Vindicated. Now she can return to her life of giving people bad health advice. Pool / GETTY



Anyone else who shoots a detecitive serving an eviction notice, from a barricaded apartment, owing months of unpaid rent, leaving the landlord with no alternative, and then commits suicide would not be getting a vigil.

But if they're trans:
"We will continue the struggle for housing justice, trans rights, and against all systems of oppression."

Her victim is still hospitalized from a shot to his upper torso.


I'm going to focus on the good Orca news today.

Hope a suitable isolated bay can be found to house her - there aren't many left that aren't full of homes or oyster farms. Maybe on the Toandos Peninsula? Her pod will probably find her not long after she's brought back.


There was a cat-shaving ring up in Calgary a few years ago. They'd catch and shave strays, then sell them as Sphinx cats for a thousand bucks apiece. It took about a week for the buyers to realize they'd been scammed.




“The chumps over at Fox News worked themselves up into a tizzy over this indictment.”

Good thing cooler heads always prevail here, eh?

“…but this year a group of Kshama Sawant haters endeavored on some weaselly recall nonsense, so now we have to spend this time thinking about yet another fucking election.”

“…curse the Recall Sawant campaign for this goddamned tedious waste of time and energy.”

“…it is plainly undemocratic to overturn the will of the 2019 electorate with a recall vote sandwiched between two major travel holidays.”

“If successful, the right-wingers and corporate landlords funding this campaign will use this same tactic to go after every progressive leader who threatens their financial interests in Seattle and in the 30 other states across the country that allow for recalls in local elections.”

‘The fact that Sawant faces trumped-up "charges" from a disingenuous campaign only adds insult to injury.’

Bonus points to the Stranger for referring to an election, specifically one requested in writing by voters, with the words, “an undemocratic process.”


Yes, that’s correct. All of the vitriol quoted above was spewed in just ONE single post. The phrase, “racist, right-wing recall,” which the Stranger repeated directly from the Sawant campaign, came later.

The Stranger is just jealous the Fox guys get to appear on television and get paid more.


It's so refreshing to read that the distressed crying noises that I hear constantly are coming from plants and not just in my head! Now I can get back to work on that manifesto I'd been working on.


"We will continue the struggle for housing justice, trans rights, and against all systems of oppression."

Does shooting a deputy count as a system of oppression? Or was the deputy just a tool of the oppressors, and therefore someone who deserved to be shot?


perhps the Deputy is
Oppressed having to
shoot a fellow Citizen
/human being. that
can't be good for


"I still stand
by my theory that
we should make every politician
do hallucinogens to solve the world's problems."

seeing the Light
is but the First step
and tho I share your
Sentiment psychedelics
are Not, sadly, for Everyone.

but they allow peeps
to shed a TON of Grief
& can Help heal the sick

for End of Life-type
situations they're



I, for one, approve the drama, around the Oxford comma.


@11 -- well-Played!


Now we just need Roodles Ghoulliani to plead Prezinazi AntiChrist's case down to first degree murder with summary execution.

“Case clothed, your Majesty (hiccuuup)!”


“What about all the politicians that were indicted before they became president???
Checkmate, Libs.”

P.S. Tr666p Executed


@6: wow, your grievances sure are organized. had all that right at your fingertips.


"The Bill of Rights is gone." Uhhhh, I wasn't aware that paying a porn star hush money was a protected action under the Bill of Rights. Learn something new every day, I guess?


My kid's school was on lockdown because of the active shooter in Ballard. All the parents in the neighborhood were frantically texting, fearing the absolute worst. It sucks that someone had a problem in their life, but this is such a horrible, myopic, awful awful take from the stranger.

Poverty is bad and the housing crisis sucks, but get your fucking guns away from my fucking kids. Nathalie and the stranger, if all it takes to flip your sympathies to a violent gun nut is a small amount of editorial overlap, shame on you.


@17: As I wrote @6, almost all of that was from one post. That post was the first hit from putting “Sawant Recall” in the search box here, so very little organization on the part of my fingertips was required. A la Fox, I’m sure there would be plenty more like that at the other hits. (Read at your own risk.)

It’s worth remembering all of those hateful quotes attack citizens of District 3, Seattle’s most reliably liberal district — and the place where, for decades, the Stranger once had its main office.


@5: So city employees who get shot deserve sympathy only if the sociopolitical context meets your criteria?


@23. No, the situation is tragic all around, but the point is that "her victim" is still alive in the ICU after surgery and will likely recover, but she is dead, and you are highlighting the injuries he sustained in the line of duty over the loss of her live. I certainly sympathize with any officer injured in the line of duty, but the reason the trans community is likely grieving this loss is because, regardless of the innocence of the police officer who was simply doing his job, the scenario ended with the death of another trans person due to suicide (which is already a major issue in the community, particularly BIPOC folks). It's not hard to understand the perspective.


RE: "Swatting."
No citizen can actually summon a Swat/Tac team themselves, no matter how terrible the tale they tell. When this is done, regular patrol officers respond to the call, just as they respond to all calls for service from parking complaints to vicious murderer holding hostages. Once there, they'll determine if they can resolve the issue, either by themselves or with several backup/cover officers.

If the patrol officers deem the psycho killer call legit, and the psycho killer barricades him/herself or is holding hostages, then the responding officers will request Swat/Tac, and then only with supervisory approval. So, only the police themselves can summon Swat/Tac, not citizens calling in tips/crimes.

The initial patrol officers will respond cautiously, however, alert with sidearms at ready and taking advantage of cover, so "Swatting" is still a dangerous activity. A misunderstanding on such a call can lead to tragedy. Weirdly, a Swat/Tac response actually would be safer for the target of the call, as their specialized training, added protective equipment, and willingness to wait out bad guys and negotiate makes them less likely to shoot suspect than patrol officers lacking those advantages.

But Swat/Tac respond to citizen calls; they're police for the police.

As to the Gwyneth Paltrow case, I see it as one grifter winning out over another grifter...although I thought Grifter Paltrow had the stronger case over Grifter Sanderson.


@25 The perspective of trying to make a victim out of a perpetrator? That's some first class garbling.


Hey, all you ignoramuses, leave the trans community out of this. Just stop. If only you knew what clueless idiots and bigots you sound like.

You want to blast the vigil, go ahead, but just because they mentioned "trans" people, doesn't mean they represent the trans community anymore than Clarence Thomas represents the black community.

The "trans community" means only one thing - the people in that community are trans. That is literally the only thing you can say about that community without being a dumbfuck.

p.s. Raindrop has identified himself as a transphobe (along with being a shitty person that we discussed last time). I know he's one of your friends, but you'll notice he almost always first with his trans shit-takes every chance he gets.


@29. They aren't mutually exclusive. She was also her own victim.


@30. Fine, the community that grieves the loss of transgender folks' lives due to suicide, regardless of whether the members of that community identify as anything or speak for anyone other than themselves.



Can you provide a link to anyone claiming she was evicted for being trans? Everything I've seen/read acknowledges it was for unpaid rent.


Gwyneth looks like she just got a rectal ozone treatment in that picture.


shroom the pols
rule of law
vive la France


SRKWs are not really resident, they range from Vancouver Island to Monterey CA. Obviously relocating from Miami to a netpen in Puget Sound would be better if only for water temperature reasons. But it's a long way from restoring the whale's freedom to her actual range, which is fine, there is no reason to expect her to be ready for life on her own after 50 years of captivity anyway. Her mom is apparently still around so hopefully the netpen she goes to will be one that she can hear her family from and/or vice versa. That could be amazing if it works out.


@37 - She's not a governmental body obsessed with the bottom line. Maybe she decided she would rather spend more to be publicly vindicated. I would...if I had the money to be able to afford it. She does.


@30: Transphobe? Provide the link or date of the comment that I "identified" - you hateful liar!


@24: It's in their flyer (see image in the tweet):

"We will continue the struggle for housing justice, trans rights, and against all systems of oppression."

The blaring connotation is that "housing justice" should waive unpaid rent otherwise it's a "system of oppression".



Yeah, in addition to maybe setting a precedent that money grabbing suits aren't a guaranteed path to wealth, and even have the potential to do far more harm than good for the litigant. I mentioned here before that she seems like a goofball of a person, but that I applaud her efforts in this case. And that actually even seemed like a pretty genuine "wish you well" gesture on her way out of the courtroom, which would seem to demonstrate some serious moral integrity on her part that I'd imagine not too many folks would be capable of.


@4 Toe Tag: That, along with what the shithead in the UK is doing is beyond sick. The Orange Turd, before getting cornholed for life in prison, is the one who should get shaved, not innocent cats.
That cheap rug should get publicly shat on, too, before getting properly burned.

@2 Max Solomon, @15 & @16 Original Andrew, and @38 HW3: YESSSSSSSSSS!!!


@44- Paltrow undoubtedly has an umbrella policy (or something more sophisticated) for far more than $300k. Anyone with her wealth would certainly be covered. I don't think she was at much personal risk.

The real reason not to settle here is so that the disreputable ambulance-chasing plaintiffs' whores of the world will see that this one wasted a lot of time and money trying to bring this case and losing. The more times this happen, the more it discourages this kind of obnoxious litigation.

People settling because it is cheaper than fighting are ruining for everyone else. It's a sad facet of the American legal system that any grifter who can get a chiropractor or some other quack to say they're kinda hurt can bring a case with no personal risk. The other system (loser pays, like in England) also has some problems. But we need some serious personal injury reform so this kind of bullshit never sees a courtroom.


Also, @37 - how much do you wanna bet that PlaintiffGrifter's injuries a) did not end his career and b) didn't exist until he figured out he could go for the big $$?


"But we
need some serious
personal injury reform so this
kind of bullshit never sees a courtroom."

well it's Obvious:
we've Too damn
Many Lawyers

we need a Maximum Wage
AND Limits on the gross
tonnage of the Lawyer
Population at large.

even the Ambulances
are complaining.


@49 - Not good riddance - the world lost a soul, suicide (other than death with dignity) is always terribly tragic. She was misunderstood but loved by many and had her whole life ahead of her to be a functional and happy person. It all fell apart by the factors enumerated in @33.

But yes, so sorry that the deputy's life is altered by his wounds. He should be the primary focus of this tragic incident.


That 15 foot spoon: Be on the lookout for individual or individuals with a serious heroin addiction.


10-4 Sherlock.
it was last seen headed
due South on N. Fork Rd. mak-
ing Off with a fellah name of Dish

nice Eulogy


It is not civil disobedience if you are holding a firearm.

“An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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