‘Nehring talked about how his dumb law will "send a message" to people committing low-level crime. Yeah, you're really breaking some new ground here, Nehring.’

You’re missing the message, which is, “go to Seattle.” Other jurisdictions in the region will continue dumping their homeless (and other drug-related) problems on Seattle, because Seattle (fully supported by the Stranger) has persistently refused to admit drugs are part of the homeless and crime problems.

“…they will empower Republican City Attorney Ann Davison…”

The Stranger’s crying “Republican” utterly failed to prevent her election, so why do you believe it will now prevent her empowerment?

“…to prosecute public use and possession of drugs as a gross misdemeanor.”

And watch how popular that becomes, as citizens of Seattle become ever more desperate to stop tents, trash, needles, and now bodies from piling up in parks, greenbelts, and on sidewalks. Rail at them all you want for that, Stranger; it is your chronically failed policies which turned one of the most liberal American cities into a proponent of law & order.


tS elected
el trumpfster
for fuck's sake!


@1 Is it really law and order though? Despite TS's continued insistence we are going to lock up half of the city, from what I've read the policy will likely be amended to instruct police to offer diversion programs and if the individual is not actively harming others/themselves to let them continue with their behavior. I doubt we'll see much impact or change given those criteria. I feel like this is more performative than anything else at this point. It gives city officials the ability to say they are doing something but for all practical purposes nothing is changing.


‘ Seattle Police Department will review a policy that allows police union officials to participate in the investigation of the cops the union represents, according to the Seattle Times. “

I think we all know how this is going to go. It’s always great when organizations are allowed to investigate themselves.


@4 "I feel like this is more performative than anything else"

first time hearing about the war on drugs?


Sure are a lot of whiny people posting today.

Get a grip and order your free snow shovel


I read in the NYT that 3 out of the 5 Iranians the US dropped charges against "declined" to return to Iran. pretty amusing.


@3: “Is it really law and order though?”

No, but that won’t stop the Stranger from whining about it. Anything other than complete lawlessness won’t satisfy them.

@6: “first time hearing about the war on drugs?”

Of course, you repeat that cliche, when the exact polar opposite has been in effect. Seattle’s hard left has conducted an unwanted experiment in de facto drug decriminalization, and it’s been a colossal failure. Before the end of this month, King County should easily surpass the number of overdose fatalities in all of last year. Decriminalization of cannabis passed only with heavy support from Seattle; with the poisoning of that well, decriminalizing other drugs may now have wait a generation or more.


Can I get a free shovel to remove all the crap left by the homeless up and down Rainier Ave?


“ it is your chronically failed policies which turned one of the most liberal American cities into a proponent of law & order.”

Tensorna dear, aren’t you being a bit histrionic? The Stranger doesn’t set public policy, and really doesn’t influence it, either. The citizens of Our Fair City -the ones who you say are clamoring for “Law & Order” continue to send dopey people to the council.


@14 no, you have to use gloves for that

Also, stop tossing your hamburger wrappers on the sidewalk, it's gross


@13, I guess you also don't imbibe in the many alcoholic beverages this region had to offer. Those tasty brews and vintage are technically legal, they have a proven track record of being far more dangerous than that evil devil's weed that was decriminalized. Having perspective is a wonderful ability.


@7 Sir Toby, huh, that's mighty charitable of you. My thought while skimming the slog this morning was she just comes off as a colossal asshole.

@8 Will in Seattle, I do seem to recall a time when the SLOG wasn't just a long whiney list of how everyone should cater to the homeless, drug users, and the criminals. Now it's just an occasionally entertaining hate-read to see what dumbass hot-takes they'll come up with next.


The police union will always have some level of involvement in investigations since Weingarten rights apply to public employees in this state. You can't only be pro-union when it's convenient.


when all Unions
protect homicidal maniacs
that's when we treat them all Equally

had we no
Cameras there'd
Be no accountable Po-po

not to the courts
not to the populace
not to the themselves


@16 ok Will, I Promise no more cheeseburgers or hamburger wrappers!
But that doesn’t include Ezell’s chicken bones!


@15: “The Stranger doesn’t set public policy, and really doesn’t influence it, either.”

Really, dear? The Stranger supported defund, the Employee Hours Tax, anti-Amazon hate, encampments everywhere, de facto drug decriminalization, and general abolition. Every one of those policies has been tried (and failed) by Seattle’s City Council, and/or then-City Attorney Holmes. Claiming the Stranger hasn’t set or influenced policy merely disputes the meanings of those words; the actions — and resulting dismal reality — remain unchanged.

“The citizens of Our Fair City … continue to send dopey people to the council.”

Victim-blaming doesn’t suit you, dear. Speaking only for the voters of District 1 (of whom I was one in November 2019), we re-elected CM Herbold, in part on her promise to provide a reasonable level of funding for SPD. In June of the next year, she was pushing defund. So no, dear, we did not send a defund proponent for another term; she flat-out lied to us.


I don't live in Seattle and don't own a house with a yard, driveway, or sidewalk space, but would be happy to help someone in my neighborhood with clearing snow and ice off paved surfaces. Can I still get a free shovel?
I just found out that it's supposed to be a really cold winter for 2024.
Bundle up, everybody!

@16 Will in Seattle and @22 pat L: I try not to litter. It really is gross.

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