The mugshot: On Thursday, Donald Trump surrendered and was booked into the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia for allegedly interfering with the 2020 election. When booked, Trump described himself as 6'3 guy with "strawberry blonde hair" who weighs in at 215 pounds. The strawberry blonde part is so funny to me. He then posed for a mugshot. He tucked his chin, served a spicy little glare, and made history—the first presidential mugshot. Trump's merch team pumped out mugs, t-shirts, hats, and whatever else they could paste the image on and use to their benefit. The former president has been indicted four times this year, but this is the first mugshot he's been required to take since Georgia law mandates mugshots for all felony charges. 

Before the mugshot: 

After the mugshot: 

Trump made his first tweet since he was kicked off Twitter for allegedly inciting an insurrection: This screenshot of Trump's timeline really captures it all. 

As you can imagine, QAnon is having a field day with all of this: Apparently getting your mugshot taken, returning to Twitter for the first time in over two years, and tweeting "Election Interference, Never Surrender," is enough to essentially light the QAnon beacons and make all those whackos think "the storm" is finally coming. 

The smoky haze returns: Oh, sweet, sweet, smokeless respite, you were so brief. Smoke from the Sourdough Fire and the numerous Canadian blazes still burning is wafting into western Washington Friday and will continue to do so through the weekend. It won't get as bad as last weekend, but a haze is a haze is a haze.

The smoke and fires could worsen: Don't relax just yet. A red flag warning is in effect for the western slopes of the central Cascade Mountains, an area spanning the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area down to the Oregon border, which means fire risk is extra high. Not only that, but thunderstorms Friday morning could create lightning, which could light more fires. 

Here is some lightning from Oregon: 

The blood bank needs your blood: I know you and your ilk. You're well-intentioned, critical of the world and all its disappointments, and yet, what are you doing to help things? An easy thing you could do is hand over a few pints of that precious blood you've been creating the whole time you've been reading this. Washington's blood banks are in dire need of blood donations. People stop donating in the summer so much so that the blood banks of the world refer to summertime as the "100 Deadliest Days." If you don't want the whole region's blood supply to run dry, then book yourself an appointment at Bloodworks Northwest, American Red Cross, Vitalant, or Cascade Regional Blood Services, stat. It would mean a lot. 

Eastside will get light rail next year: Sound Transit is targeting early-March 2024 to open up an Eastside-only "starter line" of eight light rail stops between Redmond and downtown Bellevue. The part of the route that connects Seattle to the burbs won't open until 2025 because crews are rebuilding "more than 5,000 defective concrete track ties" along Interstate 90. Whatever, let the suburbans discover the joy of public transit. Get 'em all juiced up for 2025. The "starter line" opening will cost a cool $37 million in operations costs. 

Well, isn't that ironic: The man who allegedly kidnapped a Seattle woman and locked her in his Oregon home inside a cinderblock cell tried to escape his own jail cell at the Jackson County Jail in Medford, Oregon. He tried to break through the glass of his cell. That didn't work. I guess he really doesn't like being locked up. Maybe he should have thought of that before allegedly confining someone in a homemade cinderblock prison. 

Three dead after Michigan storm: A storm with 75 mph winds tore off roofs, uprooted trees, and killed three people across Michigan. The National Weather Service says two tornadoes could be responsible for the damage. 

Creepy Spanish soccer president won't resign: Luis Rubiales kissed one of his players on the mouth and was  overly familiar and touchy feely with the rest of the team as he celebrated their World Cup championship win over England. Rubiales said he won't resign and that he was the victim of a witch hunt by “false feminists.”

Come to the office or quit: Last month, Amazon gave its remote workforce an ultimatum: Come into the office three days a week or quit. According to anecdotal reports from KUOW, it seems like many employees will quit. This could work in Amazon's favor, since the e-commerce behemoth is trying to downsize its workforce, as evidenced by the 18,000 employees the company laid off in January.

ICYMI: Humanity can be cute and sweet despite all of the bad in the world. A man with a telescope stopped traffic in Brooklyn because he was showing so many people Saturn:

Back to the dread: Due to drought and ongoing heat waves, Houston issued water restrictions. Water pressure has dropped, and it's time to conserve. Houstonians (is this what we call them?) can only use outdoor water two times a week between 7 pm to 5 am or else face a fine up to $2,000. This year's summer is Houston's hottest ever, according to temperature records spanning 130 years. 

This is fucking terrifying: The man who carried out a shooting in a Trabuco Canyon, California bar, killing three and injuring six, was a retired Ventura Police Department officer. John Snowling, 59, allegedly walked into the bar, found his wife, with whom he is going through a divorce, and shot her in the face. She survived. He then shot the woman with whom she was dining, and that woman died from her injuries. He then started randomly shooting people in the bar. Male rage is a death sentence in this country. 

Maui County releases names of missing: Hundreds of people are still missing three weeks after the Lahaina fires. The FBI compiled a list of validated names. There are 388 people who have not been accounted for. Here's the list

You deserve a song, I guess: Why not enjoy some Beyoncé?