I don't know what to tell you, MAGA heads, he just keeps getting accused of doing crimes. CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY



I know and work with a member of Essence's family and it has been very hard for all of them. She was a lovely person. Another friend of mine was trapped in her car at the scene while the shooting went on around her, and it just as easily could have ended with her death as well. Neither Essence nor my friend had anything to do with the racing or whatever caused the shooter to pop off.
I've never made a secret of the fact that I am a gun owner, and as such, I truly believe that we have lost our damn minds regarding guns. How many of us have known someone effected by gun violence or have been effected ourselves? This incident isn’t the first time I’ve watched a co-worker torn apart by the murder of a family member with a gun. A long time Slogger lost his grandparents to a home invader who took his grandfather’s gun from him and murdered them both. No other country lives like this and it breaks my heart.
I’ve always been an advocate for treating gun ownership at the very least the way we treat cars; required licensing, training, insurance, and proof of safe storage as well, but apparently for many the idea of being hampered in any way in one’s ability to take another life is just too much to ask. ☹


@1 Society should have no tolerance for freeways and the mortal danger they can cause. FIFY.

The Houston calamity reminded me of what my Florida high school did when a classmate died in some kind of jackass stunt involving standing up in the bed of a fast-moving pickup truck. The school honored his memory by naming the detention room after him.


As the sewer keeps backing up at Mar-a-Lago, Republicans keeps scrambling for excuses and “what about” blame. They don’t have to worry about the faithful. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and will support the GOP regardless. But to win over the coveted independent vote, their strategy depends on Hunter Biden and the front porch he might provide towards impeachment. You know, let’s dirty-up the Biden name. So slithery and greasy. Do any of you guys remember when candidates ran on issues? “Well, the former president didn’t do anything that Hillary Clinton didn’t do, and at least he isn’t covering up his sons’ past sinful binges including hookers and drugs.”

I’d be very careful opening up the topic of past behavior from progeny if I were them (which I never could be).

Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name and did some pretty financially corrupt deals and other sleazy things, as those photographs – which I was never supposed to see - show. We all know that type of guy. He made a big mistake showing his face in public right after the hand-slap plea deal. I’m mean…a state dinner with the Prime Minister of India? Laughing and smiling. The optics suggest, “Daddy’s fixed things again.”

But you can’t blame President Biden for any of adult Hunter’s poor choices unless the President somehow intervened on Hunter’s behalf. The Republican House is insisting that the President did…even if he didn’t.

I agree about the Cinerama. It would break my heart to see it under the wrecking ball. It’s a great venue, and it’s the last vestige of Seattle’s downtown cinema houses. They are all gone now except the Cinerama. But public funds shouldn’t be used to keep a for-profit movie theater on a respirator. It needs to thrive as a private venture. And if the Cinerama has sadly outlived its usefulness, like typewriters or landlines, then it’s probably time to say good-bye. But if some foundation or uber-rich benefactor wants to keep it alive, please invite me to the charity ball.

Wow. Disregarding that the original Eagles started fifty years ago, now only Don Henley and Bernie Leadon remain with us. Time to put the earbuds in and listen to “Tequila Sunrise.” Some kind of music, I tell ya.

I have voted for Senator Feinstein so many times I can’t even count, but no one I know is saying, “Senator, hang in there one more day!” Baby doesn’t know when it’s time to hang up the tool belt. Who the fuck is advising her?

Happy, healthy whales make my heart dance.

Lovely weekend to one and all. And enjoy all that Seattle summer Technicolor green. There is nothing that compares.


@7: "...But public funds shouldn’t be used to keep a for-profit movie theater on a respirator."

You do realize that SIFF now owns the Cinerama, right?


@1 - You are out of your fucking mind.

I find freeway blocking a nuisance also, and potentially dangerous, if it prevents first responders from quickly getting to the scenes of healthcare emergencies or violent crimes (such as domestic disturbances) in progress. That said, it is against the fucking law to to drive in a manner that recklessly or intentionally kills...murders...another person, as it should be.

Your post is so obnoxious that it almost puts me at a loss for words. No truly law-abiding person who isn't a craven asshole could possibly express what you have regarding an innocent life taken. The victim was killed over what is also just a traffic violation. So, you must be deliberately trolling to get a rise out of those of normal and normally humane sensibilities. Hope your sad effort is fun for you.


@ 9 - Yes. Aware. If the theater is currently in use, I retract. I was under the impression that it was in mothballs.


So, the Hitler dude claims in that piece that Lenin had the intention of murdering "as many people as he possibly could. All ages, classes, faiths, ethnicities, regions."

If that were so, that would mean he intended to murder literally every human being, period. Hmmm, color me skeptical. What's the point of leading a revolution and obtaining power if there's no one left to lead or exercise power over?


@7: Difi's staff and, apparently, Nancy Pelosi's daughter are advising her. she ain't listening. her narcissism is about the only part of her brain still intact.

i really don't mind if mind if McConnell's incapacitated, but he's not. he's still quite functional and evil.


@3/@6/@11: Mea culpa.

But Morty, blocking a freeway is always dangerous, never just a nuisance. That's dangerous thinking right there. Protesters' passions (climate change, cops, BLM) should never threaten public safety nor their own.


@4: "we" haven't lost our minds about guns. gun owners have. we are not in the same group.


Can TS please stop putting President Asshole's fat stupid orange face on Slog? I don't need to see it ever again. No one needs to see it ever again. Not even when he dies. Not even when he's convicted of whatever.

Put up a still of whales breeching; that's a pleasant visual experience.


@15 - It's a nuisance for the average schmoe just wanting to get home and now needing to find an alternate route. I said why it's dangerous, potentially means only when those other dangerous situations arise. To argue that would be semantics at this point.

Your mea culpa noted and cause to believe maybe you don't actually approve of the killing of others and were only trying to shock with that take on it.


Rainbow's take is extreme on the freeway blockers. That said, the freeway blockers should have been arrested immediately by the State Patrol, removed, and the highway reopened. There are many videos on the internet of freeway and road blockers being assulted by frustrated drivers trying to get to work. Road blocking is a crime, and they are criminals, to be dealt with arrest and a night or two in jail, if nothing else for their own safety. If you try freeway blocking in Arizona, you're going to be shot.


@19: The protesters were playing with those "semantics" and one got killed and the other permanently injured.

Also in those cars of average schmoes just wanting to get home could be cars of people trying to get to the hospital. I trust you don't actually approve of the needless dying of others just for the sake of a protest.


"Contrary to Trump's assurances that he "quickly shared all security camera footage from his estate with the government," the new charges allege Trump asked a Mar-a-Lago employee to delete security camera footage investigators sought pertaining to his handling of those classified documents."

Obstruction of Justice.
precisely what brought Republicans
in Congress to turn on tricky Dick Nixon

back when Republicans
were more or less Sane

is there No straw that'll finally
break the back of this Charlatan
of a 'president''s disciples' fealty?

they keep this Up
they're not gonna worry
too much about any "Election."

buckle up
the Fascists
have Arrived.*

dewey's here
for the berating

he came like six times
(A COP!!!) when you posted
if Frustration which to dewey equals

Masturbation. his keyboard's
now a sement board.


@8 which is silly because the words "well-regulated" are literally in the amendment

people can argue what that phrase meant at the time, but if they're doing that, it's intellectually inconsistent to not question the whole amendment


I thank the staff for deleting @1. To all readers, I am sorry.


I don't have a problem using money from a fund that was funded by admissions tax to help bring the Cinerama back. SIFF is (presumably) a non-profit, but a theatre like the Cinerama supports jobs, economic activity in the area and sales tax. And 2Mil in the city budget is chump change.

As for Bari Weiss, he sounds like the typical conservative victim.


@20 - Agree with "should have," but that requires a LOT of manpower and takes the many, many arresting officers off the street for 2 hours minimum. That's just simply not possible when you have large-scale protests going on all over the area...and you still need officers to respond to the ordinary calls for service that will come in on any ordinary night.

Mass arrests of freeway blockers would require large-scale National Guard deployment in the overall LE manpower environment that existed then. In those situations, a no-arrest policy except for violent offenses and "instigation" type offenses is common, as it has to be in practical terms.

Sometimes, the cops aren't logistically capable of doing what "should have" been done, only what they "can" actually do in practice.


@21 - You're arguing something I didn't say, but have fun with that!

I clearly differentiated averages joes from those needing emergency service, and I think anyone who has even rudimentary reading comprehension skills would have immediately grasped that.

I suspect you're back to trolling so no more taking the bait for me.


@27: On a busy freeway, average joes and those needing emergency services cannot always be differentiated. Stand over I5 on an overpass when traffic is heavy and tell us which cars are on their way to the hospital or have some other emergency, or which lanes will need to make way for police or fire.


The famous 1965 Martin Luther King Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery blocked 54 miles of roads and highway for five days.

This resulted in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Many people were inconvenienced.


My appologies, Basinga dear. I got my people confused. I meant to call out David Volodzko as the attention seeking wannabe victim. I had copied Ms. Weiss because I wanted to google her, and then didn't notice before I wrote my post.

Mrs. Vel-DuRay regrets the error.


On another note, I had no idea what XO Seattle was (being a provincial Eastern Washingtonian and all) or what a bunch of rape allegations had to do with the Coliseum Theatre, whose truly fabulous mid-century marquee I shall miss until the day I leave This Vale of Tears.

I didn't know it was once again being used as a performance space. I like that.


@18, I'm as sick of seeing his revolting visage as anybody, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I never want to see it again. I'll be watching with a big fresh bowl of popcorn when he finally gets taken away in a nice shiny pair of conjoined steel bracelets. That's about the extent of my desire, though.


@2, @25: Welcome to the modern Stranger. Flushing half a billion dollars (and counting) down the Homeless-Industrial Complex, with nothing to show for it, has produced not a peep of protest from the Stranger. But if anyone dare propose Seattle spend less than 1/250th of that on re-opening a civic treasure — one which might produce ad revenue for the Stranger! — and suddenly unspecified other uses become far more important.

It’s as if the Stranger now truly believes homeless drug users from god-knows-where are the only persons in Seattle who could ever possibly matter, and that every civic amenity must either be handed over to the homeless, or defunded in favor of throwing yet more money at the worse-than-worthless Homeless-Industrial Complex. Everything that makes city life worth living must go, and for what?

I honestly have no idea what the Stranger thinks it is doing, or why.


@34, @22

New Trump Charges
Highlight Long-Running
Questions About Obstruction

The accusation that former President Donald J. Trump wanted security camera footage deleted at Mar-a-Lago added to a pattern of concerns about his attempts to stymie prosecutors.

The indictment says that just days after the Justice Department demanded security footage from Mar-a-Lago, his residence and private club in Florida, Mr. Trump told the property manager there that he wanted security camera footage deleted.

If proved, it would be a clearer example of criminality than what Mr. Mueller found, according to Andrew Goldstein, the lead investigator on Mr. Mueller’s obstruction investigation.

“Demanding that evidence be destroyed is the most basic form of obstruction and is easy for a jury to understand,” said Mr. Goldstein, who is now a white-collar defense lawyer at the firm Cooley.

“It is more straightforwardly criminal than the obstructive acts we detailed in the Mueller report,” he said. “And if proven, it makes it easier to show that Trump had criminal intent for the rest of the conduct described in the indictment.”

--by Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman

July 28, 2023, 6:56 p.m.

turning point!
maybe . . .


I missed out on @1 shit-for-brains latest hot-take, but that it was only yesterday he was lecturing people here on "maturity" at Mitch McConnell glitching-out is one for the ages.

But folks here will pucker-up and continue to be that asshat's friend.


@35 Tensora, @37 Toby, none of us do.

For the time being, I'm sticking to my theory that TS is actually a Republican-backed front to undermine progressive causes by make progressives look like bat-shit crazy people. It seems to be working.


@1 and @24: I missed your deleted comment, but it must have been pretty inexcusably outlandish to get yanked from today's SLOG comment thread. And you and your fellow trolls accuse me, GRIZ, of senseless ranting!
Go take a look in your bathroom mirror, raindrop dear. When was the last time you took a vacation?

@18 Max Solomon, @22 and @38 kristofarian, and @34 long-time reader: +4 For the WIN!! Agreed, spot on, amen, and well said.
Just this to add:
@22 kristofarian: ....EEEEEeeeeeeewwww! I don't wanna see that keyboard!
and @34 long-time reader: I'm adding a bottle of my good Cabernet Sauvignon and dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt as ideal go-withs to my bowl of popcorn. When the Orange Turd finally gets hauled away may that truly be the end of the over-glorified media circus around that criminally insane piece of shit, and that we never see or hear of it ever again.

If anything can be done to save the Cinerama as well as the Wedgewood tree, I'll all for it.

Hooray for breaching whales--and for modest cool breezes off Bellingham (and hopefully Elliott) Bay!
It has been a dry 2023 so far, but we've been lucky here in the PNW, weather-wise.
My beloved VW and I had another top down jaunt today. Griz is getting a birthday wish granted that the good weather is continuing through this weekend. Enjoy the sunshine, folks!


Elon Musk’s
Power in
the Stars

The tech billionaire has become the dominant power in satellite internet technology. The ways he is wielding that influence are raising global alarms.



what might a Twitter-owning
young Nazi Sociopath DO
with Kkkontrol of this
Planet's Communi-

we Needed a Mazimaum Wage:
We're getting Maximum

that should Please
the 'Centrists':

no more


@42: Relax. Nobody accuses your ranting as senseless. Just cringing and childish.


Oh, and happy birthday Griz.


@40, @41: That would explain the Stranger using the Republicans’ weird verbal tic, of calling the Democratic Party the “Democrat” party.



@42 - Auntie Griz - happy birthday weekend! Go outdoors and enjoy something orange ( not Trump - the sun!)


@41: The political dispositions of The Stranger are genuinely organic. Which is fine. But they're not having very much fun these days, are they? On a scale of 1 to 10, morale must be at 3 or lower.

When folks are reading Slog only because of the comments, that's a bad sign. It must be depressing to post an article only to have it corrected with the correct context provided by an alert reader as well as having it lampooned.

Remember Blabbermouth and other fun features? Long gone. I'm surprised at the trickle of content besides entertainment and food, just Slog AM and one or two others in a day. If they're on salary there should be tons more. If they're by the hour I can understand.

Hey Rich Smith. High time you added a weekly poetry section with your own works and those of other poets. It won't take much time to put together and would be a refreshing tonic.


Raindrop dear, you'll be relieved to know that the Bidens have officially recognized little Navy. That's one less thing for you to clutch your pearls over.



@48 shoobop, "@41 it could also just be a troll rag the stranger shit posts on the left to get idiots like you to shit post on the right and it all kinds of cancels out and keeps everyone clean."

You're right on TS just clickbait trolling, and idiots like me occasionally taking the bait, but if you think people like me, Toby, Tensora, et al are on the "right", that just shows how far TS has moved the Overton window to the fringe left in the tiny left-wing bubble that you subscribe to.


you get knocked down
but Right back up you come just
like one of those inflatable punching clowns

if you could Sell them
on Amazon with your
face on them they'd
go like Hotcakes

but yeah
your Opinions
so typically Suck
it's far too Easy to slide
right on Past your drivel.

I'm sorry;
what was it
you were saying?


@51: They had to say something, especially after Maureen Dowd's column. But the statement that Hunter has been "working together" is an insulting stretch. Nevertheless, with arrogance and condescension, Joe and Jill acquiesced and checked that box in their quest for respectability and hopefully will be referring to their seven, as opposed to six, grandchildren.

Hence, I hereby unclutch that pearl.

@53: I could be wrong, but I detect a hint of jealousy.


Auntie GEE!



You’re such a gossipy old thing, Raindrop. I’m certainly glad we’re not neighbors.


@56: Yes, but I would never even think of exposing salacious details about you - even if there were any.
@55: Always your out card, but you lose a point.


you gained
a $hitpotta Points
witrh @1 dewey I see
you're not remotely humbled

your assholery
speaks for


kinidly fuck



@58: Says the instigator (@53). Ok, so bye!


@4 Lissa: Thank you and bless you for being among the sane gun owners.

@45: "Cringing and childish", raindrop dear? Awwwww...do we educated, resilient women scare youse?
I guess there are always inflatables.

@46 raindrop, @49 pat L, and @55 kristofarian: Thank you for the birthday wishes.
Griz had another movie night--or rather, early am. In fond memory of the late film director, Peter Bogdanovich and celebrating the birthday of Lisa Kudrow, a year my senior I viewed two annual faves: What's Up, Doc? (1972), and Romy & Michele's High School Reunion (1996).
Griz is going out for dinner tonight. Gluten free chicken fettuccine Alfredo, as well as my beloved Love Beetle beckons. :)


@60 - That is my wife's exact same order every time we go to the local Italian place in town, which is surprisingly good for lil' ol' Sandpoint, Idaho. Arlo's. Check it out, if anyone has to venture thissaway for whatever reason.


@1 and @27
"Stand over I5 on an overpass when traffic is heavy and tell us which cars are on their way to the hospital ..., "

Hint: look for the flashing red lights. Hard to read, but 'Ambulance' is on the front, side, back.
You are truly stupider than we think you think we think you are.


our self-loathing
dewey el dungdrop
Lives for your Condemnations

thrives on your disgust
and can Troll like few others
he'd offer you a cat o' nine tails
if you lived close enough. so don't.

a nice pat on the head
and a well-Trolled!'d
suit him just Fine.


@62: So somebody on their way to the hospital in an emergency who is not in an ambulance doesn't count. Got it.


Or even to catch a plane or get to a show on time. Doesn't need to be an emergency. Freeway protests are evil.


@61 - Well, gorgeous scenery, fishing, hiking, to name a few.


@61 Morty: That's good to know. Thanks, Morty. I'll keep Arlo's in mind for a place to eat good Italian if I'm in Sandpoint, Idaho. It's interesting that your wife and I have similar favorite entrees.
Ordinarily, diet-wise, I have been making a conscious effort to curb my carbohydrate intake, cutting three of the obvious: white bread, pizza, and pasta--even if available without wheat gluten. But Sunday was my birthday, and I was glad to make the welcome exception.

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