He’s outta here: Kevin McCarthy is the first-ever US Speaker of the House voted out of the job. Unfortunately, I can’t savor the work of Matt Gaetz, who some Republicans want to kick out, too. The hard-right has stewed over McCarthy since the beginning of his speakership, which took 15 rounds of voting to attain in the first place, but his decision to work with the Democrats to avert a federal shutdown led to his ouster. He has no clear successor. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise would be the obvious choice, but he’s fighting cancer.

Tacoma police trial begins: Prosecutors charged three Tacoma police officers with killing Manny Ellis, a 33-year-old Black man, on March 3, 2020. Police tased, arrested, handcuffed, hogtied, sat and knelt on Ellis. He told them he could not breathe. In opening statements, the prosecution said Ellis died of asphyxiation and led with the inconsistencies in the officers’ stories. The defense proposed an alternative theory that Ellis died of a drug overdose, based on the methamphetamine in his system when he died.

STRIKEEE: A third of Kaiser workers–75,000 nurses, pharmacists and other staff–are on strike after fighting with the company over wages and understaffing, like literally every other health care strike you’ve heard about in the last three years. Union leaders say it's the biggest health care strike in American history. Workers will picket Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, unless Kaiser and the unions make a deal.

Getting a therapist in Washington sucks: The Seattle Times Mental Health Project tried scheduling appointments with 400 therapists in Washington State. Only 32 confirmed openings for new patients, and 13 of them required a referral from a larger network, leaving just 19 therapists for the general patient. Under Washington law, insurers are supposed to keep a “sufficient” network of health care providers, but the Times found their directories in disarray–with repeated names, inaccurate information, and other issues–perfect for all the depressed people looking for a therapist.

Problems at King County Regional Homelessness Authority: A state financial audit and a King County monitoring report found the KCRHA made a number of mostly financial mistakes during its first year, such as overstating revenue, not telling federal grant recipients about the important federal requirements attached to their funding, and misappropriating grant money. According to PubliCola, an additional federal audit should be released later this month.

Grubhub settles lawsuit with the city for $1.5 million: The Office of Labor Standards accused the company of violating two gig-worker ordinances, depriving more than 4,500 workers of fair pay. Seattle will distribute the settlement to workers and collect an additional $12,000 in fines from the company. Earlier this year, DoorDash reached a similar settlement with the office. 

Donald Trump gagged: The Judge presiding over the former President’s fraud trial says Trump can’t make any more public comments about court staff after Trump made a post on Truth Social about a staffer that included their photo. The gag order applies to all parties in the case, but it’s totally for Trump. 

New Delhi police raid journalists: They worked as staff and contributors at NewsClick, a publication known for trashing Narendra Modi, the country’s right-wing Prime Minister. Two months ago, the New York Times reported that NewsClick is connected to an international outlet that funds Chinese propaganda. Indian news outlet ThePrint reports that the raids were prompted by an anti-terrorism case, under a law the government uses to stifle its dissidents.

Switch-up? Insider sources at Nintendo claim the company will release its next console in 2024, and apparently some “key partner studios” have development kits in hand. Nobody even knows if it’s called the “Switch 2.” Nintendo keeps it close to the vest, and remains tight lipped. The news is not surprising. The Switch turns seven in March, sales are slowing down, and the already underpowered machine is looking a little dated.

Chugga-chugga-choo-chooing into a job: Amtrak is hosting a hiring event at an Embassy Suites in Tukwila tomorrow morning and into the mid-afternoon. The company is looking for people to serve food and coffee on the train. You better really like trains, though: Workers could be traveling for six days at a time. (Embassy Suites, 15920 West Valley Highway, Tukwila, WA 98188, 9 am-3 pm).

THIS IS ONLY A TEST: At 11:20 am Pacific Daylight Time, your phone and the phone of everyone around you will make a horrific and loud screech. The Federal government is testing out the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts. You don’t have to do anything, but I thought I’d give you a heads up.