This dog will vote how the SECB says, and you should too! Will Casey



Popov went after Shoigu directly. Shoigu is in the inner circle around Putin.

After the Wagner rebellion they're just going to purge.


tho the
FDA giveth
with One hand
our formerly-Supreme
court taketh away with the other

if women can have the SEX
without Penalty then they're
likely to become just like MEN
and Fuck just for fucking FUN and
the fucking Patriarchy will NOT ALLOW
women that kinda Freedom. it just ain't in 'em.

besides we Need more Babies!
the Planet's not even Full.


What is this Twitter you go on about, old people?

Do you mean Blue Sky?

Or maybe you sold out to Threads?


Sawant working on a trigger law is fitting, considering just the mention of her name triggers so many people


No coverage of RFK jr's (apparently quite entertaining) fundraising dinner?!?


@6- that would be awesome. Sawant would repel people from West’s ticket, reducing the chance that he pulls a NaderStein move and helps elect a Republican.


I don’t know why anyone would want to evaluate scale-of-monstrosity. A monster is a monster is a monster, am I right?

If the issue is that statue of Lenin in Fremont, then we need to discuss irony, satire, and tongue-in-cheek. No one who put the statue there did so to promote a perceived greatness of Vladimir Lenin. No, it was a chuckle about local lefty politics. The Red Square at UW wasn’t nicknamed that to honor the tyranny of the USSR and its leaders. It’s a cute joke. Sheesh. No one can say that I don’t love my country and its ideals, but I’m totally cool with that statue. It’s a Seattle landmark now.

To contemplate something like..was Mao was worse than Pinochet or Idi Amin worse than Bashar al-Assad is a waste of time, IMHO. All of them stink on ice.

Very happy about OTC birth control pills. Could be a gamechanger. Many women of child-bearing age don’t go in for timely pelvic exams, unfortunately, for a plethora of reasons (Go get that PAP smear, girl!). Being able to just go to CVS (or wherever) for birth control is wonderfully convenient. Only hope it’s affordable. The women who this will help most probably don’t have a lot of money to spend at the drug store. But good news!

Re: “Someone set up an inflatable pool outside in Highland Park this summer. To any normal person, that sounds fine, but neighbors who can’t mind their goddamn business are mad that the poor people get to use a pool to beat the heat.”

OK, Hannah, you know there’s way more to this issue than just poor people having some splashy, summertime fun. There are safety and health issues. Mosquitos love, love, love standing, untreated water. What happens to the plastic once the fun is over? I know, let’s just throw it out into Elliott Bay! For water recreation I seem to recall something called public swimming pools. That might work for poor people, don’t ya think?


I trust there is a stolen BBQ grill along with that inflatable pool. It would be amusing to think they'd grill some stolen salmon to pair with bottles of stolen Châteauneuf-du-Pape as a revenge display, but Fentanyl even robs their sense of humor. Sad.


if only
there were Life-
guards for the Po' peeps:

Lifeguard shortage may
force half of public pools
in U.S. to close or limit hours
--cbs-mornings-saturday 6/03/23

we Need more Pools*
Way fucking More than
we "need" Billionaires. tax 'em.



@11: The problem is not number of pools but the lack of lifeguards. Taxing billionaires won't motivate Millennials and Gen Z'ers to consider the vocation. They're too self-absorbed and out-of-shape.


The notion that the Seattle Times is defending Hitler is little more than an out-and-out lie. I do understand the concept of click-bait to draw readers but this is really too much. Fascist atrocities exist in practically all forms of government; it seems to work especially good in socialist ones.


@6 Cornel West, whom I once admired, has been slowly losing his mind for at least a decade now. Nothing he does would surprise me anymore. That said, I doubt his candidacy is going to have any meaningful effect on the 2024 race, Sawant or no Sawant. (I'm much, much more concerned about the "No Labels" dark money scheme.)

@13 Be that as it may, something tells me this columnist's tenure at the ST is going to be very short.


Sawant occupy's this quantum superposition in the minds of the Slog Dipshit Brigade. She simultaneously is totally incompetent and yet also somehow the source of everything that is wrong. She is simultaneously politically inert and ineffective but yet also somehow is responsible for electing Trump. She's the Doctor Manhattan of socialist boogey men. Er. Persons.

As for Hitler. The good thing about Hitler is that he's dead. If only more fascists and their apologists would join him.


and in the ground
and rotting.

well said


@12 pass


The Stranger is entirely a troll at this point. Anyone who still take them seriously as a journalistic source or have any sort of ethics or integrity, is either not paying attention or just an idiot. They're right there with Fox & Friends. Mildly entertaining every once in a while just for the batshit hot-takes.

As for their voting "cheat sheet", I think most of us know by now that it's mostly useful as a way to determine who not to vote for.

@15 Roger, just in case you were unaware, you're part of the "Slog Dipshit Brigade".

As to your point, you just described Trump. Sawant is an asshat. Sawant is incompetent. Sawant is dangerous. They're not mutually exclusive. As for "electing trump" that's pretty ridiculous to pin on her, but fair to say she did what she could.


@15: Back with that again, are we?

Sawant’s “head tax” occupied a huge amount of Council time, and passed unanimously. After tens of thousands of Seattle citizens signed for a referendum, Mayor Durkan adroitly waited until Sawant was absent on a(nother) victory lap to engineer a repeal. So Sawant’s legislation both occupied a huge amount of time, energy, and attention, but produced nothing. See how that worked?

CM Sawant’s “Saving the Showbox” also occupied a huge amount of time, energy, and attention, and also passed without a dissenting vote. Taken to court, it was immediately struck down for the illegal spot rezone that it was. Seattle’s taxpayers had to fork over a million dollars to the building’s right-wing owner for his legal bills. See how that worked?

Sawant went far from Seattle to spread this lie: there was no difference between Clinton and Trump. There actually was a huge difference, in Clinton supporting a woman’s right to choose, and Trump opposing it. Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the election, and while we’ll never know how many voters In critical states were sufficiently fooled by Sawant’s blatant lying, she certainty did her part to get Trump the presidency, the three Supreme Court picks that eventually went with it, and thus the end of Roe. See how that worked?

Please let us know what other areas of basic politics you need repeatedly explained to you.


Hollywood Actors Strike

TV and Movie Actors Vote
for Biggest Walkout
in Four Decades

Leaders of the Hollywood union SAG-AFTRA, representing 160,000 television and movie actors, voted to strike on Thursday. Screenwriters have already been picketing for over 70 days.

no Content.
no Talent.

Big Money
gonna Improvise:

hel-Lo I, A.

& the Rush
to the Bottom
continueth unabated.


Tommy Tuberville is a domestic enemy against the Constitution and should be tarred and feathered and left in stocks to eat shit like the fascist shitbag he is.


Tommy Tuberville is a domestic enemy of the Constitution and should be tarred and feathered, put in stocks, and fed only dogshit like the fascist shitbag he is.



Beep boop


@14.....You may be right about Hannah's duration at the Stranger but it's really hard to say. It seems her reporting is one-dimensional and simply pure snark; something more on the order of tabloid reporting. Nathalie does a much better job but couldn't even make it on her own and had to return. The UW seems to pass out BA degrees in journalism so long as the tuition gets paid.


I’d say that’s true about most universities.
Pretty much just grades 13-16 anymore.


@26 I wasn't talking about Hannah, whom I like. If you read the message I was responding to (@13), it should be clear I was referring to the Seattle Times (ST) columnist who managed to work a Hitler shout-out into his very first column. That simply will not fly in Seattle, regardless of what anyone thinks of the Lenin statue.



You don't know fuck all about Nathalie or what prompted her to come back to The Stranger as a freelancer. Go away, you're an asshole.


@29 -- agreed. I
Always give
Birtha the


@29 -- agreed. I
Always give
Birtha the


@29....I'm not going anywhere; I enjoy the shit show too much.

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