Have they tried dropping the animatronic Mitch from the top of the dome? That will probably reseat his circuit boards.


“…the feds operate a program that retrieves and reverse engineers UFOs…”

This is a bit like saying our cave-dwelling ancestors could have reverse-engineered iPhones.

(And if we had, why wouldn’t we use the results to repair Sen. McConnell?)


@4, whatever, I sleep just fine after enjoying bad things happening to bad people.

There needs to be an age limit to hold office. And the voting age should be lowered. If we're going to let mush-brained old people have a voice and run things, mush-brained teens should have one too. The GOP is trying to roll-back child labor laws. If they're old enough to get killed in poorly regulated industrial settings then they're old enough to vote.

In other news, the universe is too big to comprehend. I'd say there definitely has to be some other sentient life forms somewhere, but it's extremely unlikely we will ever know. Any civilization advanced enough to find us is obviously smart enough to steer clear of 8 billion angry, scared, and confused mutated monkeys.


@3 I don't disagree, but if Mitch knew about a poor person having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad life because of his policies and actions, he would laugh.


@4: Isn't self-deprecating your own species kind of a yesteryear snark everyone's tired of?


@7- if “dick” is OK, why wouldn’t “twat” also be?


@6- our species keeps giving us more reasons to do so.


That song is awful and it's just the same note over and over.


The worst thing about the hearing on @2 is that it was just a practical joke on him, but he actually was that gullible. sheesh, some people


Inquiries regarding Fermi's paradox can be forwarded to Brent Gumbo's inbox as they apparently have all the answers.



I also don't disagree with you there, but actually thought Hannah exercised a bit more self-restraint here than even I might have shown or expected. Said she doesn't "give a fuck" about his well being, which seems pretty indifferent, rather than reveling in his misfortune. I know plenty of people are doing the latter, but I think her assessment here (including her note that this seems more worrisome than he's letting on) is actually pretty spot-on.


@6 aren't you the one always cynically referencing "the human condition"?


Wait. We can get cardboard cut-outs of you?


@4 Great comment!
but where you see 8 billion angry, scared, &
confused mutated monkeys "Republican" Aliens
see cannon fodder pet food & Free sexworkerbees

@5 one good turn
deserves another
it Could Not hap-
pen to a Shit-
tier person.*

*oh and speaking of Banning all Aborions
how many Women did KkKonnell KILL
by denying Obama HIS pick & then
bum's-rushing el trumpfster's?

those now and future Deaths
are NOT on Progressives:
they're on Traitor


@14: Not cynically but as the simple recognition of being human. The kind of things that Shakespeare used for his plays.


@1 - that model was manufactured in 1942 so I'm pretty sure it still has tubes rather than circuit boards.


@8 my comment was deleted even though my question was hypothetical. Honestly, what a bunch of hypocritical hothouse flowers. This paper used to be cool about 20 years ago, but it's insufferable now


@3, 18 SwampThing, while I don't revel in anyone's "suffering", I certainly will actively cheer McConnel's death (from natural or accidental causes - I do not condone violence in our political system yet) or Trump, or any of those shitbag Republicans who have caused untold amounts of pain and suffering.

Biden calling McConnel to check on his welfare is a big fuck-you to people like me. Biden cares more about people like Mitch than he cares about people like me. Biden can go fuck himself as well.

All you people can take your civility and shove it up your ass. You have the privilege of civility. It's just a front for the fact that none of this really affects you, so you don't really have to give a shit.


I'm actually a little worried about Shitbird McConnell. He's ruthless as shit, maybe more so than any other leader in recent memory, but his worldview is still pretty boilerplate pre-Trump republicanism. I fear his replacement would be every bit as ruthless (gotta prove he has what it takes!), and he would also be a lunatic, far right Maggot who would put forth policies even more harmful to this country (and our allies) than any boilerplate pre-Trump Republican...even a mercilessly ruthless one.


" revel in others misfortune makes you just as bad as republicans that live for that shit."

Shut up. No it doesn't. Not when said misfortune is a fucking POLICY POSITION.

Like my votes and my actions and my activism are all moving the ball forward so old people like McConnell can get the affordable healthcare and affordable assisted living they need for a dignified old age.

McConnell himself is literally ensuring through policy action that old people are completely stripped of all their wealth and dignity as they age and transferring that wealth to billionaires.


Mitch.exe has stopped working.


Of COURSE your story about your elderly neighbor is true. My wife and I are elderly near-neighbors who have voted a straight Stranger ticket for decades now.


Mitch is already dead.


Time for X-Files reruns!


@22: The hallmark of maturity is compassion for one's adversaries. That's what Biden as a long time astute politician has learned.

Grow up dear.


@31. That's just watered down Stockholm Syndrome. Loving your enemies is one thing but Mitch is a serial and unredeemable abuser and deserves nothing more than to reap what he has sown.


@32 nicely proving @30's point.


("You disagree with me politically.....


why distill
treachery to the
Citizenry as political disagreement?

does that make
the Monster
to you?

there's a Special Place
in Hell reserved for
the senator from
Kentucky & all
his Ilks. Good


@32: Compassion for his seizure does not nullify your quest for justice. It only reinforces that you're listening to your better angels.


@7.....As far as "dick" being okay and "twat" not being okay it is because twat is a vulgar term that references a female and dick references a male. It is, however, an example of an editorial double standard considering that Kristofarian is allowed to refer to tensorna's "cuntiness".


@33. You will be reborn as a naked mole-rat.


@35. I take no sadistic pleasure in his suffering, but justice will be meted one way or another with his removal from office and this earth. He is unworthy of worldly compassion. Biden only realizes his own demise and deterioration isn't far behind, and can empathize out of fear and loss. But I don't have the convenience of dying anytime soon (hopefully) and will have to live in the hellscape future Mitch has wrought with his unquenchable thrist for power and corruption and betrayal of the Constition, dealing with the devil, to give us the reality we have now. There is no more dishonorable shitbag than Mitch McConnell. He is a wretched demonic fiend whose only positive contribution to our world is leaving it as soon as possible.


Compassion and kid gloves for power mad robber barons stripping our rights and futures as they do nature with coal mines and pipelines, merciless scorn and condemnation for tent dwelling drug addicts and vagabonds, when the former begets the latter.

Petty criminals may be wicked indeed, but next to Mitch they are mere children. In his chaotic wake festers horror beyond imagining, cruelty the mere retelling of which would strike one dead, terror and injustice and unkindness that would make the very rocks weep tears of shame. He has caused tragedies that ended futures, injustices that defy reason, torments that cannot possibly be borne - and yet must be.

The years of spreading misery and horror and growing ever more numb to it; the seep of his own humanity; the slow growth of a new thing altogether which became that which he is now. His is an existence that has no possibility of redemption, no end.


"Compassion and kid gloves
for power mad robber barons strip-
ping our rights and futures as they do
nature with [their] coal mines and pipelines,

merciless scorn and condemnation
for tent dwelling drug addicts
and vagabonds, when the
former begets the latter."

my Gawd it's
Hard for some to
connect the Dots. perhaps
their denial keeps them 'safe'

but for how long?
Our Robber
Barons are

Brilliant comment
as per Usual


@1 -- well
they Did try that
sadly Robot Mitch landed
on its head and Bounced OVER the
Warshington Monument and Onto the lap of
Abraham Lincoln who freed the Slaves & there-
upon Traumatized KkKonnell into yet another Spell.

Bezos's working on a
brand new Model said to be
totally Impervious to human Suffering.

gonna Win! if it's
the Last Thing we do


@36 -- speaking of an
Editorial Double Standard:

didn't get
a Chance to
read it but I'm
betting @4 was
pulled [in spite of
your feeble protestations
otherwise] for excessive Cuntiness*

*as should this one be.
thank you.

kristofarian on July 24, 2023 at 11:18 AM


@36 -- speaking of an
Editorial Double Standard:

didn't get
a Chance to
read it but I'm
betting @4 was
pulled [in spite of
your feeble protestations
otherwise] for excessive Cuntiness*

*as should this one be.
thank you.

kristofarian on July 24, 2023 at 11:18 AM


Okay Kris, I got it the first time.


just makin' sure
(tho I'd prefer
an Edit cum
Delete but-


oh & btw
didja Notice
I called for it
to be Deleted?
cuz you hadn't
Mentioned it yet

I can re-re-re-repost
it if you'd like.


@ Okay kristo, no I hadn't noticed it but there's no need to repost; I'll take your word for it. Running the memory hole must be tiresome.


"Okay kristo,
no I hadn't
noticed it... "

no worries
bertha! it was
pretty well-Hidden.


Okay kristo.........



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