Normally I'd have some choice words for yet another Santos scandal being uncovered, but if there's one thing I hate more than lying politicians, it's Amish puppy mills. Happy to see those assholes being taken for a ride.


There is a mistake in your report about the avian flu, it’s actually H5N1, not H1N1 (of swine flu came). H5N1 is even more terrifying (50% mortality in human cases) but fortunately hasn’t found away to spread from human to human (yet).


Ron/George de
Santos busted
yet Again?

send him Back to from
whence he Came be-
Fore he outtrumpfs
even the trumpfster


The confederate flag isn't just a symbol of racism, it's a symbol of treason and war against the United States. So I find it quite perplexing those who scream the loudest about being patriots invariably have shit tons of confederate memorabilia.


I'm not fond of dark chocolate, Theo bars are too extreme for me. So surprising that lead is found in them.


Santos is a lying ass. But before you feel too sorry for the Amish he scammed, Google Amish Puppy Mills.



Starvation? The rich will eat themselves to death at the end of the world, yes there will be snacks


Outside eating is better in general. Even outside the context of a pandemic, diseases are still a thing that exist and are spread through the air. The best circulation is Earth's atmosphere.


Ms Graham is arm-in-arm with H.L. Menkin, spelling "restauranteurs" the questionable "American" way (with an "n"). Since ink, word-count and column-inches are no longer relevant limitations, might I suggest "restaurant owners" as a more appealing solution. It allows the both ignorant and the etymologicslly aware to remain friendly.


If I am following "pro-life" spiderman's logic, he's confessing to murder, right?


Brent dear, I completely agree. Especially since the GAR uniforms were so much cooler. I wish they'd bring those back.

What does a "pro-life spiderman" know about having an abortion? He's needs to hush his mouth and find a new stupid cause to feed his attention whore addiction.


The man with the confederate flag at the capitol expressed his remorse profoundly. Given that, the judge should have saved the taxpayers some money and sentenced him to a shorter incarceration but followed with years of community service serving the black community.

That's what progressivism is about.


Raindrop dear, pardon my language, but that's bullshit. That's the same mealy-mouthed nonsense that got noted murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off. He turned on the waterworks, and everyone said "Oh look at the poor little white boy cry. Let's acquit him"


It's not an acquittal. Read it again. Punishment following by serving the community he damaged by utilizing a teaching moment.

You sound vengeful. Be careful, you'll get wrinkles.


Oops, my bad Mrs. Vel-DuRay, vengeful is an appropriate response to his crime. But when the cost of housing a federal prisoner varies wiledly from 100K to 500K annually, a judge should be prudent with such cases and utilize a progressive approach to punishment and retribution options.


How heartbreaking about 21,000 + innocent Turks and Syrians dead from the earthquake. I can't imagine the trauma from losing family members, friends, and loved ones by so severe a national disaster, and then have to deal with mass burials. Not to mention those lost in the rubble. The photo I saw in Friday's issue of The Seattle Times is especially sad.

Here's to the RWNJ pro-life "Spiderman" insurrectionist getting his shriveled dick caught in his fly or zip ties.
Oh, what a tangled web RepubliKKKans and their stooges weave. And it's all because too many homophobic, racist, misogynist white MAGA incels can't get laid if they sell their heartless souls to the Orange Turd itself.

@2 and @12: Still rooming at raindrop's? Which one of you two clowns gets top bunk?
I'll bet you're real cut ups at Trump hate rallies.

@5 kristofarian, @6 Brent Gumbo, and @11 PrincessAngeline#2: +3 Agreed.

@7 Phoebe in Wallingford: I can only eat dark chocolate (I have to watch my sugar, so milk chocolate for me is out). While I don't consume Theo bars, their containing lead is news to me, too.

@16: raindrop, dear, go take a nice long soak in a hot tub before your bored, tired old MAGA-addled brain turns to mush. It can help melt off a lot of stress, tension, and potentially vengeful thoughts.
and, while we're at it:
@18: Speaking of wrinkles.... don't stay in the water too long, raindrop dear. You never know what might shrivel up or go down the drain.

@15 and @17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Nailed it for the twofer WIN!! Game, set, and match! Bravo, well said, and thank you for beating me to it.


So Mike "Lord of the Flies" (THANK YOU, Stephen King, for nailing it during the 2020 election!) Pence got subpoenaed? This should be interesting. The Orange Turd plotted to have Pence hung by the insurrectionist domestic terrorists, the majority of whom who are either serving prison time for high treason, or are on their way.
I really hop this spells the end of the Trump Err.

Gold found in Republic? Nahhhh--that's just Looney Loreny Culp asking at the McDonald's drive up window, "Ya want fries with that?"


@21: Awwwwww, !@#$!!!! Make that: " I really hope this spells the end of the Trump Err."
Griz needs more red wine and less automatic spellcheck bullshit from her computer.
Unfortunately it's too early in the day for alcohol for me, as yet.


@22: Talk about a Trump dERRangemnt syndrome!


@23: WOW! Right on cue! Do you get a doggie treat from raindrop every time you make a silly rant of no substance? I don't eat Cheerios or drink gin, lil MAGAt, but you're welcome to eat my shit and choke on it.

@24: raindrop, dear, your new roomie is SO adorable. What stupid pet tricks will you have him perform next?


please pardon the interruption:

Bernie Sanders
Has a New Role. It Could
Be His Final Act in Washington.

The Vermont senator now leads the Senate health committee, a job that gives him sweeping jurisdiction over issues like prescription drug costs and workers’ rights.

omg the Radical SOCIALIST!
is gonna terrorize the Citizenry
with the shite the Populace CRAVES

is he as Bad as the Other Side?
way Worser if you ask the 'Centrists.'

way Way WAY Worser.
buckle the Fuck UP:
the Holy Terror's
a'Comin' for ya.

now Back to your
regularly sched-
uled Pogroms.


well if that one above
didn't make your Head Ex-
plode try this one on for Size:

One Solution to
the Housing Crisis:
Just Make People Rich

A Brooklyn institution dating
to the Civil Rights Era has
an ambitious, new plan
to close the racial
wealth gap.

best of Luck!
& Happy Superbowl!
[don't forget to support
the Advertisers so Crucial]!


Go Kansas City Chiefs!


and I'm the idiot.

igNore him
auntie Gee
he's Starving
for Your Attentions

yet another lonely incel
biting at the Dust-
balls of Eternity

he's seen Too many
Losts in Spaces

let 'im


@30 kristofarian: Oh, I know, kris. I knew to automatically scroll down to your posts.
@29 is just another one of raindrop's many trained, trolling fellow MAGA tools who'll do anything for a doggie treat. Or at least free cable (didja notice our usual trolling incel didn't offer a senseless retort this time and tucked his tail between his legs? "Go Kansas City Chiefs!" my ass).
Batshit's all too easy to picture as balding, alcoholic, ulcered, veiny nosed, and pot-bellied at age 40, and with child support payments to make to the poor beard he knocked up out of sheer desperation. I'm guessing he lives in mortal fear of telling tell her he's closeted. His doting, widowed, proudly Catholic mommy wanted grandchildren, and uh....he didn't want to be disowned for growing some balls and coming out.




@33: That's why you and raindrop stick together, right?
Roll over and drop dead! That's a good little doggie!


"... Bernie has been completely ineffective for all of his 32 years in Congress... " --@sirshitzaLot

hmmm it's weird the Senate'd name HIM
Chairman of the Senate Health, Education,
Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee but
no doubt you know best being such a good
"liberal" as you continue to declare. tho there's
this: He is a member of the Energy and Natural
Resources Committee, where he has championed efforts to transform our energy system from fossil fuels to renewable power sources like solar and wind. He also sits on the Senate Budget Committee, which he was chairman of last Congress, and led the committee’s fight against corporate greed. not to mention that as chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Sanders in 2014 passed legislation reforming the VA health care system. Congressional Quarterly said he was able “to bridge Washington’s toxic partisan divide and cut one of the most significant deals in years.”

'... no reason to think he will suddenly change now."

and thank God or that eh?

why do you Hate
the"bottom" 90%
and Especially The
'Least' of Us shitzy?


I think the argument can be made that the effectiveness of Senator is not always parallel with the number of bills he or she introduced and passed. The top ones in this category are not always the ones that have run the presidency.


yeah fuck off sirshitzaLot
were he Ineffective you'd
keep your big trap Shut

the last time we had
Socialist President*
they hadta make
a Law that no
EVER have
more than
Two terms.

*FDR had
fucking FOUR.


@40: That's not quite accurate. George Washington set the tradition to only two terms, so it was never a law. FDR broke that tradition, so it was later codified into an amendment to the constitution. Wasn't because FDR was "socialist".


@36 & @40 kristofarian: Former President Franklin Delano and Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and Senator Bernie Sanders sure do sound like some good people to me.

@37 & @38 Tobe in a Robe: Historically, the disaster that was Ronald Reagan / H.W. Bush has retaliated against Richard Nixon's resignation, chipping away at our Constitutional rights and social safety nets, like Medicare and Social Security. Ever since 1980 the GOP has been hellbent on its leaders being exponentially worse, more corrupt, and shamelessly incompetent than the Party of Trump's previous candidates. The Democrats giveth and the RepubliKKKans taketh away. For someone who supposedly votes for the Democrats, as you have claimed in previous comment threads you don't sound like you do.

@41:The enactment of FDR's New Deal helped bring the U.S. out of the Great Depression. Fireside chats on radios kept the morale of our economically hurting country going after the Stock Market Crash of 1929.
I believe that FDR's serving three terms (he died of a cerebral hemorrhage, from complications with polio shortly after being re-elected a fourth term) were largely due to FDR's marketing himself as a steady hand in helping bring the U.S. out of the Great Depression and survive the horrors of WWII.


@42 That is Griz's American History lesson for today.

Happy Valentine's Day for those celebrating.


@42 -- Excellent
Comment auntie Gee!

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