In case the headline confused you, this is Clarence Thomas, the guy who is accepting gifts, not Zelensky, the guy Russia wants to "physically eliminate." ALEX WONG / GETTY



and in more Disturbing News:

"... and now the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council says the attack 'leaves us no option but to physically eliminate Zelensky and his clique.'"

if we're
ALL Ukraine now
aren't We in Zelensky's
clique as well? does this mean

WAR? the
nukular type?

stay tuned
for 'The Road'
brought to US and
the Planet by WMDs
Makers & War Profiteers

"it was a Decent Planet
whilst it Lasted."

C'est la vie.


that just seems like a really nice thing for a concerned billionaire to do for his millionaire buddy.


Most likely, the fuel got contaminated on board the ferry. There's lots of stuff that can go wrong in fuel tanks on boats, most involving a little bit of water in the fuel. If the crew isn't diligent about cleaning the fuel before running it through the engine, all kinds of bad things can happen.


“…cities will get to come up with their own rules, and cities like Kent will have a field day criminalizing drugs, paraphernalia, and public use.”

Thus driving users out of those towns and into Seattle, where the failed homeless policy has already attracted homeless addicts from across the country. (Will the Stranger finally admit homelessness in Seattle results primarily from addicted arrivals, not locals driven out into the street by rising rents? Yeah, right…)


«...white veteran putting a homeless Black man in a chokehold and killing him on the subway earlier this week»

That is the ersatz MAGA dream right there. Every cracker in the US South is getting a vicarious thrill. Tucker would be whooping it up if he were on air.


1 & 2 Just cut with that shit. Nobody reads it.


Give thanks to blogger Brandi Buchman for covering the entire Proud Boys trial on her feed here:


The people in Seattle have proven thought their actions that they are perfectly fine with streets lined with drug addicts. I say let the people have what they’ve helped create.


@5 Its Seattle. Everybody is from someplace else.


My colleague from India uses henna in her hair to add red, if today's writer in interested in experimenting with tints.


Not one, but two links to her Twitter - one talking about the girlies, one about the scintillating hair color change. Throw in another ridiculous take on letting junkies by junkies and BOOM one of the most hannah slogs in a long time. Good gravy.


I dunno, I got a chuckle from the bf soft launch post.


@7: Indeed. At least he'll enjoy an orgasm when Armageddon comes.


We obviously need to remove the entire SCOTUS bench - all of them - and send them back to the lower bench (there is no restriction on Justices being reassigned, it's been done MANY TIMES in our history), and appoint 15 Justices from 15 Districts (oh ok we could stick with the 13, but we all know some of our Districts are way too big right now), and not from ONE RELIGIOUS COLLEGE (today).

Oh and Putin was not a target. Not that he's not on the list now, but that's ICC so the US is not part of those operations (although the rest of NATO is clear to proceed).

Have fun defending your fuel depots, Putin!


@4.....Most likely the fuel was contaminated by the delivery source; the particular tanker truck was not properly cleaned before being filled. Maintenance on the Washington ferry system is pretty tight, so is the source of fuel as it is pretty regular servicing the whole system of ferries. The delivery trucks are the weak point in the system.


@5: again, WHAT "homeless policy"? you think opiate addicts in Hellscape, Montana are like, let's head to Seattle, their policies are great! does Oly have the same policy?

@9: by what actions have we shown we're "perfectly fine" with drug addicts lining the streets? was it when I ruled in Martin v. Boise?


@17: The policy of pretending Seattle’s homeless are encamped because a once-housed local population encountered insurmountable issues with housing affordability and access. This has led to Seattle’s wastefully undisciplined spending on homeless service providers, who can’t address the actual reason Seattle has such a large homeless population: a huge influx of already-homeless addicts.


@7 -- "1 & 2 Just cut with
that shit. Nobody
reads it."

you mean You
want NO One
to Read it

just like

skip by it or
stop whing-
ing thanks!

you are one
Twisted fucking Sister ;) !


@16 Do you have a source for the tanker truck not being properly cleaned? I didn't see that in the ST article--they blamed sediment in the fuel blocking the fuel filters. I'm not sure how the ferries run, but most commercial boats I've worked with use the centrifuge to clean fuel from the storage tanks before using it in the day tank.

I'm more concerned the the propulsion controls didn't have any kind of battery backup to keep them running after a momentary loss of power.


@19: No, it just means there’s very little point to reading your comments. If ‘this is not worthy of a response,’ is the main response your comments are getting, then you should ask yourself why you even bother commenting here.

“skip by it or
stop whing-
ing thanks!”

You don’t actually get to decide how other persons behave here. If you can’t stand to read the responses your comments are getting, then that’s another reason for you to question why you even bother making them.


Oh lord have mercy. The fashion industry has always been rife with bitchy old queens who make women (and men) look like a million fucking bucks. It’s part of the package.

Lagerfeld, who was the queen of the queens, pretty much saved the House of Chanel. Not the nicest guy to work with or for, perhaps, but draw, you devil, draw. And at least he did have a hand in most things that carried his name or the Chanel brand unlike, say, Calvin Klein, who admits that he hasn’t been at a drafting table since the very early 90s. Yes, good underwear, well-made, but designed by staff designers who slap the Calvin Klein label it, add a 200-400% markup, and ship it out to better department stores. Men, paying $28 for a pair of boxer shorts, think they are wearing Calvin Klein-designed underwear, but what they are really doing is helping with the furnishing and upkeep of Klein's $40M beach house on Fire Island. Sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so judgmental.

But yes, the fashion industry is notorious for producing and feeding some real terrors. I had a dear friend who modeled Pucci blouses at Bloomingdales and a few other stores. This was the 60s. Emilio Pucci would adjust boobs with his hands right before a model’s catwalk. At a photo shoot he once said to Kay, my friend who was pretty and a picture of svelteness, with his Italian accent, “What are we going to do with that corn-fed American face?” Not for the faint of heart, but Kay wasn’t. She was such a gas.

Valentino was notoriously cruel about his models carrying an ounce in the wrong place. I mean CRUEL and also you're fired.

The best thing to do if your offended, and being offended is understandable, is to not vote for them should they run for office, roll your eyes, and scratch them off your Christmas card list.

I think of all the great designers of the past – Dior, Givenchy, Cardin (usually), Chanel, others – and wonder at their creativity in making people look fantastic in clothes. It’s probably because I’m old, but like music, I sometimes think that there must be no more good ideas left in fashion. Runway shows today remind me of those parades they used to have that announced the circus is back in town.

How's that for bitchy?


my Gawd
your an Idiot:

actually get to
decide how other persons behave here."


"1 & 2
Just cut
with that shit."


also @

"If you can’t stand… "
my Gawd you're a
Drama Queen

"to read
the responses your
comments are getting… "

oh I can
Stand them
dipshit. even your
vitriol-infused projections

I can tell you to Stop too
but then again you're
the fucking Boss
so I shan't

Fuck Off :( .


Hannah.....I'm told blonds have more fun but you be you. Go google "Better red than dead" fits your persona.

@21 & @7. I assume you are talking to the weirdo with the e e cummings fetish. Many of us use his format as a signal to automatically skip ahead. I save a lot of time and it is one less doofus I have to consider.

IMO, the Russians staged whatever that was that happened in the Kremlin. Ukraine isn't that incompetent and it is reported that Putin, in his paranoia, has taken to moving around frequently. He is rarely in the Kremlin except for official functions.


"Many of us
use his format as
a signal to automatically skip ahead."

see how EZ it Is?
Hell even @25
Gets it.


@26 If you can’t type complete sentences in a normal format like the rest of society, don’t get all pissy when people don’t take you seriously.

Can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen.


The Quiet Part Out Loud headline. "Putin gets poisoned with the same elixir his opposition leaders got."


@18: I thought that was TS's "policy". I didn't know it was the City's.

At this point, it's been demonstrably untrue for decades.


@21 tensorna "No, it just means there’s very little point to reading your comments. If ‘this is not worthy of a response,’ is the main response your comments are getting, then you should ask yourself why you even bother commenting here."

"The main response" is just the people who are loudest. Plenty of people who read comments don't reply to them directly. Being louder doesn't make you more important, it just makes you an ass.


@20.....I do not have a source for the tanker truck being the source of contamination; that was speculation on my part. The ST article stated that the investigation has not determined whether the contamination came from on the vessel or from an outside vendor. As to why I believe it was likely a delivery truck it would seem to me that if the fuel source was contaminated there would be other users of the same fuel that would be having problems as well. I do know that the ferry service does vigorous inspections of their fleet and that Coast Guard regulations are much more strict on vessels used for public conveyance.


@29: It’s long been policy for both the Stranger and the City (or, are least, the Council). When did either the Stranger or the City Council ever admit drug addiction was the root of Seattle’s homeless problem?


@32 - IDK if it is actually City policy. I do know, however, that being the last town in the area that allows public drug use is asking for, wait for it, a whole lot of PUBLIC DRUG USE! And all of the charming property crime that goes with it. The outlying cities passing new drug laws is just the latest phase in their program of herding homeless people and addicts into Seattle so they don't have to help with their fair share of the problem. Assholes.


"My friend said he likes this song.
I did not listen to it yet."

yeah that's 20 sec I'll
never get back but
if you like it HARD
they Deliver.


*you a


I might be one too
moving On

"If you can’t type
complete sentences in a
normal format like the rest of society… '

why bother?

"… don’t get
all pissy when people
don’t take you seriously."

I seriously seldom take you seriously
scooter olde pal but getting
all pissied up's a Gas!
you think that's
Rain? can you
Not smell the

tis the

"Can’t take the heat?"

you're getting Warmer

"Get out of the kitchen."

eggsallant advice!


and thanks Saffron
it's good when
tentsey gets
it from the
tariat on

it might help
him Grow


@33: “IDK if it is actually City policy.”

Here you go:

The main page reports the situation as of 2021. Linked at the bottom of the page are seven documents from previous years. One of them mentions substance abuse, almost in passing. Homeless persons are asked many questions, including their ethnic backgrounds, but no questions about how many use controlled substances. Housing affordability and housing crisis are mentioned many times throughout these documents. Nowhere in them could I find mention of, or additional questions like the ones in, the 2016 Homeless Needs Survey. (This survey showed a majority of homeless persons in Seattle used alcohol and/or other drugs, that a majority had arrived in Seattle already homeless, and that an overwhelming majority could not have afforded housing in Seattle for the previous twenty years.)

So, that’s the City’s policy: ignore the huge and obvious amounts of substance abuse amongst the homeless, talk big about housing issues, and fret about how misfortune is racially distributed.


from Mother Jones:

The Proud Boys
Have Already Moved Onto
Their Next Target: LGBTQ Events

Members of the group were convicted for their role in January 6. Here’s what they have been up to since then.

In November 2022, the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project published data which found that anti-LGBTQ mobilization among far-right groups like the Proud Boys is up sevenfold since 2021, going from their harassing two events up to 14 the next year.

so is the Threat Progressivism
Wokeness or just plain ole
far right terrorism?

first they come for
you and then me
who Knew?


@37: While you're up there in the crow's nest, keep an eye out for icebergs too.


@38 -- thanks!

stay Safe!


@30: The comment @1 has been removed, so it appears the mods here agree: it was not worth reading.

I can’t stop you from using name-calling in place of actual arguments, facts, or reason, but please don’t blame anyone but yourself if your comments get deleted next.


Oh. Blaming the drub addicts for homelessness is a lie. There are many drug addicts in homes. Stop the dog whistles.

It is the economic system and the greed. MANY People cannot afford housing and the cost of living. THAT IS A FACT. And homelessness is a major result. Most of the wealth is hoarded by the top 20%.

This is a national problem including a local one and it can be addressed in a humane way.

Stigmatizing people for being poor, mentally ill, addicted is causing more problems. We need to stop the despair and provide positive solutions. Recently in New York a homeless man was murdered by a vigilante who felt justified because the man was Black and homeless. He has yet to be charged.

The Great Depression was not caused by poor people but by Wall Street and it caused massive poverty and homelessness.

One solution is Social Housing and there are others such as crisis centers. Corrupt politicians that can be bought off are in the way of progression in this crisis.

Europe has made astounding progress in eradicating homelessness.

In addition, building the labor movement will empower the people to help eliminate poverty
and provide a great safety net which can improve so many lives.


Yes. Racism and Classism is a big factor in homelessness.

Remember the massive tax cuts and services provided to the wealthy at the expense of the working class? It is happening still and causes poverty.


@41: “There are many drug addicts in homes.”

Strange; all we readers here thought you were already long and intimately familiar with the concept of the “functional alcoholic.”

@41, @42: And there are plenty of poor people in houses, too. It’s not “the poor” camping in tents, but rather persons who arrived in Seattle already homeless and addicted. You insult Seattle’s working poor (of whom I was once one) when you equate them with thieving vagrants.


What I would like to see in 2023: Harlan Crow, his water boy, Clarence Thomas and his Ginni bitch, the Orange Turd, every Wall Street bankster, Mitch McKKKonnell, Kevin McKKKarthy, Brett KKKavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, Jr., Amy Coney Barrett, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Krysten SInema, Joe Manchin, Matt Gaetz, Gregg Abbott, Ron De Santis, Brad Little, Mike Dunleavy, Doug Ducey, Tate Reeves, Kay Ivey, Tucker Carlson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, QAnon goons, Patriot Players, Proud Boys, and the rest of their MAGAt ilk broke and homeless if not in prison. They are responsible for the ugly state of our national economy.
Federal Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned us. The debt ceiling needs to be raised before June 1, 2023.
Everyone take note---RepubliKKKans enthusiastically voted to raise the federal debt ceiling unquestioningly THREE TIMES when the Orange Turd was illegally occupying the White House during its one disastrous term in the Oval Outhouse.

@10 Alden: I wouldn't say everybody in Seattle is from somewhere else, although it sure seems that way. Our region is suffering because too many people are relocating here from somewhere else, population growth is happening too fast, and housing and infrastructural concerns are not adequately being addressed. (I'm a Seattle native but live outside King County. Just saying.)

@14: Are you feeling all right, raindrop dear?

@26 kristofarian: I know, right? Every time I see @25's avatar I automatically scroll past.

@27: Good point, Scooter pie. I know better than to ever take you seriously.

@41 & @42 Ivy R.Nightscales: BINGO! Agreed that Wall Street is responsible for massive poverty and homelessness. We as a country are headed for infinitely worse than The Great Depression economically if the U.S.debt ceiling issue isn't resolved soon.


@42: "Racism and Classism is a big factor in homelessness."

Drug addition is the biggest factor. Can you name someone who's racist and rich who caused someone homeless?


@44: “…Wall Street is responsible for massive poverty and homelessness.”

Gawd, you people really have gotten piss-drunk on the Stranger’s Sawantist Kool-Aid. (What will you do next, go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao?)


@45: Yes, raindrop, dear. That would amount to be just about every RepubliKKKan KKKorporate billionaire.
Does Jeff Bezos ring any bells? Ask anyone who has worked for Amazon and gotten laid off.

@46: Why not, tensy? You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow!!
Ya know it's gonna BE...all know it's gonna BE..all right...*

*Thank you, Sirs John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.
Song lyrics from Revolution brought to you compliments of The Beatles' classic White Album.

You're welcome. ;)


Seriously, raindrop and tensy dears. I highly recommend that with spring officially upon us, for both of you to go outside for some sunshine and fresh air. It'll do you good.


@48: Instead of wringing your hands whilst worrying about the mental states of strangers on the internet, how about you just explain Wall Street’s culpability for “massive poverty and homelessness”? We’ll wait.


@49: It appears that the one doing the most hand wringing regarding the mental stability of commenters on SLOG is YOU, tensy dear. Did you ever venture outside for fresh air and sunshine? No? What a pity.
Ya say ya want an ex-plan-ATION, well, you know---what is it that you really want to know?
If you're just here for in-stig-ATION, well, you know---you really should learn to let go.....
If your reason for posting is cuz you're a trolling incel
What'll you do when the economy goes to hell?
You know it's gonna BE...a fight. You know it's gonna BE...a fight---and a pretty ugly one if left unresolved.

The current domestic war over the U.S. debt ceiling is no joke. RepubliKKKans are hellbent on holding U.S. citizens hostage financially. They hate Joe Biden enough to want to default on our national deficit and destroy the world, all so that a handful of corrupt billionaires own everyone and everything in their race to the bottom.

In case you're still unconvinced, tensy, reiterating U.S. Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen's concerns, syndicated New York Times columnist and economist, Paul Krugman warns about the current debt ceiling crisis in his Op Ed article [The Seattle Times, Opinion page A14, Doing whatever it takes on debt, Monday, May 8, 2023: Krugman states that "there are a few things you need to know about this crisis.
First, whatever courts may say about the constitutionality of the debt ceiling, budget decisions should be dictated by votes over spending and taxing, not by hostage-taking in which the party most willing to destroy the economy gets what it wants.
Second, if the politics of extortion do lead to a debt default, the consequences will be catastrophic.
Third, there is no economic downside to the various ways the Biden administration might seek to bypass Republican extortion and continue normal governance. Contrary to a lot of misinformation out there, things such as issuing premium bonds or minting a platinum coin would not be inflationary. They sound undignified, but creating a global depression because we're afraid of looking silly would be utterly irresponsible."]

Ivy R. Nightscales (@41 and @42) made spot on observances regarding the economic damage created by Wall Street bankers. Their irresponsibility largely led to the Great Depression. Donald J. Trump (a.k.a., the Orange Turd to its face) has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was bailed out by its Wall Street cronies FOUR TIMES. If you or I defaulted on any sort of loan or mortgage on a house we'd be foreclosed upon. Creditors would seize everything we had. We would lose everything.
Time will tell what happens on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Sleep well.


@50: Oh, so after all of that irrelevant copypasta, your claim about Wall Street bankers and homelessness was based on a lie:

“Their irresponsibility largely led to the Great Depression.”

The US economy had gone into recession in summer of 1928; the crash on Wall Street, over a year later, was an outcome of this recession. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff, Britain’s defaulting on its war debt, and Hoover’s refusal to use government spending to help the economy, did much of the rest. Wall Street was mostly a spectator.

(You really shouldn’t keep feeding Ivy’s drunken delusions of sanity; helping to keep her in denial is very, very cruel to her. Contrary to her insulting opinions of Seattle’s working poor, they do not live in tents, steal, or use drugs.)

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