The next House Speaker, or Rep. Lauren Boebert's next date to Beetlejuice? Win McNamee / GETTY



@2: You wouldn't for urban cooking, but for the freezer in your mountain cabin to make bœuf à la Bourguignonne.


If you used those onions for your mountain cabin meal, you'd be shitting in the woods alongside the bear!


“A mix of onions and carrots (or mirepoix for home chefs).”

Don’t rely on The Stranger for cooking advice. Decent home chefs know that mirepoix also contains celery; all finely diced and sautéed in butter or oil.


@5 Also, you don't buy it unless desperate. Decent home chefs keep a bag of end discards for it, since you toss it once you finish. Also environmentally friendly reducing food waste.


The Republicants can't find their ass with both hands.


A wise man once said, "There's no room for amateurs in the drug culture."


J Mascis for Minority Leader!


@7 Garb Garblar: +1 Garb for the WIN!! The GOP is so useless that not even a high powered flashlight and a seeing eye dog would help. The only way the RepubliKKKan Clown Car will ever actually serve the people of the Divided States is by going off a cliff into shark infested ice cold water, never to be seen again.
Either that, or hurtled one-way into outer space in the direction of a black hole.


Vivian, since you’re still pushing the Hamas narrative, NPR had a great write up: News outlets backtrack on Gaza blast after relying on Hamas as key source.

Not sure why progressives keep supporting Hamas but you do you, I guess. And aside, maybe don’t believe everything you read on the cesspool that is X.


Expanding on @11, this headline post cites as fact, “The health ministry in Gaza said 704 civilians died on Tuesday, which is the largest single-day death toll since the war began, according to the New York Times.” But the inability of the Times (and other independent news organizations) to verify such claims is the root of the problem the article cited @11 describes. From that story at NPR:

‘The Times is far from alone in relaying the claims of interested parties as facts. Other news outlets also cited Hamas, which governs Gaza, in their coverage of the hospital explosion. In its initial dispatch, Reuters called the blast an "Israeli air strike," citing Gaza officials. The AP cited the "Health Ministry" in its headline.

‘Yet Hamas is much more than that. It is deemed by the U.S. and the European Union to be a terrorist organization. Indeed, it just unleashed the most deadly attack in Israeli history, with more than 1,400 people dead, and more than 200 people taken hostage.

‘And Hamas is the source of much of the information — and misinformation — about events in Gaza. Last week, for example, a Hamas spokesman denied in an interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep that militants from the group had slaughtered hundreds of civilians at a music concert in the Israeli desert, despite accounts by survivors, Israeli officials and journalists for major news outlets. (Inskeep pointedly noted that the attackers did kill civilians.)’

Like @11, I cannot understand why the Stranger keeps supporting Hamas by pushing Hamas’ narrative. How does this serve the interests of the Stranger or its readers?


AI really should be ALI: Artificial LACK of Intelligence.


Bundle up, folks----welcome to another fall cold snap!


@11, Channel 4 ran a piece over the weekend that used sound analysis and crater-splatter analysis to question the "malfunctioning rocket" line about the hospital blast: And this morning the NYT has an article questioning some of the video footage used to support the "malfunctioning rocket" narrative:

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