Tim Scott drops out: The Republican US Senator from South Carolina dropped out of the presidential race late Sunday by announcing it on Fox News’ Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy. The announcement was such a surprise many of Scott's campaign staffers only found out about it on television. Just 13 minutes before he exited the race, Scott's campaign sent an email begging for donations. Donald Trump, who is literally on trial and faces four criminal indictments, is still the GOP frontrunner by a substantial margin. 

Five US troops killed in training exercise: The five military special operations troops died "in a refueling accident" that sent their helicopter crashing into the Mediterranean Sea, according to the American defense department. 

Cold and dry today: Highs in Seattle will only reach the 50s. The rain is done for now. The lows will be down in the 30s. Bundle up. 

Six shot in South Hill house party: At 1:39 am on Sunday, partygoers at a short-term rental house called police about a shooting. When the cops arrived, they found one person who was shot. Soon, calls came in from hospitals in the area where other wounded people from the party were receiving treatment. Police believe multiple shooters may have been involved. In total, six people were shot—four men in their 20s, a 19-year-old woman, and a 17-year-old boy. The 17-year-old was the only one with life-threatening injuries. 

Puget Sound whale sightings are up: Why? A whale expert says it's because there are more fish for the orcas to eat in the fall than in the summer. That, and social media pages are telling people where the whales are so more people are seeing the whales. Crazy how that works. 

Carjackers pick wrong SUV: Out in the Georgetown neighborhood Sunday night, the Secret Service agents protecting Joe Biden's granddaughter, Naomi Biden, saw three people trying to break into their unmarked Secret Service SUV. One of the agents opened fire on the alleged carjackers.

Rapinoe (likely) rips her Achilles: In the third minute of Saturday's National Women's Soccer League final, which pitted Seattle's OL Reign against New York City's Gotham FC, Megan Rapinoe went down with a non-contact injury. This was Rapinoe's final game before her retirement. It was on track to be a storybook ending for the veteran player until she planted her foot wrong, felt a huge pop, and went off the field with a feared Achilles tear. Rapinoe said she "was feeling really good before the game. Wasn't feeling tight. I guess I just rode it till the wheels really came right off." She said that she was most devastated she was "now just a NARP—a normal-ass regular person—having to do rehab, which is fucking devastating." Gotham FC won 2-1. 

Fire shuts down LA freeway: Interstate 10 (or, The 10, if you're from LA and reading this), a route that runs through the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, closed Saturday after a fire started underneath the highway. It burned for three hours, spreading across eight acres. More than 160 firefighters battled the blaze. According to the Associated Press, "the highway’s columns are charred and chipped, and guardrails along the deck are twisted and blackened." The I-10 will remained closed until the damage can be reassessed. Los Angelenos should take alternate routes or public transportation. 

Some progress on the West Seattle light rail line: It's only been seven years since voters approved the Sound Transit 3 tax measure, and Sound Transit has just now come up with a plan for West Seattle light rail expansion. The current plan will place three new light rail stations on the Peninsula—Alaska Junction Station, Avalon Station, and Delridge Station—and will expand SODO station on the mainland. Everything should be ready to open by 2032. "Cost estimates have risen from $2.3 billon to $4 billion," the Seattle Times reports. However, not everyone is happy. Residents and business who will be displaced—an estimated 148 housing units and 66 business units, which is lower than the February 2022 forecast of 201 homes and 35 businesses—are not pleased and will likely make a big stink about this whole thing. 

I saw this over the weekend: I saved it for you all to see. I thought you might like it, too.

Torso found in a dumpster: Sam Haskell, 35, is the son of a famous Hollywood agent. He's also the main suspect in the disappearance of his wife, Mei Li Haskell, 37, and her parents, Gaoshan Li, 71, and Yanxiang Wang, 64. Police arrested Haskell after they found a woman's torso in a dumpster and traced it back to Haskell. When they searched his house Wednesday, police found "blood and other evidence." A group of day laborers said Haskell paid them $500 on Tuesday to transport and dispose of three large trash bags. Haskell told the group the bags were full of rocks. While heavy, the laborers said the bags felt "soft and soggy," like they were full of meat. They looked inside and saw a belly button. They drove back to Haskell's house and ditched the bags and the money. Two law enforcement stations turned them away when they tried to report what they saw. 

Therapist sues SPD: A 45-year-old therapist is suing the Seattle Police Department after they broke down her door and entered her apartment only to find they had the wrong address. She is suing the department for "negligence and a violation of her constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure."

Battle continues outside Palestinian hospital: Israel's troops still surround Gaza’s Shifa Hospital. Over the weekend, thousands of Palestinians, many who were injured, fled the hospital. Those who remain include around "650 patients, 500 medical staff and around 2,500 displaced Palestinians sheltering inside hospital buildings," according to the Associated Press. Israel claims without evidence that a Hamas command center lies within and underneath the hospital. Hospital staff and Hamas say this isn't true. The hospital's emergency generator ran out of fuel on Saturday, which killed 32 patients—including three babies. According to hospital staff, 36 more babies could die if the power remains off. 

QAnon Shaman runs for Congress: Jacob Chansley, the guy who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6 in a horned fur hat and patriotic face paint, served 18 months in prison. Now I guess he really wants to be back in the room where it happens—he's running for Congress in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.