A ferry bad weekend: As I'm sure you've heard by now, the Walla Walla ferry headed from Bremerton to Seattle ran aground on Bainbridge Island on Saturday when the ship lost power. Roughly 600 passengers were stranded for hours. They made it off the Walla Walla by Saturday night, but their cars—around 200 of them—had to spend the night at sea. Passengers retrieved their cars Sunday morning in Bremerton. 

What is going on with these Air National Guardsman? Last week, authorities detained Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira for allegedly leaking classified documents. Another Air National Guardsman was also arrested last week. Tennessee's Josiah Ernesto Garcia, 21, applied to kill someone on www.rentahitman.com, a parody website complete with fake testimonials about how happy people were with their gunmen-for-hire. Garcia submitted a whole resume, his headshot, his home address, and claimed he was such an expert marksman that people called him "Reaper." Garcia allegedly agreed to carry out a hit for $5,000. However, he did not realize he was discussing the deal with an undercover FBI agent. 

Let there be light: Seattle will gain three minutes of sunlight a day for the rest of April. Over the weekend, we hit this milestone: 

It's certainly soggy, though: Despite winter ending in mid-March, it's been damp and dank in the Seattle area. We've had the wettest post-winter in these last few weeks than we've had in five years. And a lot of the rain keeps falling on weekends. I'm still enjoying the rain. The promise of "May flowers" is keeping me going. 

Just remember what's on the other side of all the rain: Unprecedented heat waves in Washington state are now kinda precedented thanks to climate change. According to the Seattle Times, the 2021 heat wave that sent temperatures soaring past 100 degrees for days killed approximately 150 people

Clarence Thomas to amend disclosure reports: The Supreme Court Justice said he will amend his disclosure reports to include the 2014 real estate deal Thomas conducted with his sugar daddy real estate mogul Harlan Crow. Thomas claimed he did not report the sale because he sold the properties—one of which is still the house his mother lives in—at a loss. CNN reported that part of the deal was that Thomas's mother would live in her house, now owned by Crow, rent free. Thomas's mother pays property taxes and insurance.

While we're on the subject... It turns out Thomas reported between $50,000 and $100,000 in income annually from a real estate holdings firm that has been defunct since 2006

A tear-jerker for your morning: The New York Times profiled two of the children who survived the May 2022 shooting at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school. The kids—Noah Orona, 10, and Mayah Zamora, 11—were both shot by an AR-15 and lived. Now, after a year of surgeries and physical therapy, they're attempting to return to normal lives. However, Noah hasn't cried since the day of the shooting; a knock at the door sends Mayah running for cover under her kitchen table. They survived death, but they are not the kids they once were.

Alabama shooting kills four: A shooting broke out Saturday night at a teenager's 16th birthday party in a Dadeville, Alabama dance studio. The shooting killed four people and wounded 28.

Blast off called off: Elon Musk's SpaceX couldn't launch its giant Starship rocket this morning as planned. The 400-foot rocket—the biggest rocket ever built—didn't launch due to a "frozen valve." It'll take about 48 hours to fix the problem and reset the rocket. 

Love is... botched: Last night, Netflix attempted a live reunion for the fourth season of its hit dating show "Love is Blind." This was only Netflix's second-ever foray into the world of live TV and, well, it showed. The show was delayed 75 minutes due to technical difficulties. And, even then, many viewers struggled to get the episode to play. Netflix says the reunion should be available for everyone to watch by this afternoon. 

With this season set in Seattle, (although two of the cast members are from Portland lol), watching the show and the reunion felt like local broadcast journalism. None of it is good, and yet it's incredibly watchable and mockable. That said, I have a half-boiled conspiracy theory about how all Netflix dating shows are propaganda designed to reverse the declining U.S. birthrate. You might think I'm crazy, but the reunion did end with the age-old question, "You're married, now when are you having kids?"

Fox defamation trial pushed back: The $1.6 billion defamation case brought against Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems was pushed back by a day allegedly due to settlement conversations over in the Fox camp. The suit claims Fox News damaged Dominion's reputation during the media giant's misleading coverage of 2020 election fraud. The trial should resume tomorrow.

McConnell returns to the Senate: Mitch McConnell will return to work today after recovering from a fall for six weeks. McConnell, 81, sustained a concussion and a fractured rib when he fell at a D.C. hotel. Look, Mitch, buddy, you may think you're ready to return to a full-time schedule after a concussion, but those head injuries are notoriously tricky, non-linear things. Raising the national debt ceiling and negotiating aid for Ukraine is enough to send your concussion recovery right back to square one. I think you should take a load off, maybe use this as reason to retire? At the end of the day, all you've got is your brain.