"The inmate population is rising"

But how can that be? Concerned suburbanites are adamant this region is lawless and nothing is enforced.


"Imagine that. Money doesn't buy election outcomes."

of course not.
which is why Billionaires
have Bought 90% of 'our' Lawmakers
via "Citizens United" thanks to the Fascists
of our formerly-Supreme MkMitch KkKonnell ct.

proving once again
you don't gotta be From 'OK'
to be Stupid but it's a damn Big Help.


The city didn't want to cut down the trees "for bike and pedestrian improvements", they were planning on removing the existing bike lane to make more room for cars.


@1 - I spent my Jr. High and High School years in OKC, and like a complete idiot, dropped out of Oklahoma State a month into my junior year to be a cop for Dallas PD. Sigh...

So having experienced Oklahoma and Texas, I feel I have sufficient insight to state very emphatically that living in Oklahoma beats living in Texas by a wide, wide margin...the need for weed notwithstanding.


"Community activists put up quite a fight by leaving heart-shaped posters all around the trees." Just...fuck you. I'd wager more effort went into that messaging than you spent this morning aggregating news written by real journalists.


@5: There is a claim that a few hundred yards upstream of one of the Skagit river dams, there is a waterfall (now under a lake). Said waterfall blocks the path of any potential salmon migration. Based upon this, the dams were sited, since there were no major salmon runs anyway.

I'm willing to give the Sauk-Suiattle tribe the benefit of the doubt in this case and back their request to have the dams removed. On the condition that, should it turn out that salmon populations upstream of the dam sites turn out to not be viable, they pay for the replacement of the dams.


@11 Sorry for your comprehension difficulties.


"Tesla steering wheel keeps falling off"

ah who needs a stupid
Steering Wheel for a Self-Driving car?
possibly the Reich wingnut Owner of Tesla?
busy Reichtfying his beloved BOOMING Megaphone

(had Musky a Joseph P Goebbels
we'd be in VERY Dangerous
Territory, Why Doesn't he?

he's a Very Strange man
does he read tS?)

we need a
Maximum Wage
Or humane Billlionaires
just 'cause you got all the Money
Don't (necessarily) Make You da KING.

@7 -- Way ahead of
ya there freddi fungi


@15: 'It's reprehensible discrimination to question their "truth."'

Nobody is questioning their truth. We'll just tear the dams down and then see what happens. One way or another, that will be the truth.


I was watching a Matteo Lane video on YouTube recently. He was in Seattle visiting the Market. And yes, there on Pike, cars oozing into that Pike Street/Place curve. Amazes me, but not in a good way, how people insist on taking their cars there, and why those in power insist on keeping the status quo. I realize that if you are a tourist, you may not be staying near the Market thereby ruling out walking, but there’s such scant parking – other than the garage – it's a waste of valuable vacation time trying to get one of those – what? – twenty spots on Pike Place. Really, in that video those people in cars could have gotten out and crawled the rest of the way on their bellies and would have arrived at their destination much quicker. Silly. Keep it open for deliveries only please.

The Downtown Business Association is responsible for blocking a lot of beneficial changes. They’ve always wanted to keep things just the way they are for as long as I can remember. Even before. They blocked transit changes in the 60s and 70s. I’ve never really forgiven them (or Nordstrom) for what they did to Westlake Center – reverting Seattle’s only thriving and lovely plaza into just another greasy downtown street. And look at it now for shit’s sake.

When Rupert Murdoch walks into a room (or is rolled into one) does it fill with the smell of burnt sulfur?

Well, technically it’s still winter, but I understand the yearning. Early spring is supposed to be chilly. It’s what makes Washington’s apples so fabulously sweet, I’m told.

Another International Women’s Day, and I still feel the need to apologize for everything you still have to endure as a female – since you were, like, twelve. I apologize for the men who evaluate you sexually without your permission. I apologize that in some circles your breasts are knockers. I apologize that your vaginas are pussies. I apologize for men in power who give lip-service to liberation and equality, but in private see you only as a potential baby-maker or one who’s over-the-hill. The ones that are over-the-hill are still good for making dinner and cleaning toilets. I apologize for the fear and apprehension you feel walking home alone.

It's getting better – at least in the West. And younger guys seem to have become more acquainted with gender equality than their older counterparts. That’s the good news. I want to celebrate everything good and great that women have created and shared in this life, in our history. Happy Day to you around the world.

Kim Jung Un needs to go back on his program. Looks like he’s packing it on again. Well, why not? Who in North Korea is going to say, “Hey, Kim. You’re looking a little chunky.”? I wonder if he shares his father’s love of porn and Courvoisier.

I’m beginning to believe that re-establishing a general sense of what is right and wrong is going to require some type of biblical plague that wipes out about 75% of us. Horrible thought to be sure, but so is living in a world where so many don’t care about repercussions.

Cheer up, Bauhaus.


knew a pretty good gal from Norman once
said she was from OK said Norman was an
Oaisis of sorts & as for the rest stay away

so now you Gotta get a docktor's say-so*
in OK if you wanna smoke Freely that
shit that'll be $99.99 plus the Cost
of the Product @$200/oz - thnx!

*don't Forget stoner:
it expires soonish.
oh & you don't
Need no stink-
in' Booze Lis-
cense -- it's
on Us! yur


@24 -- Alcohol:



@30: "Suggesting there is absolute truth at The Stranger could get you banned."

But which one of me will they ban? Particularly if identities (e-mail and IP addresses) are so fluid?


Male RepubliKKKans should be castrated at birth, no exceptions, and be denied vital lifesaving procedures involving their reproductive systems. The only way these cruelly misogynist chauvinist pigfuckers will see reason is by losing some of their own from the Bros Club in the ER or ICU.


Fucking RepubliKKKans want to cut everything in the federal budget, only to throw trillions at those who don't need any more money. They should all be hurtled, one way, into outer space never to be seen or heard from again.


@34......What would you do to the female republiKKKans?


@36 bertha: I'd see if I could effectively unbrainwash them.


@37, re @36 bertha: But good luck with that. RepubliKKKan corruption, stupidity, and incompetence are far too deeply ingrained in the Party of the Orange Turd. They inbreed like sewer rats inducing the Black Plague.


@22 Bauhaus I: +1 Agreed. Westlake Center took away everything that was wonderful connecting to 5th, 4th, and 3rd Avenues. When I returned home after 4 years in the U.S. Navy, imagine my dismay when Frederick and Nelson closed its doors. The best of classic old Seattle is long gone. The Tech Age has only exacerbated things, especially now with all the cutbacks.
Re: abortion. I consider myself among the lucky ones. I'll never need one, but my heart weeps for women and girls who do and now can't get one, due to pigheaded RepubliKKKan men who think with their shriveled dicks and not their brains. We women know what's best for our bodies. As long as men will never experience monthly menstrual periods, pregnancy, labor, childbirth, or breast lumps they SHOULD NOT be making women's reproductive decisions! Fuck anyone's so-called "religious beliefs"!
At 58+, and with a little help from a bilateral hysterectomy the agony of my reproductive years are behind me.
Millions of women and girls aren't as fortunate. What future do they have post Roe?


The trouble with 3-strikes laws are that the things that will get you a strike are not always horrible crimes. Many are, but some are not. And in some cases, there really are extenuating circumstances. The reason we have judges instead of sentencing by algorithm is so that individual circumstances can be considered. The passage of a 3 strike law by initiative is a knee-jerk response by the electorate to remove that discretion. And it also removes any discretion that a parole board has to consider an inmate's behavior or anything he/she may have done to reform.

Are there people who need to be kept away from the rest of us? Sure. But it's not so cut-and-dried as to be automatic.


@40 dvs99: I agree with your view on three strikes laws, with one exception. I think all RepubliKKKans getting fired off one way to Mars--and good luck to their survival on no resources---so that they're kept far away from the rest of us should be an automatic. The GOP has long exhausted its share of strikes and needs to be held criminally accountable.


'International Women's 'DAY''?

the backbone of Humanity
and they get One day?

let's give 'em a whole Week!
long as they can Catch Up
with a Week's worth of
their un-Paid Labor.


@fax -- but then 'Republicans''d
forever be peering up their kilts
checking for their patriarchical
Authenticites and Etceras.


@42 shoobop for the WIN!!

@44 and @46 kristofarian and @45 70s: That isn't making me feel any better, guys. Maybe if either of you started walking around in our shoes for a while...? Then you could share your experience with other men? Maybe you could help start a healthier social trend.

@45 70s: And anyway. Women writers have used male nom de plumes already (i.e.: George Sand, born Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin du Francueil in Paris, France, on July 1, 1804--died in Nohant-Vic, France June 8, 1876) for centuries because of patriarchal bullshit.


@31: And auto owners (not just Kias) should be required to be trained, take a proficiency test and license themselves as well as their vehicles. That should reduce traffic iinjuries/deaths dramatically.


Hey, Texas Neofascist State Legislators----a lot of us hate YOU, too!


@1 and @33: I'm all for shipping off your idiotic MAGA dumbass on the next Greyhound bus back to Muskogee. It'd be WIN-WIN for everyone--except the Oklahomans.

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