Tim Eyman and Shuan Scott have one thing in common, they are both multi-time election losers and no one cares what they have to say.

Not mentioned in Hannah's legislative round up is a bill to allow annual rate increases on property taxes to move from 1% up to 3% cleared a committe in the House: I guess the 20% plus spikes many of us are seeing this year just aren't enough.


ever Milked a Coconut?
me neither but
I Dig it.

just say NO!
to Moo Glue (but
hell Yes! to Butter!
& ice creammmmm.)


5 shot, 3 dead? Must be a Wednesday. Just throw them on the pile, America.


A bunch of anti-government, Let's Go Brandon yokels in East Palestine are upset that the Biden administration hasn't saved them. Perfect.


@Max - our Daily Massacre*
or should I say Sacrifice
(to the nra & WMDs).

*'Mass Shootings'
is So yesterday


If you’re going to mention Trump’s visit to OH, you should also point out that his administration repealed a 2015 ECP rule to require better brakes on trains to keep more of them on the tracks during derailment after a “cost benefit analysis” that did not take into account damage to human health and life.


Huge miss by American Girl to include a tennis court instead of Pickleball. Lame!


being handed the Bill
the RR'll likely declare Insolvency
so we may as well Nationalize 'em Now

but yeah ain't it just like the trumpfster
going to the scene of his Crime
(repealing Brakes Rules)
and demanding
'justice' which
his MAGAts'll
Eat up like

and bemoan the fact that
they've no decent Healthcare
because "SOCIALISM!" sucks so.


(having better brakes would have
meant fewer 'trucks' pulled
into the Wreckage but
our Infrastructure it-
Self is Weak af.)


@17 What makes you think nationalizing the railroad would prevent these things from happening? There is a better chance that nationalizing will make it worse.


@19 Like how China, Japan, Korea and Europe's nationalized train systems suck so bad? You're delusional. The only thing Capitalism ever did well is exploit the poor for the benefit of the rich and provide us with 36 brands of underarm deodorant. Why are you even here?


@13: they're right to be mad about the spill, or right to be mad that the Transpo Sec hasn't gone there to express platitudes?

"why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?" "why hasn't Biden gone the border?"


@15 The original NTSB recommendation for the rule included covering vinyl chloride, the final version of the rule was watered down to exclude it, before finally being repealed by Trump's DOT that manipulated a cost-benefit analysis to say that it wasn't worth the cost, but "The [Trump] White House has acknowledged its calculations of savings from rolled-back regulations cited include only the cost to industry and others without taking into account benefits the rules produce, including lives saved." ... ef014c7ca7

Although the brake rules wouldn't have applied to vinyl chloride under the final version, pointing out that Trump is there flailing and complaining when he wanted a regulation gone intended to keep more cars on tracks is certainly worth bringing up.


It occurs to me that WA weed legalization, and expansions like this can't-fire law for it, which are good things... but it all doesn't have a ton of value when most working class folks don't have a place they can legally smoke weed that isn't exposed to the elements. You're SOL unless you own your own house. If you don't, there's no legal place for you to smoke weed, thanks to indoor (and outdoor) smoking bans. Smoking weed is still smoking, after all.


Hannah sure uses a lot of plastic.


@27 Wait, what?

"If someone nearby had been armed, like the employee in Ballard was, its entirely plausible only one, or two people would have been shot."

There were two people involved in the shooting, and both were armed. One was the robber and one was being robbed. Both got shot in an exchange of gunfire during the robbery, one died. How exactly would an armed bystander lead to one of them not getting shot? Also, "If only there had been an armed bystander there, then exactly the same number of people may have gotten shot" isn't exactly a heart-warming story.


@27: ah, you're back with more gun sophistry. it's not persuasive.


Excuse me, but everyone does NOT hate Secretary Buttigieg. I think he's doing a great job. FYI -- Government officials often wait until the situation is somewhat under control before they appear on the scene because their presence only complicates it further and takes away needed resources from the recovery effort.


@32 Oh, I see. I was supposed to read your mind that you'd pivoted to a discussion of Orlando.

When you're in your fever dreams of universal carry, don't forget that you're several times more likely to be shot by your own gun than to successfully defend yourself with it. The Ballard case was statistically unusual.


@33 I live down the street from the shooting, have guns, heard the ruckus, and had zero interest in running downstairs to sacrifice my life for the vape shop. You're welcome to go be a fake cowboy next time though.


Sorry, that was for you Seventiesguy.


Frothingham's idealized utopia wherein every citizen is walking thru the neighborhood bodega or thrift shop armed to the teeth and ready to fire at will is deeply unsettling. Gosh, he's an idiot.


@22- so Japan has the Shinkansen because racism? What are you smoking?


@ 25

Unbridled capitalism has also managed to place the entire world on course for a devastating (and otherwise preventable) rate of climate change and mass extinction.

Which will in turn, cause immeasurable poverty and suffering.


@45 i know! if only we had remained serfs to a monarch or embraced communism in the 60s the world would be fine since half the population would be dead from famine and war. Oh what could have been.


@46 -- so it's
Too Late to put the
Brakes on unbridled
Capitalism? 'cause it
OWNS US. all Legally
it Bought & Sold our
Democracy. turns out
we Could NOT Keep it.


@48 little melodramatic even for you. There is no such thing as unbridled capitalism and if you think corrupt governments are exclusively the domain of capitalist countries you need to start traveling more with the dear professor.


In other horrible news, a neofascist Trump loving RWNJ federal judge in none other than Texas is threatening to block approval of the abortion pill, mifepristone, and put a federal ban on abortions. This without even allowing an FDA trial on what could be a lifesaving drug for millions of women nationwide.
RepubliKKKans really should be rounded up, penned up inside the Orange Turd's black hole, and fired one way into outer space, never to be seen again.
Meanwhile, Mike "Lord of the Flies" Pence is totally chickenshit for not testifying in the January 6, 2021 investigation. The GOP is going to be the death of us all in their futile race to the bottom.
Jesus wept, I can't believe my amazingly good timing to have had a bilateral hysterectomy when I did---and during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic---that mercifully ended 43 years of monthly misery. Others in my situation very likely won't be as fortunate in the near future, especially anyone near a Catholic run hospital.

@10 Batshit: That's right---roll over and play dumb! That's a good little doggie! Raindrop must be so proud of you.

@17 kristofarian: Those MAGAts sure do love being dumbed down and fattened up, don't they?
B-b-but at least they gets to keep their guns!

@46 and @49 Channel13recluse: You and Batshit really do need to stop shacking up with raindrop. Fox TeeVee isn't a reliable news source, even if it comes free with the rent.

@48 kristofarian re: @46: The bar is now so low for the MAGAts anymore that basically everything is a Bazillion lightyears over their heads.


"There is no such thing
as unbridled capitalism."

spoken like a Multi-Billionaire.


So glad that the term 'milk' no longer defaults to bovine.
Ovine and caprine may be better, but harder to mass produce. Recognizing that other options exist, I think the Courts did a good thing. Recognizing that this is a frivolous lawsuit and the Court's time should be spent on more important things, well, this is America. Sort of like allowing software to re-define our language via their editing features... it is a waste of time, but ought to get straightened out if we have time to waste.


telling you dewey'd be
and Exercise in Futility
as it Always goes in 1
eye and right out the
other so nice try.


for others possibly interested
look no further than the chief Drivers
of Inflation -- Big Oil raking in Record Profits
($200 BILLION!) while strip-mining the Citizenry
AND giving cover to price gougers still actve now.

not to mention
Big Pharma.


@56 -- see @55
and then @54
and thnx! for
Making my
Point &

fuck off


@53, 56, 58:

in More
vs Corporations:

Corporate Greed
and Deregulation Fuel
Threat of More Bomb Trains
as East Palestine Demands Answers

We look at the failures that led to the massive train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, that blanketed the town with a toxic brew of spilled chemicals and gases, fouling the air, polluting waterways and killing thousands of fish and frogs.

Residents are suffering ailments including respiratory distress, sore throats, burning eyes and rashes, all with unknown long-term consequences. Many say they do not trust officials who tell them it is safe to return to their homes.

This catastrophe could have been prevented, had it not been for lax regulation and the outsized lobbying power of corporations like Norfolk Southern, says Matthew Cunningham-Cook, a researcher and writer at The Lever who is part of a team that is reporting on the disaster.

all those BILLIONS in Profits
in Stock Buybacks destined
for CEOs Mgmt. & Share-
holders and how much
for Infrastructure?

it's called Regulatory Capture
& it's not done by our
fucking Homeless
bet I Lost ya
there did-
n't I?

you and Fungus're
Citizens here, right?
& you Honestly don't
Mind your Daily Corp-
Orate Reaming? don't
Tell me you Enjoy it u 2.


dewey unbridled means
'left to its own Devices'
they don't gotta re-
Peal ALL of 'em
just the ones

"Free" Speech
is available solely to
those with oodles of Cash

you and Fungus're
Citizens here, right?
& you Honestly don't
Mind your Daily Corp-
Orate Reaming? don't
Tell me you Enjoy it u 2.


& what you Have
is a Penchant
for Obfu-


and a bad case of
Obtusity which
may be in-

which must be
Baffling to


Especially! when
it doesn't seem
to be Innate


by depositing All
my bile right here

say that reminds me

you and Fungus're
Citizens here, right?
& you Honestly don't
Mind your Daily Corp-
Orate Reaming? don't
Tell me you Enjoy it u 2.

there's an Echo in here

Hear it?


lookit you!: "

@64: Unnecessarily hyphenating Obfu-

is obfuscation itself.

" hmmm!

now here's a Test:
what does "obfuscation" mean?

take all the
time you need
we're in No hurry


tis Freeing removing
the Shackles of
& 'proper'

you and Fungus're
Citizens here, right?
& you Honestly don't
Mind your Daily Corp-
Orate Reaming? don't
Tell me you Enjoy it u 2

unless of course you Do!


I am a fan of vegan "milks," but the definition of milk involves coming from a mammal, not a plant. So, the dairy industry is not wrong, despite the fact that their argument is motivated by money not concern for meaning.

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