Hard Rock Cafe to close downtown: Opened in 2010, the Hard Rock Cafe announced Monday it plans to close Dec 1, according to KING 5. That gives us plenty of time to show how little we care. Sad for the 66 workers who have to find new jobs. At least the company hasn't blamed it on graffiti yet. 

Filson also packs it in: High-end outdoor clothing manufacturer Filson plans to move its remaining manufacturing operations to California for managerial reasons, according to the Seattle Times. The company's number of Seattle-area employees has dropped by about half, from more than 600 people in 2019 to about 286 in September.  

Sawant Monday morning quarterbacks UAW protest: Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant made some leftists online mad after she talked shit on the United Auto Workers strategy of delayed escalation of its strike. The strike reached its 19th day today. 

Juvenile suspect in South End home invasions pleads not guilty: The 16-year-old charged with seven felonies for a series of 14 South End robberies appeared in court Monday and pled not guilty to the charges. So far, King County prosecutors have filed far fewer charges against the other adults suspected in the robberies, all of whom range in age from 23 to 32 years old. Prosecutors expect those men to appear in court next week.

Seattle agrees to pay $1.86 million for delayed medical response: The City agreed to settle a lawsuit with the family of William Yurek, whose son called 911 for help on Nov 2, 2021. Medics did not immediately enter the home to render aid because the home erroneously appeared on a blacklist of people hostile to first responders, so they waited for cops to arrive as potential back-up. Yurek died from cardiac arrest. 

Hannah calls out Seattle's greedy boys and girls: 

Today's weather: Drizzle, drizzle with temperatures expected to hit a high of 60 degrees. Go for a foggy walk this am and feel romantic.

Rep. Matt Gaetz calls to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy: Late Monday evening Gaetz called for McCarthy to vacate his position, according to the New York Times.  McCarthy's right flank got all pouty with him for avoiding a government shutdown instead of using the nation's largest employer, the federal government, as a pawn in a conservative purity test. Due to the small Republican majority in the House, McCarthy will need Democrats to help him survive the vote. The House could move on the vote as early as 9 am PDT. Not lookin' good for ol' McCarthy: 

Trump's fraud trial continues: Former President Donald Trump continues his fight today against a $250 million lawsuit from New York Attorney General Letitia James, who accused Trump and his company of using "fraud" and "misrepresentation" to amass his personal fortune, according to ABC News.

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Los Angeles County courts do away with cash bail: LA Superior Courts eliminated cash bail for all but the most serious crimes starting Monday, according to NBC Los Angeles. The county sheriff says in the story he "understands the need to respect the constitutional rights of arrestees," but zero bail makes cops sad. A bunch of cities filed lawsuits against the new program.

Pope Francis appears open to blessing same-sex marriage: The pope said in a letter Catholic priests could bless same-sex marriages on a case-by-case basis, according to NBC News. The pope still insulted millions of same-sex couples by calling these unions "not morally acceptable from an objective point of view," and he said the blessings shouldn't be mistaken as a priest marrying a couple, but some LGBTQ+ Catholics called the pope's statement a 'W'.

Yet another sign I need to dye my hair pink: Hannah Diamond released her newest album and goddamn, it's high pop. Crushed this came out after summer.