Seattle postal workers rally amid national union negotiations: "Dozens" showed up at Westlake Park Monday to show solidarity with mail carriers who've been negotiating a new contract since February, according to the Seattle Times. Workers are struggling with high turnover, long hours, and the postal services paying to settle contract violation grievances without improving conditions. For this post I looked up some "fun facts" about the post office, and the official site includes a note about how people can send bricks through the mail. Honestly, I hope they negotiate getting that taken down. Support your local postal worker, don't SeNd A bRicK!

Seven youths broke out of Echo Glenn's Children's Center: The King County Sheriff's Office continues to search for four of the kids, but law enforcement caught three of the kids in Burien Sunday afternoon, according to KIRO 7. The kids escaped from the youth prison in Snoqualmie earlier in the day Sunday. Weird time to mention it, but I wrote a story about juvenile justice Friday. Not a weird time to mention Echo Glenn's 2021 PREA report showing two cases of staff sexual misconduct against youth.

Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison ends Community Court: One of Davison's top criminal prosecutors shuttered the program in an announcement to Seattle Municipal Court judges Friday afternoon, according to Publicola. The court allowed people accused of low-level misdemeanors to access services without a criminal conviction. To participate in the court, defendants had to sign away their rights to a trial, which some saw as a raw deal for defendants. But the court allowed city prosecutors to resolve cases faster. Davison's move may drown her prosecutors in cases. 

Federal judge set to consider lifting some parts of consent decree: U.S. District Judge James Robart scheduled a hearing Tuesday to hear from the City and the U.S. Department of Justice on a joint motion to reduce court oversight of the Seattle Police Department. Robart may rule on the motion from the bench this afternoon. I wrote about what this decision could mean for Seattle policing back in April

Weather today: The sun will come out this afternoon. Say hi for me, as I'll likely be inside dealing with an extra cat since my mom went to Iceland for the week. 

Bruce's streetcar desire: Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell wants a streetcar line connecting the City's two existing lines, according to the Seattle Times. Harrell has put a new spin on the project, calling the line a "Cultural Connector," as it would connect First Hill and South Lake Union. Honestly, I'm on board. Not literally, of course. I would never take a streetcar. I have places to be. 

Burien City Council meets Tuesday about encampment on city property: Burien city officials want to sweep the encampment in order to reestablish a dog park in the space, according to KIRO 7. King County said deputies won't help with that, which puts Burien in a bind because the County provides the City's police force. Burien's mayor scheduled the special meeting for 7 pm Tuesday at the Burien City Hall. 

Three years ago Sunday protests over George Floyd killing began: Scroll back through The Stranger's coverage of the protests that followed here

Debt limit deal heads to Congress: This week, U.S. House lawmakers are expected to consider Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden's deal on the debt ceiling, according to the New York Times. Without the deal, the United States can't borrow money, and the Treasury expects the country will run out of cash June 5. The deal includes limits on federal spending over the next two years, work requirements for some recipients of food stamps and welfare, and a fast-tracked natural gas pipeline for the Virginias. 

Memorial Day shooting in Florida injures nine: The shooting happened on a beachside promenade in Hollywood, Florida. The injured included four children and five adults, according to the Associated Press. Witnesses say the shooting began out of an argument involving several people. At least one person is in custody. 

Elizabeth Holmes scheduled to report to Texas prison: A federal judge sentenced the the 39-year-old former Theranos CEO to 11 years of incarceration, according to the Associated Press. Her company's blood testing technology hoax raised almost a billion dollars and turned Holmes into a billionaire before the Wall Street Journal exposed the flaws in her purported breakthrough technology.  

Spy whale spotted off Norway's coast: First spotted in 2019, this Beluga whale wears a harness with a GoPro camera mount and clips with the inscription "Equipment of St. Petersburg," according to the BBC. Norway's domestic intelligence agency believes the Russian army trained the whale. Though a Russian colonel disputed the allegation saying, " you really think we'd attach a mobile phone number with the message 'Please call this number'?" Incredible. 

Arlo Park's new album 'My Soft Machine' is beautiful: Impurities is a great soft Tuesday song for a cloudy morning like this. Have an excellent short week and dream of a four-day work week.