Your Dasher should tip YOU now. (That's a joke. Be kind to delivery workers.) HK



cannot Wait to see
el trumpfster's Mugshot!

Will they make him remove
his Combover so's we all can
see the plugs? coupled with his
Famous scowl it'll be the Perfect pic

for his
Final shot
at Fascism

I'm thinking it may
need a little mustache
just for a little reminder.


Ian Birk. That's the cop that murdered John T Williams. You should at least mention his name so the internet never forgets that SPD Officer Ian Birk killed John T Williams and was never charged with a crime. He's a free man somewhere, probably in Idaho. Fuck Ian Birk.


V funny Ashley! I resent myself for caring about this as much as I do, but we have to win the World Series because a portion of my self worth relies on beating the teams of people I hate.


@2 - Probably not in Idaho, or you would know for sure, as he would have been overwhelmingly elected to high office in this state. Idahoans love nothing better than murderous cops!


Who has been arrested for shooting up the Hookah Lounge and killing 3 people?

The cops recovered 5 guns. But other than that, & the names of the victims, here's been a dearth of information.

Mass Killing, Mass Shooting. The dude (or dudes) needs to be off the street.


@5 actually, he'd probably be a police chief if he's in Idaho


@8 - Having actually lived here in Idaho and participated in its fucked-up politics for the last 12 years, I can say more than anyone in these comments that the "Idaho bashing" you reference is more than perfectly warranted. Hell, it doesn't go far enough!


25+ years ago, I told a friend that I was getting married to a woman from Idaho. He said, "Idaho?! All they have is potatoes and neo-Nazis!" My wife immediately shot back with "I'm from north Idaho. We don't have potatoes." The Aryan Nations are gone, but the local government has gone from opposed to the neo-Nazis to full-throated support.


Idaho is a beautiful place littered with stupid rednecks. Just like Washington and Oregon, what is the point of quibbling.


I have never been to Idaho. I suspect I will go to Tokyo before I go to Idaho.


Idaho is a beautiful state.
Regressive, yes, but I have relatives from there who voted for Hillary.
And I’ve been to a gay bar there.


For the second day in a row, TS blogged that Dodger stadium flooded. And for the second day in a row, they're being corrected. Do you want to go for three strikes tomorrow?

Hey TS, maybe stop using Twitter as your primary news source?


@1 kristofarian: I started envisioning the Orange Turd wearing a toga, size 68 Extra Fat, playing a violin as the Unholy MAGAt Empire burns, but that would be a horrible waste of a fine string instrument. It's just as well---DJT wouldn't have a clue on what to do with it. It would probably use it as an eating utensil for its 20 daily Big Mac Extra Value Meals.
I'm going instead with audio-visual Option B: the Orange Turd as Fatass, in The Shawshank Redemption:
Let the cornholing of the Orange Turd in the Georgia State Pigpen general population begin. Film at 11!
I'll bring popcorn, red wine, and dark chocolate.


I have never been to Idaho, but thank you @2 DOUG, @5 & @10 Morty, @7 Will in Seattle, @12 shoobop, and @13 boatgeek for the warning.

@14 feral_catbox: Excuse you. I'm a Washington native and not a redneck.

@16 pat L: It's nice to know that not ALL Idahoans are rabid pro-Trumpist maniacs. Your relatives must be very brave as well as better educated. This is why I try not to generalize.
On a similar note, I have a Washington-born friend who moved to Louisiana a while back. She continues to vote Democrat there but now lives deep in the heart of the Trumpland Swamp. I don't know how she tolerates the politics, along with the heat, humidity, tornadoes, hurricanes, and insects as big as B-52 bombers.


On a more positive note, my beloved and I are planning another solace-seeking jaunt to the San Juans again soon.


So, when I grew up in N. Idaho, we joked "Neo-Nazis to the North, Mormons to the South". Y'all might guess the town Doug (vomit)

Now they seem to be working together.

Gorgeous state, shitty people. Can't wait for my sister to GTFO...


Sorry, tried to make a Doug Wilson joke, but failed.

Ammon Bundy, OTOH, is exactly what I'm talking about. (But fuck that sleazy piece of rancid shit Doug Wilson also).


dear auntie - the relatives in Idaho have all either moved out, or died.
So that does prove everybody else’s point about the insufferable amount of right- wingism there.
But yes, there are a few gay bars in Idaho.


@23 I say that out of fear for her and her family's safety, and yes, there are reasons to worry.


@8 my first marathon started in Idaho at the border with Canada. My opinions are based on many decades of observation.

By the way, my first artworks were appraised by an art appraiser in Moscow, Idaho.


@25 yawn


@21, @22, and @26 drewl2: You're not kidding! Sadly, Idaho really does sound like a horrible state to live in, politically, and especially for women seeking body autonomy. I pity those in such hostile climates where church and state are so unyieldingly one.
My oldest sister, oldest niece, and great-nephew (my niece's younger brother's son) drove through eastern Washington on USR 2 and I-90 to and from a summer camp in Idaho where my great-nephew stayed for two weeks last year. My oldest sister and niece drove home alone together, after dropping my great-nephew off; he apparently had a ride back arranged with his troop leader.
My sister and niece faced a rather frightening ordeal coming back from Idaho, starting at the I-90 / USR2 Airway Heights Interchange. Two men in a flatbed truck hauling cement blocks tried to run them off the road, throwing cement blocks onto the paved highway! My niece, driving, had swerve to avoid getting hit. Their tormentors were relentless--like the unseen driver of a monstrous Peterbilt tanker truck in the taut thriller, Duel (1971), starring Dennis Weaver.
My quick-thinking, resilient niece did some excellent defensive driving, and finally my sister and niece were safely away from the predatory truck drivers, taking the USR 2 back to Everett, and northbound on I-5 from there home.
Understandably, my oldest sister and niece have no desire to return to the Gem State any time soon, as the return journey back to Skagit County left them shaken.

@24 pat L: You, drewl2, Morty, Will in Seattle, shoobop, boatgeek, and DOUG all make valid cases to avoid Idaho. Especially for those of us who might be driving through unfamiliar territory as my sister and niece did.


@5 & @10 Morty, if my beloved and I ever do venture east of the Cascades into your neck of the woods for a nice Italian dinner at Arlo's in Sandpoint, would you be available to offer us a gracious police escort afterward back to the Washington State border?
My beloved VW would most likely have to stay home, however. Our interstate freeway driving days, even here in Washington State are behind us. Most vehicles need a V6 or V8 engine to safely merge, anymore, and my beloved is a classic stick shift that shudders at any speed over 75 mph. I'm amazed my car's maximum speed on the dashboard is 100 mph.

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