Mayor shuffles chairs: Yesterday’s changes to Bruce Harrell’s leadership team include the departure of Senior Deputy Mayor Monisha Harrell, the Mayor's niece, effective September 1. Sources told the Seattle Times Monisha Harrell disagreed with other senior city leaders about how to handle public safety. But both Harrells say the decision was mutual and not a result of specific disagreements.

US Attorney Nick Brown resigns: Brown said he hopes to return to public service in the future. Some think that the future is close and he’s a likely candidate for state Attorney General. In 2021, the US Senate approved Brown as the first Black US Attorney for Western Washington. He's emphasized civil rights, fentanyl cases, and gun crimes. Brown also indicted six people who allegedly filed fraudulent COVID-19 aid applications and received $3.3 million.

Bernie Sanders to investigate Amazon: Sanders called the Seattle company’s safety record “abysmal,” writing on Twitter that Amazon’s wealth should make it one of the safest workplaces in America, not one of the most dangerous. His 10-page letter to CEO Andy Jassy calls the company’s fast-paced warehouses “uniquely dangerous” and alleged that onsite clinics “undertreat and underreport” workplace injuries.

Seattle couple identified as Beyond Wonderland shooting victims: Josilyn Ruiz and partner Brandy Escamilla died at the Gorge Amphitheatre campgrounds in Central Washington Saturday, according to a verified GoFundMe. Three other people were injured at the popular electronic music festival, including the suspected shooter. Officials say he’s a soldier from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Pocket full of money: In a lawsuit filed this month, three members of the Washington American Legion claim former officers secretly paid themselves $417,000 in unauthorized bonuses over seven years. Their lawsuit names nineteen defendants and claims between one and 50 more will be named during discovery.

Pakistan declared Monday of mourning after the migrant ship disaster: Officials estimate 100 Pakistanis died after a crowded fishing vessel capsized off the coast of Greece. Greek authorities have arrested nine smugglers and recovered 80 bodies. Officials estimate a death toll in the hundreds. It's one of the worst European shipwrecks in a decade.

Dawn of the last day: The billionaire Titanic pleasure sub runs out of oxygen tomorrow morning (if it’s still in one piece). So far, the US Coast Guard has searched 10,000 square miles for the five men inside, who include billionaire British businessman Hamish Harding and Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, the Everett-based company running the expedition. Last night, news broke about “underwater sounds'' in the search area.

The sub seems shoddily constructed. In 2018, the company fired its former head of marine operations after he warned the sub's hull could compromise safety. He also raised concerns about the fast design process and flammable construction materials inside the sub.

People are also freaking out about the $40 mid-tier Logitech gamepad used to steer the sub. That sounds like a prime example of bubblegum and paperclip design, but it's not that uncommon. The US is currently replacing bulky, old-school flight sticks with slightly modified XBox gamepads to control submarine periscopes because they’re cheap and new recruits know how to use them, a kind of dark truth.

Federal judge strikes down Arkansas ban on gender-affirming care for minors: Judge Jay Moody found the law unconstitutional. His ruling is the first to overturn a youth care bans, which became a priority for Republican-dominated state legislatures this year. It sets an important legal precedent in the fight for transgender civil rights. In recent weeks, federal judges blocked similar laws in Florida, Alabama and Indiana.

Speaking of trans kids… A new study found that transgender youth who start hormones rarely stop. The three-year study of 263 trans kids and adolescents at one Atlanta hospital found that of the 82 who started hormone therapy, only three stopped treatment and none of them re-identified with their sex at birth. 

AMC cancels anti-trans documentary screenings: The filmmakers behind No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care, a propaganda film about detransitioners, tricked at least one of its subjects into believing their film was a “positive look” at informed consent treatment. The film also claims to be a non-religious, non-ideological look at trans medicine, but it lists “Deplorable Productions” as one of its two production companies. Hmm.

Elon Musk declares “cis” a slur on his platform. The Twitter CEO says he’ll ban people for using it. Crucial context: Cis is not a slur in any way. 

And now, Rich would like to say something about SCOTUS: 

Clarence Thomas isn't the only justice with a billionaire benefactor: In a new blockbuster investigation from ProPublica, we learn that far-right Justice Samuel Alito, the author of Dobbs and SCOTUS's worst writer, did not disclose a luxury fishing trip bankrolled by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer. After the trip, SCOTUS ruled in the hedge fund's favor in a few cases. By failing to disclose the vacation, which included a private plane trip valued at $100,000 one way, Alito "appears to have violated a federal law that requires justices to disclose most gifts, according to ethics law experts." 

Alito tried to preempt the story in a Wall Street Journal op-ed: His defense? If he hadn't taken that seat on the private plane, it would have just been empty anyway. Can't wait to tell my old boss at Arby's that a Supreme Court judge thinks I can eat the apple turnovers we threw away every night because they would just go to waste anyway. 

Okay, back to me for a closer. 

Guy famous for being terrible charged with rape and sex-trafficking: Romanian officials allege misogynist influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate formed an organized crime ring to sexually exploit women in Romania, the US and UK. Prosecutors say the brothers intimidated the victims, surveilled them 24/7 and drove them into debt before coercing them into porn. Authorities are still investigating possible charges for money laundering and trafficking minors. The trial process is expected to last years.