Nothing special: Happy Thursday! Remember Wednesday? Yeah, the weather will be just a little nicer than that. In the morning, expect showers and temperatures in the upper 50s. Then in the late afternoon, things should dry up and you might even catch some sun before it sets around 5:50 pm. 

Also, happy belated November:

Israel bombed a refugee camp… again: Israel outraged anyone with human decency on Tuesday when its army bombed the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza. After killing 50 people in their first blast, Israel struck the camp again Wednesday, killing another 145 people. According to Al Jazeera, 120 people have gone missing from the camp since the bombings. Hmmm. Doesn’t really feel like Israel is doing everything in its power to protect innocent lives like so many both-siders have asked the military to do!

War crimes: Israel justifies the horror, saying they didn’t JUST kill innocent civilians in what should be a safe zone, they also killed a senior Hamas commander, according to their own reports. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights gave a different perspective: They say the disproportionate attacks could amount to war crimes.

Ceasefire now: President Joe Biden refuses to call for a ceasefire despite all the violence Israel has enacted on civilians. But during a speech in Minnesota last night, Biden called for a “pause” in response to a protesting rabbi who demanded he call for a ceasefire. A pause, Biden said, would give time for “prisoners” to leave Gaza. According to the AP, hundreds of foreign nationals, dozens of injured Palestinians, and at least five Hamas hostages left the besieged Gaza Strip and crossed into Egypt last night. No, that doesn’t mean a stop to Israel’s terror campaign against Gaza, but it does mean the pressure that activists are putting on the administration might be working. 

Nukes: Russia revoked the ratification of a global nuclear test ban treaty. Russia's not alone—the US, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, Iran and Egypt also have not ratified the treaty. 

Rest in PCC: PCC Community Markets announced yesterday it will close its flagship store downtown, claiming the location does not bring in enough profit. Everyone online freaked out. Some people thought the sky was literally falling, others, even those who lived near the PCC, expressed ambivalence. 

Vacancies: Regardless, please remember that when stores close, the Mayor’s solution to empty storefronts is to pay commercial landlords to host quirky pop-ups, which amounts to a bid for tourist attention rather than a genuine effort to improve the neighborhood for people who actually LIVE downtown. See my story here

Down in Portland: Did you know Rep. Pramila Jayapal has a sister? And now she’s running for Congress?? Yep, yesterday Multnomah County Commissioner Susheela Jayapal announced she’ll step down from her current post to run for Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District. 

An icon never dies: The US House of Representatives voted on a resolution to expel Rep. George Santos over 23 charges of fraud. God forbid a man has hobbies, as the kids say. The resolution, which would need a two-thirds majority to pass, failed 179 to 213. According to Axios, dozens of House Democrats voted against his expulsion because booting him before conviction would set a bad precedent. 

Speaking of: Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s adult son and an executive at the Trump Organization, took the stand yesterday in a New York courtroom. According to BBC News, he worked the room during his two-hour testimony, even earning a few laughs. In a multimillion-dollar civil trial with his family’s empire at stake, maybe it doesn’t hurt to put on the charm.

The HoneyHell never ends: As Vivian wrote earlier this week, HoneyHole’s new owner, the dude who came in to clean up the last owner’s mess, disappeared, and now employees say he's not paying those without direct deposit. Yesterday she got a little more information about the owner's last known whereabouts:

You’ll need this: So, with HoneyHole closed, you might need a new sandwich shop, right? EverOut, the website that somehow always knows exactly what you need, just posted a guide for where to grab a sandwich in Seattle. Truly serendipitous. Capitol Hill residents, your new neighborhood spot for handheld meals could be Slab Sandwich on 10th. 

Warning: So, there’s this very fun quiz on the Seattle Times that helps you see which city council candidate you most agree with to inform your vote (ballots due Tuesday BTW). I so appreciate resources like this, but I think you should be warned that some of candidates' stances have changed since the May survey, one of the two sources that the quiz pulls from. I would say that you should totally take the quiz, cross-check the candidate you most align with against this recent KUOW survey, and then vote how The Stranger endorsements tell you to!

Catching you up to speed: I've written A LOT about the election recently, so let me lay it all out here. Voters will fill seven district council seats and elect brand new council members to at least four of those seats. That means this election could totally shift the balance of power on the council. Big business dumped big bucks into Independent Expenditures to support more conservative candidates’ campaigns to buy their dream council, which would be an absolute nightmare

I’m so sorry: I promise I will stop adding Taylor Swift to the end of Slog soon. I promise, I promise, I promise. But listen to what she just released!!!