for mumps, rubella, rickets, Hepatitis A, measles, polio, or the flu because of "religious beliefs" if they wanted to stay in school. And as a result, other than catching the common cold or a particularly virulent strain of the flu seasonally (I did once in high school, returning home from the annual varsity basketball tournament) very few among us got really sick.


@13: You might want to first check for glaring grammar and spelling errors before blindly spewing in Technicolor, Bozo da Clown.


No SLOG PM for Monday, January 23, 2023?
Or are headlines getting too glaringly dire?



I like to think that Matt wrote it up but somehow forgot to post it.
But more likely something came up or he had a half day off. Life happens even for Stranger staffers. Despite the fact that this is an unforgivable breech of the social contract.


Gravel on the bike trail? We could pave it. But we are well on our way to shutting down the Kenmore asphalt plant. So you cyclists will just have to make do with the loose rocks for a while longer.


@33: I’ve ridden the Burke-Gilman Trail hundreds of times, and I still cannot understand why SDOT and the local cycling community insist on pounding sand (or, in this case, gravel) down the rat-hole of the Missing Link. That is an area of heavy industry. Trying to make it safe for bicycles will cost huge amounts of money, and might not even work. Ride somewhere you’re less likely to get killed.

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