Ry Armstrong is a singular person of the male gender and will be identified by only one circle on a future ballot.


This is what citizens, all of us, regularly pay out so that police may blast away at anyone, anytime, at will:

«Snohomish County... to pay $1.93 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the wife of a emotionally troubled man fatally shot by a deputy after his family called police for help.

The settlement [marks] the third time in recent years that the county has paid $1 million or more to settle a lawsuit stemming from a deputy’s use of deadly force.»


It's like raaaaaeeeaaan on your wedding day.
Oh wait, wrong person.


@2 -- NO one said
the Slave Patrols
was gonna be
Cheap -- ya
Get what
ya Pays


@2 small price to pay for public safety theatre!


Just stop with the “end homelessness” schemes, please. No amount of money, housing, etc will end homelessness.


I’d prefer a City Council candidate with more policy experience than being illegally fired from Amazon


5 Straw Man the best ya got?


scarecrow mens're
Eaziest to Manufacture and
some of 'em carry PITCHFORKS!


Can't wait for Hannah to do her puff piece on Ry. Should be a fun read.
From his website:
Ry Armstrong the Candidate
they // she // he


sans the poison
wot's da Point?
oh dere's one.


Love Mark Dones taking their shot. He literally wants us to build a kingdom for them.


Looks like another dump on a worker that stood up for her rights. Doing Amazon’s trash work for them? Getting paid? Or just love to be assholes.


Just moved back to Seattle from NYC and running for council? Maybe next cycle, Ry.


Vision Zero ... more like safety zero, if you ask any of us voting property owners in this city.

Tik tok


“Lazy white bimbo” You need to be back on your medications dopey.


Burying your face in your phone while you cross the street is a very dangerous decision.

Crosswalks aren't forcefields.


Reduce the cost of homelessness initiative by 50% - require roommates!


@fax - you're more than free
to dump on Other Sectors
we gotta Pay for but WE
PAY these guys' Salaries
too & when they take
the Law into their
Own hands that's
sposed to be a
Make All the
Rules all by
ves. peo-
ple Die

as for the Others
What do you

don't be


@20: Consider a cocktail being delivered to your table.


@20 Spot On!


@7 Just stop with the “end homicide” schemes, please. No amount of money, housing, etc will end homicide.

See how fucking stupid you sound.


No such thing as illegally fired. This State "at will employment".
At-will employment describes a working environment in which employers are free to terminate employees at any time, without cause, explanation or prior warning, provided it does not violate state and federal anti-discrimination laws. Similarly, employees can quit a job at any time without reason or notice.


@31: This response is so dumb it needs a new word for dumb. This is you "cant be illegally fired, no such thing as in this state its not illegal unless it violates laws". Moron.

@19 Its a strawman because it is comparing two different things and saying they are the same. Comparing the risk to society of the current police model to transit workers intentionally misrepresents the argument and conflates two completely separate things as the same. Self reflection and critical thinking are not your strong suit I know but keep up.

@1 For a queer you sure do hate other queers. Its almost as though you are a self loathing creton from the abyss to which you should promptly return.


@32: Yeah, in one case government employees, who are entrusted with operating potentially-lethal equipment out in public, are killing citizens with that equipment, and in the other, it’s … um … ah … er … STRAWMAN STRAWMAN STRAWMAN I WIN NO BACKSIES!!1!


Its fascinating how RogerTheShubber and shoobop love to lash out. A predictable trait for disturbed, depressed, and angry neurotics.

Their insecurity is glaring. They can only make themselves feel better by tearing others down.


Haven't we tried electing mentally-ill activist advocates? They turned Seattle into a toilet with businesses fleeing to Bellevue.

I mean, you've got to be desperate to go to Bellevue.

Maren Costa is just another crappy Sawant or failed Tammy Gonzalez


@30 you sound like you need a hug, professor, do you want a hug?


He sure does! Group hug everyone!


$3.5 billion/year for homelessness is insane. We could literally buy every homeless person in Seattle a single-family house for that kind of money. I'll make a prediction right now that if we spend anywhere near that, every homeless person in America will be here in a week. And then people will say we need 5 billion or 10 billion. And the cycle will repeat.

Just build enough goddamned houses and transit and let the problem solve itself, like it does in other places where we don't artificially restrict supply. And build public housing for those who truly need it. We're always going to have a small number of people who can't or won't take care of themselves. The former deserve our help. The latter can go try to find suckers elsewhere.


@9 - I'd prefer a Council person who doesn't wear a damn scarf. It gives me flashbacks.

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