"I can't say I'm surprised to learn about the man's "Garden of Evil," which hosts statues of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and other dictators. Crow also has two art works by Hitler himself, as well as a bunch of other Nazi memorabilia"

He owns a Black man too


1st thing monday morning, too. anyone, any place, any time.


fourth and final season of Succession is underway now. Catch up soon to avoid spoilage.


@1 -- it's g.d.
be Rich.

"… the Supreme Court --
comprised of the same soul-sucking
lampreys who ruled on the Roe decision… "

the very same Faction
who Legitmized a USSC clerk's
'decision' to grant fucking PERSONHOOD
to Soulless multi-National Corporations (LLC, bitches!)?

"Australian news wrote about the child-labor solution as if it were an inspirational, heart-warming story. Child labor is child labor, sorry!"

with "Republican's"
Deep and Abiding LOVE
for all things Fascist on the
Rise expect More of the Same
from them & ever-complicit "Centrists"

but fucking Relax.
it's just Capitalism!*

"Billionaire benefactor is a Nazi-obsessed freak: Harlan Crow, the billionaire real estate magnate who funded Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's lavish vacations for decades, has a bit of a Nazi fetish."

Speaking of Nazis.

we don't Need
no Stinkin' RULES. let
the FREE Market Decide!

fuck off


@1: Is The Stranger anti-art and anti-historical artifacts collectors now?


Nazi shit.
get it whilst it's HOT.
say do You have a Nazi helmut yet?

they're Awesome
for the coming Soup Lines
just fucking Make Sure to OBEY the rules.


eye roll and sigh


You missed the part where simultaneously, a Texas judge ruled abortion drugs not approved, and a Washington Judge ruled abortion drugs approved. Can you make Slog not just about the loudest headlines?


I believe there's an error in the portion about the expelled Tennessee lawmakers, Justin Pearson represented Shelby County (Memphis) and that county will vote whether to reappoint him, they are not both from Nashville as written.


@5 white knighting white supremacy is not a good look


Starbucks doesn't have credit card tipping? That's weird.


Crow can lick my based sack, but I guess collecting nazi regalia is a thorny topic depending on how much you like or dislike an individual. Stranger wasn't too critical of Lemmy's (rip) collection in this nice eulogy:



It's so bizarre & sad that my instinctual reaction was,"oh hey it wasn't a school, some good news!"


@9 Also the narrative about "Nashville backpedaling" is false because it wasn't that (slightly more) liberal city that expelled the lawmakers, it was the state's Republican supermajority.


Not sure the issue with the assignment to write your own obituary.

Why fire the teacher?

I vaguely remember a similar assignment in junior high. Granted that was 50 years ago at a time when being incinerated by a hydrogen bomb was a realistic expectation.

Surely Juniors and Seniors in High School are mature enough to contemplate their own mortality.


@10: Are you saying that's what the Dallas Morning News article does? If you didn't read the article, nows a great time to do so and report back.


“By suspending Roe v. Wade last year, the Supreme Court left abortion access to the states.”

They didn’t “suspend” Roe, they overturned it, the direct and intentional result of five decades of right-wingers packing the Supreme Court to do exactly that. (Please thank CM Sawant for this outcome, as her relentless campaigning against Clinton in 2016 greatly assisted Trump in completing this job.)

As the ultimate goal of the misogynists is to remove ALL reproductive freedom, expect lawsuits like this ad infinitum, until we enact a constitutional amendment to keep rape-friendly right-wing laws off of our bodies.


@20: Granted, Sawant has always had a bunch of crazy bees in her bonnet but I hardly think she put a dent in the outcome of the 2016 election.


@20 How dare you besmirch the great Jill Stein! She was going to usher in our long-sought Socialist utopia!!!! Why else would Sawant endorse her? Besides there was "no difference" between Clinton and Trump! /s

@21 It's her mentality, and others like her. Sawant wasn't the only crazy to believe that Clinton was no different than Trump, and then proceed to endorse "movement/protest" candidates... or some other B.S. like that.

If you really believed in defending Row v. Wade (and weren't just grandstanding), the ONLY logical and legitimate choice in the 2016 election was Clinton. The only one. And it wasn't even close. Just like Gore was the only choice over Bush in 2000. Both elections had enough far-left loons that parroted the "there is no difference" B.S. How many SC justices are Bush/Trump nominees?

Elections have consequences. Shouting into a bullhorn is performance art.


I support the Starbucks unionization effort but am disappointed to see workers calling for the structural expansion of tipping via credit card. In addition to being historically an employer scheme to avoid paying a living wage, tipping also aggravates existing social inequities among workers themselves, as researchers have consistently found that customers tip white workers more than workers of color and younger workers more than older ones. Starbucks and other food service companies should abolish tipping entirely and raise wage levels to compensate, and the union should be demanding this rather than trying to further entrench tip culture. (In the meantime, however, please either tip generously -- especially so to people of color -- or else don't patronize the business at all. The inherent injustice of tip culture is not an excuse to be a cheapskate. Sorry.)


@14 Why did you feel the need to restate what @13 wrote?


"Suck My Tongue" sounds like a G.G. Allin song title.

5 - You call 911 if a Rasta sits near you, and you also want to concern troll over Nazi war relics?


@23 Doesn't Starbucks pool tips? In that environment the demographics aren't going to matter since everyone is splitting any tips received.


I am a grammar nerd who, as much as it pains me, has adopted "their" as a singular pronoun in the cause of social equality and justice but I refuse, REFUSE I say, to call my "barista" a "mixologist."


Sawant sunk Clinton?

so it Wasn't
her $400,000.00
"speeches" to Goldman
Sacs nor her Decades-long
attacks by far riech-wing Deplorables
nor Wild Bill's move to the Center when
he discovered Unions were no longer in the
Dems' pockets -- well to be fair they Were but
"Republicans" got rid of Most Unions (from 1/3 to
one fucking Ninth of the populace) nor Gore's neut-
ering by Clinton making him Gutless in the "Reupiblic-
ans" War on the 2000 Election Outcome (spoiler Alert: Gore
fiucking WON - IF they'd counted all the fucking Votes

which they Did but
only After gore

but yeah
the Woman who
had Zero Influence
was Definitely to Blame.

Glad we got that one
all Squared away.


@26 for the Bingo.


the beauty of succession is in the quality of the actors, the sparse dialougue, the camera angles of each scene, and the power dynamic between father-chikdren and children-children. the plot line is hardly significant. the fact they all died in a plane crash last nite is barely relevant.


@23: I still do not understand what a union is supposed to accomplish at Starbucks. Replacement of tipping with higher wages would be a good goal for any union, but even that’s apparently not on the table. What’s the point?


"The Republican-dominated North Dakotan state Senate passed a bill increasing the amount of money state employees receive in meal reimbursements. They did this 10 days after they killed a bill that would give low-income school kids free lunches."

well that one's a No Brainer
kids cannot fucking VOTE
plus they're Poor which
by Definition makes
them fucking FREE

we don't have a Country
we now have a Corporation
where your Survival's only ass-
ured by your incessant search for
a Better Income & by Gawd if The
Cruelty ain't The Bloody Point then I
guess I don't know What the Fuck it Is.

"Florida teacher asked kids to pen their own obituaries: A Florida psychology teacher asked his 11th and 12th graders to write their own obituaries ahead of an active shooting drill. He was fired before the school day even ended."

a Golden opportunity for
FLA goobernor de Santos to
pass out semi-auto pistols and
assorted WMDs to the chirrens
and why Not hand grenades and
pocket nukes, cut those hated taxes
Cancel all Healthcare & take the Rest of
the day off. Hell even God got a little time
off. why not ol' Ron de Santos? he's Earned it.


@33 hardly. those are very sincere comments about the show. truly one of the best in recent memory. and anyoone who hasnt seen it should not be put off by any spoilers. the narrative arc of the show is hardly unique - its greek/shakespearian/mobster/family plot that has been done 1000s of times. they just do it very well.


Everett sure had a hard-on for those coffee stands. Weirdly fixated on them for a while.

You’d have to think there was something more pressing that deserved the attention of the authorities…


@20 though I love any reason to laugh at the poop lady being the cause of every woe in seattle, it was more the occupy movement than kshama to blame for Hilary Clinton losing. sawant is crazy and jealous of any other female in power as she’s attacked every other female who has more power than her. Her influence might have swayed 100,000 votes max. But it brings the awareness that our collective vote needs to be united to avoid more conservative craziness that led to trump.


I was Hopin'
you show up!
my little Trollflake

"love the Shite
you Get and STFU."

there's STILL a Fungus
in your hungus
el Friendo.

soured you.


@26: Sawant wasn’t campaigning in Seattle. She decided no additional progressive legislation was needed on the Seattle City Council, and travelled to swing states to campaign against Clinton.

“Sawant's opposition to Hillary Clinton was heard not only locally, but nationally. She made the case that Clinton was exactly the same as Trump,”


Whether or not Sawant’s campaign of lies against Clinton had any effect, she was trying to elect Trump, and it was Trump who completed the decades of court-packing which destroyed Roe.


@16 Tu Quoque/Whataboutism of the day!

A public statue, which people decorate with clown make-up and feather boas, which is more of a satirical trophy of winning the Cold War, is significantly different than a billionaire who spent millions on a private collection of Nazi paraphernalia that exemplars what he admires about Nazis and who also bribed a sitting SCOTUS justice for thirty years.



“Her influence might have swayed 100,000 votes max.”

More than enough to swing the election in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Remember a swing of 10,000 votes in Michigan and 22,000 votes in Wisconsin would have changed the outcome.

Withe margins so close every lunatic complaining about Hillary’s corporate speeches makes a difference.

How many votes in battleground states did Sawant’s October article in The Nation headlined “Don’t Waste Your Vote on the Corporate Agenda—Vote for Jill Stein and the Greens“ cost Hillary?


Nobody of sound mind is going to sleep well anymore until every last cold-blooded RepubliKKKan neofascist is deservedly getting cornholed for life in prison or dead.

@1 and @10 Brent Gumbo for the WIN!

@37 Swamp Thing: If I had to guess, I'd say in blood red RepubliKKKan bass-ackwards Snohomish County, it boils down to bad Everett cops under Sheriff Adam Fortney. Where would they be without their Krispy Kremes, bootlicking, and racial profiling?

@39: You go first, lil 'shroom. And take your little dog, Bazinga with you.

@41 kristofarian: Phallus Impudicus can't help himself. The Orange Turd's disease has spread so internally amongst its bootlicking MAGAts they're all shooting themselves in the foot. RepubliKKKans love their guns and Free Dumbs so much they'll be killing and eating each other up next. It's no wonder they're politically sticking to the "Don-ner Party" like rubber cement. They will until the GOP finally goes down like a Lead Zeppelin. It's neofascism or bust for corrupt white billionaires and their loyal below poverty level lapdogs.


Have a question. The desire to view some cleavage, in this case with your morning brew, has been around forever, I suppose, and will continue until certain men and certain women decide to no longer monetize the human female breast. That may never happen. Young boys still sneak (or watch Cinemax) to get their first gander at probably a manufactured set of female breasts. You never much hear, though, of girls clambering over each other to get their first look at dick. Or maybe they do but are just more reserved about it. And while acceptable female attire seems to be getting skimpier and skimpier, male clothing (except in the gay community) gets baggier and baggier. What’s up with that? Can’t help thinking that such unquestioned behavior is groundwork for future, inappropriate sexual aggression on the street and in the workplace. I know. I sound like a prude, and perhaps I’m overreacting, but I just want more for women than a job selling espresso in a bikini – even if some women thrill at the idea.

With that, my question. The City of Everett was trying to enforce a more conservative norm. But could they have won their case if they’d said that maybe serving boiling hot drinks with no clothes on is an eventual invitation to second- or third-degree burns? It’s maybe a safety issue. You know, you don’t ever want to fry bacon or chicken naked, right? I wouldn’t want to steam milk either.

I remember attending a seminar at college on child labor worldwide. It isn’t an easy condemnation everywhere. I don’t like it, but I guess in some developing countries, even still, even with globalism, every family member, other than infants, works. The survival of the family depends upon the very, very meager earnings. So, yes, while childhood should be for childhood, no, it can’t be yet.

I’ve run out of bad things to say about Clarence Thomas except that if indeed his hearing was, for him, a “high-tech lynching,” then good. Ever since then he’s shown more and more of his arsehole imploring us to, “Kiss it, y’all. Kiss it.”

Spoiler alert: I didn’t buy last night’s episode of “Succession.” All the belated sadness and grief. Um, this is a family of entitled cobras. Pops used his family like pieces on a chessboard and played them like a fine, old fiddle. Please tell me that after a life of that kind of treatment, at least one kid wouldn’t have volunteered a musical accompaniment to the chest compression scene. My suggestion would have been, “Glo-ry, glo-ry, hal-le-lu-jah, Glo-ry, glo-ry, hal-le-lu-jah….” I guess the oldest son went ahead with his wedding – even after most guests had departed - which is kind of a fuck you, old man, unless he's just a lost-in-space moron.


Construction is slowing down for builders who need financing. Those who self-finance will be able to buy up even more housing to construct new housing that is nowhere near "affordable"


Begone rot


@47 Bauhaus I: I share your concerns. I am appalled by our rape culture's obsession with body image and its cruelly chauvinistic double standard. Women are supposed to be emaciated, and expected to starve ourselves at 20 lbs under a healthy weight, whereas any man resembling Brendan Fraser in The Whale is perceived socially acceptable. And ugly, trolling white male RepubliKKKan incels hellbent on enforcing this double standard wonder angrily why they can't get laid. And as long as the Party of Orange Turd remains hellbent on using women and girls as baby machines, the GOP is fated to go extinct.

Agreed, too, on U.S. Extreme Court shitwipe, Clarence Thomas and his Ginni bitch.

@48 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I share your concerns, too, regarding the housing crisis. Runaway development is being green-lighted to the highest, for profit bidder everywhere on the West Coast. There is no way I could afford new housing where I currently am.
You've said it before in plenty of comment threads, and I'll say it again: RepubliKKKans are horrible excuses for people.


@50: That totally fucked up Orange Turd bootlicking neofascist District Court Texaban "judge" ruling against the approval of mifepristone, is a prime example of RepubliKKKans condoning rape culture. That piece of shit should be cornholed in prison instead of wearing any judicial robe.
Okay, GOP fuckwads. No birth control, no abortions, even after a rape, incest, or a woman's or girl's life at stake, then no sex. Period. May your ugly, smelly 'shrooms shrivel up like pink pickles and remain limp. Die of prostate cancer.


and in Other News

Expelled Democratic Lawmaker Is
Sworn Back in to Tennessee House

The move to reappoint Representative Justin Jones was a swift rebuke to the Republican supermajority over its decision to expel him and another lawmaker.

The council voted 36 to 0 to send Mr. Jones, the only person nominated, back to the House ahead of a special election later this year. The fast pace of his reinstatement meant that he had not missed a single floor session in the House.

Mr. Jones took his oath of office on the steps of the State Capitol, now empowered with a national platform and the backing of Democrats across the state and the country. The moment came two weeks after the mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville that prompted Mr. Jones and two other Democrats to protest in the House chamber.

Tenneessee "re[ublicans" don't
Cotton to No free speech
by their Opponents.

such is Neo


credit where it's due:

by Emily Cochrane
April 10, 2023


@43: Have you forgotten the decades of right-wing whining about the statue of Lenin in Fremont? We all know it’s because they can’t take a joke, but as always, their overprivileged butthurt is quite sincere.

One of the first major shows in the downtown Seattle Art Museum was “Designs of Art and Persuasion,” a look at propaganda during the early Soviet period in Russia, all of Nazi Germany, and other parts of Europe during the inter-war period. Did Seattle glorify those extremisms by showcasing their propagandas? (Especially as they all looked somewhat alike.)

Nail him for bribing a Supreme Court Justice. Attacking his art collection merely grants him sympathy he neither needs nor deserves.


Thanks for the clarification and article @Tensorna. True as well @Sir Toby II, her influence could have altered the vote in any possible way. I didnt know kshama was comparing Hilary Clinton to trump In her travel campaigns.


@52 and @53 kristofarian: Thank you for sharing some better news. May all their self-induced neofascist pigfuckery truly spell the end of the GOP. What was the point of Representative Justin Jones' expulsion from the Tennessee State House in the first place, other than another typical RepubliKKKan neofascist bullying stunt?
In more GOP exposing news, via The Seattle Times, Sunday, April 9, 2023:
[State GOP Can't Quit What's Worst For Them, Danny Westneat, Northwest, C1 & C4, The Seattle Times, Sunday, April 9, 2023]. Westneat had warned Washington State RepubliKKKans that sticking to Trumpism would only jeopardize the party, and from the results of not only the 2020 election but also more recently in the midterms, where RepubliKKKan candidates--Joe Kent among them---promised a red wave that only resulted in a mere drip as Washington became a solid blue. Marie Gluesenkemp Perez, a mechanic in Vancouver, Washington beat Kemp for the Representative seat in District 3 vacated by Jaime Herrera-Beutler.
It's 2023, the GOP still isn't listening, is still pushing the Trumpist agenda, and Westneat says, "Chance squandered. Get ready for the fourth kick of the mule."

Indeed, a number of columnists in The Seattle Times Opinion section have similar feelings about the RepubliKKKan party and its neofascist tactics losing voters:
[The pragmatic progressives of Gen Z, by Jean Guerrero, D1 and D4, The Seattle Times, April 9, 2023]:
Guerrero writes about the paradoxes of Gen Z being more inclusive and embracing of diversity than of old er generations. People in this demographic are more civic minded and they're getting out to vote.
Citing Gen Z ingenuity Guerrero cites Gen Zers using TikTok to derail a Trump rally (a certain press conference on November 7, 2020 in the parking lot of Four Seasons Landscaping arranged by Rudy Guilliani comes to mind), and "Olivia Juiliana, a 19 year old in Texas, trolled Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, and used his name to raise $2 million for abortion funds."
Guerrero summarizes with the following statement: "The GOP's future, whether it accepts it or not, will depend on winning over this [Gen Z] generation. As long as Gen Zers fight apathy and cynicism about politics, they may come to wield more power than they think they have."


Here are two more from The Sunday April 9, 2023 Seattle Times Opinions Section:

Charles M. Blow, columnist from The New York Times writes about Donald Trump's arraignment on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. [Trump, the incredible shrinking defendant, Charles M. Blow, page D2, Opinion, The Seattle Times, Sunday, April 9, 2023]. Blow goes on about Trump supporters claiming this as "a sad day in history", when really it is justice finally being served: "It was finally evidence of the justice system doing its best to operate as normal, to treat a former president as it would any other defendant, trying to firmly establish something resembling fairness and honesty in this country." Blow goes on to cite Trump's long list of grievances against NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg, NY Attorney General Letitia James, and District Attorney Fani Wells of Fulton County, Georgia, labeling them as racist. All three prosecutors are non-white.
In summary, Blow write "Trump has nurtured in his bas the idea of white victimization, and identifying purported Black racists further incubates that view. The whole exhibition reinforced just how stale Trump has become and how much of a one-trick pony he always was.
"You could say Trump's indictment so strengthens him among his base that it might guarantee the 2024 Republican nomination---and if so, that this could be the best case scenario for Democrats.
But he's wounded and limping, regardless of how much his supporters gather to support him. Trump isn't what he used to be, and neither, it seems, is the country."

New York Times syndicated columnist Michelle Goldberg writes about the GOP's poor decisions against abortion [Abortion backlash is starting to freak out Republicans, page D3, Editorial Page, Opinion, The Seattle Times, Sunday April 9, 2023]. Goldberg cited Anne Coulter, who tweeted:"The demand for anti-abortion legislation just cost Republicans another crucial race." Coulter added, "Pease stop pushing strict limits on abortion, or there will be no Republicans left." Goldberg comments on severe laws being passed in Tennessee,, South Carolina, and Florida.
Goldberg states: "It's not surprising that voters have reacted with revulsion to being stripped of rights they'd long taken for granted, and seeing the health of women treated so cavalierly. But the backlash seems to have caught Republicans off guard. When the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization leaked, Coulter assured her readers that the end of Roe wouldn't help Democrats, claiming that "Outside of the media, no one seems especially bothered by the decision," she wrote.
Goldberg clarifies by saying that what happened was that Republicans fell for their own right wing propaganda about representing "normal" Americans. She adds that "untethered to actual Republican voters, Coulter was able to pivot, but the Republican party cannot. Instead, its leaders are adopting a self-soothing tactic sometimes seen on the left, insisting they're being defeated because they've failed to make their values clear, not because their values are unpopular. "When you're losing by 10 points there is a messaging issue," Republican Party Chair Donna McDaniel said on FOX, explaining the loss in Wisconsin.
But, very aptly, Goldberg summarizes: "But you can't message away forced birth. Republicans' political problem is twofold. Their supporters take the party's position on abortion seriously, and now, post-Roe, so does everyone else."


@55: You’re welcome. Completing the elimination of American women’s right to choose may well be Sawant’s greatest political accomplishment; it certainly dwarfs anything she did in her ten years of petty, divisive bickering on Seattle’s City Council. (And like her Saving of the Showbox, no one at the Stranger will even mention it now. Sad.)


tensorna dear, you have to admit that Crow's "art" collection is creepy. I mean, Our Dear Raindrop defends it, so you know it's a bit off (just kidding, Raindrop dear). Appreciating Agiprop for it's camp value is one thing, fetishizing it is quite another - and I can't bring myself to find campiness in anything about the Nazi Party. I'll leave that to "The Producers"

Although the Garden of Evil concept is interesting. I've often thought that what they should do with all the confederate statues is to put them all in a garden, with interpretive signage that explains the evil deeds (and in some instances, the deep regret) of the subjects they glorify. But Americans probably aren't bright enough to grasp that concept.


@59: To the very best of my knowledge, I’ve never seen anything from Crow’s art collection, so I can’t say. I was just noting the only reason anyone cares about Crow was because of the expensive favors he was granting a very powerful government official. We should focus on that, not on how he chooses his interior decorations.


tensorna dear, I get your point, but I tend to disagree. It's bad enough that a Supreme Court Justice is on the take to a wealthy person, but it's downright disturbing that the wealthy person apparently has fascist tendencies, for that Supreme Court justice is enabling those fascist tendencies. If Justice Thomas was being bankrolled by George Soros, the right would be having kittens over that. Why can't we have a kitten or two?


see also:
Clarence Thomas
Is as Free as Ever to Treat
His Seat Like a Winning Lottery Ticket

time to Re-pack
OUR formerly-
Supreme Ct.


@54 - there is a big difference between putting propaganda on display for its historical and educational value and being a Nazi fanboy collector. A rich guy having that shit displayed in his house is of little value in teaching others about the evils of fascism. The signed copy of Mein Kampf is especially creepy. Crow probably waited for hours in line when they held the book signing at Barnes and Goebbels.


I know that grammar and spelling are tools of elitist white supremacy or whatever, but it's "backpedal". You shouldn't get paid to write if you can't spell.


isn't Goebbels
over at FOX

el Ruperto
always did
LOVE that
little Nazi
with a


Attempting to damage priceless works of art for the cause of climate change is far more fascist that some billionaire's signed copy of Mein Kampf.


@61 -- you're not Alone.
one reader's comment on
the article from @62, above:

That Nazi memorabilia stuff really sticks in my craw. I mean, what kind of person wants to own an autographed copy of Mein Kampf? Does one have a room where guests are invited to view amazing original Nazi flags and SS uniforms among other tasty treats of the era?

Imagine walking into that room. I'd want to punch my way out. Clarence, obviously, doesn't have a problem with this. Heck, he probably wouldn't have a problem with a slave room containing juicy memorabilia replete with leg irons and whips.

The old adage, you are known by the company you keep applies here. Birds of a feather....

andy b; hudson, fl.

and when KkKonnell's
Kangaroo 'court' reinstitutes
Slavery won't Former 'justice' thomas
be surprised. down the River mr 'justice.'


@61, @63: Well, that was quite the dogpile of unvalidated assumptions and false equivalences. Owning artwork means you agree with everything the original artists or patrons believed? Many art galleries still believe in slavery, then? (What about paintings commissioned by factory owners whose factories employed child labor?)

Soros bankrolls liberal causes, which is actually totally different from giving expensive gifts to Supreme Court Justices. Mixing the two just makes it easier for right-winger’s to excuse Thomas’ behavior.

You guys really gotta take a deep breath, and recall the motto of the Friends of the Seattle Public Library: “There’s something in my library to offend everyone.”


Oh, give me a break tensorna. The guy's a Nazi. Stop wringing your hands over it. You sound like Our Dear Raindrop.


Catalina Vel-DuRay Is correct. Being friends with a Nazi supporter shows something about their own character. They know they’re supportive of a movement that committed genocide but chose to look the other way. Maybe I’m biased because my relatives fled Europe to avoid that, and were so terrified they hid everything to do with our heritage and whitewashed our entire culture.


@68 oh fuck off you moron.

Nazi memorabilia like fucking SS daggers and shit is not "artwork" you colossal dumbfuck. Christ almighty you are an idiot. (Somehow this will now be Sawant's fault, too, I suppose.) How much more water you want to carry for fascists.

He literally bought Thomas a trip to Hitler's Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden, FFS. (From now deleted IG images:

With Ginny's crazy racist assistant who was fired from Turning Point USA (so you know it was bad) for literally saying she hated black people.


@69: No dear, Crow is not a Nazi. Please read this Dallas Morning News article if you haven't already.


To walk through this rogues’ gallery is to travel through more than a century of politics and upheaval. In no way is it a celebration of repressive regimes, Crow says.

“I’m a child of the Cold War. You know who Tito is, but the next generation won’t. I don’t think Lenin will ever be forgotten, but I am trying to preserve that as a part of our history. American history and world history are very definitely related.”

Protected in cabinets, documents’ signatures read Ponce de Leon, Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci, George Washington, Robert E. Lee and all the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Paintings on the walls bear the surnames of some of art history’s masters, including Peale, Renoir and Monet, as well as the likes of Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler and Dwight Eisenhower. All told, 8,500 books and manuscripts are housed here.


@72. Wow I mean that's some serious cognitive dissonance. Sometimes a person who reveres Nazi memorabilia is just that. That's fucking weird on its own, but I'd rather not have them pushing what is very clearly a fascist agenda through the courts, whether or not that person meets your extremely paper thin narrow standards on what constitutes fascism, other than it being whatever you don't like that the left does with your whataboutisms. A signed copy of Mein Kampf? A garden full of fascists? Millions of unrequested gifts for 30 years? Either you're just trying too hard again to troll, or you've got some serious reckoning to do with reality. That's a fucking duck.


@73: Right back at ya bro. Seriously. What elevates that particular part of his vast collection spanning the other artists and figures into the definition of a Nazi? I guess I must have a higher threshold than you do. Anyone who studied the holocaust and Nazi Germany should have the decency to not use the term cavalierly.


bingo dewey
not all Fascists
are Nazis and not
all Nazis are Fascists

but the Overton Window
shows damn Little difference

and no, I don't
wanna know.


Wow, the word “Nazi” is just Pavlovian to you guys, isn’t it? You just got punked by raindrop quoting actual facts, which is a blaring indication you really are that humiliatingly wrong. Do with that what you will, since you’re clearly beyond my power to help. I’ll just restate an equally obvious point:

You can criticize some rich guy’s art and artifact collection ad nauseum, but all you’ve done is NOT criticize Justice Thomas’ practice of accepting lavish gifts. That’s your choice, but please don’t whine at the rest of us if Thomas skates on this.


@77. It's shameful how you're always bending over backwards to be an apologist for whoever it's obviously at fault for corrupting the supreme court and the overarching Federalist society with their pet agenda and succeeding since George W. Bush took office. That's some obviously bad optics, and yet like the banned Fax you spend your previous time making sure that nobody misunderstand that the Nazi memorabilia and fetish this guy clearly has is just a misunderstanding and nothing special with all the other historical crap he has hanging around.

And I did criticize the lavish gifts. As I mentioned, over 30 years of getting millions in random donations that nobody asked for just because of their special friendship. But as soon as anyone brings the word fascism in to the conversation, well I swear you guys will never accept that fucking definition no matter how much somebody is a goddamned fascist. Nobody has to convince you of anything, but god damn you are shamefully lost in the woods with your priorities.


Fascism doesn't have to mean that the person sympathizes with the Holocaust or even the Nazis, but that they want corporate rule over the government. In other words, they want the power to buy their policies without anyone else having oversight that's in the outgroup. Pay to win. That's fascism.


@75. Anybody who studied the Holocaust and Nazi Germany should have the decency to recognize what fascism is and call it out when they see it.


@79: So are all mega-donors to political parties and candidates fascists? Can you name someone who fits your definition who currently holds office?


@79 is contradicted by @80.


@81. No, just the billionaires who bribe supreme court justices for decades with dark money and succeed at controlling the entire Court over the will of the people with no accountability. I'd have a harder time trying to name someone who isn't in the pocket of folks who want a corporatist government that twists people's good faith with dominisim. If you don't want to call that fascism, that doesn't make my use of the term entirely inaccurate.




@81. So, tell me, what's a fascist to you? Is anyone in the modern day capable of being a fascist? Were the Neo-Nazis who stormed the Capitol on January 6ths actual fascists, or were they just cosplaying? What is an acceptable use of the term fascism when describing anyone who acts like a fascist in the modern day? Godwin's law be damned, there has to be some standard by which you can call a duck a duck.


@85: Donald Trump, due to his political history and sociopath reverence for dictatorship and lack of empathy, solidifies the definition of fascism as far as he is concerned.

I just don't get the quest to arbitrarily label political adversaries (current GOP for example) as fascist. I think you'd agree the definition requires demonstrated and repeated cruelty and indifference to serving the greater good and public interest.


Alright, you know what? Fuck it. I don't give a shit if you think that Harlen Crow fuckall is a fascist or not merely on account of his fucking shit in his fucking residence teeming to the brim with weird ass shit that belongs in a museum or a fucking pyre. Get that man out of the pocket of our Supreme Court, because he is worse than Hitler to me in the sense that his actions affect us all directly now, and not as a mere memory!! Fucking A dude. Do you not see he is directly responsible for the fucking interstate bullshit about the abortion pill since his lackeys who lied about their intent did his bidding with his fucking oil money and Texas Railroad Commission silver spoon up his ass fucking us all so everyone subscribes to his fuckhead ass backwards agenda to eliminate Roe v. Wade which was a massive success that no moderate pushy fucking pansy has an answer for because they are bunch of bootlicking scumbags who have no pride in this country or any principles other than blind loyalty to fucking melanin content.


@79: “In other words, they want the power to buy their policies without anyone else having oversight that's in the outgroup. Pay to win. That's fascism.”

No, that’s merely oligarchy.

But I agree with your implicit admission. Your main chance at winning an argument rests upon your ability to redefine the common meanings of words.

(Say, do you know what type of regime liked to redefine the common meanings of words?)


@88. I don't give a shit about winning an argument. Winning an argument is what leaked a bunch of classified documents to world intelligence agencies and propaganda troll farms because some nerd on Discord needed to win an argument.

You can keep your debate UIL trophies. My point is that your priorities should be getting this guy's fucking arm elbow deep in Clarence Thomas's rotten ass out of the Supreme Court.

Instead, you rush to set the record straight that the Nazi shit in his house doesn't count because he also has well known leftist tyrant mass murdering fuckheads. Great. As I said, he is responsible for Roe V. Wade you childish buffoon. Go take your gold star, but get in line to call for this fucking dishonorable puppet to hit the road running. What matters more?


@87: On one hand, you're talking about the Clarence Thomas' corruption and Crow's lavish gifts, and we agree on that. On the other hand, the discussion is whether or not Crow's a Nazi or fascist - which is the only part I'm addressing.


@89: “I don't give a shit about winning an argument.”

That’s blatantly obvious from your comments in this thread, yes, but it’s good to see your recognition of it.

“My point is that your priorities should be getting this guy's fucking arm elbow deep in Clarence Thomas's rotten ass out of the Supreme Court.”

That was actually my point, but imitation remains the sincerest form of flattery.

Now, let’s stop arguing over the details of some rich guy’s rare book collection, and work toward getting Clarence Thomas off our Supreme Court, and into a nice comfy little jail cell with Trump. (I think we can also agree they richly deserve each other’s long-term enforced company, no?)

Speaking of rare books:

@63: “The signed copy of Mein Kampf is especially creepy.”

A signed copy of an international best-seller would command a high price at any auction, yes, but this one has the additional advantage of extraordinary rarity. After Hitler’s long-overdue suicide, copyright of the book passed to the state government of Bavaria, which sensibly refused to allow any further publication of the book until the copyright expired, over seventy years later. Any book collector worthy of that title would be itching to get his hands on an autographed copy of such a rare item.


@57: Griz humbly apologizes for her typographical error in citing Charles M. Blow's Opinion page article in [The Seattle Times, Opinion, page D2, Sunday, April 9, 2023]: The District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, is Fani Taifa Willis, not Fani Wells. Blow stated that Willis is suing Trump for interfering with the outcome of the 2020 election.

And, in citing New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, [The Seattle Times Sunday, April 9, 2023, Opinion, page D3, make that quote from Anne Coulter thus: "Please stop pushing strict limits on abortion, or there will be no Republicans left."]


the tedium Deep
the justifications
Deeper the arg-
uments just get
Lamer. read 'im
& weep sad as
they are you'll
Never get a



@78: What’s shameful here is your rush to judgment, followed by your refusal to reconsider your snap conclusions as new evidence arrives. Then, instead of maybe considering you might actually have been wrong, you just keep re-stating your erroneous conclusion, and then personally attacking anyone who dares displaying a more open mind than you have.

You’ve nicely exemplified how the Stranger and Seattle got into their current miserable states. A lefty-liberal civic consensus was intentionally destroyed by a blazingly intolerant left-wing authoritarian extremism. Democracy needs honest dialog and meaningful compromise; extremists label these treason and betrayal. Sadly for the extremists, Seattle remains a democracy, and so they are now either losing elections, or quitting ahead of losing. Take profit from their sorry examples or not, as you will.

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