Despite his age, I think Bernie Sanders could beat Howard Shultz in hand-to-hand combat HK



Good job Hannah! Everybody likes to start their day with a Dick joke.


I fully support Oregon yokels joining the Idaho yokels. Then they can fix all their problems with bootstraps and not rely on the tax money generated by the areas they are so desperate to escape from. Let's give them Eastern WA too then wall that shit off.


@1, The Stranger dickin' around instead of getting out news for you to use.


The nutjobs in eastern Oregon have been trying this shit for decades. The fact that the Idaho legislature actually voted to entertain these clowns says a lot about how little they know about that part of Oregon. It's all poor white trash leeching off the government teat they so vehemently oppose. Almost 40% of the citizens in those counties are on Medicaid, as opposed to 32% for the rest of the state. Oregon funds a big chunk of OHP to close the gap in what's needed vs. what the federal government funds, so I can't wait to see what happens when Idaho finally figures that out.


“no turn on red” signs exist, why create an additional bit of legislature? I didn’t see a compelling reason in the ST. If it were a blanket repeal of the right on red law I could understand but having drivers track where rights are and are not allowed is not a recipe for success.


Man, good for the cops for experimenting and trying something unique with their scheduling patterns. Fuck 10-hour days, but I think that the 9-hour one w/ the rotating 2/3 day weekends is intriguing, and something that could be tinkered with and implemented across any number of industries with just a little creative scheduling acumen. Of course it'll be decades before serious reforms are ever considered on a more wide scale basis, but it's actually nice to see someone try something new.


Go Greater Idagon!

(greater than what?)


@2 Agree. Always thought the state border should run north-south, not east-west.

I'm glad someone said it: M2M is a disappointment so far. Not only do they close much earlier than the nearby supermarkets but unlike their corporate sibling H Mart stores they don't discount their deli items after the evening rush. (What do they do with that unsold prepared food at closing time, btw? I hope to God it isn't simply dumpstered.) And when is that long-promised food court opening? The "sorry, upstairs not open yet" signage has been there for almost a year now.


Regular city employees have had a 4/10 option for years. It kind of sucks that they only get a two day weekend every other week.

Neither Idaho nor Eastern WA have an economic center, and most of it is federal land. But it would be a sweet deal for the normies west if the mountains.


Auburn is looking into treating drug addiction with jail. Finally a good idea. I have a family member that only gets fiber when he’s in jail. This could save lives.




Wait: Affordable Housing Developers OPPOSE I-135? Why would they bother?


Mmmm fiber


@11 & 12: I'm sorry but I really enjoyed that type :)


@9: Sayz the normie who frequently escapes to an estate east of the mountains in order to maintain normality.


Three more candidates for Uncle Bauhaus's Magical Electric Spa: That jerk from Buffalo (I'm thinking maybe about 15 minutes in one of our effervescent whirlpools) - plenty of gauze available for the subsequent nosebleed.

Another reserved spot for the shit who did an almost hit-and-run - the victim, a popular MD down in Dana Point who was biking to work when he was hit by the shit's car. The shit then got out of his car and started stabbing the victim repeatedly before trying to leave the scene. The MD's memorial service is today. Obviously a nut job, but at Uncle Bauhaus's there's no excuse for mean.

The third human jewel is a guy who tried to rape a woman early in the morning in her apartment building's gym. The entrance was restricted, but she let him in, and a few minutes later he was on the attack. Fortunately, she was a fitness model and was able to hold him at bay and eventually get away. I'm thinking it's too bad she didn't have a big, sharp knife in her purse.

He's going to get Uncle Bauhaus's Room of Fear and Degradation which includes inserting unwanted objects into various orifices. So glad she seems to be OK after the scary, scary episode. I'd be fucked up for weeks. We can all hope he'll be similarly chased around the prison gym.


Oh Raindrop dear, thanks for the giggle. Part of the reason we have the “estate” east of the mountains is to be a subversive influence on the yokels. Also, Maison Vel-DuRay, while stately and handsome, is not affordable on a retiree’s budget, so we will most likely end up over there.

But don’t worry, We’ll have the recipients of Socialism - aka the residents of Eastern Washington - singing "The Internationale” yet!


@17, "have a big, sharp knife in her purse."

Why a knife and not some other weapon like a handgun? A deadly weapon is a deadly weapon. Deadly force is deadly force, regardless of what form it takes.


Re: cop schedules

I am not a fan of policing, as I have made clear. But requiring that schedule is crap. They're still human beings.

Re: Oregon/Idaho nonsense

The whole idea of a state is nonsense. It makes sense to have a local organizing body for a city or a town, because there are features of actual reality to justify it. Like how it's a group of people who have a more direct impact on each other due to being co-located. States have no such justification for their existence, they're just arbitrary lines that some people drunk on power decided to draw a couple hundred years ago.



Welcome to the United City-States of America.

Or are you suggesting we turn the clock back 3,000 years and have city-states be the largest political entity.

Cause yea that was a totally peaceful and prosperous era of human existence.



Not to speak for saffron, but I interpret his point to suggest we still want/need a federal government. This makes perfect sense to me and the elimination of state boundaries would be a significant step toward establishing something much more closely resembling a truly representative democracy than that which currently exists.


@18.....I'am really surprised at you Catalina, until now I never really thought of you as a condescending person. You should consider staying on the westside; you could sell off your properties and move into smaller digs. There are plenty of places on the peninsula; Sequim and Port Townsend are very nice places. I suspect that you really have a desire to escape the urban decay and madness that Seattle has become as of late. You may well despise conservatism but if you go rural you will find that you will start to take on a bit of conservatism.


@23. You're surprised that Catalina "Republicans are Terrible People" Vel-DuRay can be condescending.


Oh, dear--nothing like a little phallic humor first thing in the morning. Only on SLOG.
Will Dick's offer 69 cent cheeseburgers? Get 'em while they last!

@2 Brent Gumbo: I like your thinking. A lot of the people so hellbent on the conjoining of Oregon and Idaho are lawless, gun crazed MAGAts who cheered on the Orange Turd's border wall. I'm for closing them in so they can't inbreed any further, and leave 'em to fight each other like sewer rats in a trap. Either that, or hurtling them one-way into outer space, never to be seen or heard from again. Let's see how well they fare on Mars, sans natural resources.

@18 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I can certainly understand the affordability of living in Eastern Washington economically, particularly on a retirees' income, although I wouldn't want to live there (I'm sorry that this is why you'll likely be selling Maison Vel-DuRay at some point, but it sounds like you and your spouse are both cool with it).
Personally, I would miss Puget Sound and feel like a fish out of water, so to speak. My family roots are here, and I would most likely clash like hell with the largely conservative political environment over there. I'd want to be as far away from Loren Culp and Kathy McMorris-Rodgers as much as possible. Now that Whatcom County (Districts 40 and 42) are a solid blue (thank HEAVENS the recently deceased MAGA-disaster Doug Ericksen is nothing more than a bad memory, anymore!) I hope to grow roots and stay where I am. But good for you and Mr. Vel-DuRay if you can make the worst political offenders east of the Cascades squirm! You must have steel-belted intestines politically. Do you have family in Eastern Washington?
I wish you and Mr. Vel-DuRay a happy retirement when that happens.

@17 Bauhaus I: Regarding those three shitwipes due for Uncle Bauhaus's Magical Electric Spa---zap 'em good, and make 'em hurt.

@19: A big, sharp knife would be all the better equipped to hack off a rapist's incriminating tool at its poisoned root. Such a misogynist pig's richly deserved agonized squeals would be lovely, orchestrated music to me.


@22 mike blob: Um, I'm not sure I'd want to eliminate state boundaries, especially with neofascist RepubliKKKan blood red states of confusion being so hellbent on a federal ban on abortions and body autonomy.
The Southeastern (See: Bible Belt, in particular) states seem to want Civil War II: the Sequel so badly they're willing to kill what little democracy we have left, and annihilate the world in order to make that happen.


@4 is correct, but so is @26, so maybe we can fight them off at the passes



Ha, good point re: abortion laws.

Though it's worth noting that if the state boundaries didn't exist we'd also not be subject to the dumb electoral college. And without that rank-ass institution, we'd have never elected Trump, and so not had those shit justices in place who overturned Roe in the first place (though I suppose we could dial it back even further and stipulate that Roe may have never even been enacted, depending on at what point we'd theoretically be abolishing said boundaries. Odd thought experiment, though I still feel like we'd be better off both in the short & long terms without them.)


@22, It was never intended to have a "representative democracy".

The Constitution was drafted in the era of the French Revolution.

It reminded the delegates that representative democracy, without other checks and balances, could, and often did, wind up being two wolves and a sheep gathering to vote on what was for lunch, so to speak.


@25, To use the knife in the manner you describe requires first subduing the threat to the point they are unconscious or restrained.

A knife makes a more debilitating wound than a bullet in most cases; however, you have to get within arms length to effectively use it, which means your target can use their arms to try and seize it and use it on you. No thanks, if that can be avoided.


"But don’t worry, We’ll have the recipients of Socialism - aka the residents of Eastern Washington - singing "The Internationale” yet!"

I'd LOVE to be at that Dive bar in Buttfuck e wa when you do! we're gonna Need more than a few of Them for la Revolution - they're not All assholes but a state line right down the spine of the Cascades proper makes shitloads of $ense. tho we will need 'em after The Big One.

if we can re-define "Socialism!"
we'll have won them over
& they'll soon be voting
for Themselves.


no fuck no


Just a note about the big, sharp knife: A gun would be fine (if i could get myself together under such circumstance, I know EXACTLY where I'd aim it), or a syringe of some paralytic, 007-style. The knife is gay parlance, as in back in the day, the girls "in the life" would say something like, "He can try anything he wants as long as he knows I have a big knife in my purse." So, I was trying to be both cute and retro, and I failed, I guess, at both.


"These ballots came in later, so they'll be more representative of younger, poorer, hotter voters who tend to side with progressives."


tho also well-put
was your Caveat
for late vote she-
nanigans tipping
the Scales anoth-
er Way. gotta
Wonder what
a Rudy Gulli
might do.


@33, "A" for effort. It doesn't always land.


Sir Toby II @21, mike blob @22 mostly has it right. It makes sense to me that we would have organizing bodies that steadily increase in size, with significantly different functions at different scales, but it doesn't make sense to me to pretend that we have distinct groupings of cities. For example, it makes sense to me that there is an organizing body to coordinate the usage of a common water source. Ideally, that body would even make sure that we're not overusing it. But grouping together people in Seattle, Napavine, Davenport, and Prescott all need to be organized under a "state" which is the only significant body that exists between the level of "city" and "country" is pretty arbitrary.

Don't get me started on how arbitrary the borders between countries are. ;)


the effort was in the cookies I ate
I figured the red flag was the
Dive Bar not the location
which seemed to sorta
make sense somehow
at the moment.

t'was a bit
of a surprise.


@36 Seems like the kind of what if rants a bunch of sophomore polisci students would get into after a long night pulling bongs.

  "the elimination of state boundaries would be a significant step...."

That ain't never going to happen, but hey don't bogart that joint my friend and keep on keeping on.



So you clearly demonstrate misunderstanding a comment, have that misunderstanding politely pointed out to you and clarified, then respond by insulting the intelligence of the original poster? Good times.


@mike ah yes the 'liberal' class
what else might you Expect?


@4 theincrediblek: How did I miss your brilliant spot on comment? Nailed it!

@27 Will in Seattle: Thank you. I like Brent's idea (@2) of building a wall and keeping the Eastern Washington, Oregon, and Idaho yokels out of Western Washington, period, don't you?

@18 Catalina Vel-DuRay and @31 kristofarian: +2 Keep on rocking the house!

@30 and @33 70's: Did my comment @25 hit you in the gut? Anything blunt and possibly sharp is what's needed in fending off violent sexual predators, whether it's a gun or a knife. If men could experience pregnancy and were forced to give birth--especially after getting raped and molested--there would be abortion clinics on every street corner, outnumbering the MAGAchurche$ and Ga$ $tation$.
@35 70's: It worked for me.

@33 Bauhaus I: I hear you.

@21 STII, @22 mike blob, and @36 saffronsnail: Be careful of what you wish for. You might not like what you get, especially if RepubliKKKans are calling the shots.


@16 I thought picking on people and not even trying to make some sort of persuasive point or at least a punctuation of an idea was anathema to you? Or are you just a feckless hypocrite? Hmmmmm..........


Bertha dear, how am I being "condescending"? You may not know this about me, but I grew up country-adjacent. I know exactly how small towns can be. I suppose our very presence there is somewhat subversive, but I'm surprised by the racial and sexual diversity of our particular area. (I credit that to all the Federal jobs there).

Auntie, the area itself is beautiful - quite different from Seattle, but if I want forested mountain scenery, it's only about a fifteen minute drive, and we're just across the road from Banks Lake and down the road from the Columbia/Lake Roosevelt, so there's water galore. In any event, this would only be a part-time thing. Winter would be spent someplace sunnier.

Garb dear, Republicans ARE horrible people. If that offends you, you need to realign your priorities.


@38 -- "Seems like the kind of what if rants a bunch of sophomore polisci students would get into after a long night pulling bongs." --@sirshitzaLot

who the fuck pulls bongs?
artifical intelligence
pulls bongs.


Classic Republicans, however, are wonderful people. Like Mitt Romney.


Nice try, Raindrop.

The last good Republican was the original ANTIFA leader, Dwight Eisenhower.

If he were alive today, the GOP would call him a Communist.


Sir Toby || @38 I think that it is useful to consider both what an ideal world would look like regardless of practicality as well as what is feasible within a short human lifespan. Consider the ideal gives us a vision to aim for as we are making decisions, considering what is feasible is a check to make sure that we're doing anything useful with the time that we have. They complement each other.


Sorry, I managed to hit the pipe character instead of the i character. I have a weird keyboard.


@43. Well, hey now. I didn't say you were wrong! I just found bertha surprise ironic. I can also be condescending ;-)


Catalina, all these years that I have read your comments in the slog you have expressed disdain to conservative people in a hateful way; until now I always thought that you were just being hyperbolic and not really hateful in the manner that Auntie Griselda is. It seems that anyone with thought that do not agree with is somehow despicable. You regard rural people as being some sort of stupid cretans and that somehow when and if you do live among them you will lead them from the errors of their ways like some sort of messiah. You, and Auntie as well, might take a good hard look at an article in today's (02-17) Slog about the Indian caste system. Are you really any different from them by expressing vile and unkind hatred toward anyone who disagrees with you socio/political beliefs?


@50.....bertha speaks the truth. Unfortunately none of the posters she mentions, and I'll add the professor among others in the mix, will understand.


@50, @51: If you’re not above using a false equivalence to make your points, at least put enough time and effort into your false equivalence to make it hard to debunk. (Respect for your audience, and all that.)

In the case of your false equivalence between caste and political belief, by the definition of “caste,” a person born into a caste must forever remain in it, as must his children, all down through the generations. Their only escape is to leave that society.

By contrast, a person can simply choose to stop being a racist, misogynist, anti-GLBTQ, etc. bigot at any time. (Really, it’s possible. However, it may well require expensive psychiatric therapy to make permanent.)



Don't be ridiculous. Nobody thinks all rural people are stupid cretins. Just the Republican ones.


The lawsuit the City of Seattle settled WAS NOT over the lying mayor's deleted text messages. The lawsuit the City of Seattle settled was over the City's response to the 2020 protests. You reporters really need to learn how to read. The lawsuit over the missing text messages involves MY CLIENTS and we're still litigating.


There is a meaningful distinction between discrimination based on immutable characteristics and judgements of a person's character based on their beliefs and actions. However, all people still deserve a baseline level of respect and dignity, even if their beliefs and actions are abhorrent. This does not mean that we should shy away from fighting for justice, but it does inform how we should approach that fight.


Bertha dear, there's nothing more tedious than someone who is looking to be butthurt. And yet, here you are.

I facetiously referred to residents of Eastern Washington as "Yokels". Yokels are defined as "an uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside". A bit condescending? Perhaps. But hardly a hateful statement, especially considering that I come from yokels.

My other statement was that rural residents are the recipients of socialist programs. Anyone who knows anything about the United States of America knows that that statement is true.

As for Our Dear Bazinga, he (and I'm sure that he is a he) is just another "conservative" who - like all "conservatives" - fancies himself as a victim. Because when you're a victim, there's no need for self-examination or personal responsibility. Every one of their failures is someone else's fault.


@50.....told you they wouldn't get it!


great Rebuttal
Vazina -- I'm

ya don't gotta Live in E WA
to be a stupid "Republican"
in this Great Country you're
Free to be Stupid Anywhere.


Kristofarian dear, as I have often said, part of the reason Eastern Washington is the way it is is because of neglect by the Democratic Party. Outside of maybe Spokane, there really is one-party rule in that part of the state.

One of the things I would like to do if I end up over there is form a “banned books book club”, where we read books that are the target of Republicans and Christian fascists. I think there’d be an audience for it over there.


brilliant Idea.

I'm not sure if there'll BE anything
left to read by the time you get over to
the real Heart of Socialism so you better bring a few.

they've Gotta have
alotta SEX & shit in 'em
but you could start right Here:

when they hear that tune
they'll come a'Runnin'
& maybe even Open
to some New Ideas.

(if we don't nudge the moral
arc of the Universe it ain't going
Anywhere. too many [even right here]
doing their Best to Bend it to Repression.

I thank God daily
for our Subversives
including You and Willie).


speaking of your everday
fascist No WOKE

“It feels cooler to say, ‘I’m not woke’ than the truth, which is, ‘I’m terrified of what I don’t understand and I only know how to process that as anger because I can’t look inward.’”

--Sarah Silverman
on the Daily Show

when Anger's the
only Emotion in
your Repertoire
everything be-
gins to Look
like a Gott


Yes Catalina, just a bit; as for social programs you may as well include the rest of the country including urban areas. The UW for instance is loaded with government subsidies. As far as being a yokel, or perhaps a peasant I am quite familiar having lived with relative in Vermont. Everything's a trade off; the hustle and bustle of the big city or the quiet solitude of rural life. Like I mentioned originally you would do well to remain on the West side, particularly the peninsula. To be honest I really believe you are seeing the writing on the wall about Seattle and desire to get out before it gets much worse. I remember what you wrote about someone kncking on your front door asking to come in, to stay. Maybe next time they'll just invade; and I mean more than one.


@43 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Wow---nearby woods and lakes! It sounds like you and Mr. Vel-DuRay have the best of both worlds in Washington State. Lucky you. I was under the impression that your second home in Eastern Washington was located in an arid, drought-ridden, rabid pro-Trumpist nightmare (i.e: yokels).

@51 & @57 Batshit: I certainly wouldn't want what you've got. Stupidity is contagious, and in MAGAville it's reached epidemic proportions. Raindrop must be so proud of you!

@46 and @56 Catalina Vel-DuRay: for the twofer WIN!!
@46: +1 Agreed. One thing my father, a Korean War veteran of the U.S. Navy (I'm also a Navy veteran, and served during the Gulf War) had said about 34th President and Five Star General Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower--Ike warned U.S. voters and the federal government not to interfere with foreign military conflicts (i.e: play global cops). We should have listened. Since Eisenhower's presidency, Vietnam veterans have been treated shamefully, all for propaganda. The United States is still paying through the nose for its involvement in the disastrous wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, for the death toll and destruction. Ever since pulling out of Afghanistan, countless women and girls are at the severe cruelty of the Taliban. Our involvement of twenty years solved nothing.

@59 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Eastern Washington has been neglected by the Democrats? That needs to change.
Kudos for your brilliant idea of a "banned books book club"! Keep on rocking the house!


@53 mike blob: Forget it. He's trolling, and the commentary is a Bazillion miles over his head.


@45: raindrop dear, did you just fall and hit your head on a rock? Seek serious medical help.


Bertha dear, leave me out of your right wing mastabatory fantasies. I would be content to stay in Seattle - for I am a person who gets out and about and doesn't cower in fear - but alas, the taxes are too damn high. Plus, our home is too big for two old people, and neither of us wants to live in an apartment or (God forbid) a condo.

And yes, government subsidies are everywhere, for we are a closet Socialist nation. And the subsidies are not a bad thing. But I don't think you understand the nature of eastern Washington. Between farm subsidies, Public Utility Districts, rural electrification and telephone programs, and the Grand Coulee Dam, the entire region is completely dependent of New Deal policies. There literally would be "no there there" if it weren't for the Columbia Basin Federal Reclamation Project, which provides cheap power and irrigation water to that region. The city of Moses Lake, which is the urban center of north central WA, did not even exist until the 1930's, and even then much of the growth is because there was an Air Force base there.

Finally, why are you so obsessed with me staying in the Puget Sound region? Why are you afraid of Eastern Washington? Talk about condescending - look in the mirror, dear.


Catalina, I do not masturbate to right wing fantasies. I am not registered as a Democrat I have regularly donated to local Democrat candidates; you would not believe the number of emails I receive for Democrats from all over the country asking for money. I am not a wealthy person; my annual income is less than $35K a year. You don't have to tell me about high taxes.

I am well aware about about the nature of Eastern Washington having lived there for three years. You speak of PUDs, rural electrification and the Grand Coulee dam as if they were favors to Eastern Washington. That is where you don't understand. The GC Dam and all the others were put in place so that the federal government, run by Morgan, Rockefeller, Carneige, et al, could develop the whole Western US; they needed water and power for land not suitable for any sort of living. Don't forget that most that power goes to the West side. The Bechtel and Parsons corporations made a ton of money on the reclamation projects.

Now as to my obsession with you living on the West side; I only say that because I think you would be a lot happier there. You've enjoyed Seattle's genteel cafe society and did not have to contend with the stinkards that you passed on the street. I regard you as being an armchair socialist and a dilettante at that. Look back in the mirror yourself Catalina, you refer to the Easterners as yokels, only the conservative ones, but then justify your condescension because you have a rural background.


auntie grizelda @63 yeah, blaming the troops for Vietnam would be like blaming the warehouse workers for Amazon's policy, and I don't see anybody doing that. Regardless of whether I agree with the actions or beliefs of any individual soldier, you don't have much choice other than to follow orders when you're in the military, and once you're on the battlefield you have to protect yourself and your comrades. Criticism should be levied at those who direct the military, not those who serve it (and even that gets complicated...).

Cataline @66 I've never heard the US described as a "closet socialist nation" but I love it.


@68 saffronsnail: Don't I know it. Been there, done that, and you're welcome. Thank you for reaffirming my and Catalina Vel-DuRay's (@46) points re 34th President and Five Star General, Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower.


Bertha, thank you again for your tender concern. I'm sure I shall be fine amongst the yokels (I'm embracing the word, since it triggers you so). I'll quietly murmur that there are yokels on the Peninsula as well, and don't even get me started on Lewis County.

Thank you also for your alternative history lesson. All of the industrialists you cite were long dead before the construction contract for Grand Coulee was awarded, but that's OK. I question why developing agricultural resources in the west would be a such a dark mission to you, but as the kids say "you do you".

And no, most of the power from Grand Coulee does NOT go to the "west side". It goes to most of the western states and parts of Canada. City Light gets about half of its power from BPA which includes Grand Coulee, but that also includes all of the dams on the Columbia, as well as the nuclear at Hanford.

Lastly, I don't think you understand what I do for a living if you think I'm some sort of "armchair socialist". I do embrace most of Socialism, but not from the comfort of some salon. I am on the streets of Seattle almost every workday, visiting both construction and demolition sites. Many of the demo sites are occupied by homeless people. Also, I live on what used to be the migratory path between the Methadone clinic on Airport Way and the 7-11 on Rainier (which is now closed) and am well-versed with the situation. It's gotten somewhat worse recently, but mostly because of construction that is going on in the immediate vicinity of Chez Vel-DuRay.


Just a few points Catalina; if you think the term "yokel" triggers me it really doesn't. If if it did trigger me it's not anywhere near the degree that even a conservative thought triggers you. You can get downright nasty in your disparagement of me suggesting that I masturbate to conservative fantasy. I have never used any form of sexual insult to anyone in this slog.

Okay, so the Grand Coulee dam doesn't send most of it's electricity to the West but as you said it is part of the BPA; talk about nit picking. You seemed to imply that government subsidizing of the BPA and and other power providers in the US West was done as a favor to the people that lived there; it was done purely for the sake of development. The history I mentioned is not any sort of revisionist history. The industrialists, along with many other people of influence, had it all planned out some time at the beginning of the last century. Their plan was not complete by any means but in a general plan to take water where it is and move it to where it isn't. There was another plan in the works that never came to fruition, the North American Water and Power Alliance. The NAWAPA was a grand scheme to bring water from Alaska and the Yukon Territory through a series of canals and pipelined to both the US West and Midwest. Can you imagine that.

All that water and power built the American West to what it is today; it worked quite well for awhile but now with overpopulation and climate warming it is coming to bite us in the ass with the beginning of system failure. But don't take my word for it, there is a book that lays it all out titled "Cadillac Desert" by Marc Reisner. To sum this all up the water and power systems provided by government subsidy were not put in place as a favor to the residents of Eastern Washington. The whole system provided the necessary power to allow a giant company, Boeing, to provide the money Seattle needed to become what it is today.

And finally, I have no idea of what you do for a living and I really don't care where you retire to. These days it seems that more and more people are seeking to get out of the large, more heavily populated urban areas, not just Seattle. And since you did mention socialism, I always thought that socialism is against private home ownership and single detached housing. Socialists want just about everyone living in large urban complexes consisting of a variety of mostly low to medium high rise buildings effectively creating an anthill society. You did say "god forbid a condo", get out now while you can.


So it was all a plot to help Boeing, bertha dear? What an interesting theory. You should write a book - but make sure you get a good editor. You're going to need one.

And there's nothing shameful about masturbation. a few guilt-free orgasms might very well reset your worldview.


Very well Catalina, aside from this I will say no and leave you with the last word.


Very well Catalina, aside from this I will say no more and leave you with the last word.


Sorry for the double post.

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