I've been noticing a trend in Slog where multiple leads (paragraphs beginning with bold text) are of the same story, but just more details. I find it annoying.


Great to see Dones shown the door. He spent $500M over two years and what were the results: He increased homelessness.

He was arrogant, inept, and incompetent.

Hopefully we can get someone truly effective and start housing people.


Glad to see that Dones was fired. He spent $500M during his two year tenure and what were the results: He Increased the number of people experiencing homelessness

Dones is arrogant, inept, and incompetent.

I hope we can get someone effective, so we can get people housed.


We did it! We defeated drugs! WOOOOO!


it never Was a
War on Drugs
just the Users

'Republicans"re gonna
outlaw the Homosexuals
women's "Freedoms" and
just generally all Complainers

you'll be Surrpised at
how Quickly no longer
speaking Freely'll leave
you not even Missing it*

"I think Everyone
looks Better with
a Crewcut! dont
You? you Too,

but gott
Ain't this a
GREAT Country?



“Abortion is currently legal in North Carolina for up to 20 weeks; the legislation cuts that window by eight, except in instances of rape, incest, and life-threatening complications.”

…or if one of those Republican lawmakers knocks up his 24-year-old piece-on-the-side. Lots and lots of MDs are Republican contributors. “Hello, Jim? Hey, I need a favor. Yeah, we’ll talk about it Saturday on the links.”

Turbine energy may become the primary or secondary source of energy for the 21st Century and beyond. I’ve heard that some of the windfarms in California have unintentionally killed a lot of birds – which is a huge drag. There must be a fix. How horrifying is it then to learn that it also may be the new DDT? I would miss the eagles. How excited almost everyone was to see them recovering. It’s still exciting to see one perched somewhere which forty years was an extremely rare event. So we’re running out of fish and we are killing off birds. If this is the wave of the future, I’m glad I won’t be around to see the process completed. It was true then and it is still true (cue Joni), “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”


Dear kristo-
If the GOP outlaws the Homosexuals, you won’t want to use the airport bathrooms.
“I have a wide stance.”


....plus when I was a kid, frogs were all over the place after sundown. I haven't seen a frog in decades, honey.


PatL - not to worry!
they'll have pro Bono
Genitalia Checkers* Everywhere

fully Staffed by very
Thorough Volunteers
who Love nothing More
than a nice Group Huddle

*sometimes it
take a LOT to get
to The Bottom of things:

'oh -- Were you thinking
of flying out Today?'
That one Always
gets 'em going!

it's ALL
about the


@7: Don't worry - if the DNC outlaws gendering, nobody will want to use airport bathrooms.


@7 - don't worry. They won't outlaw the GOP homosexuals, just the rest of them. Larry Craig will still be in good standing.


@6 - we absolutely need to figure out how to keep birds out of turbines. Having said that, if we DON'T switch to clean energy, we'll heat up the climate enough to kill all the birds anyway.


@6 Bauhaus I and @12 dvs99 for the WIN!! BINGO!

@9 kristofarian: RepubliKKKans are out to strip everyone who isn't filthy rich, corrupt white male of our freedoms and constitutional rights. And with everything to lose in the race to the bottom, MAGAts still stupidly brag about their Free Dumbs (they gets to keep their GUNS!).


Bauhaus @8
I live eight blocks from the Mississippi river, and next to train tracks with retention ponds. The frogs have been great out here. Also, I saw three different bats in the last three days, which is two more than I saw all last year.

I don't get the wind tower/bird thing. I know birds can be stupid, but maybe reflective tape? Ultra sonic at the windmill? I don't know, but this seems like a solvable problem.


And Lilacs,
And 43 years for Mt St Helens...

Where were you that day, anybody? I was 300 miles east, we started getting ash about four hours after the eruption. What a day. Ended up with almost 2 inches.


Yeah, green energy is super important but every action has consequences. I also wonder, if wind or solar power supplied our total energy consumption what effects would this have on the environment? Will we disturb weather patterns by absorbing so much wind energy? Will there be downstream effects from absorbing so much solar energy, instead of allowing it to act on the environment? Maybe the amount of energy we consume is small enough that those would not be concerns, but it's hard to know for certain.

To be clear: green energy is important and we should be pursuing it with all the effort we can muster. But we should also do so mindfully. And reducing energy consumption is just as important.


Google "birdproof wind turbine". There's some amazing solutions being bandied about. One is just to make the turbines tall and the blades smaller.

Also, because this always comes up, Google "Turbine Blade Recycling". It looks like there might finally be a solution for that.


@15 drewl2: I was loading the washing machine downstairs in our basement laundry room, before going to work. Suddenly there was a major explosion from a distance, immediately followed by our washer shaking and creaking violently. This was at 8:32 am PDT Sunday, May 18, 1980. It was like a bomb went off. That we could hear the volcanic eruption all the way from Cowlitz County, ~ 200 miles southwest, was unimaginable. Nonetheless, it was further proof that sound carries.
Because we lived 70 miles north of Seattle, we didn't get much ash upon the initial eruption of Mount St. Helens that killed 57 people, including Mount St. Helens Lodge at Spirit Lake proprietor and caretaker, Harry R. Truman and his 30 cats.
My oldest sister and I were a lot more concerned about our parents and maternal grandmother, who had driven 300 miles east that weekend to visit my grandmother's family ranch near Waterville, in Douglas County. Safely navigating westbound along I-90 and USR 2 back to I-5 in the direct eastbound path of volcanic ash must have been a feat, but they made it home with amazing stories to tell. The city of Yakima had gone midnight black with ash by noon. Meanwhile, in Southwest Washington, the Toutle River was completely clogged by debris and uprooted, scorched, branchless trees looked like a million toothpicks strewn all over. The citizens of Castle Rock had to be evacuated. I-5 was a total mess.


@17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Bless you, Catalina, for being the voices of reason. Don't ever stop.


@19: Oops! Make that:"Bless you, Catalina, for being among the voices of reason. Don't ever stop."


I have a friend who grew up out around Spokane. When St. Helen blew, they were basically in a twilight for several days because of the ash.

Years ago, Amtrak's "Empire Builder" train had an on-board magazine (called, coincidentally, "Empire Builder"). I wrote an article about the history of the train for the magazine, and one of the anecdotes was about when St. Helen blew. Diesel locomotives weren't impacted by the ash like cars were, so the train was able to keep moving. So they started picking up stranded motorists. By the time the train arrived into Seattle, it had something like 600 people on it (double the usual amount) and they had filled every seat, including the dining car (the train went along a different route in those days, and operated under a different timeline.)


@21: Wow, that's quite a story. Can you post a link to the article?


Raindrop dear, when I said "years ago", I meant it. The magazine was a quarterly publication, which was mostly a way for businesses along the route to advertise. It was discontinued long ago. I doubt if anyone would have archived it.

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