Microsoft cuts: Another 689 workers are out of jobs Monday as Microsoft announced additional lay offs. This brings the total number of Seattle-area worker job cuts to 2,200, according to the Seattle Times. Can't imagine what this means for bouldering gyms across the area.

Washington State House approves bill to legalize more housing: Rep. Jessica Bateman's "missing middle" housing bill, which will increase housing in single-family zones across the state, passed out of the House last night with wide approval: 75 to 21. The Democrats who voted against more housing include Kirkland Reps. Amy Walen and Larry Springer (told you he sucked), and Auburn Rep. Chris Stearns. After a couple of his amendments failed, northeast Seattle Rep. Gerry Pollet, who is entertaining a bid for City Council in District 4, voted YES on final passage despite being a squeaky wheel the whole time. Incredible. 

Boil me up and call me Council Member: Stephen Brown, co-owner and President of Eltana Bagels, announced he is running to replace Lisa Herbold, who represents West Seattle and South Park on the City Council. Brown seems chill. Eltana Bagels in Capitol Hill kept selling during the protests, working around the police barricades. 

Scaling dams: The Washington Court of Appeals will allow the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe to revive a lawsuit against Seattle City Light after the City said its hydro-electric operations on the Skagit River improved conditions for salmon, according to KING 5. The Tribe wants to prevent the City from branding itself fish-friendly until fish passages are built into the dam systems. Pretty daming: the City has already removed the branding of "Nation's Greenest Utility."

BOO! AHHH! Macklemore: A popup show by the four-time Grammy-winner enticed a line of fans to wait outside Neumos Monday evening. Macklemore was giving his hometown a little extra attention to celebrate the launch of his third album. I've got two Seattle six-degree connections to Macklemore. (Some girl I knew in high school was in one of his music videos. The more you know.) Some photos are coming from the Seattle Times.

Can't hotbox fentanyl baddies: A King County Metro bus driver told KOMO fentanyl smoke is making him sick. He's on medical leave while he gets tested for fentanyl exposure. Reality check: The medical director of the Washington Poison Center said exposure to smoke from fentanyl presents "no real risk." The drug gets filtered out by the primary user, the director said in an April blog post.

California to "cuts ties" with Walgreens: A few days after the pharmacy said it wouldn't sell an abortion pill in prohibition states and even in some states where abortion remains legal, Gov. Gavin Newsom said it's over between his state and the company. "How California might stop doing business with Walgreens and what impact such a move could have on Californians was not immediately clear," the Los Angeles Times reports. 

Two dead, two alive in Mexico: Four Americans were kidnapped at gunpoint on a trip to Tamaulipas to get cosmetic surgery. Two were found dead last week, but one couple survived, the BBC reports. 

Biden's budget: The President plans to release a spending plan Thursday that will increase taxes on rich people (those making more than $400,000) to help keep Medicare solvent. According to the New York Times, House Republicans are "almost certain" to oppose the measure, setting up a political fight highlighting the GOP's unwillingness to pay for health care, which is good fighting grounds for Democrats. 

Exit interview: As Elon Musk continues his firing spree, an Icelandic employee who had sold his design company woke up one day to find himself locked out of his Twitter accounts. The employee, who has muscular dystrophy, claimed HR couldn't confirm his status and so hopped onto the hell site to engage with the boss himself. After some extremely professional emoji-based responses, Musk said the guy was fired. 

Stranger! I hardly know her: The Stranger hired a new criminal justice reporter on Monday. Me. And as some of our commenters have already noted, in November I was charged with blerglry. Real lame stuff, everyone. But since the charges are all dismissed, I'm sure this is the last time it'll be brought up by faceless folk on the internet. Right? 

Speaking of The Stranger: Our 2023 sex survey results are here!!! Find out who's happy with their sex lives, who's sad about their sex lives, and who's too busy having sex to talk. 

And in the grand tradition of Slog AM, I leave you with a song: "Synchronize" by Milky Chance.