Immigration rights activists are amping up pressure on King County for more transparency on deportations. Karen Ducey/Getty Images



Filling out the SPOG survey was an awful lot of fun. Especially the part where you get to send a comment to SPOG.


Kruse’s attack on Sen. Dhingra isn’t a “racist dogwhistle,” it’s an attempt by a known right-wing loudmouth to sow confusion. There’s absolutely nothing racist in noting how despised CM Sawant has become, in the most liberal district of the most liberal city in the state. Kruse is trying to capitalize (ha!) upon that, and upon general voter inattention this early in the election cycle. Desperate, despicable, and more than a little looney, yes; but not racist.

(Watching the Stranger, which has continued to beatify Sawant even as her legislative career has spiraled down the toilet, now loudly insist someone else is not just like Sawant — comedy gold!)


«No improved athletic fields and school buildings for Kent schools: Voters did not approve a bond to raise $495 million for Kent School District facility improvements, health and safety improvements, and outdoor learning upgrades»

Kent, WA should look to Mississippi and Brett Favre for ideas how to fund your childrens' athletic arena needs.


«Jurors head to deliberations in rape trial of Donald Trump»

That Trump never even appeared in court will weigh large in the jurors' minds. A very bad look for the defense.


Voting for Vivek over Joe would be delightful awesome.

Took the SPOG survey too, and noted in the comments that they're being trolled by The Stranger and to accommodate for skewed results.


There is absolutely nothing racist in comparing two brown women who are nothing alike except for being brown and having funny names.

Especially nothing racist since there are a plethora of other white liberal politicians much more closely aligned with Dhingra to compare her to.

No. See Brandy just reached into the aether and came up with Sawant because she’s so “hated.” Hated only for real solid ideological reasons. Yeah. That’s it.

Because we have to tell ourselves that or we may have to examine our own unhinged reflexive and obsessive hatred of a brown woman.


@3 I live across the street from a high school in the Kent school district (I live in unincorporated KC and may as well live in Black Diamond or Maple Valley, but my zip code says otherwise), and let me tell you, this high school doesn't need any kind of money to "improve" their athletic fields. They've all been refinished/refurbished within the past two years. It all goes back to an overbloated admin that they could start to cut down. Hell, SPS managed to trim something like $20M out of their budget by getting rid of just 70 employees. Who in the fuck is getting paid $285k in an admin position?!


Feels like a win-win for Donald. A guilty verdict (which seems likely. Jury only needs to deem it more likely to have happened than not, which is a no-brainer) will allow him to update his resume' to reflect more victimization at the hands of the liberal feminazi mob. Not guilty exonerates him and feeds that same witch hunt mentality that he feasts upon. Even if we accept that he's nowhere near as rich as he claims, he's plenty wealthy to absorb the financial repercussions of any civil suit brought his way and ride the resulting wave of feel good chauvinistic PR that he wallows in.


If Binda was unaware that using city resources for personal profit was unethical, that says something important about his ability to reason about what is ethical, and I don't particularly care if he read the rule saying he shouldn't do that or not. This is not a complicated thing to figure out. It is basic.

That said, it would not surprise me if this practice was widespread as he claimed, and if so the fact that he is being singled out is a problem. This is the same issue with all the reporting on Thomas. I seriously doubt that he is the only justice for whom this kind of corruption exists, but I do not think it is a coincidence that he is the one we got dirt on. It is easier for power structures and powerful people to betray black people than it is for them to betray white people, and that is just as wrong as the corruption. And impeaching him would not solve the corruption, because the problem isn't "bad person does bad thing put good person in power", the problem is the way that power is structured, and these problems will occur no matter who takes the position.


Not sure I understand the kerfuffle about using Boeing field for deportation flights. I assume the deportations are legally directed by the courts. King County virtue signaling by trying to block the feds from using Boeing field would just make it more difficult for the deportees by causing them to be bused to Moses Lake or Spokane for their flights. What is the point?


@9 Roberts and Gorsuch have had shady financial stuff reported lately, and there was some older financial stuff on Kavanaugh completely separate from the rape charges. Maybe that's why Roberts doesn't want a code of ethics for the Supreme Court?

Regardless, the finances of all of the SC justices are under a microscope. I think that part of the reason Thomas' bribery-adjacent behavior has gotten more traction is that it's easier to explain than either the Roberts* or Gorsuch** ones. Though it's true that one can't discount racism.

Roberts' wife runs a recruiting company that gets large fees to place (conservative) lawyers at firms that have business before the court.
** Gorsuch had a property for sale that had been on the market for a long time when he was nominated. Just after he was confirmed, it was sold. Gorsuch reported the sale on his disclosure forms but didn't note the buyer's name. Turned out it was a major conservative activist.


If the activists don't know when deportation flights are likely to occur they won't be able to show up and protest.


Looks like the SPOG survey is now closed.


@8: Seriously? A guilty verdict will cost him the women's vote in the next election cycle. Both of them are likely going to switch to another candidate.


@14 - if “grab ‘em by the p” comment wasn’t enough nothing will be…



I hope you're right and I'm admittedly cynical as fuck, but yeah, given that the Access Hollywood tape, a failed coup attempt that killed several people, and myriad other horrific transgressions haven't meaningfully tarnished his support, I'm just not sure how or why this would. And regardless of the verdict, I can definitely see him working it into one of his babbling, barely coherent stream-of-consciousness style stump speeches as a rallying cry.


Jim Brunner for the win!


@16, agreed. There is nothing. Literally nothing he can do that can dissuade his devout followers. They are bulletproof to logic, reality, compassion, and more!


@6: So, if they were Bob Olsen and Bill Olson whom Kruse were trying to confuse (give me a little while, we’ll get a Broadway musical out of this!) it would be racism then, too?

Kruse is clearly saying, “she’s too much of an extreme lefty even for Seattle,” not anything about race. Having one’s neighbors attempt a recall shows something is not going well.

(Just because the Stranger obediently regurgitated Sawant’s “racist, right-wing recall” line doesn’t mean you have to remain married to it forever, you know.)


Vivek (aka Harvard rapper "Da Vek") compares wokeness to a cancer of culture that is infecting the country. I guess he has signed on to be the ironic culture war candidate from Yale or his catholic high school, but it could be worse. After all, he could've gone to BROWN.

The disingenuous rage against wokeism really brings out the small dick energy, but you don't have to take my word for it.


@16, @18: Heck, most of them still seem to believe Trump is a rich man, not just faking it with borrowed money and an old TV game show.


Seems like the jury believed trump's Access Hollywood tape, not his lawsuit deposition tape. Classic "he said, he said" situation.


@19 So you think that the names "Kshama Sawant" and "Manka Dhingra" are as easy to confuse as "Bob Olsen" and "Bill Olson"? And you think that is evidence of your race neutrality. That's ... a bold take.

Kruse is literally saying that there's no difference between Dhingra and Sawant. Doing the slightest bit of research would show that there are significant differences, as helpfully pointed out by Brunner. The primary similarities are that they're both elected officials, both female, and both of Indian subcontinent descent. I'm sure that Kruse doesn't think that all elected officials are the same. So they must just be the same in Kruse's world because of race and gender.

Why on earth would anyone assume that was racist or sexist?


@25: ‘So you think that the names "Kshama Sawant" and "Manka Dhingra" are as easy to confuse as "Bob Olsen" and "Bill Olson"?‘

Sure, if your name is Brandi Kruse. ;-)

‘Kruse is literally saying that there's no difference between Dhingra and Sawant.’

Yes. What Kruse is doing is called “lying,” and, for your edification, it happens a lot in politics. She’s trying to create political gain from Sawant being really unpopular in Seattle — “too crazy lefty even for Seattle!” — and misapplying it to someone else.

“Doing the slightest bit of research would show that there are significant differences,”

Persons who might do “the slightest bit of research” are not ever part of Kruse’s intended audience.

“The primary similarities are that they're both elected officials, both female, and both of Indian subcontinent descent.”

Yes, that’s pretty much the basis for Kruse’s outright lying.

“So they must just be the same in Kruse's world because of race and gender.”

Or, Kruse believes her target audience is easily confused.

When Sawant and the Stranger started throwing the terms “racist,” and “right wing” around, I warned them about abusing serious words. They didn’t listen. So here we are.


"I have to say that I haven’t heard a leftist use the term 'woke' in anything other than an ironic way in years, but a google search suggests that some people are still using it in the old way, which was “being awake to social injustices , especially those created by racist institutions.”

What’s incredibly weird about how the pro-GOP media and supporters use the term is that’s what they mean too. They believe that being 'woke' means calling attention to racist injustice.

They think it’s a joke because because they believe that there is no racism. Because they’re racist.

Although they admit that non-whites have higher rates of getting arrested, convicted, and killed, have a harder time getting jobs or apartments, and are generally treated worse, they think that’s because non-whites deserve the treatment they get—a very racist belief. Pro-GOP are sad puppies because racist books don’t win prizes, publishers decide not to publish racist books, scholars who do shitty research that supports racism have trouble getting published, people who say racist things get criticized, racists get fired, companies and advertisers don’t want to be associated with racists. They’re victims because they can’t advocate racism without getting called racist.

So, people who claim to be the party that advocates personal responsibility feel sorry for themselves if people hold them responsible for their statements and actions. If you’re bragging that you aren’t 'woke,' you’re bragging that you’re racist, and you’re bragging that you’re a whiner who doesn’t like to be called racist."


@27: "being awake to social injustices" is quite at odds with declaring people as racist without cause - which is what you do daily.


@28. If people are declared racist without cause they have nothing to be offended or victimized by.


@6, @25: Since you guys can’t figure it out on your own, I’ll be a good little liberal, and help the less fortunate.

If Kruse wanted to appeal to white racist bigotry, then she would simply note the state senator is of South Asian ancestry. There would be no reason to mention a member of the Seattle City Council. Kruse would have no need to lie.

If Kruse wanted to appeal to male sexist bigotry, then she would simply note the state senator is female. There would be no reason to mention a member of the Seattle City Council. Kruse would have no need to lie.

But Kruse is not appealing to white racism. Kruse is not appealing to male sexism. She’s appealing to voters in Washington state who happen not to like Seattle for being too leftist, too liberal. That is why Kruse is lying, making a false equivalence between a liberal Democratic senator, and an extreme leftist, Democrat-hating Seattle City Council Member.

Now, why did Rich Smith wrongly use the term “racist dogwhistle”? Maybe he’s as confused as are you. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s smart enough to see how the politician he’s idolized and defended for years has become so toxic, such a colossal failure, that her very existence in Seattle can be used to smear other Seattle-area liberal politicians. Maybe he doesn’t like having been revealed as having been so catastrophically wrong for so very long. So maybe, he’s intentionally misusing the term “racist” as a dogwhistle to fool YOU. To fool YOU into not seeing how toxic CM Sawant has been to politics in Seattle. Maybe that’s why he did it?


@28. Oh, it's daily now, is it? I don't recall singling anyone out as a racist, other than the ambiguously white mall shooter who subscribed to the tenets of racial superiority and naziism and had a swastika tattoo. But you were the first to say not to conflate that with whiteness, as if whiteness was some kind of blanket term to describe people from all societies of fairer complexion regardless of their individual heritages and cultures that were blatantly obvious to the everybody before they joined the same tent. The history of Europe is one of war and conquest and constant changing of territories and feudalism and the dark ages and mind control. History and the modern day under the veil is full of even more obscene realities of race in action than I can accuse anyone of being in my wildest ornery imaginings.

I'm sorry that calling a white supremacist nazi a racist offends you, but I understand why you would think that's woke.


@31: Yes, I should have written "often" instead of "daily". But the threshold of using the word is so incredibly low for you, as is fascist or Nazi, that after awhile one gets the perception the accusation is made with limited data or just using stereotypes and also that redemption, or changing of minds, is the furthest thing from your consideration. Kristofarian also battles this deficit of intellectual awareness.

Similar to you, I have roots in rural NM and feel it's also plausible that far-right (and far-left for that matter) extremists can arise in racial groups organically. White supremacy seems to have several "dialects", so after awhile the term is meaningless when used as an umbrella term. White supremacy to the KKK seems different than white supremacy to the Allen TX shooter in terms of their motivations.


@32. I don't buy seems different from him parroting the tenets of replacement theory and David Duke. You should go to places like rural East pinewoods like Alto Texas and see the blatant and shameless racism practiced every day where societies hidden away practice modern day segregation and terrorism of impoverished minority communities. There are countless examples where travesties of justice occur every day, and I grew up in rural South Texas among people like the shooter, which is why I felt compelled to correct the record on the complexities of white identity in Hispanic and Latin culture more broadly. But you should know better than to take on the lexicon if fascism coming from that background if it brought you here. Because what I have seen has left me aghast at the illusions of freedom for all I demand of my country because I grew up salt of the earth on a ranch and I know something about what it means to be proud of the dream of America.


In college I would mock the Larouche PAC fools for calling Bush and Cheney fascists, despite the Iraq War being my whole motivation to enter government to be the change someday. I couldn't believe people could do such things with so little justification.

But after the Tea Party movement, culminating with the Trump years, a seditious coup, the big lie election fraud claims, scapegoating minority and Trans folk, attacking unions and minorities, burning books and synagogues, and proving that people would die instead or protect themselves from a foreign virus that they simultaneously were eager to catch despite its alleged harmlessness that ended up killing millions, I realized I was no longer dealing with right wing conservatism at all but rather far right fascism. I studied the rhetoric of fascism in college. It is something I recognize. But it's not just my opinion; survivors of the Holocaust have pointed it out in the rhetoric and patterns of today.

The script is fascist and it's not the red scare. It is a scientific fact, a movement in motion funded form the top down by eugenicists and wealthy religious bigots who believe they can bring about the second coming of Jesus by destroying the world. Such people are fascists and they are murdering people each day in the name of white supremacy, because that is nazism. That is Aryan white supremacy, and is merely being watered down. I am awake and my vision is clear and perspicacious. We have to resist fascism each day by calling it out so it doesn't eat us alive again. That is the burden of history. Vigilance.


But being woke isn't even about singling out any one person. It's about examining the macro level and micro level historical and societal components of stratification and hierarchies that nevertheless impact many outside of your field of vision and awareness. It is through the people in my life and the perspectives I have seen that I know it is real, and what I have experienced firsthand or perhaps even perpetuated unwittingly because of my own racism. Racism is not just a trait, it is a spectrum of conditioned behaviors that are largely cultural and extrinsic but made kneejerk or ways to ease tension in uncomfortable situations where boundaries and appropriateness are disjoint. This shifts arbitrarily throughout time based on any number of factors.

The point is that if you refuse to look objectively at the past, you are no longer scientific and your results will not be truthful or testable or repeatable. You will be inventing the truth and that will not stand the test of time. I see this pattern in the right; they have turned truth into a malleable object that fits whatever is most convenient and fit for sale at the time. When people are suffering, they are sold outrage and scapegoats to distract them from their own economic policies that are screwing them from the people they elect who are really doing the bidding of the highest lobbying bidders and insiders, as we can see from Justice Thomas. We will not be taxed without equal representation and impartial justice. It is more than a corruption and dereliction of duty; it is the betrayal of the American Dream and everything it stands for. And that's why my grandfather fought in WW2 and nearly died and had to live his life fucked up as a result that made my family into what it is now. So we need to honor every legacy that came before us and not whitewash it away. Otherwise we'll only enable it to happen again by pretending it's not even real.


"I see this pattern in the right; they have turned truth into a malleable object that fits whatever is most convenient and fit for sale at the time."

I see it on the left too. Like turning the truth of only two genders into a malleable concepts that fits whatever is most identified with at the time and that little babies must choose the genders they want to be.


@29: “If people are declared racist without cause they have nothing to be offended or victimized by.”

CM Sawant and the Stranger called many voters in District 3 racist, because those voters had dared use their constitutional rights to question her behavior in the office they had entrusted to her. It was a maliciously false accusation, intended to smear anyone who questioned her fitness to serve in office. It had no basis in reality, as anyone actually familiar with District 3 knew. Both the false accusation, and the motivation behind it, were nastily dishonest to the core. Of course the targets, and everyone else, should have been offended. Racism is a serious problem, and should not be falsely invoked to hide or to ignore other problems.


@29: No compassion for the falsely accused is really a bad look for the image of you try to project here Garb.


And this is why more in-depth conversations can't happen with Drippy. Garb lays out broad arguments informed by personal experience and indicating actual study and research to further back up their points of view in a manner that, for an internet forum, also has a thread of logical consistency.

And instead of really responding to any of that, Drippy picks one thing and basically says "but the transgenders!" and leaves it at that, indicating a lack of understanding not only of biology (actual hard-science biologists have clearly spelled out how biological sex is not some simple binary) but also the tons of "soft science" that's accumulated for for friggin' decades that make a wholly compelling argument that gender is a social construct and exists on a spectrum; all for a weak-ass attempt at both-siderism.

That the "both-sides" attempt is comparing the topic of gender and transgender people to violent fascism is just Drippy telling in himself (my assumption, you could be female or non-binary for all I know) about what their priorities are.


Is our resident Karen on vacation? How will we get through the day without her ruling on balls and strikes?


@38. I was just having fun with the dual meaning of "without cause," as it means both to make an accusation for no reason, but also to be accused on false grounds. As I said, if it is false, it is a choice to be offended by what is false. Even more ironic that you would accuse me of having no compassion after you had to walk back a blatantly false statemen about how I go around calling everyone a racist each day. Sure that really offends me because it is so true as you can see.

Take it more like nobody can offend you without your consent. But slander and perjury are not to be ignored as civil matters. If I said something that bears real consequences for someone's life in a way that hurts them, I will step up to be held accountable and will correct myself.

Meanwhile, maybe Sawant did make false accusations of racism, but that doesn't mean that she is the end all be all of mischaracterized wokeness because she happens to be a demagogue too. You can't call all people who subscribe to fighting the institutional racial hierarchies present in our history as the same and call being woke just policing any contrarian idea.

And sure, people who identify as leftists may easily be racist and bend the truth, but nobody who has been in such a position of power as to enact those fringe lies such that we have seen from Trump and his ilk. There is no worthy comparison that actually threatens anyone at the federal level where we appoint people to uphold an alternate reality where voting machines are rigged and you shouldn't vaccinate because it will hurt you more than Covid etc. There is a clear preference for fabrication and deception en masse for people who live disconnected from reality in ruralia.


@39: Transgender isn't mentioned in 36. Gender dysphoria is a totally different thing than gender fluidity theory.

I am male, made in the image of God, and my gender was obvious at the moment of my birth.

Again, there are only two genders. Two genders are needed for procreation. Name another gender any animal or human has. Just two. That said, sexual identity and expression is the spectrum.


Oh my, hit a nerve, did I?
@26 At least you admit that Kruse is lying. You even get really, really close with "Kruse believes her target audience is easily confused" and that her audience isn't interested in you know, facts and stuff. You just can't quite put it together that it's easily confused in same way as "all Black people look alike." Sawant and Dhingra must be the same because they're both brown women! What else really matters when you're making false equivalences?

Then you roll on in @30. Apparently, you've noticed that there's lying in politics, but not dog whistles. To be fair, the original Kruse quote is more of a dog bullhorn, being so obvious. But we'll let that slide. Of course Kruse didn't call out Dhingra's South Asian descent or her gender. Because Kruse needs a veneer of respectability. While Trump has taken a chainsaw to that veneer, everyone else needs to pretend a little. So Kruse (and you) say it's just about political stances.

It's adorable that you think that the fraction of the electorate that Kruse is appealing to is absolutely, 100% not sexist or racist. They're just against "liberals" and "leftists." If that were the case, Kruse would have said something about how Dhingra wants to bring Seattle politics statewide. She wouldn't have needed to compare Dhingra to anyone. But that's not how it went down. It just so happens that the bogeyman chosen for that false equivalency happens to have been someone of the same ethnic background as Dhingra. Gosh, how'd that happen?

Despite what you may think, I'm not a great fan of Sawant. I don't think she should have been recalled, but it wasn't about the campaign to unseat here. It was that I think that the time to throw politicians out is at the end of their term unless they're done something truly egregious. And no, I don't think that Sawant's misdeeds were on that scale.


@42: That's just virtue signaling to other Christians who get off on those buzzwords and you know it.


@42 And this is why I rarely engage with you because you always fall back to semantics and and other dodgy shit. You know that what both you and are are referring to, broadly speaking, when we're talking about "gender topics".

Also, nice to once again conflate biological sex with gender. Hit the books, n00b.


@45: No, I don't know what you're referring to unless you provide it in the context of the sentence that you are writing. I don't have time for dodgy games.


@45: Speaking of semantics, if you are saying that sex is the immutable characteristic, and gender is the malleable one - that could be accurate.


Someone please wake me when the Orange Turd is finally cornholed for life in prison.


@47: You might want to go check on your little boy, Bazinga @40, again, raindrop dear. The resident MAGAt dumbfuck is once again desperately advertising his extreme loneliness and boredom, with nothing to say. Maybe he should open a Grindr account instead of wasting everyone's time and space on SLOG.
Ask him how he's doing in his remedial courses in English, Biology, and Algebra. Maybe you could offer him a Twinkie for every C-. Then check to see how his motorized wheelchair is doing under his insipid bulk.


@49: We're not in your cartoon, auntie dear.


It's pretty fun to watch raindrop go off on "that's not a dog whistle" and then super dog-whistle on gender, then make a totally ignorant statement on biology as fact (what made you born male raindrop? Did a doctor write it down that way and now that's it for life? You'll probably say it has to do with sex organs, but people are born with both or neither, or even without gender affirming care have obvious sexual characteristics that don't match their genitals, and by the way plants are often politating and see producing, and there's a species of turtle that breeds asexually, and many animals that can switch sexual traits depending on environment). Since you know this God, though, maybe you should check back with, er, what does it even mean to give God gender or image anyway... that aside, check and see why the world has so much variety when all it does is confuse the faithful. Oh, and also ask why my friend's baby was born with a heart defect that killed it in seconds after birth if there's some great plan or whatever, because I think most things that take nine months to build but fail catastrophicly around a third of the time before even being completed would not be called "well designed", especially when even the best case requires someone being sick for weeks to months. Also, I don't understand why someone would claim association with "a just and righteous god" and then spend all their life arguing and spitting venom at anyone who suggests equity and justice, and justifying the people literally destroying the world for their own ends. Like, the god you claim to believe in is definitely sending you and everyone you know to hell because whether you ask forgiveness or not, you will die thinking you were doing the right thing while compounding mortal sins, or have spent so much of your life mocking god that asking forgiveness will have become meaningless. While I don't believe in that god and think in the end you will die and just be remembered for the pain you brought by those on this world, I tremble to think on what your god would do to the self righteous like you verses people like me who are just trying to do right by the world with the tools we have. I am clearly opposed to you, but let me say, out of actual concern for your humanity, do not confuse a broken anker for a shield. If dogma has unmoored you, find a sturdy pier and do the repairs you can, do not simply fling a heavy weight on a chain at the waves and clouds. I sincerely hope you can become the person who deserves what you think you are owed.


@50: Au contraire, raindrop dear. @40 keeps blatting out the same childish and tired old saws, with his tightie whities in a wad all because his big bro, "lil 'shroom got hit in the Bazinga. Now he has nobody to pway wif. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!
That shit's straight out of South Park, cooked up by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, admittedly RepubliKKKans.


@51: God created paragraph breaks, use them. Then maybe I'll read it.


@43: “Oh my, hit a nerve, did I?”

Nope. That’s what the winking smiley @26 was trying to tell you.

“At least you admit that Kruse is lying.”

I was in fact the first person in this conversation to describe Kruse as lying. Please do try to keep up.

“Sawant and Dhingra must be the same because they're both brown women!”

Bill Olson and Bob Olsen must be the same, because they’re both white guys!

“you've noticed that there's lying in politics, but not dog whistles.”

I mentioned dog whistles in my very first comment. Please do try to keep up.

“To be fair, the original Kruse quote is more of a dog bullhorn, being so obvious.”

You’re claiming Kruse very subtly operates a bullhorn?

“Of course Kruse didn't call out Dhingra's South Asian descent or her gender.”

That’s exactly what you’re accusing her of doing, but in a sly subtle bullhorny kind of way.

“So Kruse (and you) say it's just about political stances.”

Yes, that’s correct. Kruse draws a false equivalence between two very different politicians, hoping their superficial similarities will help Kruse smear one with the other’s toxic extremism. That the two happen to be both female and of similar ancestry may help Kruse in her lying, but are not the reason for it. I’m sorry if this is less obvious than a bullhorn to you, but that’s what’s happening here.

“It's adorable that you think that the fraction of the electorate that Kruse is appealing to is absolutely, 100% not sexist or racist.”

It’s adorable, how desperate you are for a straw man. Going for the gold in the long jump to conclusions, are you? You got there, all the way from my note, ‘Persons who might do “the slightest bit of research” are not ever part of Kruse’s intended audience.’ to they’re 100% not racist? Ignorant and racist often go very well together. Your desperate grab for a straw man suggests you really don’t have an argument, and you really do know it.

“Kruse would have said something about how Dhingra wants to bring Seattle politics statewide.”

That’s exactly what she was saying, with “Sawant” as shorthand for “Seattle politics.” CM Sawant is the senior member of the Seattle City Council, and very well known, due to her constant self-pro — uh, tireless building of glorious fighting movement. When Sawant was elected, Seattle was a great place to live,
had a rising economy, and low inflation. After ten years of her on the Council, Seattle has runaway housing costs, homeless encampments everywhere, and total gridlock in addressing these problems. Of course Kruse uses Sawant as a symbol of everything wrong with Seattle.

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