Good morning! No shame if you haven't returned your ballot yet! The Stranger is here to help. Feel like a kid again and frantically copy the election answers off our handy cheat sheet. If you mess it up, then you can print out a new ballot and take that to a ballot box. You must drop your ballot in a box by 8 pm today. Hannah wrote a whole how to article, which includes a helpful reminder for some people (definitely not me) of where to vote if you're not registered (Lumen Field for those of you in Seattle proper). Voting locally matters, please help us stop a corporate takeover of the council. 

The school board is also important! Critics of the Stranger Election Control Board’s school director picks spend a lot of time fear-mongering about how our candidates are open to discussing school consolidation as part of dealing with the enrollment crisis and the massive deficit facing Seattle Public Schools. Meanwhile, those same critics back candidates supported by the Seattle Times Editorial Board…that paragon of progressive values 🙄. Here is our response to all their hyperventilating: 

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The SECB picked school board directors who aim first and foremost to improve education outcomes for students of color, who have the experience necessary to deal with the enrollment crisis and budget cuts, and who will set up systems to end the dysfunction that has plagued the board for years.

And what slightly ok weather for voting! Temperatures should peak at 53 degrees, and the chance of rain is low. Sunrise at 7 am (ish), and sunset at, oof, 4:42 pm. Goddamn I hate daylight saving. 

Donald Trump continues to be the greatest showman: The former president straight clowned through his civil fraud trial Monday, muttering snide comments, pissing off the judge, and in general remaining an asshole, if an entertaining one. Trump's employing a bad strategy, though, given the fact that the judge will decide the $250 million civil fraud case.

Netanyahu plans to indefinitely occupy Gaza: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he plans to remain in Gaza, according to the Associated Press. He opposes any cease fire until Hamas releases all 240 of the hostages taken during an Oct 7 attack. Meanwhile, the AP says Israeli airstrikes have reduced "entire city blocks" to rubble. Last week, Hamas reported 60 hostages missing and possibly trapped underneath that rubble.

For about 12 hours yesterday in Tacoma, pro-Palestinian demonstrators delayed the loading and departure of a military ship with supplies suspected to be headed to Israel. Demonstrators used cars, boats, and bodies to block the vessel. Al Jazeera picked up the story.

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Driver arrested for deadly Belltown bus crash: Police arrested a 31-year-old man believed to be the driver who hit a King County Metro bus Saturday. The force of the collision pushed the bus onto a sidewalk, killing a 28-year-old woman, according to the Seattle Times. No information yet on what may have led to the crash.

Tacoma police murder trial: Prosecutors plan to finish presenting evidence as early as Wednesday in that trial of three Tacoma police officers charged with killing 33-year-old Ellis. When the prosecution concludes, the defense will present its case. Yesterday, an expert testified that officers used excessive force against Ellis, according to KING 5.

Forced Out series: Viv's collection of stories about anti-trans legislation driving people out of states such as Texas, Florida, and Missouri continues this week with Isobel and Chenoah. After Texas lawmakers began passing transphobic legislation, Isobel experienced a "new level of hostility on the street." They found themselves at a scary crossroads: They needed to move, but they had no money to escape. 

Feel the need for some additional civic duty today? The King County Council's Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee plans to consider a new ordinance that would modify how the County defines solitary confinement for children in the youth jail. Some stakeholders worry the changes would increase the use of solitary confinement, especially given lower correction officer staffing levels. For a total of six days in August, staff kept kids locked in their cells for between 20 to 21.5 hours due to lack of staff. Jail officials say staffing numbers have improved since then.

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WeShocked: WeWork filed for bankruptcy Monday, finalizing the failure of this shared workspace "tech unicorn." Literally the other day Hannah asked me if WeWork still existed and I said "no," but I guess I called that one a little early. 

I've shared this one before on Slog: But I don't care. 100 gecs is great walking to drop off your ballot music. I'll see all you procrastinators at Lumen Field today. GO VOTE!