Useful advice for people at the end of that article!


@2 I've had emergency alerts come through audibly even though the phone was on silent.


I don’t know what to do about misappropriation of Federal or State money designated to help the down-and-out. There was a time when almost everyone who went into public service took that responsibility on as a trust knowing the financial reward would be meager but enough. I’m hoping that kind of integrity is still around. Yet, you see it more and more – diverting funds for a vacation home, planning seminars on Mackinaw Island or in Honolulu, client dinners at ultra-pricey restaurants. Constant and effective oversight is expensive, too, but I believe that’s the only way of taming the onslaught in this era of flexible ethics. Alas.

I worry that people are ceasing to be outraged by corruption.

Ex-Speaker McCarthey is a shit sandwich. Everybody, left and right, gagged to varying degrees having to work with him. Thing is, I don’t see anything anywhere on that table worthy of tasting. In fact, all the possibilities smell really bad.

No one actually working (sorry, middle management) in healthcare at a hospital or clinic is fully compensated for what they do and never has been. They’ve always gotten the short end of the stick. And employers wonder about nursing shortages, shortages in the allied fields. Hey, who wants to spend $30-$60K a year on a required degree and graduate to a job that pays $25-$30 an hour? Takers? Takers? Oh, and the stress? Honey, it’ll just make you feel alive.

Sure will help if you like trains working for Amtrak. Also, you better be adept at tolerating people because like on planes, you’re going to encounter some doozies. Otherwise, it sounds kinda fun if you don’t mind the six-day stretch. And if you don’t constantly have to worry about layoffs.

I listened to the oral arguments yesterday at the Supreme Court regarding Consumer Financial Protection Bureau v. Community Financial Services Association, a trade group for payday lenders. Newspapers are saying that SCOTUS showed increasingly rare sanity in its questioning. Even the conservatives on the bench were leery of the argument that the funding for the CFPB is unconstitutional because it violates the Appropriations Clause. Even Ol’ Clarence was sayin’, “Your argument’s fuzzy, boy.” We don’t know how the conservatives will vote, as this case was born in Trumpland, but they didn’t greet the lawyer representing the payday loan industry with much enthusiasm for his argument. In fact, it went farther than that. Some vocally rolled their eyes at his legal point. Fingers crossed until June. We need the CFPB. They do good work and have helped many.


they strip
from the USOFA
it'll be Wide-Open Season
on the Citizenry but we're Headed
there anyway what with Mono- and Duopolies

strip-mining America
not to Mention BIG Fossil hur-
rying up Catastrophic Climate Disaster

we're running
outta Time

'specially if
el trumpfster
happens to pull
the Next One off.

at Least
it's Football Season!

only 83
days till Xmas!


The entire GOP is a cancer.

Today was only a test. I wonder what the public reaction will be in a genuine national emergency.

The Orange Turd gagged? Good luck with that. We'd need a loaded cement mixer to fill up that bottomless piehole. Just keep the Orange Turd's private sellout Eileen Cannon off the judge's bench.


ain't it
el trumpfster'd
be up against the Wall
blindfolded teensy hands tied

were his fascist dreams
of American Greatness
fully-realized today

they may gotta use
an Actual gag
with tfg djt

do It.


[are you
auntie Gee? are
you in a Cozy place?]


@9 kristofarian: Something like that. I am missing my beloved VW terribly, and already looking forward to Spring 2024. My sweet little car is already tucked safely away in fall & winter storage, protected from inclement weather.
The Dark Season is a difficult time for Griz, as I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.
At least my beloved VW and I enjoyed two quiet, restful days in Friday Harbor last week. Despite the rain and wind, it was what the doctor ordered.


at least the PNW's not
as far North as Alaska
(nor Santy's Home).

as someone who's Outside
for much of the year
the Dark & Rain
forcing us in
I find wel-

if we don't get
Flooded out
nor Frozen
in the re-
is Always so
damn Welcoming

I Do hope
you can get Out
to Enjoy some Sun when it does
happen to Pop Out this Winter, auntie Gee.

have you ice skates
&/or ice cleats
& ski poles?
& maybe
a helmet

one can
never be
too careful.


@11 kristofarian: I have a pair of Yak-Trax to add extra traction to my boots when it's icy and snowy outside. I prefer not to venture out much on snow days, however. The driveway of the apartment complex where I live, going to & coming uphill from our bus stop is steep, has nasty blind spots and curves, and is quite treacherous for pedestrians using public transportation during the cold, dark months. Property management is pretty good about spreading rock salt, though.
I'm not a skater or skier by nature. Our family once took a road trip to Stevens Pass to go skiing years ago, when I was 4. My brother broke an ankle coming down a hill, and that pretty much killed any further curiosity about skiing for me. The sports shop didn't have ski boots in my size (they were either too big or too small and way too tight). At least there was hot chocolate and I could play in the snow apart from the ski area.
I like your idea of ski poles and a helmet. I can check out the local REI.
Agreed: one can never be too careful.


the place to find
inexpensive ski poles.

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