On the picket line: Alaska Airlines flight attendants formed a picket line outside of SeaTac yesterday. No, they are not on strike. It's really hard for transportation workers to go on strike because the federal government requires mediation before workers exercise that power. For now, the workers are raising awareness of their ongoing contract negotiations as part of their “red hot summer” campaign. The union wants higher wages and some rule changes for things like cost of uniforms and breaks. 

Who would turn down $1 million? The City of Burien, Perhaps: After a month, the City of Burien is still iffy on whether or not they should take the County up on its rare $1 million offer. The County tried to give Burien money so it could better help the 40 unhoused people the City controversially swept from one piece of land to another to make room for a dog park. But it seems like the Burien City Council is fine just sweeping people without adequate shelter referrals. 

NAACP has an announcement: This afternoon, the NAACP will hold a press conference detailing the findings of its investigation into the Lynnwood City Council’s alleged targeting of Council Member Josh Binda. Binda has been the subject of controversy from his campaign finance flubs and ethical errors, and one time he sucked on a lollipop during a meeting. Some suspected his council peers and the media threw the book at him because he’s Black, and today the NAACP will weigh in. I’ll keep you posted.

They measured the vibes: Downtown Seattle is making a comeback. According to recent data, foot-traffic downtown has reached a three-year high of about 54% of pre-pandemic levels, drawing 80,000 visitors last month. Looking at FYI Guy's graph, foot-traffic has steadily increased since about April 2020. Besides a few small peaks and valleys, Seattle saw pretty linear growth. All of this to say, I don't know if Mayor Bruce Harrell, who seems to care about Downtown revitalization more than anything else, should take any credit for this new high. It's more likely just workers returning to the office, not pickleball games in Westlake or whatever.

Here we go, baby: After nearly a decade of waiting, Council Member Kshama Sawant will bring her rent control trigger law to a vote in her committee tomorrow morning. If you feel strongly about rent control, get out of the fucking comment section and go tell Sawant and the rest of the Renters’ Rights and Sustainability committee at public comment Friday at 9:30 am. 

So far, so good: As of 8 am Thursday morning, no council member has proposed any amendments to water-down or undermine Sawant’s proposal. Council Member Sara Nelson, the co-chair of the committee, caused a bit of drama with Sawant’s last big renter’s rights legislation when she proposed a very stupid amendment that raised the proposed $10 late fee cap. Nelson ultimately lost that fight. So on one hand, it's nice that Sawant won't have to deal with amendments weakening her proposal, but it could also mean that everyone on council hates it so much that they will just kill the whole thing in committee. Either way, tomorrow’s meeting will be one to watch—or rather, to read about from yours truly. In the meantime, catch up on the policy here.

GOTV: I thought I would warn you about the voter registration deadline before you get into weekend mode. Monday, July 24 is the deadline to register to vote or change your registration. You can do that at this website. Otherwise, you can register the day of the election in-person and cast a ballot the old-fashioned way, which is a pain in the ass. Once you get that all squared away, you can read our voter guide so you know which bubbles to fill. Or so you "know who NOT to vote for LOL." We have a lot of hate-readers.

McCarthy breaking promises to Donnie J: Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy allegedly made a secret promise to former president Donald Trump that he would expunge his impeachment record before the August recess. According to sources close to the situation, McCarthy made the promise to make amends with Trump after he told the media that the Republicans should find a different nominee rather than rally around the former president. McCarthy denied that he made any such deal, but he already told other House Republicans that they will revisit the charges. In any case, the Republicans hold a slim majority, and plenty of moderate Republicans are sooooo over this shit, so McCarthy may not have the votes anyway. 

It gets worse and worse: The former president got hit with a lot of charges in the Jan 6 investigation, but now you can stamp the "civil rights violation" square on your Trump probe bingo card. 

Not cool, Marj: In the latest episode of Marjorie Taylor Greene does fucked up shit, the US Representative showed Hunter Biden’s nudes in a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing with IRS whistleblowers. Greene also accused Biden of writing off his escapades with sex workers as a business expense and other shit no one would confirm. Rep. Robert Garcia summed up the meeting better than I ever could: “Today’s hearing is like most of the majority’s investigations and hearings: A lot of allegations, zero proof, no receipts–but apparently, some dick pics.”

I cannot escape her: Everywhere I look, it's Taylor Swift. Ms. Swift will perform this Saturday and Sunday at Lumen Field, but you don’t have to wait for a light rail car full of young women bathed in glitter to feel the Swift spirit. She’s already here. The County declared this week “Taylor Swift Week.” King County Executive Dow Constantine made an Instagram Reel full of song references I’m sure he does not understand. Top Pot is selling Taylor Swift-themed donuts. Cafe D’arte is serving Taylor Swift-themed drinks. And the Swifties brought economic prosperity to local bead shop. To be clear, I will be going to the concert and I will be posting about it, but right now it feels like my Swiftie TikTok feed infiltrated the outside world. She's in my walls. 

You look like you need a shirt: If you love The Stranger or just the feeling of cloth against your skin, you should probably buy a shirt to support the blog. I’m going to buy one, so if you want to twin with me, here’s your chance

For your ears: Sofi Tukker will be at Capitol Hill Block Party tomorrow. Get familiarized!