Now that is a Biblical Disaster without any exaggeration. Fall of Jericho anyone?


Do not say "that's going to happen to us". It won't. Our codes are lot tougher. It's part of why construction is so expensive.

Yes, people will die, and buildings will be damaged beyond repair in a PNW 7.8, but it won't kill thousands.


@1 -- and yet your rock remains upright?

"NYC Mayor Eric Adams pulls a DeSantis"

De Santos?
De Fascist?

So many Hats
so Few IQ.


@2 -- we're prolly Not gonna get
a 'meager' 7.8 -- when de Big One
come look for a Chart Topper of 9.0+

but it's the Tsumani
that'll wash away
all of our Sins IF
the Lehar don't
get us First.

'Good' Times!


re Atomwaffens:

Authorities say the [neo-Nazi] couple planned to shoot
five electricity substations in the state of Maryland.

The pair met while both were in prison, and began discussing the alleged plot last year. Ms Clendaniel described their plan as "legendary" and said the attack "would completely destroy the whole city".

"This planned attack threatened lives and
would have left thousands of Marylanders in the
cold and dark," US Attorney Erek Barron said in a statement.

Mr Russell is the founder of Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi
group which has been linked to several murders, bombings
and plots in the United States and other countries.

Although relatively small, the group has become known for its extreme violence. Members subscribe to a Neo-Nazi version of "accelerationist" philosophy - the idea that political goals can be achieved only via social collapse.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups, Atomwaffen members "believe that the modern, post-industrial society cannot be redeemed. Instead, they believe it ought to be driven into apocalyptic collapse so a white ethnostate or whites-only utopia can be constructed in its wake." --by Mike Wendlings

always with the Power
the Perfect metaphor

Hell YES


Am I the only person around here old enough to know that “Tricky Dick” was Richard Nixon, not Dick Cheney? What do they teach you kids?

Now get off my lawn!


@2 while true our building codes are better than Turkey (for now) that doesn’t mean developers have not done everything they can to cheat them.

So yeah, too bad infrastructure will be too badly damaged from a 7.8 earthquake for you eat those words. That and you might be under a ton of rubble.


@6: Good catch!
@7: ok, Debbie Downer


@9 deSantis is a maniac, wtf?


And fucking Dick Cheney keeps on ticking. where’s the justice? Karma seems to be too much to hope for.

And why the fuck are we letting Nazis meet women while in prison? They ought to be in GenPop meeting large male representatives of the minority groups they’re always going on about. It’d be a damn shame if someone left a knife where said minorities could find it.


@4 I saw a PBS video a couple weeks back claiming that Seattle is actually one of the safest places from climate change somehow? In the continental US at least. I'm not really sure how the science of that works out, but I trust them to do their homework. So personally, I'm a lot more worried about earthquakes than storms.


Wait…Tricky Dick was Nixon. Cheney needs a sobriquet like Heart Vader or “My Heart Will Go On” Cheney.

Yeah, $755M. You’d get to take – what? - $380M in a lump sum? Then another 37% for taxes? I don’t know what I’d do first, but I’d be a blur. There’s a protocol after winning this big that causes the delays in people claiming. I’m wouldn’t know what everything is, but you get yourself a lawyer, you find a place to hide out for a while, and you change all your telephone numbers because every relative you didn’t know you have and every charity in the world starts hounding you non-stop if you don’t. Also, I’m told the number one and two reasons why people who win lotteries go broke are 1) investments in their own or someone else’s business that fails, and 2) loans made to family and friends that never get paid back. I wouldn’t be able to turn my back on my close family members if they were in need, but everybody’s not getting a Bentley.

That art structure looks like a big drop of mercury. Not very thought-provoking. Know what else? We’re not supposed to express disapproval of that new instillation in the Boston Commons. It’s true that people generally don’t like anything new until they do, but that piece doesn’t look like Dr. and Ms. King embracing. It looks like a huge, bronze pile of dog poop with fingers. Sorry. But, then again, as the old saying goes, “Politicians, hookers, and ugly buildings all get respectable if they’re around long enough.”

My sincerest wish is that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will have a big bucket of KFC next to her during tonight’s rebuttal. Too much to hope for.

Nice to hear Bonnie. Good to hear melodic work capturing a human condition that many of us have experienced. Was reluctantly getting caught up last night on a few episodes of “The Last of Us.” Reluctant because the zombie thing isn’t my genre. So I can’t tell you how much I was touched at episode three (“Long, Long Time”). Hardly a zombie in sight, but it was genuinely the sweetest thing I’ve seen on TV in quite a while. Bravo to all involved in its making.


Also, please don't try to cross over to Quebec from frigid Plattsburgh in February. Several have died trying coming from and going to.


@13 Sarah Huckabee Sanders IS a big bucket of KFC. Or at least the sludge at the bottom of the bucket.


@1....It's not quite like the fall of Jericho. When Jericho fell the worlds first recorded act of genocide took place. Right now there is no genocide taking place in Turkey.


@7: developers don't "cheat" the building code. they have to hire professionals to create stamped drawings and calculations. the seismic design either gets a permit or you revise the design until it does. then you build it and it's inspected for compliance with the approved design.

unless you're alleging bribery of SDCI staff?

infrastructure, i.e. the light rail tunnels, are similarly engineered. they may sustain damage, but they shouldn't fail catastrophically.


@7 Tell me you don’t know shit about building codes without telling me you don’t know shit about building codes.

You could substitute “any thing” for “building codes” and it still works.


@2 whistle past many grave yards Max?

It’s an exponential scale. There a shitton of difference between a 7.2 strike-slip and a 9.5 thrust.


"That art structure looks like
a big drop of mercury. Not
very thought-provoking."

ah but it's what's
Inside that Counts
I'm guessing Aliens

let's call it Freddy.


@8. What’s with the name calling? I thought this forum was a safe space reserved for well reasoned debate among intellectuals?

Or are you just a pathetic fucking hypocrite who only cares about rules and standards that apply to others? Fucking moron.


6 Yeah, Dick Cheney's sobriquet is Dicky Dick I think.

And yep, still alive. Kissinger. Still alive. I guess it's drinking all of those infant tears


6 Yeah, Dick Cheney's sobriquet is Dicky Dick I think.

And yep, still alive. Kissinger. Still alive. I guess it's drinking all of those infant tears


hard for me to trust someone
who tells me they're a
Christian! or sane so
Forgive me if I have
my Doubts SS.

trumpf was [IS] a pathological Liar
borne Rich without a Logical bone in
his carcass & De Santos is a carbon copy
tho Po' he's Perfected the Art of Mendacity
where even the trumpfster's gotta take Notice

and Florida Man -- de Fascist
gonna make womenfolk pee on
a plate to leave FLA burn all the Books
'cept for the Bible duh lock up all the Loafers
and those who look like they'd make good Inmates

close all the Schools
'cept for Jesus' and
suck on the Teat of
the Blue States till
FLA Sinks into
the Atlantic.

"Republicans" are NOTORIOUS
for running up the Deficit
cutting Taxes in the Fuck-
Int TRILLIONS and then
Screaming about Insur-
ance Programs like
Social Security and
Medicare & wanna
hand it ALL Over to
the Banksters. not
hardly a "party of
the people!"


Trump had celebrity appeal that DeSantis will never have. DeSantis is cold and aloof, like Pompeo. I see Nikki Haley gaining steam.

I wish Mitt Romney would give it another try.


@18, I vaguely recall that a purchasing manager for Link was convicted for ordering sub-spec steel for the pylons on the light rail line leading up to the Tukwilla station, and pocketing the change. It wasn't discovered until after the line was completed, but the Link engineers are pretty sure that the line can still take a seismic shake. Hope they're right.


"There is no job in the world that
uses such a non-ergonomic posture."

perhaps the
Pain's the

been there

did that wanker
Ever get a Break?

@12 -- NPR sending
Climate Change Refugees
to the PNW? I just Gotta Wonder:
does that mean The Rent might go Up?

b. how Many
on our Streets is
Too Fucking Many?

c. When WILL
become too Much for even the
HELL YES!-on-Schweeps Crowd to suffer?

when they're swept away a few times
or so I Wonder if they'll go Quietly
into that Dark Cold Night
or not.


@23: You are not a serious person. You are not to be taken seriously


@28 Mitt Romney? Now that would be funny.

@32 and @10.....well those are some compelling arguments! We must take you seriously.....cause reasons.


The Westminster parliametary system differs from the US model (that few nations of the world follow) in that ministers (elected MP's elevated to cabinet status) have portfolios. Essentially, they take the role of department heads.

Think of them as correlates of US Secretaries of State, HUD, Energy, Transportation, etc. In theory, the US model should yield superior results, as the department heads are unelected and ostensibly have knowledge and experience in the fields that their departments oversee.

In practice however, we know that's not always the case.

The significance of a reshuffling is that we can glean which MP's are in favor- and whose ideological preferences or corrupt influences are likely to be behind public policy choices.


"... and helping craft his [Ron de Santos'] [R] [FL] policies that are making the Sunshine State the place 'Where Woke goes to die'."

that Woke shit's really got you tighty
rightys in a Tizzy don't it? here's a-
nother take on 'Woke' nowoke:

Chris Hedges: Woke Imperialism

Woke culture, devoid of class consciousness and a commitment to stand with the oppressed, is another tool [woke washing] in the arsenal of the imperial state.

The brutal murder of Tyre Nichols by five Black Memphis police officers should be enough to implode the fantasy that identity politics and diversity will solve the social, economic and political decay that besets the United States.

Not only are the former officers Black, but the city’s police department is headed by Cerelyn Davis, a Black woman. None of this helped Nichols, another victim of a modern-day police [fomerly-slave patrols] lynching.

The militarists, corporatists, oligarchs, politicians, academics and media conglomerates champion identity politics and diversity because it does nothing to address the systemic injustices or the scourge of permanent war that plague the U.S.

It is an advertising gimmick, a brand, used to mask mounting social inequality and imperial folly. It busies liberals and the educated with a boutique activism, which is not only ineffectual but exacerbates the divide between the privileged and a working class in deep economic distress.

The haves scold the have-nots for their bad manners, racism, linguistic insensitivity and garishness, while ignoring the root causes of their economic distress. The oligarchs could not be happier.

--by Chris Hedges
February 5, 2023

more at

'... ignoring the root causes of their
economic distress. The oligarchs
could not be happier."


Banning drag brunches and ranting about hunter Biden’s lap top is really going to lower healthcare costs and help fix inflation.

Republicans entire ideology is just “this outta really make the strawman liberals in our heads really mad on the internets, durrrrrrr…”


How heartbreakingly tragic about the 7.8 earthquake in Turkey and Northern Syria.
Thousands dead, displaced, and in freezing weather! It can happen here, too.

Bonnie Raitt. From the Grammy Award winning Luck of the Draw album of 1991. Classy lady.

@2 & @18 Max Solomon: No matter how much sturdier our infrastructure is than what exists in Turkey or Syria, or how more advanced our building codes and technology are, I wish I could be as optimistic as you are about the impact of a 7.8 earthquake--much less a chart-topping 9.0--here in the PNW region. People were optimistic, too, about the World Trade Center and the RMS Titanic being deemed indestructible.

@13 Bauhaus I, @15 dvs99, and @36 kristofarian for the WIN!

@9 & @23, @28, & @33: Dudes, put down the bong and get serious help.


I never agree with our crazy aunt in the basement about pretty much anything.....but Bonnie Raitt is the best. I've seen her in person a couple of times and she may be better in person than on her exceptional albums.

Oh.....and the same compliment goes for her as @32 and @10....very compelling argument as usual.


You always can spot the sock puppet trolling morons on slog by thier repeated use of various phrases.

In this case David from Dumfuckistan/Seattle Blues has revealed his latest incarnation by his insistent use of various glowing adoration for Rightwing fuckwads he always used and the antivax strawman that the vaccine was intended to “stop” the spread of the disease as a reason to end municipal employment vaccine mandates.

First off that would be like saying we should end police protection because police do not magically “stop” all murder and theft.

The vaccines were developed to certainly help reduce the rate of infection. Which they have done marvelously. But rarely do vaccines just “stop” a disease. There are always reservoirs. And in the case of CoVID19 that reservoir in the US was largely made up of the dipshit antivax contingent. Which is where some of the variants arise.

But all that is academic. What the antivax morons don’t understand about the municipal employment mandates is vaccinated employees don’t get sick and end up in the fucking ICU at near the rate of unvaccinated employees. Those employees are on the city’s healthcare plan. That money comes from the tax payer. A CoVID19 ICU is often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One would think the population of dumbfucks who pretend to be concerned about fiscal issues could understand the wisdom of this.

Not to mention more police died from CoVID19 than were killed in the line of duty by gunshots. So it literally protects our valiant men and women in blue to serve our great city.

But no. Antivaxers are death cultists.

Oh. And as for me not knowing anything about “building codes?” Scottie perhaps you can take over for my lawyer who is currently suing the former developer of an apartment complex we own that failed to follow the building plans and made the cantilevered joists that support the facade over a parking structure of a three story building about three feet too short (and did not use the proper steel tension ties. Because that would have been too expensive.

You could do this pro bono, right?


@4 @12 actually Seattle is fine during a reflection wave Tsunami as we would expect for an AK to CA Big Rip. It's the angles. Everett on the other hand ...


perhaps Will but when the Olympic Peninsula
Drops 30'+ I wouldn't Count on any
glancing Tsunami* blows

and there's Still that
GIANT rock covered
in Potential Energy-
Debris just to the SE

*oh and Olympia?
sayonara Lob-
byists! NOT

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