Looking at it closely, the Oscar statuette looks kinda freaky, huh? Rodin Eckenroth / Getty



Was this AM Slog bot-generated? An awful lot of garden variety national news for an on-the-ground local “alt” publication. Is this even a “weekly” anymore what with the digital blogging and whatnot


Please join me in offering thoughts and prayers for the guns during this difficult time. I hope they're okay.


"So much so that Mars had to put their so-called "spokescandies" on pause."

They didn't have to. They decided to cave to morons. Instead of just telling backwards people to shut the fuck up and go away, we constantly insist on placating them in the hopes it will get them to calm down. And surprise! It never works! They just move on to the next outrage.


Note that the 19-cent price is limited to ONE Cheeseburger or Hamburger per customer.

Another mass shooting, this time in Yaks. 3 dead in a convenience store at 3:30 am last night. TOO MANY GUNS IN TOO MANY HANDS.


"Rewrite this but make it clear...an awesome"

I thought the typo may have been on purpose but the original quote in CHS blog doesn't have one.


People can shit on Amazon all they want, but bravo for them (and Mark Cuban) for giving big pharma the middle finger and offering affordable medication options. I can't believe we have to rely on billionaires to bring the cost of prescription medication down to affordable levels, but that's capitalism, baby.


ChatGPT is basically a probability engine, and the problem isn't that it is "cheating" but that its use will push all written expression to a mushy, indistinct matchy-matchy middle. Writing is a form of thinking - the more you write like everyone else, the more you think like everyone else.


"Money is a social construct, why not shake it up a bit, I say."

Your standard of living relies much more heavily than you apparently realize on the Dollar being the preferred unit of international trade.


@4: Yeah, Mars is overreacting. But they're not really all that outraged, they're more just "owning the libs" via performative indignation. How else can you explain Greg Gutfeld saying "what message does it send to children to devour these little non-binary bonbons."


Apparently, this is long-held grudge revenge month in California, but no one told anybody. It’s rather creepy down here in LA right now. Some people are even becoming fearful of going to ordinary, crowded places like festivals or grocery stores.

My first jumped conclusion is that for some reason a few highly disturbed people, who have till now kept their anger and frustration and despair in check, have just gone off. Tragic, tragic, tragic. And although strange, brutal occurrences have happened in the past (think of that Whitman guy back in 1966 killing his mother with a knife in her home, then killing his wife with a knife in hers before shooting three people in the UTexas Administration Building on his way to the top of the tower there shooting and killing 11 and injuring 31 people…randomly shooting at people for more than an hour-and-a-half), and these occurrence are sometimes happening in places where gun control laws are pretty stiff.

A skilled politician can explain away most anything, but once you stop listening to him or her, you have to conclude that for the most part the issue is gun availability. I don’t know how you reverse that since so very many these days own a gun. Some people own hundreds. I understand the historic and geographical need to have a rifle. You lived in Wyoming. You nearest neighbor was 45 miles away. Bears and wolves, maybe, wanted to eat you and your family. Unsavory folk would drop by from time to time. Whatever. Now, Wyoming is still very sparsely populated, but much of the rest of the country is not. And although guns can provide a permanent solution to a particular problem, they are not the optimal remedy, and with so many people about (we just passed 350 million here in the States), having guns so available – well, it’s just begging for a replay of this kind of ugly, sad, and needless incident over and over again.

I was a young lad when Whitman went bananas (for what else could it be?) that day, but I remember people nationwide in shock over how something like that could ever happen – such random, inexplicable cruelty. Today I fear when we hear about another Sandy Hook or about some temple getting sprayed with bullets, and now a ballroom dance hall that catered to mostly middle-aged couples who fancied cuttin’ the rug on a Saturday night, we think, “Yeah. Terrible. What else is new?”


Also, I'd say it's time for some socializing if you want to fuck or are insanely jealous of an antimated green M&M.



I've long maintained that our generation is sadly destined to endure the plague & consequences of a society swimming in unregulated firearms. The obligation that we have to implement some desperately needed control measures is due to our grandchildren and future generations. We're way too deep into this rabbit hole (and also too collectively stupid) to see any meaningful change for the better in our lifetimes. But future generations shouldn't have to live like this and deserve better than what we seem determined to present them.


"Modern Socialists don't
represent the working class."
--@someoldewhiteguy @1

I beg to Differ:

here's an olde
Jewish Socialist
on the fawking FOX


whose Side would you say
Senator Sanders IS on?




It should be no surprise about the one-sided Oscar nominations. As long as corrupt male chauvinist pigs are calling all the shots in Harvey Weinstein's Hollywood nothing is going to change.

Back the fuck off, RepubliKKKan RWNJs! Grow a pair and accept female M&Ms fer chrissakes!
Get over your shriveled up dicks already.

@4 Brent Gumbo, @5 Max Solomon, @12 Bauhaus I, and @15 kristofarian: +4 for the WIN!!!


No Slog PM on Tuesday as well.

I get the distinct impression the staffers are sick of doing them and tired of all the flack they get in the comments. Thing is, we often correct errors, omissions, resulting in a better and fuller engagement in the long run.


Surprised that the Stranger is still pro-Dick’s given their role in spearheading efforts against the head tax and discussing crime problems on Broadway.



Say, what happened to your idiotic declaration that slog would cease publishing blogs on January 21st? You're quite the scoop hound!

Also, you're a fucking idiot.


@18, 22,

The AM's seem to generate significantly more comments (probably owing to how many of us fart off from work here) than the PM's, and so I'd expect them to axe the latter if they were looking at one or the other. And I'd agree that the tiny staff that now exists would probably benefit from the additional time created to focus on larger/feature pieces. Would be nice if they communicated significant changes to the commenter base though, which they used to be pretty good about doing.


I hope it's a troll by Mars and they come back in a few months after the green m and m has had a sex change and now identifies as a male and watch gop heads explode.



The staff shrunk to the size of a skeleton in response to a global pandemic. They've been slowly adding members since. Seriously, why that strange and demonstrably untrue declaration about January 21st? Did you think you had some sort of insider gossip or something? A slog "Deep Throat type connection? I want answers!!!


Jeez, another new staff writer just today! You must be feeling pretty freaking stupid.


@24 mike blob: Maybe it's just me, but I've always thought the SLOG PMs were more intense than SLOG AMs. But I am admittedly a bit of a nightowl.

Griz has a theory about the current lack of SLOG PMs: perhaps The Stranger's employers are letting staff writers, columnists, and journalists off a little earlier in the afternoon since it's still dark outside in the morning hours when they have to report in to work? A little extra Vitamin D goes a long way.
At least it's finally starting to get darker after 5 pm....spring is coming, folks!

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