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Stand firm Macron, the world needs a strong France not a lazy one.


@1.....The French aren't known for being cheese eating surrender monkeys for nothing. IMO, Macron will fold like a cheap suit.

Nathalie, I read your first Play Date column! It is refreshing to read something on TS that doesn't blame everyone to the right of the Swamp Rat for the failures of capitalism, and the weather....and everything else. Well done.


"I hate
when big tech
must monitor my body
during the simple act of buying groceries."

but it's all For Your OWN Good.
smile! it's just Capitalism.

Thee Market SHALL
Decide. we just
getta Concur.

both LOVE them
new Undies btw!]


Downtown is 10% of Seatle's land area. It produces 50% of the tax revenue for Seattle Progressive's social spending priorities. As goes downtown, goes Seattle. Commerce pays the Progressive's bills.

It has permanently lost 50% to 60% of office workers to work from home. 50% fewer lunches, lattes, amd retail purchases downtown. The goose that lays the Progressive egg is dying.

No amount of Convention Center visitors will make up for that. Seattle is dying Nathalie.


«I hate when big tech must monitor my body during the simple act of buying groceries»

Amazon reports information about your menstrual cycle back to the SCOTUS so they can determine if you have committed any crimes with your uterus.


«Chinese president palling around with Putin»

Sharing all the good Western secrets gobbled up via TikTok.


That's not Mountain Dew; it's Brawndo


@1 yes when I think of strength the first thing I think of is elderly people being forced to work. Why stop at 64? Or 67? We need to grind every last piece of humanity out of everyone, all for the almighty dollar.

At least you're consistent I guess. Your shillery for objectively shitty things doesn't end at the domestic level.


@4 except Amazon announced they were forcing their employees back downtown 3x a week starting in May, and boy have they DOUBLED DOWN on that statement, climate pledge and unbearable traffic be damned.


@8 - It's about making a living and being productive members of society to help pay for the social safety nests you hold so dear. Tax revenue doesn't grow on trees you know.

Nobody's being forced to work. Anyone is at liberty to sit, pout, and starve.

I don't consider being in your sixties "elderly" IMHO. Which is just around the corner for you!


"AWP, which Seattle hosted at the new convention center last week, brought in an estimated $15 million for the city."

Great! Now we only need another $1.985 billion to pay for the recent expansion.


10 You operate on the myth that "there is not enough to go around for everyone". It is called selfish, reactionary, abject greed.

Capitalism is, per J. M. Keynes, ‘the astonishing belief that the nastiest motives of the nastiest men somehow or other work for the best results in the best of all possible worlds’.


Trains Have Become an Excuse for State-Sanctioned Lawlessness


Nathalie, You should explore the subculture of writers at The Stranger.

They tirelessly advocate for unions for everyone else, but not for themselves.

They rail against the gig economy, but work as freelance ("gig") writers.

@8, How does France pay to keep their retirement system solvent when expenditures exceed revenue with a 62 YO retirement age?

They already tax the rich (and everyone else at 43% of GDP) to the point that no income group will accept higher taxes. You get flight, evasion, protests, and strikes in response to tax increase attempts and the government backs off.

So where do you propose they get the money for those 2 years?


@12: What is astonishing is the expectation that ANY economic system whether it be capitalism or any other "ism" or combo would be perfect and rise above the nastiest motives of the nastiest men.


that sounds way too woke.


An NBA tea?! Saweeet! Now we add paying govt welfare to a professional sports franchise to all the other handouts to drug addicts!


@8 62 is not elderly, at least not anymore.

This issue is only going to get worse for not only France but other countries as well. With populations now declining in most first world nations there simply will not be the tax base to support the social net for the aging populations. It's a math equation. So you either have to tax younger folks more which puts them in a bind and precludes them from starting their own families or you have to ask the older generations to accept less, either by taking a lower pension or delaying payments. The next few decades are going to be tough until we can reach a new population equilibrium or find a way to reduce the costs of caring for those who are growing older.


The Sûreté nationale, knows how to deal with violent protests and riots.

If the black block PNW anarchists think the SPD are heavy handed they would be shocked to deal with the CRS.

The riots of 2020 in Seattle and Portland would have been shut down in 48 hours with no CHAZ, no CHOP and without months of needless, meaningless riots.


"... or you have to ask the
older generations to
accept less... "

if you're speaking
of Social Security

you raze the Cap
BUT it'd be Okay to
Reduce -- not Eliminate!
as Incomes progress. other
than all those Nice Tax Dodges*
which need deep Scrutiny -- via the Citizenry

will it go Far enough?
I dunno but it beats
the CRAP outta
a Puny little
$169K cap.

LEGAL (and Brought
to US! by you know Whom)


There is always infinite money for destruction. Spending is only a concern when it comes helping people.



"you raze the cap"

So that would mean Social Security would be able to pay 85% of promised benefits in 2035, instead of just 80%. An improvement to be sure. Then what? The choice is some version of @18, both in the US and foreign context.


Idea for Play Date: local community bands. I belong to one: the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band. We play music from the golden era of marches, sitting down. Our season is from March to November, and we play concerts at different venues, including the Ballard Locks and Folklife. We do an annual concert for Sousa's birthday, around Nov. 6, at Kenyon Hall in West Seattle. Our website:


Anyone on the left or right who is trying to compare Macron’s decision in France with the Social Security debate in the USA has absolutely no clue.

The two situations are not analogous.


21: “There is always infinite money for destruction. Spending is only a concern when it comes helping people.”

Well, considering France is spending less than 2% GDP on defense and around 30% GDP on social spending, I don’t think defense spending is the issue there.



WTF BNSF and YouTube??! Obviously Big $$$$$$$$$$ at public expense no matter what is the only concern with the wealthy and corrupt. The Orange Turd should be banned from EVERYTHING! A train derailment near Anacortes hits way too close to home. I hope the Swinomish Tribe sues the shit out of Burlington Northern Sante Fe and wins, hitting the profiteering KKKorporation$ in the pocketbook where it hurts. Losing their ill-gotten billion$ is the only way they'll see reason.

@3 kristofarian and @5 Yeshua: I guess I'm among the lucky ones. Amazon, MAGAts, RWNJs, SCROTUS, and other rape-minded sociopaths can't screw around with a uterus, ovaries, or Fallopian tubes I thankfully no longer have.
Griz is gonna have to have another "Regan [MacNeil] / Carrie [White]" party tonight!
Bring on the red wine, popcorn, dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt, baybee!


@27: And I proudly wore my pink pussy hat, too!


Looks like Trump might get indicted next week simply over paying off a very sexy and voluptuous porn star after a warm summer evening of romantic indiscretion and misclassifying the assignation as a campaign expense. No felony here, just a misdemeanor.

The leading of an insurrection and the hoarding classified docs will take a back seat to this circus all the way through election day, which might facilitate ushering Teflon Don into the Oval for a second term.


@29 Not sure what the election tampering law in Georgia is, but Fani Willis is not a DA to be trifled with.

I really wish the KCPA was more like her.


"I hate
when big tech
must monitor my body
during the simple act of buying groceries."

Is your opinion really necessary? I’m not interested. Anyone who has ever been in an Amazon Go should see the ceiling packed with sensors that track your shopping, duh! It’s not magic, lol. I don’t work for Amazon or any tech company. The sensors track which bodies take products, and you associate your body with your Amazon account when you enter, enabling their high-tech shopping experience. All that computing power is why their prices are so much higher than Safeway or Fred Meyer.


"All that
power is why
their prices are
so much higher than
Safeway or Fred Meyer."

relax. it's
just a Tech Tax.

whom needs
stupid 'sensors'?

Get the fucking
Chip bitches*
& Never car-
ry stupid

*like Fido's
only with ALL
your Information

[Unsure if you're
Ovulating? ask
ALEXA -- she
Cannot lie.]


@30: Yes, the GA case as well. The first indictment should be not from the NY D.A., who also has a reputation of dialing down violent felonies into misdemeanors. Just more fodder for Tucker.


@31 - Points well taken

In regard to biometric authentication, don't use it - I say. Voice ID for banks and brokerages? No way. Not with deep fake technology. Also, what is to prevent software errors, human errors, or hackers from disassociating the "private key" of "your voice" being switched to the wrong blob of data that evaluates the incoming authentication request?

Stick with strong passwords and two-factor authentication.


speaking of lowlifes
Bottomfeeders &

Trump Says
His Arrest Is Imminent
and Calls for Protests, Echoing Jan. 6

With former President Donald J. Trump facing indictment by a Manhattan grand jury but the timing of the charges uncertain, he declared on his social media site that he would be arrested on Tuesday and demanded that his supporters protest on his behalf.


as per Usual
thee Perfect Victim's
talking outta his arse which
Actually slightly Improves his breath


@33 totally agree with you. Having a DA file charges on a misdemeanor when he regularly refuses to file charges against people who are robbing bodega owners or assaulting random pedestrians reeks of hypocrisy and lends credence that this is all politically motivated. I'd love to see Trump convicted and unable to run in 2024 but this is playing right into his hands and making the Progressives look scared.



Falsifying records in order to cover up another crime is a felony, from the NYTimes article I read this morning that seems to be the track that Bragg is taking.

But agree that Bragg's lack of interest in prosecuting other crimes does give Trump and his Allie's ammunition to claim it's all political.

That's why I hope the Georgia case proceeds DA Willis is an absolute hardass against all criminals. The Democratic Party needs more prosecutors like Willis and fewer like Bragg.


damn autocorrect I typed allies three times and it still got changed.

Why the hell do comment sections make it so hard, or impossible, to edit your work?


@36 "I'd love to see Trump convicted and unable to run in 2024"

Eugene Debs ran for President while in federal prison. Unfortunately conviction and incarceration wouldn't keep Trump out of the race. Hell running as a martyr from prison would rile his base up beyond belief.


@39: It's actually what makes Slog work is that you can't edit comments. Folks would be able to wiggle themselves out of total humiliation by retroactive editing.


they won't wriggle
outta their words
if the comment's
History is handy.

let us EDIT but
the Original


@40 @41

Both valid points.


@32 kristofarian: Jesus--even Alexa?? Is nowhere sacred anymore? Whatever happened to privacy?
I'm so glad my reproductive years are fully behind me, after 43 years of unwarranted monthly hell.
It sickens me that millions of women and girls in the U.S. aren't as fortunate.
The Tech Age and Orange Turd induced Err of Trump have spun wildly out of control. And people wonder why I don't do Twitter and usually leave my phone at home.
One simple reason: I refuse to be a slave to a phone, and especially when driving.
Orange Turd for Prison 2024. No exceptions--NOBODY is above the law!


@43: No privacy anymore auntie. And with the latest update, Alexa now alerts transwomen when they're ovulating.


@44: Thank heavens I have no use for Amazon, Alexa or Siri and never will. The Tech Age and Err of the Orange Turd will be the death of us all.


@44 See my comments @27 & @28 raindrop, dear.
I went outside for another walk today and let my pink pussy hat speak for itself.


@35 kristofarian: At this point, the Orange Turd is so mentally deranged and paranoid schizophrenic it's acting like Napoleon Bonaparte in his last days in exile on the island of St. Helena. I predict it'll be one last pathetic MAGAt soap opera "As Mal-a-Tardo Burns". Either that or the Orange Turd gets swallowed and crapped out whole by either an alligator or a Great White Shark as the RepubliKKKan neofascist blood red state of confusion that is Flor-i-Dumb sinks permanently into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Wouldn't it be rather fun if it were both?
I'll be stocking up on red wine, dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt, and popcorn when it does.
Said Gentleman Gene Wilder, as world renowned candyman Willy Wonka, in 1971:
"The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last."

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