Aid and airstrikes: Over the weekend, 20 trucks entered Gaza through Egypt's Rafah crossing, bringing much-needed supplies to the besieged region. Another small convoy of aid came through the crossing on Monday. The supplies were allowed in at the request of the United States, according to Israel authorities. However, Israel didn't allow any fuel through the crossing. Gaza has been in a power blackout for two weeks now, and hospitals are scrounging for fuel to keep life-saving equipment functioning. Meanwhile, Israeli airstrikes and shelling in Gaza continued. Israel claimed to have hit 320 targets on Sunday.

Palestinian death: The death toll in Palestine rose to around 5,000. With this new rash of airstrikes comes a deluge of death. "At least 436 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes in the past hours," reports the New York Times

Biden wants to delay ground invasion: President Joe Biden has reportedly advised Israel to delay a potential ground invasion into Gaza so there is more time to negotiate the release of the over 200 hostages detained by Hamas. On Friday, Hamas released two American hostages, a mother and daughter. 

The Postman closes: The Central District's mailing and shipping store closed its doors indefinitely. Almost a year ago exactly last Friday, the store's co-founder, D'Vonne Pickett Jr., was shot and killed outside the store. A few hours after the anniversary vigil for Pickett Jr., bullets once again pierced the storefront, shattering the windows. Co-founder and CEO, KeAnna Rose, who is Pickett Jr.'s widow, decided Sunday to close the store because of safety concerns. 

You want to buy a home in Seattle? Cool, yeah, no problem. You just need to earn $214,904 a year, according to Redfin. That shouldn't be a problem for you, right? Yeah, yeah, no, me either. 

Time to turn your heat on: Temperatures won't make it past the mid-50s today. Pull on those sweaters, Seattle, it's truly fall now. 

The moon is older than we thought: Scientists recently analyzed moon crystals brought back to earth by 1972 Apollo astronauts. Through an atom-by-atom analysis they determined the moon is 4.46 billion years old—that's 40 million years older than scientists initially thought. Apparently, the moon formed when "a giant object the size of Mars" crashed into a baby-faced planet Earth. The largest chunk of the planet that broke off during that collision became the moon. 

Seattle marches for Palestine: Hundreds of people marched downtown to support Palestine and to hold a vigil for the lives lost in the Israel-Hamas conflict for the second Saturday in a row. 

Seattle's other protest this weekend: A faction of West Seattleites is up in arms over the possible construction of new pickleball courts in Lincoln Park. The project will turn six old tennis courts into pickleball courts, so it's not like this is a "pave paradise, put up a parking lot" situation. The anti-pickleball group claims 35,000 people signed a petition against the project. 

Oregon climber arrested: A 39-year-old rock climber in Oregon was arrested Thursday and taken into custody for an alleged murder plot he planned to carry out over the weekend at a rock climbing festival. Police believe the suspect was targeting the Smith Rock Craggin Classic, a three-day climbing festival, and that he had more of a "generalized anger" instead of specific victims in mind. Some of the people he mentioned killing in journal entries were spectators and belayers. Police seized a Beretta 9mm handgun, a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun, and an AR-15 from the man when he was arrested. 

Michigan State's führer fumble: In the pre-game show before Michigan State University squared off against its long-time rival, the University of Michigan, a picture of Hitler popped up on the stadium jumbotron. This was part of pre-game trivia. "When was Hitler born?" was the trivia question. Unfortunately, seeing a blown up photo of Hitler at a football game sort of divorces the picture from the trivia, and people freaked out. MSU apologized and said they will not be working with that trivia provider anymore:

UWPD discrimination trial starts: Five Black University of Washington Police Department officers filed a lawsuit in 2021 alleging pervasive discrimination by white police supervisors and officers. These five officers—the only unranked Black officers in the department—say their white coworkers and supervisors' behavior included "use of the N-word and other racial slurs, racist stereotypes, physical intimidation and preferential treatment of white officers," according to the lawsuit. Allegedly, when George Floyd died one white officer said Floyd "got what he deserved." Another said, "Floyd’s family 'is going to buy cars, gold chains and teeth when they sue the city. ” This Seattle Times story details more of the alleged fucked up stuff Black UWPD officers endured. Jury selection for the trial begins this week.