Ahead of an expected ground invasion, Israel launched a sustained bombing campaign in north Gaza. Today people picked through rubble to locate their belongings as the death toll climbs to 800, following 1,000 dead in the surprise Hamas attack Saturday. Ahmad Hasaballah / GETTY



"Last chance
until 2046 to see
an annular eclipse, also
known as a “ring of fire” eclipse."

if you've seen
one Hemorrhoid
you've seen 'em All.

also: I
think I'm
in LOVE w/
Eclipse Girl!

H.O.T.T., baby.


"Hannah will have more soon!" Please, not more knee-jerk bs.


Likely won't need eclipse glasses for this one. In Seattle on Saturday morning, it will make the clouds darker for a few minutes.


I like how Ye Olde Stranger cries about the high cost of housing but, when reporting a budget shortfall, defaults to more property taxes which will push housing even higher.


“Black Star Farmers talking about environmental racism in the Pacific Northwest at what was formerly CHOP's garden”

Guess what? Nobody should have the privilege of simply appropriating public resources for personal use without following all applicable laws and permitting processes, and it’s not racist to enforce those laws and processes for the good and protection of the entire community. Just because you have a feel-good project you believe to be worthy of public resources does not mean anyone else agrees with you.

(Also, the main thing a “CHOP Garden” can ‘celebrate’ is the violent deaths of young Black men, which will always and forever be the most lasting legacy of the CHOP.)


Really with the Stranger would do better/ try harder with getting off Twitter/X. Linking there is such lazy journalism, but it's also just flat out unethical journalism. One of the biggest stories on top of the story for Israel/Palestine has been how awful their standards for disinformation has been, and yet here we are, that's the go-to preferred media outlet for Stranger staff, pretty much across the board. How hard would it be to go through an AM without linking to Twitter/X? https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/germanys-anti-discrimination-agency-quits-x-over-anti-minority-posts-2023-10-11/


I heard that almost immediately after Titan went bam(!), the financial guys at OceanGate were scrambling trying to hide money from lawsuits. Though it’s true that the people in that vessel were very well off, and one can, I think, wonder about the wisdom of choosing to descend to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean - where lbs. psi pressure is nearly unimaginable – in a carbon-fiber submarine held together, apparently, by shoddy welding and probably rubber cement, there are no excuses for Stockton Rush and his wild-assed judgement. You can pull that shit on your own when only you reap the results of your risk-taking, I guess, but you can’t be capricious and whimsical with other people’s lives.

So, to those who lost loved ones in this strange tragedy and as a warning to other playboys who’d pull this crap on somebody else, I say sue, baby, sue. And here’s some background music for you:

$$$ Dream $$$ When you're feeling blue $$$ Dream $$$ That's the thing to do $$$ Just watch the smoke rising high in the air $$$ You'll find your share of memories there $$$

Maybe L’il Mama Huckabee’s purdy new lectern has one of them trick beauty this-could-be-you mirrors on it that hides double chins and slims big, porky cheeks. As she was counting out that last $1000, she told the vendor, “We all need to fe-ul bedder about r-selves, y’all. Nadine! Get Daddy on the phone!”

Oh, Miss Caitlyn. Do hush. Been out of the news for a few weeks? Time to do something or say something outrageous. It’s a baked Kardashian bundt cake without much depth of flavor and dry as fuck. I know! Call up ol’ Steve Garvey and make a lunch date to discuss campaign strategy at the Newport Beach Yacht Club. Mmmm. I hear the tuna is divoon. My advice, though? Avoid the subject of driven, distant, and emotionally unavailable husbands.


@8 - I can answer that, just under half, giving Hamas a plurality in the election. It's also about the same percentage of Palestinians that support the complete and utter destruction of Israel. They will never accept any two-state agreement or any agreement that allows Israel to exist at all. They're also the ones who support firing rockets into Israeli towns and cities every fucking day for years on end. I also haven't forgotten that it was Gazans who were wildly celebrating and literally dancing in the streets when 9-11 happened.

It's interesting that TS reports on those mean ol' Israelis cutting off electricity to Gaza, but not the deliberate slaughter of over 1,000 Israeli civilians, men, women and children. 260 young people mowed down at a concert with some even lynched. Some women gang-raped before being paraded naked through crowds on Gazan streets. Grandmothers kidnapped or murdered in their homes. It's not propaganda; it's all on video, because the savages are proud of it.

In NYC, the Democratic Socialists of America sponsored a rally for Palestine, where the speakers openly mocked the massacre of innocent Israelis and the crowd roared with approval and cheered. But yeah, let's focus on big, bad Israel cutting off electricity to Gaza. Fuck, I hope they do a LOT more than that.

What's funny about about the far left's support of Hamas/Palestine is that Hamas makes a mockery of other causes the left claims to hold dear. Gay rights? Ha, Hamas would happily toss every gay person in sight off tall buildings, assuming they didn't burn them alive or saw of their heads with rusty kitchen knives. Women's rights? Right. But Hamas is brave and Israelis are evil. What the fuck? Hamas would murder every American leftist who attends rallies supporting their atrocities.

It's time to stop pretending we're an "honest broker." Hamas and most of the Palestinians despise us, and more importantly, every liberal ideal we stand for. Every one. Israel is our ally and shares our values; it's time to act unabashedly to pursue aims that support that fact and fuck the Palestinians/Hamas/Hezbollah to hell until they renounce savagery and accept Israel's right to exist.

TS's coverage of this makes me so sick I'm considering making this my last ever comment, probably will at least for a while. The far left turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed against innocent Israelis and embracing Hamas propaganda has me seriously considering no longer voting for Democrats.


Hamas IS a Terrorist Organization
and since seizing Power a
Decade or so ago hasn't
held an Election
Since 2007.

to blame half of Gazanians
for Hamas' act of Terrorism
is likely misplaced

will BiBi Over-react?*
probably & when he
does he'll help Hamas.

*it's like shooting
Fish in a barrel
'cept they're


I've got two white, trans co-workers who fucking hate Caitlyn Jenner because she's a right-wing-supporting bozo.

So that's a "case closed" for me.


is much
better said:

“When Israeli leadership's rhetoric
literally promises intergenerational
trauma and it's alleged actions

(bombing of hospitals and places of worship,
targeting of ambulances and civilian
apartment complexes, cutting
off power, water & food)

come to mirror the in-
humanity perpetrated by
Hamas, they serve to foster
more anti-Israel sentiment.”

Kyle; NJ, Oct. 10



Bingo bopsie.

from my Favorite
'Leftist' News source:

Mustafa Barghouti: Israel’s
Siege & Bombing of Gaza Are
War Crimes. Is Ethnic Cleansing Next?

As Israel prepares to launch a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, we continue our erage of escalating conflict in the Middle East. We’re joined from Ramallah by Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian physician, activist and politician who serves as general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, also known as al-Mubadara, and is a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Central Council.

“I don’t want any Palestinian or Israeli civilian to be killed,” says Barghouti, who argues that a ground operation in Gaza would constitute a campaign of ethnic cleansing, and condemns Israeli occupation and settlement under far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as having destroyed any “prospective for a two-state solution.”

Barghouti also discusses President Biden’s abnegation of responsibility toward Palestinian Americans, Egypt’s role in the conflict and the relationship within Palestine between the “totally marginalized” Palestinian Authority and groups like Hamas.

tonnes More:


What convenient excuses for genocide.


when BiBi seizes
Israel's supreme court
Anything he Does'll be Legal

I hope
his abrogation
on Known intel - they
Knew an Attack was Coming

I do Hope this Sinks
his Ship before
he does.

they gonna turn
the Desert to



I hope
BiBi's Abignation
on Known intel - they
Knew an Attack was Coming

torpedoes his 'christo'fascist* regime.

time is a' Wastin'

*was Jesus a
fucking Fascist?


speaking of 'clearly demonstrating
why extremism, whether on the
far-left or the far-right, is a
path to chaos and violence':

“When Israeli leadership's rhetoric
literally promises intergenerational
trauma and it's alleged actions
. . .
come to mirror the in-
humanity perpetrated by
Hamas, they serve to foster
more anti-Israel sentiment.”

ain't it

the Left's

it's what makes us
so damn Unlikable


@10 I won't defend Hamas' indefensible acts, but I do want to hit one item in your comment--that the majority of Palestinians don't support a two-state solution. There was ~70% Palestinian support for a two-state solution into the 2000's when it seemed possible. 20 years on, I can see people assuming that it will never happen since Israel has installed so many settlements that a viable West Bank state is probably politically impossible. Why support unicorns and rainbows if they never show?


@15: Genocide on who?

@10: Coming from you, there's a chance it might break through - I hope.


@10: Morty, I ask you not to leave here in frustration. Your comments are always well-written, and I enjoy them, especially when I don’t agree with them, because you always educate.

Yes, the Stranger’s loony-left position on Hamas is hard to stomach, but consider how little it matters. Two years ago, the Stranger watched helplessly as most of the candidates it had endorsed lost in a massive citywide defeat for defund, abolition, and lawlessness. Hopefully, that will happen again soon. A local advocacy blog which cannot even advance an agenda at home has no influence anywhere else, either.


@22 -- it was more of a
Rhetorical query but I've
no Doubt Holy Jesus can &
Will Be co-opted by fascists

who'll claim whateverthefuck
they Do is sanctioned by Him
&'ll thereby get the Jesus vote

or Some of it - the ones who
Hate the same people the
Fascists do're on Board


@13: It would be fun to watch if someone — especially someone of Asian ancestry — told you that you had to surrender something of yours because imperialism racism blah blah buzzword bingo. The stream of gutter profanity you would emit in response would itself be worth the price of admission.


c'Mon bopsie!

emit a little gutter
profanity for ol' tentsy

squirt it Out
for tentsy!
who's just
Sore he
had to


Ever notice that the people who blather on about how the country was built on stolen land still live here?


bingo saxxy

knowing one's History
should never be used
to point out Irony

it's just Way too

what about

*let us Not Speak
of those clever


speaking of
who got here 1st!
who’s got it right NOW
and British Colonization
(or Colonization in general)

[and fucking! Reparations]

here’s the BBC
on Australia &
New Zealand:

The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi is seen as the nation's founding document - even though the rights it gave Māori were not fully honoured until the 1970s, after a bitterly fought campaign by Māori activists.

Battles continue over its interpretation, but the treaty is regarded as a fundamental national contract that lays out Māori rights and recognition.

Associated legislation and institutions such as the Waitangi Tribunal - which hears cases claiming breaches of Māori rights as stated in the treaty - have reclaimed for many Māori people land title and fishing rights which have given them a degree of capital far beyond what indigenous Australian groups have.

In contrast, there is no treaty with Indigenous people in Australia, as the British Crown never recognised them as sovereign or having rights to property, title or land, says Prof Attwood.

Experts cite a range of reasons for this - including the nature of a colony first established as a convict settlement - but many also point out that the Crown viewed Indigenous Australians as a lesser race than Māori.

tonnes more at:

waltzing in &
Just Taking Over
don’t (necessarily!)
mean it’s Yours for fucking Ever



@10: "Israel is our ally"

We are Israel's ally, to be precise. When it suits their needs, they are more than ready to give us the middle finger. And expect their useful idiots over here to blindly support them because "Biblical scripture".

Sorry. Religion is a lousy basis for good government. That goes for both sides.


@30: "That goes for both sides" - yeah right

Only one side is slaughtering and beheading babies in front of their parents. Only one side is doing slaughter, rape, and pillaging. Only one side took a holocaust survivor captive.


just like Hamas
ain't Gaza the
GOP ain't
the USA



this particular Progressive
wants Hamas gone. they don't
recognize the Palestinian Authority
hell they don't represent Most Palestinians*

they Haven't had an
Election in 16

I Prefer a
NOT Owned by
Billionares & Corps

or run by Fascists
but I repeat

oh. all these 'progressives'
praising Hamas for their
Horrendous Acts of
Terrorism. Where're
they? 'Everywhere'?

*like the magas/gop
Don't represent


@32: So you are recommending the use of tit-for-tat retribution? How many adults is one dead baby worth? And how far back to we look to find the starting line?


@35: No, I'm recommending Hamas cease to exist.


@36: Fine. But you don't think it will be replaced with something else just as bad? Look at our history with beheading drug cartels.


@37: Combatting evil from the world is an eternal obligation to humanity.

Should Hitler not have been taken out because something else just as bad was waiting in the wings?

Should we not take out Hamas just because something else just as bad is waiting in the wings?

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