Now he has a lot more time to spend with his girlfriend. Joe Raedle / GETTY



You can say "I-10" or "The 10", but never "The I-10."


Secret Service agent shoots at target, doesn’t hit anything.
Second wave of cops enter condo at wrong address, and now police force faces a monetary lawsuit.
ho hum, our tax dollars at work


Not our Georgetown, the one in DC. I was first wondering why Biden's granddaughter was there at a concert or game or something.


Hopefully Scott avoided saying anything critical of Motherfucker, so he'll still be in the running for VP nomination. Trotting out the blonde beard probably helped, too.


"Israel claims without evidence that a Hamas command center lies within and underneath the hospital."

2 possibilities:
1. they have evidence, and that's why they're attacking there, but they don't want to share their intelligence with the world press.
2. they don't have evidence, and want to attack a hospital (that they re-built once already) because... um... they're settler colonialist occupier oppressors?


That Chansley fellow's congressional bid is pretty freaking funny. The article notes that he was sentenced to 41 months in prison back in November of '21, but has since been granted conditional release. It also contains the line, "The U.S. Constitution does not prohibit felons from holding federal office, but Arizona law prohibits felons from voting until they have completed their sentence."

So it sounds like he'll not even be able to vote for himself. Be funny if he lost by a single vote.


el trumpfster doesn't face Four criminal indictments

he's got four ongoing Trials
with SIXTY-ONE* Indictments!

thee Most of any "prez"!
well Done trumpfy!

you can be our very
First Inmate "Pres-
ident." mind the
Shivs 'golden

*or is it
who can fucking Keep Up?


Driving to Home Depot and picking up some random guys to dump a body is the stupidest criminal move of the year. Although Mango Ted Nugent is close. Will his parole officer let him travel to DC?


@7, Assuming Trump is convicted on the Federal Indictments, he pardons himself in 2025 when he is sworn in (polling has him ahead of Biden and Biden keeps dropping in the polls). Biden is dropping in 5 of 6 battleground states, including among critical groups that have been traditionally democratic.

Nothing in the Constitution prohibits the President from being a convicted felon, or being President from jail. So that leaves Georgia to try and arrest Trump and get him extradited to Georgia. It leaves them to fight lawsuits by the Feds asserting they can't legally protect Trump (as a former or current President) if he is in a prison, he can't effectively do the Federally mandated duties while incarcerated and that the Federal Constitution trumps (pun applicable) Georgia's state sovereignty.

It's a brave new legal world being visited on us by Trump, the MAGA electorate, and swing voters in swing states. Wake me up in December when the six swing states have decided and certified the vote on who are next President is.


Sorry you're a NARP now, Megan Rapinoe. The horror.

Way to mitigate the sympathy coming your way.


A reasonable lawsuit against SPD:

If humans could do things without negligent errors or omissions, there would be no need for a liability insurance by individuals, private corporations, or public institutions. Public agencies hire from the human race, humans err, so taxpayer's pay for the negligence of those they hire. No amount of screening or training will eliminate that, as long as the applicant pool is limited to the human race.


perhaps if we pre-Screened for
Socio- and Psychopaths our
Liability Ins. might run a
little Less and allowing
Continued Bad Be-
havior by the Bad
Apples -- maybe
That oughtta
come from

get Everyone
on fucking Board.


“I guess
I just rode it
till the wheels
really came right off.”

--footballer\Superstar! Megan Rapinoe (retired)

isn’t that what They say
leave it All on the
Playing Field?

or was that
about War?*

Grrrl! you even showed up el
trumpfster! who then Gloated
like the Treasonous Basterd he IS
when you guys couldn't quite Threepeat

you're just another
Civilian now. but we NEED
your (gay!)* Ass in our Political Sphere!
shitkicking the Shite outta ALL them el trumpfsters.

for Starters. So sorry about The Leg!
get Well Soon and THANK YOU
for all the GOLD, Megan!

Good Luck

*not that there's
Anything wrong
with it!

WE Need you

to leave it all
on the Battlefield?

*but What if it really
ISN’T a War? what if
it’s a Mighty Military
versus Defenseless
Civilians shielding
Terrorists? What
then? leave the
Civilians in
Pieces on

their Numbers’re
too fucking Obscene
to even Fathom. or to “justify.”

And yet

the Genocidal*
War Crime

*is it Genocide
if ten million
people call
it That?

how ‘bout
a Hundred M?
would That do it for ya?

or are you gonna Need
a Billion? We’re letting
a Very Possible Arma-
fuckinggeddon hap-
pen on Our

if we try it
Your way.

end the


@12, Find a reliable, objective test or screen for sociopaths and psychopaths that will withstand legal challenge. Mental health, unlike medical health, can't produce a blood test with bio-markers indicating a certain disease or condition, an x-ray or MRI, or some other objective test.

To the extent mental health can provide legally defensible mental health screening in hiring, Washington State Law requires it.

The opinion of mental health professional can be challenged as part of a lawsuit for wrongful termination based on the psychological evaluation. So can failure to hire. So expect lawsuits along those lines and payouts under those lawsuits. So you haven't, and CAN'T, stop public payouts in relationship to hiring and firing, or employee conduct.


It is SO difficult for me to believe that a twice impeached dictator-wannabe shoved into the White House because of MAGAt brainwashing, and who faces prison time can still run for a second term, even if convicted and interred! And that a key player in the January 6, 2021 insurrection attempt in D.C., after serving prison time for his part in attacking the White House, can still run for Congress! All of this corrupt shit because too any people still, AFTER 247 YEARS OF BEING A NATION, STILL DON'T TRUST AN EDUCATED AND FULLY CAPABLE WOMAN TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Instead, an idiotic white male chauvinist pig who openly bragged during his 2016 campaign that he can "shoot someone on 5th Avenue [Manhattan, New York City], and still get the votes". Nearly three years after the Orange Turd's disastrous four year term, we're still left cleaning up the mess that will leave a negative impact for decades.
MAGAts and their RWNJ allies are the U.S. equivalent of the Taliban in Afghanistan and must be stopped. PERIOD. Voters MUST see that otherwise, this criminal insanity spells the end of democracy.
Millennials, Gen Zers, and Gen Alphas---kids under 18, especially women and girls----what say you about your future? Speak up and defend it!


@15: Correction: Make that:"......even if convicted and imprisoned."
Although I wouldn't mind at all if the Orange Turd dropped dead and got interred--preferably in raw sewage.


@13 I would recommend we leverage the UN definition of genocide (from the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide) - not make it a term subject to populist decree.

And to be clear, I understand the shortcomings of the UN but it’s the best option we humans have for a collective body.


@5, agreed. The Stranger, and much of the Left, apparently thinks Israel is less trustworthy than Hamas.


@5 Logic is not a strong suit. For example, if there are just sweet innocent doctors and nurses aren't the IDF already in control there? I mean, are the doctors and patients shooting at them in their spare time? If a large organized military charged at UW Hospital, they would be in control of UW Hospital.

So, uh...who's doing al the shooting at IDF holding them off?


@13: You're not the first one to call attention to Kisto's casual use of the term "genocide" - but maybe he'll listen to you.

@10: And she's such a potty mouth in front of an open mike. Good Lord.


Only in America would self-avowed Christiants reelect the baby shit yellow antichrist.


More like Christ-aints or Chris-taints or Christ-ANTS.


Quitting on TV without telling your hard-working staff that it’s over beforehand sounds ever so Republican to me. Since when do they have much regard for their underlings? Must be a big load off his shoulders though (if not out his dick). Now he can just say he has a girlfriend without all the actual pretending because no one cares anymore. “Land sakes!” I hear him say this morning, “All the Lavoris in the world doesn’t get the tang of poon out my mouth!”

The lesser Republican candidates are being urged to drop out in order to give Nikki Haley, seen as the only viable alternative, a better chance to topple the former president’s astonishing lead. After 2016, I know better than to say pffffft. But pffffft. The only thing I can say about a Haley presidency is that I think I could trust her with the nuclear codes. I can't help but feel there is something more sinister afoot. Scott as a VP candidate checks a couple of boxes and Trump wouldn't have to run with a woman, which I don't think he cottons to.

That 10 Freeway fire is a huge mess. It’s going to affect traffic, double or triple commute times, restrict access to businesses, you name it. May take months and months to sort out. The area underneath the freeway is leased out by the city. The current lessee sub-leased the area out to a company who is now in arrears. They stored wooden pallets there which acted as kindling. Also, there are a number of homeless camped out there. No blame yet, but recent nights here have been chilly enough for a campfire. The place turned into a five-alarm fireball that pretty much ruined the freeway underpinnings. Also, there’s the old WWII hangar down in Tustin that keeps burning and burning and burning. The fire department concluded that this course of action is best due to the multitude of hazardous chemicals and because they can’t get water to the hotspots. Schools are closed because of toxic air and chunks of asbestos are turning up in yards blocks away. They’ve issued warnings not to touch or pick up the debris. That would create aerosols which you could inhale. Not good.

The world is on fire, and Los Angeles is too.

Any dog in a cage gives my heart a sorrowful pang.


@20 and @21: Garb for the WIN!!


“Two law enforcement stations turned
them [inadvertent-body-bag toters] away when
they tried to report what they saw [human remains].”

If Only
we hadn’t
Defunded\spoken so
Sharply to the poor basterds

so How they EVER gonna
Protect & Serve when
Everyone’s AGAINST
Them? ain’t gonna
Happen friend:

blame the

they fucking
want M4A.


Actually, I'm being kind of mean to Tim Scott. Maybe he is just, you know, asexual. I know a few people who just aren't interested in pairing up with anyone. Sex isn't their jam and I can respect that. What i can't respect is subterfuge. If Senator Scott isn't into coupling, that's fine with me. I do realize, however, that probably his constituency and most definitely the South would see him as broken were that his truth. I suppose they would rather him be a liar and a phony and in turn lose themselves in the fable.


Max dear, assuming that trump is the GOP nominee, Scott hasn't a chance. In case you didn't notice, he's black and that is something trump will not have. I think he'll go with a woman VP, on the idea that it will make him look even more "manly" (Just like the hair dye, make-up, and "elevator shoes" do.)


@22 kristofarian: I don't have much hope for MAGAts. Let's face it---clueless as ever, they're basically lawless, militant zombies now. They could all get nuked in WWIII and still be grinning in Hell.
Indeed, the I-10 fire is going to make one helluva nightmare commute for my brother, who works in L.A. YOIKS! And a lot of crazy weather down there. Climate change is real.


@26 Catalina Vel-DuRay: +1 for the WIN!! Thank you for confirming my view of MAGAts. Agreed and spot on.

No further questions, Your Honor.



@22 Bauhaus I: Oops! I meant @22 Bauhaus I! +1 Agreed and wel said about MAGAts.


@26: Rumor on X (Twitter) that Donald wants Tucker Carlson as VP.


I Believe as
a Historian of Genocide

International humanitarian law identifies several grave crimes in armed conflict. War crimes are defined in the 1949 Geneva Conventions and subsequent protocols as serious violations of the laws and customs of war in international armed conflict against both combatants and civilians.

The Rome Statute, which established the International Criminal Court, defines crimes against humanity as extermination of, or other mass crimes against, any civilian population.

The crime of genocide was defined in 1948 by the United Nations as “the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.”

So in order to prove that genocide is taking place, we need to show both that there is the intent to destroy and that destructive action is taking place against a particular group.

Genocide as a legal concept differs from ethnic cleansing in that the latter, which has not been recognized as its own crime under international law, aims to remove a population from a territory, often violently, whereas genocide aims at destroying that population wherever it is.

In reality, any of these situations — and especially ethnic cleansing — may escalate into genocide, as happened in the Holocaust, which began with an intention to remove the Jews from German-controlled territories and transformed into the intention of their physical extermination.

My greatest concern watching the Israel-Gaza war unfold is that there is genocidal intent, which can easily tip into genocidal action.

On Oct. 28, he [Nutnyahoo] added, citing Deuteronomy, “You must remember what Amalek did to you.” As many Israelis know, in revenge for the attack by Amalek, the Bible calls to “kill alike men and women, infants and sucklings.”

There is still time to stop Israel from letting its actions become a genocide. We cannot wait a moment longer.

--by Omer Bartov, a professor of Holocaust
and genocide studies at Brown University.


if FOX can Refucking define English I
can be a little Premature in calling it fucking
Genocide. as Professor Darkov makes abundantly
Clear: full-on Genocide is fucking MOMENTS Away.

you Demand?
ever-so-Patiently whilst



Man, Trump's VP pick is a harrowing thought exercise I'd not even contemplated up until now. I couldn't possibly imagine him going w/ someone like Carlson, or anyone else who'd threaten to command anything more than a sliver of the spotlight he's accustomed to bathing in. On the other hand, he'll be desperate to win and has to know this is very likely his last realistic shot at making that happen, so anyone with some potentially positive name and brand recognition would have to make some sense. Ugh, this is gonna be so ugly and stupid.

All that said, and I can't really even believe I'm typing the words that are appearing on my screen right now, but I still think there's a decent chance he doesn't even win the nom. The October edition of The Atlantic has a worthwhile read on the indictments and all of the implications & fallout relating to them, and it contains the following line. "If Trump is found guilty of any of the crimes of he now stands accused, a recent poll shows, almost half of Republicans say they would not cast their vote for him."

(site is paywalled unfortunately, though their is a free trial option. And I'm actually reading a hard coy of it that was given to me by a friend, so don't have a link to the referenced poll, though I'd assume it's probably there in that online one if anyone else has access.)

Anyway, if that quote is indeed accurate, and he does wind up convicted of any of the charges (which seems inevitable, given the overwhelming evidence against him in every one of them) then the field could open up wide once again. And if all of that somehow DOES come to pass, then I'd think we need to accept the reality that Tim Scott, Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, Kid Rock or any other charming and sentient baboons who wanted to declare themselves would have free reign to do so.

Hopefully, there's a big ol' uncharted meteor out there somewhere that'll head our way and spare us this disaster sometime in the next 10 or 11 months.


@32 feel free to make your own facts (it seems to be the modus operandi of the far right / Maga / far left / DSA) but just be cognizant that you’ll rightly get pushback.

And in terms of a number, as I’m in favor of using the adopted UN definition, no number would override (unless we’re talking UN delegates that carry an approval for an updated definition).

Just like I don’t trust a whole cadre of MAGA / right wingnuts , I too don’t trust DSA / progressives to define terms that are defined by the international community (but keep pushing your populist rhetoric - what could go wrong /s)


@33: I still can't even fully grasp how a candidate is running on a platform of "Presidential elections are rigged against me!"

I guess the same people who think their vote doesn't count think... that their vote counts?


Diet genocide?


Stop using words wrong. Words matter more than lives. You're exaggerating. If you use a word wrong then I don't have to process what is actually happening if it doesn't fit my mental imagine of that word. Keep calm and carry on while we debate if whatever is happening meets my definition of this word or that word.


Maybe you'll
Be President
But know Right
From Wrong


there’s some
Happy Medium
between el trumfpster
FOX’s facts-Free Teevee
and Encyclopedia Britannica

tho I doubt
many Americans
these days’re Facts-
Checking definitions
when words like “Genocide”
have now reached the common
Lexicon moments after the first bit of

actual Ethnic Cleansing*
shite hit the prover-
bial Fan weeks

your Call for
100% Accuracy in
Commentary is duly noted.

*see: my comment @32 from
Omer Bartov, a professor of Holocaust
and Genocide Studies at Brown University, above

@36 & @37:
Good ones



Remember, hostages are tragedies that justify human shields as statistics.


@36- maybe it’s “junior varsity genocide.” Or “training genocide.”


Kara Swisher has said that in Republican circles before they knew Trump had such footing as a candidate in 2024, Tucker Carlson's name was shopped around at Georgetown parties with interest. That pairing wouldn't surprise me at all. We know in Trumpland it isn't about knowledge or experience. It's about jabs, outrageous flash, and issue tap-dancing and re-direction. You know...I ask you what day you'll be finished painting my door, and you talk about how fun weekends are.


@17 Oh, we're backing the UN now? Cool, cool. So then Israel will retreat to the post-1967 line of control and dismantle all of their illegal-per-UN-resolution settlements in the West Bank. Best step toward peace yet!


@40: Huh? I guess that's kinda sick and twisted, or maybe you were being sarcastic like in @37.


@32 -- so I guess your
Call for Exactitude means
we shan't Ever have reason
to Facts-check you? how's your

so far?

Record, so far?

@36 & @41:

it's damn
Near Genocide
according to The Expert



prefer 13-2
trotting out the U.N.
solely when it Suits them.

they're quite

that way.


@44. What, me, sarcastic? Perish the thought.


@45: I don't think @32 is the comment you meant to refer to. But maybe it is!


Raindrop dear, I think that tucker would be one of those rare exceptions that would be better than a woman when it comes to trump's vision of himself as "manly".

I believe that you people refer to tucker's type - the type you identify as, deep down inside - as a "sub", or "beta", or "cuck". To me, tucker's all three: A sub beta cuck, who only got where he is because - like trump, another sub beta cuck - his daddy was the man in the family (no matter how toxic that man was). That's probably why so many of you dote upon both of them.

But, on the other hand, sub beta cucks can be treacherous. Just look at the history of both the GOP and The Vatican. Will trump - a fellow sub beta cuck - recognize the risk? Who knows?

I suppose it's all up to Melania, and the instructions she receives from Moscow.


‘Foes ‘Vermin,’
Trump Campaign Warns
Its Critics Will Be ‘Crushed’

The former president’s Veterans Day
speech used language similar to
the dehumanizing rhetoric
wielded by dictators like
Hitler and Mussolini.

what with these Demands
for Truth in Commentary
I guess it’s Finally Time
We called it Like it IS:

tfg djt’s
a Fucking
Nazi. There.
It Needed to be Said.


my comment @45 WAS
inadvertently directed
to @32 instead of
to @34 though
I doubt Budd-
lite's gonna
bother wor-
rying about
any Inaccur-
acies now.


Tone Policing Opposition To Genocide

People are trying to stop an active genocide and the leaders of western institutions keep trying to make the conversation about whether or not those efforts are “antisemitic”, which none of them seem to be able to define in a way that is distinct from criticism of the Israeli government for war crimes and well-documented atrocities.

Really this is all just garden variety manipulation by the western empire to shut down opposition to the political status quo.

Any time a large movement emerges in opposition to the agendas of the ruling power structure you see the information ecosystem flooded with highly amplified concern trolls wagging their fingers at the tone and tactics of the movement to try and kill off the energy and drag the whole thing into inert pedantic quibbling.

[my Gawd
that’s Precisely
Tentsores in a Nutshell]

And of course another reason the powerful place so much emphasis on politeness and etiquette whenever they are confronted is because they are all acutely aware that there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them, and that people can decide at any time to stop playing by the rules and simply tear down the ruling power structures which commit mass atrocities in their name.

As long as everyone’s worried about being perceived as sufficiently well-mannered, the people will never awaken to their true power.

--by Caitlin Johnstone
Nov. 14, 2023

tonnes more, brilliantly:


@49: I think that Mike Blob is correct (@33) that Tucker would upstage Trump. Trump will pick a Pence-esque type, or I predict that Nikki Haley will boomerang back and acquiesce to being VP to help Trump reach beyond his fermented base.


@33 mike blob: +1 I like your idea of a big, giant meteor crash landing on what's left of the Earth, sometime within the next eleven months--preferably on the 2024 RNC slated for July 14-18, 2024, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
GawllllllEEE, Sarge-AIN'T, what would all those ~ 75 million MAGAts DO without their All-AmeriKKKan beer, Dick Taters, and Mouthy Trophy Bitches? That's a lot of moldy cheese to go SPLAT!

@50 kristofarian: Thanks for the admonition. I'm glad I missed the Orange Turd's Veterans' Day campaign warning. It's a crying shame DJT isn't already getting cornholed in the Federal Pigpen or hasn't just plain died already from inhaling one Big Mac bundle box too many.
I'd say "Just keep your hands and feet away from his mouth," but that would be an insult to the late John Belushi.


Tim Scott's problem from the get-go is that a substantial number of right-wing/MAGA whites, perhaps even a majority of them, simply don't like or trust Black conservatives. In their minds, the mere fact that Scott has lived experience of racism marks him as "woke" (and thus a potential closet RINO) no matter how hard he might try to dispel that impression. Colin Powell, Ben Carson and Condoleeza Rice all ran into the same problem when they flirted with electoral politics (perhaps the same could be said about Herman Cain, though he had other issues that probably sank him first). Powell in particular should be regarded today as an icon by the right, but they've largely forgotten him.

Scott can get elected to the Senate from SC because he has enough conservative Black Christian support in that heavily Black state to offset racist white abstentions, but that math likely won't work for him anywhere else. And because Trump instinctively understands what his cult followers want and don't want, there's no way he would choose Scott (or any Black conservative) as a running mate. I'm a little surprised Scott apparently didn't realize this before announcing his candidacy.


More Than 400 U.S. Officials
Sign Letter Protesting Biden’s Israel Policy

The signers, representing some 40 government agencies, reflect growing internal dissent over the administration’s support of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

The letter, part of growing internal dissent over the administration’s support of the war, calls on the president to seek an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and to push Israel to allow humanitarian aid into the territory.

It is the latest of several protest letters from officials throughout the Biden administration, including three internal memos to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken signed by dozens of State Department employees as well as an open letter signed by more than 1,000 employees of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The signatories of the letter submitted on Tuesday and the one circulating among USAID employees are anonymous, the USAID letter explains, out of “concern for our personal safety and risk of potentially losing our jobs.” The signatories of the State Department dissent cables must disclose their names, but those cables have not been released publicly.


@32: Reading comprehension works better if you actually read the entire thing. (So terribly dull, darling, I know; especially with so-called “normal formatting.”)

“There is still time to stop Israel from letting its actions become a genocide.”

So, logically, Israel has not committed, and is not now committing, genocide. Thank you for clearing that up for us. Every use of the word “genocide” here at the Stranger to describe Israel’s actions has been wrong. Absent Israel actually committing genocide, use of the term, “genocide” is an abuse of language, dishonesty cheapening the term, “genocide,” and should be called out as such.

Again, thank you. (And please now refrain from abusing the term, “genocide.”)


your insidious Demands for

WILL keep the
AWAY from what Millions
Are calling GENOCIDE Ethnic
Cleansing & fucking WAR CRIMES

your insidious Narrative
is slowly slipping away with
your every futile grasp at Pedantry.

good Luck.

FOX and
el trumpsfter?


It's a crying shame it wasn't the Orange Turd's filthy, putrid torso discovered in that dumpster.

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