Harrell's budget drops: Today Mayor Bruce Harrell plans to share his budget proposal for 2024. We'll be watching how he plans to handle funding for the Seattle Police Department amid a series of scandals and as other City workers rally against his proposals for meager wage increases. Follow Hannah for more on that today. 

Speaking of funding a government: Our vivacious national leaders once again seem incapable of running the country. Hard-right legislators in the House want to shutdown the federal government as leverage for more conservative long-term funding bills, according to the Washington Post. The Senate wants to try to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running while that funding gets negotiated. If House Speaker Kevin McCarthy brings the Senate's continuing resolution to the floor for a vote, those far right-wingers might pout enough to make him lose his speakership.

Back to the cops: The City Council's Public Safety Committee meets at 9 am today. Community organizers plan to show up to call for criminal charges against Officer Kevin Dave, who hit and killed 23-year-old Jaahnavi Kandula in January while Dave drove 74 mph on a residential street. Organizers also want Seattle Police Officers Guild leaders Mike Solan and David Auderer to resign. 

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Also on the Council agenda today: The full Council plans to vote this afternoon on whether to rezone part of downtown to allow developers to build some market-rate apartments or condos, according to the Seattle Times. The plan also seeks to disrupt some of the activities the City doesn't like on Third Avenue. The Council appears split ahead of the vote.

Seattle is giving Republican: Seattle (aka Republican City Attorney Ann Davison) wants the US Supreme Court to allow cities to enforce local sleeping bans even when cities have no shelter space available, according to KOMO. In a statement Monday, Davison argued for local autonomy, but obviously not so much local autonomy that an individual would actually get to decide how to use a public space.

Burien wins the Heartless Policy award this week. The Burien City Council voted 4-3 Monday night to criminalize sleeping in public spaces from 10 pm to 6 am, according to KIRO. The council says Burien won't criminalize someone if a shelter bed isn't available, but they couldn't even if they wanted to because of a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision. (The same decision Davison wants the Supreme Court to overturn.) 

Is this legal or are they just rich? The Seattle Times wrote a piece on the random fireworks display from a couple weekends ago. Apparently, some of Seattle's ultra-rich gathered their luxury yachts for the illegal private fireworks display. But, yeah, the sleeping on park benches really is the public nuisance here, not the concentrated wealth allowing people to flout the law. 

Today's weather: Rainy and 62 degrees today with some possible wind. Drowned rat girl fall begins. 

Mariners playoff update: We basically just need to win every game we have left, including two against the Astros and the rest against the Rangers.

Supreme Court spurns Alabama's congressional map: Alabama tried for a second time to turn in a congressional map with only one majority-Black district even though lower courts said it needed two, according to NBCNews

Republicans presidential hopefuls debate Wednesday: Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson won't appear on the stage after he failed to qualify for the debate, according to the Associated Press. Former President Donald Trump also won't join his fellow candidates, opting to head to Michigan instead for some events. 

Kelce jersey sales jump 400%: Lol wut? If you don't know already, 12-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift went to Kansas City sports man Travis Kelce's show this weekend, where he and other sports men performed together. Swift's appearance did great things for Kelce's merchandise sales, according to CNN.

Maybe my friend's favorite album of the year: I'm cramming a year of listening to Young Fathers's album "Heavy Heart" into two days because now I'm going to their concert. Pretty worth it so far.