Bad news! The Washington State Legislature does not care that your landlords are bleeding you dry and pushing you out of the cities you call home. Our state lawmakers killed several renter protections by failing to pass them before a crucial deadline yesterday. Here’s all the ways the snakes in Olympia betrayed renters just this week. Rich will have more on this later today. 




Tax the rich: There’s still hope that the Legislature will advance a wealth tax. Later today, the Senate Ways and Means committee will hold a hearing on that bill, which would reap an annual $3 billion from a few fat cats at the top to fund education, affordable housing, and other bare essentials. All lawmakers need to do is get their shit together and hope the courts don’t strike it down.

Kemp in time out: Tacoma cops arrested and booked former Sonics player and six-time NBA all-star Shawn Kemp in Pierce County Jail yesterday afternoon because they suspect he fired several rounds at the Tacoma Mall. No injuries were reported at the shooting. 

As the millennials say, “doggo:” Seattle Parks and Recreation will survey 30 parks around town to scout out two additional off-leash parks. Great news for Seattle’s population of 15,000 corgis (pulled that number out of my ass, but it FEELS accurate. Have you seen how many Mud Bays keep doors open??). By 2026 you could be throwing a frisbee to Fido in a new location such as Gas Works, Othello Park, and West Seattle Stadium—that is, if you're not already doing that. 

Apology video with tears now: Yesterday the Seattle Times celebrated International Women's Day with a list of important women from Washington state. In a naked display of negligence, the so-called paper of record did not include me on the list. This will not soon be forgotten. 

Speaking of International Women’s Day: Here’s a not-so-fun fact from our newest writer, Ashley Nerbovig. While you're here, do me a favor and give her a follow on Twitter. Also, treat her better than you treat me in the comments, you absolute bullies. 

Here’s more from Ashley: 

Unarmed cops > Armed cops: A Seattle Downtown Association survey of likely November 2023 voters showed a higher share of people supporting the creation of a new unarmed public safety force compared to more police officers overall. Given some of the questions asked in this survey, however, I'm not sure that is the data point DSA will highlight. An example? "Q. Do you feel things in Seattle are generally going in the right direction, or do you feel things have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track?"

Watch out, innocent bystanders: A bill to relax restrictions on instances when cops can start car chases passed through the Washington State Senate on Wednesday, after Democrats narrowed the number of circumstances in which cops can initiate chases based only on reasonable suspicion.* The bill passed 26-23, with Republicans and more conservative Democrats voting to roll back the police chase restrictions put in place in 2021. The bill will now move to the House, where it will likely face a significant fight.

If passed, the law would allow cops to start a chase if they have a reasonable suspicion someone in a car committed either a sexual crime, a violent crime, a jail escape, or was driving while under the influence. Under the 2021 law, officers need probable cause, which requires more proof, to start a chase. Sen. Manka Dhingra (D-Redmond), who said in January she was unwilling to bring the bill out of committee, ended up voting yes on the bill, which included a provision saying that cops must have several kinds of training to be allowed to go all Mad Max on fleeing drivers, who studies show often end up increasing speeds during police chases, said Sen. Yasmin Trudeau (D-Tacoma), who voted against the bill. I’ll have much more on this later today. 

Thanks, Ashley! Back to me...

Breonna Taylor: Yesterday, the Department of Justice released what CNN calls a “scathing” report on the Louisville Police Department’s history of racism and brutality following a two-year review they started after cops shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her home. The review found that Louisville cops use incredibly racist language to refer to Black people and insult people with disabilities. The review also found the Louisville cops love to tase and restrain people by the neck in totally unreasonable situations. Some cops recorded themselves throwing drinks at pedestrians, which is just the type of fucking sadistic shit that happens when you're in a frat armed by the state. 

Democracy Vouchers: Hey! Check out my thread to see your fav (and least fav lol) City Council candidate’s latest Democracy Voucher stats. If you live in Seattle and have yet to bless your candidate of choice with free money, you can do so here.

McConnell down: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell took a tumble at a Waldorf Astoria hotel that landed him in the hospital last night. No word on how he’s faring.

Morally upstanding sneaker heads: According to NPR, Adidas lost about $540 million after cutting ties with rapper and rampant anti-semite Kanye West. They can’t sell the shoes!

Ukraine: The Russian military killed at least six people in Ukraine with a barrage of drones and hypersonic missiles early this morning. The attack also cut power to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, which United Nations leaders have urged Russia to regard as a “demilitarized zone.” But people have already asked Russia to stop bombing Ukraine all together and they didn’t listen to that, so its kind of to be expected that the Russian military would just do what it wants.  

What to do this weekend: I know it’s only Thursday morning and we have approximately 32 hours until the 9-to-5ers clock out Friday, but it’s been a long week, so I wanted to give you something to look forward to! As always, our sister site Everout is doing God’s work compiling lists of all the coolest events to hit up in Seattle and Portland. I’m especially intrigued by Chop Suey’s SZA-themed dance party.  

I listen to this while I get ready in the morning lately: Don't know if its good! It's just something I listen to and enjoy!!

Correction: An original version of this article implied that Senate Dems brought the car chase bill to the floor after inserting a training provision, but really they did so after narrowing the scope of the bill slightly.